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It's almost Valentines day and what better an occasion to don red lipsticks which scream love, boldness and attitude!

A sneak peak into the Celebrity wedding

The Rang De Basanti actress, Soha Ali Khan tied the knot later this week with none other than the Charming actor Kunal Kemmu.

Two Years of Awesomeness: Blogoversary!

It has been two years since I started this wonderful journey called 'blogging'!! I remember it was Christmas, a holiday when I created my blog just to kill some time and see for myself what this blogging was actually about.

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1 April 2015

Kaanton se Mohabbat ~ Shayari

Kaanton se mohabbat hone lagi hai,
Jabse phoolon ne apne rang dikhadiye,

Kya karen shikwe hum gairon se,
Jab khudke apnon ne bair karadiye...!!

31 March 2015

Pre Bridal Skin Glowing Tips

Wedding is for sure an extremely exceptional day of life for any lady. It's not pretty much taking the promises or getting married and getting included in a deep-rooted responsibility. The passionate effect of wedding is exceptionally solid on a lady's brain and particularly the devoted Indian ladies turn a web of magnificent dreams in regards to their married life and their life accomplice whom they consider to be just about a special gift; a valuable blessing from the Lord.
Every woman throughout the world wishes to make her wedding unique by attempting to look the best on the day of her wedding so that everyone gets awestruck. In this manner in every Indian wedding, pre-wedding conditioning of the spouse has an extremely crucial part to play.
As such spouse's makeup, her cosmetics everything matters a great deal in Indian weddings. So if you’re wedding date is approaching real quick, rigging yourself up for the pre-wedding makeup so you can accomplish your craved look on the day of your wedding and maintain a strategic distance from last minute dramas. Here are a few tips for you:

  • Make sure you begin your pre-wedding preparation no less than two months prior to the settled wedding date. What you ought to concentrate on as a matter of first importance is your skin. It is clear that uncountable photographs will be clicked on the wedding day and your skin ought to look polished, sound and great. Obviously for a flawless look you have to try for expert facial sittings yet it is the expert who'll choose what number of sittings you require, what sort of facial your require, the timings of the facials and other things that you may require. 
  • Proficient beauticians will typically force you to stop any kind of derma care products, or anything that includes the utilization of simply chemical beautifying agents no less than a month prior to the D-day on the grounds that they may cause aggravation, redness, and serious unfavorably susceptible responses. Additionally they'll ask you to stay far from hair curlers, and straightening rods for your hair. You have to take after their instructions enthusiastically on the off chance that you don't need any disaster on the day of your marriage.
  • Of course facial is an important requirement but it is also very important to take care of professional beauty treatments as well. Some of them include manicure, pedicure, hands and legs waxing, bikini waxing eyebrow shaping, hand bleaching, teeth whitening, hair spas, hair straightening etc. You can purchase a lot of skin care products online to meet your requirements.
  • Whatever you do don’t forget to scrub your face regularly at least two months prior to your wedding.  So at the same time at home twice or thrice a week, you can utilize a face pack made out of dried orange peel in powdered structure blended with milk or yogurt. It will uproot your tan and light up your skin tone. 
  • Most would-be ladies accomplish a gold facial the day preceding the wedding. This grants an outstanding gold-like shimmering gleam to their face and the wedding day hair styling and cosmetics is carried out by an expert beautician once more. These experts will provide for you can a specialist touch coordinated with the shading of your wedding clothing, the state of your face and the skin tone you have. 
    Additionally it is vital for each bride to change to a solid eating regimen and drink loads of water every day preceding their wedding. A sound wellbeing can provide for you solid skin, hair, nails and a general sparkle and indication of prosperity.

    [Editor's Note: This is a guest post by Neha.]
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    24 March 2015

    Food and more!

    Food ~ What emotions does this word trigger in you?

    For me it's a million emotions and the biggest one is love! I love food, food loves me.. we have a great bond since the day I was born.

    Sometimes I wonder how pointless life would be if a human had no appetite and did not require food to live. The whole cycle of life would be so pointless and the enthusiasm of living would be lost.

    Everything from south Indian idli sambar, to North Indian chana chole, kababs, biryani and western cuisines is pure love! Food has this amazing quality of elevating my mood no matter how sour I am feeling!

    "The way to a man's heart is his stomach" Well, can't agree more with this but hey!! Women love food too, at least I do, more than any man alive that is!!

    I have said this tons of times, repeating again: "I can choose an extra cheese layered pizza over a man any day!"

    I eat food, I live food, I even dream about it!! That's not all, I love cooking food too. What's the fun when you can't cook what you like to eat right?!!

    Some people have magic in their hands. For eg. my Mom! She cooks some deliciously drool-worthy dishes! Looks like it's the same case with Guptaji's wife!

    Guptaji's family know how to whip the perfect breakfast with over a 100 delicious recipes. After watching the Kellog's TVC, I craving to go visit Guptaji and have nashta in their home!

    It seems they include the amazing delicious Kelloggs cornflakes in all their dishes and that's the secret behind the irresistible dishes!

    What's more! I checked out their Facebook page and to my surprise, the recipes are simply amazing!

    They have added Kellogg cornflakes to everything from Coconut laddoos to Popcorn and Chivda! I would love to visit Guptaji's and try out the movie wala popcorn and also the delicious looking pastries.

    Doesn't this dish look simply delicious and worth trying! The best part is, it contains Kelloggs cornflakes which adds to the taste!

    If you want something more filling then try this!  This goes perfect with a nice hot cup of tea and some crunchies! Treat yourself to this after a tiring day of work or simply on a lazy Sunday morning!!

    Another mouth watering nashta with nuts to make you go nuts and have filling ad joyous day! Love all the pictures posted on their Facebook page and also the recipes are distinct. I would love to try all of these. Will surely try them once the wedding madness subsides. It'll be a pleasure to try them out and invite friends and folks to taste all these dishes!

    I am in awe with all these dishes and would love to be invited for a nashta at Guptaji's house. All these dishes are simply alluring and I don't want to give them a miss at any cost. What are your favourite dishes from these? Do share!!

    Also check out the TVC I was talking about here: 

    All images taken from Kellogg's Facebook feed.

    22 March 2015

    Khayaal ~ Shayari

    Dil me uthte kayi sawaal hain,
    Jabse huwa hai Tarruff, behaal hain.

    Akele me muskurate hain unka naam lekar,
    Kuch aise uljhe ab humare khayaal hain..!!

    21 March 2015

    Saturday Musings ~ Being born again!

    Dear Virtual World,

    You might be wondering what crap I have typed here in this space now, but hey! Don't jump to conclusions so early, pretty please! I know I have a long way before I become an 'oh-so-awesome' writer (those who think I already am one, massive hearts their way <3 )but yes, you can be a little disappointed coz I am totally in the mood of writing some bullshit today!

    Bottom line, this is the result of a recent mood swing so you know, it's gonna sound kinda weird but hey! Who says I am normal? I was born weird and have no regrets in proudly taking that title! ;) Okay, okay, before you all just close this tab and decide never to return on this space, let me tell you that I have something very interesting to share with you all! Very. Very. Interesting.

    Am I getting married? No Lol. (STOP picturing that now). It's just that I have got a grip on myself and have vowed to start afresh. Yes, a new life, a life full of vigour, optimism, fun, frolic and ZEST.

    So, you know what this means? Well, it means two things. One is bad and one is a goody good. Which one do you wanna hear first? Lol, okay let me tell you the good news first!!

    *Tantadaaaaaa* *background music* *seetis*
    1) I AM GOING TO BLOG REGULARLY!: Yup as regular as I eat food. Ahan, and when I say food, *ehem* you can guess how serious I am being coz I never joke around the lines of food. Never.

    The Baaad newsssssssss:
    *sighs* *clutches heart* *hands you a kerchief*
    2) I AM GOING TO BLOG REGULARLY!: Hehe! That is, if you don't like reading my blog, it might be a pain in the a** for you!

    So, bottom, left, right, the line is, I am starting new. Something new has been born in me. A new kid. A kid who wants to run around the whole world shouting in joy and yelling *I love you* to every person on Earth!

    Hope to spread loads and LOADS of smiles. Yes, majority of the posts will be of the humour genre. :D

    Stay awesome and stay connected,

    P.S: If you were wondering what reason behind this sudden urge was, my new Dell laptop has started working like a dream and I have been filling up with just the right dose and actually overdose of optimism by my loved ones :)

    Little joys of life... #IAmHappy

    It's funny how little things in life can bring broad smiles on one's face. The world is full of a million things which can instantly brighten up your mood.

    The funnier part is, majority of them revolve around the word 'love'.

    Love for food.
    Love for family
    Love for that special someone
    Love for shopping, reading, writing... the list goes on!

    I am an optimistic person, who enjoys little things life has to offer. If something which is not expected happens, I take it in a good way and believe that something better has been planned for me. There were times when I had not smiled for weeks, even months... gone are those days. With every day, I try to be better and more optimistic.

    Life threw so many lemons at me that I mastered the art of catching them, storing them all and making lemonade out of it. Now when life throws lemons at me, it doesn't hurt any longer, instead, I simply grow more optimistic. But then there's always a little sadness which has to be taken care of.

    That is when the things I am going to list now come into the picture! There are a million and more small things which make me happy. Sometimes it's spotting a butterfly, sometimes a call from a friend, sometimes a little chat with my sisters, a small gift from my brother, even a little compliment from my parents or simply rain.

    Here are some things which I can remember right now. Listing them below:

    *Happiness is, Following your heart..
    Did you ever let your heart rule over your brains? Dangerous, I know. But hey! The risk is worth taking! :) Not all decisions should be taken by your brains. Let your heart rule at times and feel that inner joy. Fall in love with yourself... take decisions from your heart. Forgive people, step on your past and move on. Only when you do it will you experience how wonderful and happy you will feel if you do this! :)

    *Happiness is being home alone..
    Some *me* time is always a need. Just you, some old Bollywood music, good food, a best seller novel or Bollywood chic flick... Bliss!

    *Happiness is writing poems..
    What do you do when you are hit by mood swings? I write. I channel my emotions into poetry and let the words speak what I feel. Let me tell you, this feels amazing! Sometimes I simply scribble on my diary, my Twitter profile or the best, my blog! I have loved shayaris and love writing them myself more!

    *Happiness is free wi-fi..
    Who doesn't agree with me on this? :D Haha! Yes, you find free wi-fi and your mood is simply up! :D Slow and shabby wi-fi connections always put me off. Free wi-fi which is smooth and fast is true love!

    *Happiness is when someone smiles and you smile back..
    A day spent without a smile is such a waste of life. Smiles have that magnetic effect that brighten one's mood. When I am low or simply stressed about something, a reassuring smile from a loved one fixes everything for me. Especially if the one smiling is a small kid. The innocent smile of a child is simply addictive!

    Happiness is so much more! It's everywhere.. you just need to be optimistic and not lose hope or feel lonely!

    Happiness is a cool and awesome drink like CoCa Cola on a hot summer day too! ;)

    Check out this amazing video by Coca-Cola which is filled with little happy moments:

    16 March 2015

    Wildlife Photography ~ Squirrel

    It seems I am more interested in photography than blogging these days :P Trying my best to get back on track and blog something constructive!

    Meanwhile here's a sneak peak into what I was up to a few days back. I have got kinda addicted to my new camera, simply love it! 
    This striped beauty was sneaking on a tree right in front of my house. This is the first time I am seeing a squirrel from such a close distance :)
     It suspected something nasty and tried hiding as vigourously clicked it. Shy squirrel! ;)
    Sometimes, just staring at these beautiful creatures busts out stress. We all need to appreciate the world around us more! :)

    Okay, this was the first ever creature I captured with my new cam so it's kinda special to me :P Lemme know your thoughts! ;)


    14 March 2015


    Housing.com cover
    Everyone has his/her share of problems, in fact that is what proves that we are human. The journey of life can never be crossed without shedding a few tears.

    However, what one should aim at being is an optimist. Life becomes so much more beautiful and simple when you are an optimist.

    I have been buoyant and full-of-life kind of person since my childhood. That is what has brought me where I am today. If I had cringed on every little unfairness fate showed me, I would have never gathered the courage to move on and live my life to the fullest. 

    There have been times when life gave me so many lemons that it was hard to look up and move on. It was hard to stay optimistic and I felt myself falling in the gallows of pessimism. Thanks to the blessings of the almighty,  have a wonderful family who have always helped me out of situations like these.

    My two sisters are my world, my inspiration, my source of optimism! The best thing my sisters introduced to me, the one for which I will never be able to thank them enough is blogging!

    Writing has been my soul. I have been passionate about right from childhood. Being born in this age where you hardly see a child with a reading habit was difficult but thanks to blogging, I realised that this form of virtual writing was the best!

    A few months back, if you might have noticed, I had stopped blogging regularly. The sole inspiration of blogging was lost and I felt aimless without any motivation to blog. 

    That's when I happened to have a chat with my sisters and from apparel to weddings and what not, the point of conversation became me. My sisters started questioning me about why I had stopped blogging. They said I write well and that I should not stop writing. They gave me a few examples and inspired me to get back on with a bang and get blogging! 

    Just a few hours of sitting with my family and listening to their opinions on my writing had made me optimistic. I was very inspired by them and promised them that I would get writing asap.

    They even gave me some amazing new ideas to blog about and that's how we started on my new article #together !

    I was so motivated by their words and affection that the next article which I wrote turned out simply superb and gained a lot of appreciation from everybody.

    Loved ones no doubt brighten your day and fill it with optimism! They are that dose of optimism you need when you are low. Remember to stay close to them :)

    This post is inspired by the wonderful jist of optimism by Housing.

    12 March 2015

    Bekaraar ~ Shayari

    Hasratein dil ki beshumaar hain,
    Shikayaten hume khudse hazaar hain..

    Ye kaisa mod hai zindagi ka zalim,
    Pursukoon hokar bhi kyun itna bekaraar hain...!!

    10 March 2015

    My new life as a Blogger

    They say the best things in life come unexpected, something similar happened in my case.

    At school, whenever I was questioned by my teacher on "what do you want to become when you grow up lines" thanks to the stereotyped society's influence, the first words which came out of my mouth were 'doctor' or 'engineer'. At this, the teacher's chest would bulge with pride and he would ask me to keep up the spirit.

    As I grew up, I realised what I wanted to be was anything but a boring doctor or engineer. I disliked the idea of spending my rest of life without passion. Any work done without passion is simply pointless. 

    Maths and history were my least favourite subjects. Science excited me, and computers brought out the best in me. I loved gadgets right from the beginning. Poetry, creative writing, reading novels and playing mind games were some fields I excelled in. I found I was more inclined towards the extracurricular activities at my school than in my maths classes. 

    When I was in college, the picture of what I wanted to become got a bit clearer. I took up commerce as I had great interest for business studies and science had stopped alluring me now. EBACS came as a blessing for me as it did not only have the amazing business studies as a subject but computers too! 

    This was the time when computers had just started invading homes and I remember that joy filled day when Dad had brought a computer for us. Actually, I was beyond joy! The idea of actually trying out all that I studied in reality was very appealing to me.

    It was not long before I scored 100/100 in my Business studies paper( I have a business background ;) ) and excelled in computer studies too.

    Then I was more than glad to join my father's business and help him handle his trade. But the passion for computers was always there. Internet was another exciting world for me. Just the idea of it was simply appealing and it was not long before I subscribed to my favourite beauty and lifestyle blogs and grew a liking towards becoming a fashion designer! :D

    So, I took my fashion designing classes at the age of 19 and thought that this was it. Fashion designing was going to be my career. But turns out destiny had something else in store for me :).

    I opened my own blog out of my love for stilettos(this one) and then another one a year later. That was how, blogging which I started out of passion, became my career! I took a bold step, I didn't care what the world would think of my profession, I took my share of risks, I didn't worry about being successful or not.. I just did it.. and I am glad I did!!

    Yes, I am a blogger, a beauty fashion and lifestyle blogger ( ahem poetry, fiction and personal blogger at times too *winks* ) and I can't tell you how AWESOME it feels to be a blogger!!

    The best part is when some random, nosy aunty at a wedding asks you what you do and you reply "I am a professional blogger" - that look she gives you before fleeting away.. PRICELESS! :D

    That's how I started my new blogging life. If you did something similar to this too, do share your #StartANewLife stories with me!

    Check out this amazing video by Housing for some more inspiration!

    [image source]

    5 March 2015

    What makes A Baby Happy?

    I have loved kids since the time I was a kid myself (well, I still am one.. an adult kid though ;)). The truth is I never wanted to grow but hey! There's no choice right? Yeh zaalim duniya.. sigh! :P

    Their laughter..
    Their activeness..
    Their screams..
    Their smiles..
    ...everything about a kid is addictive!

    Two years back I got the privilege of becoming a Masi( aunt) for the very first time, thanks to my little angel of a nephew! It is a feeling beyond words I tell you! I was visibly screaming and jumping around the whole hospital with joy when the little naughty man was born.

    Life has changed a lot since my nephew was born. Each day spent with the little man is an addition to the memorable moments which will be remembered later.

    My nephew was born an attention seeker. You would be surprised by the tactics this little naughty fellow used to make sure everyone attended to him and talked to him. When he was just a newborn and I would talk to him while playing with him, he would laugh and smile even though he didn't understand what I was saying. The moment he would see that people are busy in their own work and no one is talking to him, changing his panties, offering him milk or fanning him, he would start crying and that cry would be an alarm to remind us that we have a man here who needs us to talk to him! :D It was immense fun, trying different tactics with the little boy and giving him attention. :)

    Apart from giving them your whole attention, what makes a baby happy? Here is what I know out of experience ;)
    • Food. Food. Food: 'Milk on time is to babies' what 'salary on time' is to us adults! Kids are the most impatient beings on planet earth! They cannot stay away from milk even for a short while. When they are hungry, they WANT milk no matter what! Once they get their milk on time, they are happy :)
    • Swings: Every baby sleeps deep in a swing/cradle. They always want someone swaying them and making them feel like they are in heaven! ;)
    • Toys: Yes, toys of every colour and kind make babies happy! the chances are they will break the whole lot in a day( my nephew does) but turns out their 'smashing the toys' is just an act of entertainment and pure joy. The expression of satisfaction on my nephew's face, when he destroys things, is anything but sad. He always kicks and breaks things with a smile on his face!
    • Little Outings: Take them to parks or on a long drive in a car and they will love you forever! ;) My nephew loves travel as much as he loves food. When I take him to a park, he is the happiest little man on Earth. Joining other kids of his age and playing with them brings him immense joy.
    • Dry Diapers: Pampers is one of the best gifts by technology! If you have got the privilege to raise a child too, you will agree with me. Sometimes I feel like hunting out that man/woman who invented the concept of diapers and give them a bear hug... seriously, THANK YOU! Dry diapers make a baby happy. My sister has used diapers from many brands and Pampers were by far the best. While other diapers used to get easily wet and infect my nephew's skin, Pampers have always kept him dry and happy!
    • Chocolates: Now, this doesn't need an explanation! :P
    There are a million other things which make a baby happy. Do you have anything to add to the list? Let me know!

    [Image source]

    Optimism ~ My Story

    "Look Mama! A butterfly!" said the little girl cheerfully as she smiled at the little colourful beauty like there was no tomorrow. Then she started playing with it, lifting her hands, laughing all the time the butterfly made different moves. Something about that little girl's smile was very intoxicating.. like a drug. I just couldn't take my eyes off her happy face.

    It was 2013 at the St John's hospital, Bangalore. That part of my life where I faced the most difficult times. Life had not thrown lemons at me, it had thrown stones instead. Stones which had hit my legs straight and given me the hint that I would never be able to walk properly again.

    Three months of visits to five different hospitals, hundreds of prescriptions, and countless intake of medicines had only worsened my case of peripheral neuropathy.

    I was sick.
    Tired of this madness.
    Depression was taking over me..
    ...and fear.. fear of never being able to walk again.
    Pessimism had become my food.

    Visiting hospitals and seeing a plethora of ill people there had only worsened my condition and lowered my spirits. What hurt more were the worried faces of my loved ones. I could tell that each one of my family was totally broken on the inside inspite of reassuring me and acting cheerful on the outside. My parents were worried beyond imagination. I would wake up in the mornings to find my Mom's eyes bulging and all red.. it was clear that she had cried.

    This visit was no different. A three hours of waiting for my appointment number to be called, had made me sick. I had somehow managed to convince Mom that I would be fine and taken the painful journey to the hospital garden without anyone's help. Now as I sat on a deserted bench, I couldn't help stare at this little girl who was full of life and laughter. I watched her moves enviously.

    I had not been happy since a long time and could hardly remember the last time I had smiled like that little girl. When I thought that her smile couldn't get better, the little girl surprised me with one of her best laughs and squeals of happiness as a second butterfly swarmed near her.

    Suddenly both the butterflies started flying away. The girl got up with a start and started running towards them to catch them... No, wait. That was what I thought would happen. What happened was not that at all..

    She tried getting up and running behind the butterflies to catch them, but she fell forward on the ground.. with a pang in my heart I looked down and realised that she didn't have legs.

    I got up and ran towards her to save her.. to hug her tight and never let go. Her mother had already bet me at that and was now crooning the little angel in her arms.

    A sea of emotions took over me as I stopped in my tracks, my legs protesting against my sudden physical actions.

    ...and then it happened. One of the most beautiful smiles I had ever seen broke on her face as she said to her Mom "Ye Duniya kitni khoobsurat hai na Mama?!" [This world is so beautiful no Mama?]

    The world just stopped for me there. A smile broke on my face and tears started pooling out of my eyes. No, they were not flowing because I was sad or depressed, this time the tears had a different meaning.

    I was disgusted with myself for have been so pessimistic when there had still been hope for me. I had complained, I had lost faith and accepted that my life was going to be like this forever.

    On the other hand, this little girl who didn't have legs was so optimistic about life. She was so full of life and even appreciating little things like butterflies amidst a thick crowd of patients. I realized it was the perspective which mattered. I had always been pessimistic and that had only worsened my condition and sent me into depression while the girl was always optimistic and even the fact that she couldn't run and catch those butterflies hadn't saddened her one bit.

    That incident moved me beyond words. I started seeing the world in the eyes of that little girl. My mental state started stabilizing and suddenly everything started changing. I realised that my smile made my loved ones happy. When I was happy even while the pain persisted, everything in the world started smiling back at me.

    It was not long before my happiness and optimism reached an extent where it overshadowed the pain, so much that it didn't hurt any longer. Then suddenly my body started co-ordinating with my mental state and there was a progress like never before. I was filled with optimism and after three months, that day finally arrived when I was fully healed I and my friends went out to play shuttlecock.

    It was a new beginning for me. I had been so close to losing everything that now I realised how beautiful and important every moment in life was and vowed to make the best of it. One thing was for sure.. after that incident, that smile never left me. It was like my lips had married it.

    Dear little angel,
    Thank you. Thank you for gifting me my life back.
    You are that dose of optimism every human needs.

    For a more such dose of optimism, visit: https://housing.com/lookup

    [Image source]
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