18 December 2014

Travelling with little souls

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Children... they are like magic. When these little souls are born, a whole new era of happiness is born with them.

Travelling in itself has a beautiful essence about it and when it is with the whole family, it joy is simply ten times bigger!

When I was a kid, I remember how excited I would get at even a small mention of a vacation. I would start pestering and reminding my parents weeks before the planned vacation. Having been a part of that joy filled experience for my parents myself, I can easily say that travelling with children is simply fun.

It does have its limitations where adults have to be extra careful but then the risks are completely worth it!

I have a nephew who is two years old now. When he was born, it was a whole new experience for the entire family. My first outing with him happened when he was a nine month old toddler.

We were travelling to lucknow, our home town to attend two family weddings. The best part was we were travelling by train and a beautiful vacation was planned ahead.

My nephew had just started walking then. His enthusiasm limits were something we could never beat. The boy is a total attention seeker so you might have guessed what was in store.

The journey started with us boarding the Shatabdi Express at Yeshwantpur. Four of my cousin sisters close to the age of 8-10 were also travelling with us, so it was kid-over-dozed-kinda journey!

My nephew was so excited at the sight of the trains and the whole new atmosphere of the railway station. His broad smiles and laughter reflected on the other adults and all in all, it was a beautiful start to a journey.

Then came the train where we had to spend two and a half days. Yes.

For all the kids *including me* it was a 'window fight' time. :D All of us wanted the window seats! The entire journey was amazing thanks to the never ending games, laughter and magic the kids added to it.

The food. This is one thing which interests kids the most and it was no different in our case. All my cousins were excited and eager to try out the amazing dishes at every station.

The train journey ended two and a half days later and the fun had just started. From the magnificent Lucknow station, we checked in a hotel where we had a great time playing ghosts with the kids :D Then the entire Lucknow was ours to explore.

The balloons.. the chips.. the cokes... the toys.. the joys .. all were endless!

The kids simply added magic to our vacation and made it a memorable moment for all of us!

The truth is children are our happiness. Their health and happiness makes us happy and when they are ill, the whole family is affected by it. That's the reason why vacations with children could be so much fun.

Their curiosity, enthusiasm and the air of happiness around them is simply contagious! :D

If you want to know more about how kids can add magic to your vacations, check out this link>> http://membership.clubmahindra.com/TeddyTravelogues/index.html

Happy Travelling,

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17 December 2014

Your Mama...

The day you were born my son,
I was born again with you,

Your laughter was my medicine,
You were my morning dew

My heart would bleed seeing you cry
Love, you were the apple of my eye

My day would start with wiping you dry,
My nights would end with singing you a lullaby

I would feed and pamper my little naughty man,
Then dress you up and rush you to the van.

My heart would pain to send you away,
Keep him safe oh God! I would always pray

Today I sent you with the same good bye kiss,
That one kiss and many i will for eternity miss

I always made sure your uniform was free of  dust or mud,
Today they sent it to me ripped and dipped in your blood

The dinner i prepared for you lies unconsumed,
So do your toys and clothes in your scent perfumed

When they shot my angel, they shot me too,
When you died I and humanity died with you

No tears.. none. Just silent screams,
As i search for pieces of my endless dreams

With patience I battle my grief and trauma
Oh baby come back,
Come back once and call me 'Mama'!!
~(c) Bushra

:( Please remember those little angels in your prayers!!
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15 December 2014

The First Rain Of Winter

In a street filled with strangers,
As I walked not fearing any dangers,

I heard you whisper to me,
I knew it was you, no one else it could be!

As if to assure me you roared and called my name,
I was yours and you were mine to claim

"Oh! It's thunder! Run run run! 
Screamed the strangers while I shun

They ran for shelter as I stood there rooted, 
For me the world had paused and simply muted

Pitter patter, splash, splutter, splatter,
I heard your droplets fall and clatter

Raising my head above I was ready for your kiss,
Your droplets touching my lips was pure bliss.

I played with you all day long,
Your puddles were my stage and thunder my song.

Now it was time for you to go,
You kissed me goodbye sweet and slow,

 The cold I got was a love mark from you,
Oh dear Rain! How much I love you, you have no clue,
You simply have no clue!!

[Author's Note: This poem is in the memory of this very first poem I wrote in my love for rain. :) I missed writing some *real* poems hence this! It came straight from the heart, hope you liked it! :) ]
[Image credit]

13 December 2014

Battling Glossophobia ~ Rise above fear

Fear ~ It is a thing which has to be overcome always in order to succeed in life. When you fear something it is not possible that you excel in life without battling that fear and overcoming it. Different phobias haunt different people. When I was young I had a couple of them too out of which 'Glossophobia' was a major and it was a real challenge for me to overcome it.

Public speaking was like a living hell to me. Being put in the spot light in front strangers made me jittery and scared to the roots.

It has been an exhilarating journey yet a tiring one to be what I am today. I got the chance to be schooled in one of the best schools in the world... the one which developed my scared little wallflower self into a bold and challenging woman and helped me battle glossophobia!

When I was in my second and third standards I remember how shy I was. It was not that I did not have any potential, I did, but it was just that I was a wallflower and fame at that time was simply not for me. 

I had this strange phobia which kept me in the dark. Nervousness, stage fear, panic... all these were common inside me. I would suck at dancing and cultural activities were like a walking talking horror for me. 

I was not a failure but not a top rank scorer at the same time. Thing were always in the middle for me... until one day that is!!

When I was in my fifth standard, I started cultivating a linking towards reading and reading novels became a habit. Adventures of Tom Sawyer was the first novel I read :) 

As I kept reading, I started getting inspired and a need to make something out of my boring life became a necessity. That was when slowly I started battling my fear. 

I started working on my studies, started participating in cultural activities and much to the dismay of some of my fellow classmates, I started winning... 

Things changed but the stage fear still didn't budge. I was a nervous wreck when put forth before an audience and one look at them would make me close to fainting on the spot.

My teacher noticed this and decided to kill me... err.. i mean she was close to meaning that! On one of the teacher's day, when the whole auditorium was filled with junior familiar faces and adult strangers, this teacher of mine called me on the stage and asked me to replace a student who was the narrator in a drama because she had got a sudden throat pain and had gone voiceless. My panic was beyond compare. The shivering started even before i held the mike. This was the most tortures moment in my life. I remember mentally making a note to crucify that teacher when this mess was over. 

Oh no! I am going to make a fool of myself! Saying that I was close to tears.
My heart raced up and down like a maniac. I wouldn't have been surprised if my heart burst out right there.
There was a long piercing silence only disturbed by a hundred glares sent at my direction by different teachers sign languishing me to speak up and students sniggering.  

It was a battle I had to fight... there were two options:

1)Either I speak up, mess it all up and run away 'or'
2) Just run away

My mind said that I should go for the second option but a little voice inside me told me I was not a coward and I had to face this. 

After what felt like an eternity, "Good morning everybody" came out of my mouth only to be welcomed by a million laughs. Ooops! It was already night shit!

I was close to tears and a sudden rage built up inside me and all i wanted to do now was bash every person present in that stupid auditorium. Bash I did but not with a whip but my words...!!

I spoke up. This time more confident than ever. The fear vanished into thin air and a change overcame me. The play started to enact and I gave my best to it with all the emotions and body language i could muster. 

I started enjoying it, the stage was mine and tonight I was its star. The drama with two song sequences in between went on for half an hour and finally when it was over by a conclusion given by a loud and magical me was welcomed with the loudest applause by the audience and my heart jumped a jolly jump when I saw my family and a dozen more blessed souls were giving me a standing ovation.

I had overcome fear... had risen above it and won the battle inside me!

The point of sharing this story was just to let you all know how important it is that we overcome our fears and live a daring life. When our fears hold us back, we will never be able to succeed.

Another such spectacular example can be seen in the all new Mountain Dew film below. The way these stars battled vertigo, overcame it and did the shoot is awesome! Check it out>>

9 December 2014

Shoppal.in ~ Website Review

Shopping ~ A word which never fails to bring a wide smile on my face, especially if it's Online!

Gone are the days when I used to pen down long shopping lists then go to malls/stores by battling the traffic of Bangalore and wasting more time then ever required. Then there are these mad crowds at the stores if you go on weekends which exhausts you to an unimaginable extent. The never ending billing queues and limited options for choice of products...

Thanks to Online shopping, shopping had become a piece of cake which can be had sitting in the warm comfort of your bed with your laptop or your Cell phone!!

I am a black belt bargainer and I can tell you that the joy of getting a discount for something which you are buying is simply amazing. While the bargaining option cannot be applied while shopping online, there is something more awesome which simply makes me fall all over in love again with Online shopping and that is nothing but the three magical words... coupons, deals and promotions!

 You will find hundreds of websites who are willing to offer you these three magical words but not all of them are trustworthy and effective! Choosing the right website is a crucial task but not to worry, the shopaholic is here to guide you! :)

Shoppal.in is a website I came across recently, it deals in online coupons and promotion codes.
As the name itself suggests, Shoppal.in is your 'shopping pal', a Coupondesh.com venture which you can totally depend on for your discounts and coupon codes!
The procedure to gain discounts is very simple. You just have to go to the e-commerce website you want to shop from through shoppal.in and apply the coupon code while checking out.

For example say you want to shop from Flipkart, you will have to simply login at Shoppal.in and go to the Coupons by Flipkart page.
Then simply choose the coupon which lures you the most and click on it to activate it. A new tab will open where you will be directed to Flipkart.com and a message will be shown.
Now simply checkout and if it's a deal there's nothing else you have to do, if it's a coupon code then simply paste the code in the "Coupons and codes" section while checking out and that's it!

By doing these simple steps you can save a lot. Shoppal also has a subscription facility where you can subscribe to receive all the new coupons and deals of your favorite website. I totally loved this feature.

Summing Up:

The Yays:
*Easy navigation
*User friendly website
*Categorization is wonderful
*Coupons for hundreds of Online shopping portals
*Queries can be posted
*Only active coupons are displayed so you don't have to worry about the voucher not working.
*Amazing coupons
*A true shopping Pal

The Nays:

All in all, if if you want to shop online, I totally recommend that you check out this website, you can really save some good bucks and have a better shopping experience. What with GOSF on the move, I this one's not to miss. So friends, go check out Shoppal.in like NOW! :)


7 December 2014

Ethnic Jewelry haul

If you are following my other blog you will know that I have been besotted with jewelry a lot these days.
This haul was made a long time back, just couldn't post it because I wasn't satisfied with the pictures and delayed it until now... Now, gathering all of these again for a shoot didn't make sense to me so posting the same pics nevertheless! *I know i know*
Those pearls are original, gifted to me by my sister, I didn't like the color combo of those pearls before but now when I wear it, it does look beautiful... Thank you Di!! ^_^
 All other jewelry is either from commercial street/Shivajinagar or from outside India( Gift from Dad ^^)
 I love vanity rings and these three are real pretty!! Just one of them is enough to get all those eyes on you and burn girls in jealous :P :D
 Ethnic bangles... really really awesome for occasions!! Have worn them for 3-4 occasions and they have *never* disappointed me!
 That's my Dad's distinct choice :D ...and that black and white earrings in the right  hand side of first pic are from outside India too. Didn't get to click them well though... but they are simply my favourite out of the lot.. light weight, gorgeous, attractive... and perfectly my Dad's choice! :D
Those pearls were very expensive. Dunno why my sister even got the idea of gifting them to me! O_o Next time I'll let her know I want ta gadget instead :D :P #Yo

Lotsa Love.

6 December 2014

Bollywood fashion disasters ~ edition 1

"Inorder to be irreplaceable, one must be different" 

While I totally agree with this quote I as hell don't think this means being so different that you are a laughing stock!! While Bollywood has set the best examples of fashion, it has also given some drastic examples of the forms of fashion one should avoid.

Today, I bring to you a new category based on the same... an edition which will hopefully continue in the coming days too. 

Here's a fun post for you all... hope you enjoy!!

"Hi. I just sleep walked here and got myself clicked.... and *don't* even ask why i got that heniously out of place blue scarf on my head... yo I am Bebo, mereliya sab chalta hai!!"

"Khuljaaaaaaa Sim sim!!" O_o

Twinkle twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you wear!

Looks like Mrs Sen just had a trip to the Galaxy and brought a toli of stars for us!!

Babaji ka Thullu!! _/\_

Yes... we have men too!! 
Okay first thing, I don;t have anything agaisnt men with long hair but seriously? Is it necessary to *accessorise* them??! NOT cool! Me thinks SRK looks like a hawk with a protruding colourful tail. Black rubber bacd he lagaleta bande!!! O_o

Give me chance and i'll give you hundred reasons why I hate this outfit! Those glasses would have looked so much better with a western outfit or a less dramatic hairstyle! 

,,,,and holy cow!!! WHAT THE HELL was Prachi thinking when she wore that sweater of a blouse? Ewwwww!

Sometimes I find ut really really hard to believe Sabyasachi is this talented woman's disgner.. I mean just *look* at that saree... you are a Bollywood actress for hellsake! Even my niece can drape a better sari than you have here. Haywire Gulabo much!!

Looks like Sushmita Sen and Vidya Balan are having a competition. Miss Balan seems to steal the show though! Looks like she wore a nightie and planned to scare people for the day... doesn't this looks like she's out for Halloween celebration?!!!

*Now we know who replaced Gabbar in "sojao naito Gabbar aajayega!"*

" I just escaped from a sci-fi movie. Buhahaahaha!!" O.o

"Hey! I am visiting China, wanna tag along?!!" Just LOOK at that dress! *faints*

So folks, until I regain consciousness,
Adios! :)

[All images taken from Google images. Couldn't find the real sources! If you own any of them and want them removed mail me pls: Bushrablue01@gmail.com]

*Please Note: This post is in no way intended to ridicule anyone. All these actors are totally talented and I respect them. This is just a post throwing some light and examples on what one should never mistake for fashion!*

4 December 2014

A letter to the traitor

You stabbed me once,
The third time you came again,
But I was ready with a cane.

You were smart,
You came disguised, wearing a mask,
Resisting you became a task.

You chanted your spell again,
It was hard to see through your feign.

You got close,
Just when you were about to strike,
I recognized you and your spike.

I closed the doors,
You entered through the windows.

I kicked you out,
And closed them too.

Now you cry there outside my heart,
While I live in peace and joyful art.

I won, you lost.
I won't let you win ever again...

Not until you are true,
Until then, dear love, stand in queue..!!

[image source]

3 December 2014

Ae Waqt... ~ Shayari

Ae waqt tham zara, tadpa na yun, 
Is masoom dil ko sata na yun, 
Khush thi main sapno mein apne, 
Asliyat-e zindgi ko saamne la na yun...!!

[P.S: This one's from my Twitter feed too! :)]

2 December 2014

Aankhein ~ Shayari

Kya jane ye zamana dard-e-dil humara, jab tum nahi ho milte,
Har pal roti hain aankhein, bas aansoo nahi nikalte...!!

[P.S: These days, I am posting my shayaris on Twitter mostly. This one was one of my tweets too!]
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