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22 November 2015

Mom You Are The Best

"A slight frown on your face makes me worry,
A stern look from you makes me hurry.

You read my mind, you are magical,
Every thought of yours is vibrant and radical.

I believe Angels exist, you are an example,
Your mountain of care and love is the perfect sample.

You know me more than I myself do,
How much I love you, you have no clue.

You are my strength you are my hero,
Without your blessings, I am a big zero.

Admiration in your eyes makes me sway,
I Love you Mum, You make my day!"
- Bushra
Today, whatever I am, I owe it to my Mom's sacrifices, her encouragement and her unconditional love. Every time I find my world turning upside down, I hug my Mom tight and my worries melt away. She is a homemaker, a person who put her family's wishes before her own. Being born in a village which could provide her with education only till class 8th, my Mom made ends meet to educate me and my other three siblings. She wanted her children to live every dream that she could never live when she was our age.

Some of the hardships she faced along with my Dad to give us the best futures are shocking and makes us teary when narrated. She molded me into a perfect cook, a passionate blogger, a down to earth person full of faith and perseverance and altogether, a wonderful human being.

She forgave my mistakes and blunders like no one ever could.
She was my first teacher.. My first mentor.
She protected me from the world.
She believed in me like none other.
She loves me and I know she will always, no matter what!

Today, whatever I am, I owe it to her confidence, her encouragement and her unconditional love. Everytime I find my world turning upside down, I hug my Mom tight and my worries melt away.

She is my world, a person without whose constant support and love I would have not been what I am. She is my Super Hero, my reason to smile even on a miserable day.. My Mom is no doubt #MadeOfGreat! 

If you have read this post you will know that our family has a Football craze and a great liking towards the legend Lionel Messi. Both my parents were overjoyed when I broke the news about the amazing Tata Motors and Lionel Messi collaboration to them. We all are equally excited and looking forward to the benefits of this sensational get together! :)

Do leave your thoughts on this post below :)

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She Is Made Of Great

Meet Top Indian Beauty Blogger and Wedding Planner ~ Mehak Sagar

'She turned her Passion into her Paycheck'
We all are surrounded by a swarm of people who hate their jobs. For most of us, earning bread is a tiring and soulless task. Every other man is complaining about their Boss or wining about how they would love to ditch their job, if not for the paycheck!

Meet Mehak, an aspiring woman who turned her passion into her work. She even quit her day job and dedicated herself to Full-time blogging after the success of her Wedding blog and Bridal shopping juncture,

Mehak is great inspiration for me. She is the one, inspired by whom, I started my own blog. She says that she felt the need for beauty reviews of products which suited Indian skin tone which were scarce at that time. Her blog is the top ranked Indian beauty blog today.

'Every woman is beautiful in her own way.'
A whitening cream is something very sick. Every woman is beautiful in her own shade of skin. ~ This thought was drove me towards Mehak's Beauty blog, Peaches and Blush, three years back.

For some women work is a need and for some its worship, for Mehak, it's a passion and a form of self expression. Peaches and was started in 2011 by Mehak Sagar as an Indian beauty and makeup blog, but over the course of two years it has become one of the most popular online portals focusing on Indian beauty, fashion and Indian brides! How? Well! All credits goes to its owner, Mehak who made this possible with her hard work and her amazing skills!

I am a regular visitor of Mehak's both blogs, Peaches and blush and WedMeGood. Trust me when I say- there's nothing more addictive than WedMeGood!

Every post on Mehak's blogs are a doze of addiction which act like an instant stress reliever! I love the way Mehak comes up with new, innovative ideas for each of her posts.

Her undeterred hard work and thirst for passion is the fact that proves she is #MadeOfGreat. She is a living inspiration for every Indian who wants to make a living out of the Internet!

She is a living inspiration for bloggers like me. The best thing about her is that she wants people around her to improve and succeed too. She never loses an opportunity to reply to an important comment asking her a beauty/wedding question and keeps giving unlimited blogging tips and tricks to all her followers and fellow bloggers.

Apart from all of this, be a faithful reader of her blogs has enlighted me to the fact that she is a down to earth person who is NOT READY compromise when it's the question of her foundations and ethics.

She is the one who inspired me to blog and to earn a living out of passion. She is #MadeOfGreat just like the legend Lionel Messi who was recently made the Brand Ambassador of  the Indian legend, Tata Motors. Mehak is awesome, so is this wonderful collaboration were perfection meets perfection!

Do leave your thoughts on this post below :) 

P.S: Read my first post on this theme: He Is #MadeOfGreat ~ He Is My Father

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14 November 2015

Lingerie For Your Wedding ~ Make The Right Choice

Displaying ISP_AU15_Festive_Social Media-04.jpg
We have grown up to see every bride-to-be around us prepare and plan her wedding for months. Wedding is a significant phase of life for any woman and every woman wants to make sure that she looks her best on this special day of her life. I myself have grown up between friends and sisters who have spent months to design the perfect dress for their wedding day.

Every bride tries to chose the perfect dress for herself, but has she thought about what she will wear underneath it?

Remember, that your choice of lingerie for your wedding day is as important as your Wedding dress itself. The right choice of lingerie and only that can give you a complete, perfect look. 

You should chose your lingerie according to your wedding dress. For example, you can't adorn a normal Bra under a strapless dress, a full bust Bra under a deep neck dress and so on. Your choice of lingerie should go hand in hand with your dress. Bustier Bras are the ultimate choice for every bride as they give the sexiest look, but then again, they are not that good in the comfort department.
There are four main pointers to consider before choosing your wedding lingerie:
1. Comfort
2. Style
3. Support
4. Your Wedding Dress.
Displaying ISP_AU15_Festive_Social Media-03.jpg
Having told you this, let me bring a smile on your face by introducing you to a new collection of Bridal lingerie by Triumph, a leading lingerie brand, which not only takes care of the four above pointers but also aims on giving you the best Bridal experience ever.
Bridal lingerie is very crucial as it not only helps you look your best on your wedding day but also boosts your confidence on your wedding night. The luxurious new range of Bridal lingerie by Triumph is comfortable, passionate, versatile and most importantly ~ seductive. It is something every bride should own and adorn on her wedding day and every other time she has the urge to look beautiful and irresistible.

Displaying ISP_AU15_Festive_Social Media-02.jpg
This seductive new bridal collection has been specially crafted for the wedding season, featuring contrast color two tone lace with a sparking diamond motif in the center. Seductive black to Racy red, chose any color which suits you best. Sensuous, supportive and feminine, this range is your answer to confidence and boldness.
Displaying ISP_AU15_Festive_Social Media-02.jpg
From delicate flower art to luxurious lace, this range is designed to help you look gorgeous on both your wedding day and night. Super versatile bras are available in padded and non-padded styles with changeable straps that can convert from a cross-back to a halter or a classic style to strapless in seconds. With so many features and designs to chose from, this collection is a must have for every Bride out there.

Check out their entire sensuous and hot collection of lingerie here.

Triumph on Facebook | Twitter

13 November 2015

He Is #MadeOfGreat ~ He Is My Father

The most influential person I have come across in my life is probably clueless himself of all the things he has taught me or of how deeply he has inspired my whole being.

This person has been in my life all along, since the first day I opened my eyes to this world. This person was the first to hold my hand, to steer me to greatness, being my biggest source of strength and support. He has been by my side in all the thick and thins of life and has bestowed me with courage and love throughout. To the world he might be just another noble man, but for me, my one and only father, is my world!

My Father is the most self motivated person I have ever come across in my life. When I feel resigned and fed up of life, I look at his chiseling noble face and I know that the world is beautiful and all hope is not lost. He is my hero, the one who showed me stars and taught me how to reach them.

His hardships are way greater than what I have faced in my life.  Born in a village in Uttar Pradesh, he was the second son out of five sons and three daughters to my grandparents. His early life was spent growing up in a village and facing the hardships of farming. Those were the days when education was not given much importance and to think that he was born in a village. But my Dad was something else. He knew that knowledge was power and did his best to get himself educated at any cost. Growing up between eight siblings, he was the first one to get educated in his family. His thirst for knowledge was endless and so intense that he traveled to different towns to gain it as his village was not felicitated with it. He had the urge in him to make something out of his life right from the beginning and his perseverance motivated him to never give up no matter what.

"Hey Dad look! There's a star out there. It is shining even in the morning!" my surprised voice caught my father's attention. It was seven in the morning and my father had brought a five year old me along with him to jog in the park.

"Haha! That's not a star dear. That's an aeroplane. You know when I was your age, I had mistaken it for a shooting star too. But then I learnt that it was a strange creation of man which could fly." My father said smiling at the now disappearing plane in the blue sky. "The moment I learnt what it was, I knew one day I would fly. I would fly.. around the whole world." The smile which reached his eyes never left his face.

"Come on kid. Let's get home and get packing. You don't want Daddy to miss his flight to Singapore now do you?" He said, finally coming back to the present. 

My father was a dreamer. He chased his dreams and didn't rest or give up until he had conquered them.

He has the patience of a saint and the faith of a scientist. His faith is what helps him make mountains move and win every heart he gets acquainted too. Every person who knows him has set him as a living example of humility and bravery.

If you have read this post of mine you will get an idea of how brave and preposterous my father is. If you have not then let me give you a brief summary:

My father has always stood for the welfare of all, especially women. In one such unforgettable incident which involved the ruthless dowry system, my father bravely saved a woman from being beaten to death by her in laws. Another incident which brings tears to my eyes whenever my father narrates it is where a couple of goons had abducted a girl and were torturing her. My father, who is a man of great faith says that this was the toughest battle he has ever fought and that he had to pay a very big price, both emotionally and physically in order to free that girl from the ruthless goons's clutches.

These and a hundred more incidents make me proud of my father and instill a want in me to be like him. He is known as a legend and respected and loved like one by every man and woman in his village. He is a true humorist who makes me laugh even in the gravest of moments. He says he loves spreading smiles and that a smile on someone's face brings him joy.

Business is a game my father loves to play. Maybe that is the reason why he is such a successful man today. Besides being a self-made entrepreneur, my father is a dedicated devotee, a loving husband and a caring, most amazing father!

At the age of eighteen, my father left his village with five rupees in his pocket, an old bicycle and a million dreams in his luminous eyes. He says that due to a drought, the family was struck by poverty and he didn't have any other option but to resume his studies and go looking for a job outside the village.

He knew the value of five rupees and that is the reason he always preaches me to spend judiciously. "Paisa badi mehnat se ata hai Beta!" he keeps telling me this.

He preaches me not to wish for anything but to directly work on acquiring it.

The best quality I love about him is his nature of giving, not just money to the poor, but wisdom to the unwise, helping hand to the needy, shoulder to the desolate and unlimited and undiluted love to every one who matters.

He is an optimist of the highest degree. His motivating words can melt hearts and trigger a fire of hope inside any man.

"Zindagi me koi aur waqt banke nahi ayega Beta. Jo karna hai abhi karna hai." are his words which keep me focused on my goals.

He is not a Global star, a Doctor or an engineer - he is a simple and normal man - a normal man with an abnormal thirst for truth and greatness. He has left an intense impact on me and he is the one who I look up to. I believe he is #MadeOfGreat and every time I look into his sincere, loving eyes, my belief simply strengthens.
 Besides all this, my Dad has a great passion for automobiles and Football. It is from him that I got my Football craze and undying love for fast cars. Our entire Football stricken family is a BIG Lionel Messi fan. When my Dad learnt about the recent Tata Motors and Lionel Messi collaboration, he was overjoyed! "Finally, perfection meets perfection!" were his words when I broke the news to him. A personality like Lionel Messi suits an ambassador to a legend like the trustworthy and authentic brand like Tata Motors.My Dad and me simply can't wait for the awesomeness which the collaboration of these two Global brands will bring!

So excited!

Would love to know your thoughts on the same and also about the person who has inspired YOU the most. Leave your thoughts in the comments below. :)

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1 November 2015

This Diwali, Celebrate #HarPalHappiness with ASUS

AsusZenfone 2

Shopping is the most thrilling part of the festive season for me. Be it any festival, especially Diwali, I am all set to shop a whole new world for myself and my loved ones. The reason being, there's a BURST of sales from every direction during the festive seasons ~ and you know how much I LOVE sales! :D

If I start writing what all I have shopped for since the past week, you will probably get annoyed scrolling down(winks). The past month has been a big shopping marathon for me, what with the Big Billion Days, Snapdeal Monday Sale, Amazon Try For Gold, Amazon Diwali sale, Snapdeal #DiwaliDilWali sale and what not(Phew :P), I have been shopping non stop.

I love shopping for myself but the real happiness comes from shopping for my loved ones. That's the reason why I await the festive season so much because I get a chance to shower my loved ones with gifts in this season.

I know how it feels to be gifted. Every gift I receive brings a smile on my face and fills my whole being with joy. For me, it's not important how big/expensive the gift is, it's just the gesture which makes my day. So I try showering this same feeling on my loved ones by gifting them something they'll love from time to time, especially on festivals.

When I reviewed the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser, I fell in love with it. I was so besotted with its beauty and features that I bought it for myself on the Big Billion Days. ;) Now that it was home, my whole family fell in love with it, especially my Brother. I could see that spark in his eyes every time he held my phone and browsed it excitedly.

That's when I made my decision that I was going to gift him the same phone this Diwali! Guess what I came across when I landed on the Flipkart page to place my order? Turns out ASUS has this amazing #HarPalHappiness Diwali offer going on where every person who buys an ASUS phone, gets a chance to win Flipkart gift vouchers worth ₹1000 every hour. What's more! One lucky customer can also win Gold vouchers worth ₹25000 every day!

After learning about this offer, I am beyond happy as now I not only get to gift my Brother an amazing phone by ASUS but I can gift myself a voucher too while I am at it. And who knows, I could be that lucky Gold Voucher winner too! *happy dance* *more winks* :D
Once you shop for your ASUS phone, all you have to do is visit the ASUS website and register your phone. 

You can view this offer on Flipkart and shop away HERE. This offer is valid only on the best phones by ASUS, Zenfone Selfie, Zenfone 2 Laser, Zenfone Go and the Zenfone Deluxe. I am eyeing the Zenfone Delux ealready. It's simply GORGEOUS! :D

Don't miss this amazing offer folks and happy festivities! :)
~ Bushra

21 October 2015

The Joy of Real Togetherness

Today's technology equipped world has lost the value of real togetherness. We are too busy with our smartphones to even look up from our screens and admire true beauty and connect with things and people who matter.

All those meaningful chats with our families, sitting by the fire during night time, munching on Mom's Pakodas, bickering with siblings, chatting about little things of life and sharing our life with our loved ones... ~ All of it is long lost!

Today, as I write this, I am filled with guilt as I have become as big a technology slave as anyone else. Gadgets are my world for me. Life without them would actually make me handicapped, and it is this thought which I feel guilty about. As I write this, I know that this has to change. I have to stop this extreme madness and tech-dependence and get back to leading a REAL life which will give me some REAL memories... memories which are more than just small, emotionless smartphone chats, soulless texts, and occasional Hi Hellos... and I am going to work on it! :)

It was not until my parents left for Hajj Pilgrimage this September, that I realized what they mean to me. Living for a month without them was the most difficult time of my life, some moments were highly torturous... when I look back to those days, my heart stops beating. When the Hajj 2015 tragedy happened, I felt like I had been plunged into hell. Even after regularly calling my parents and them reassuring me that they were fine, I was definitely not fine. Until yesterday when they came back home safe, every minute without them was a huge weigh to my heart. Only when I received them at the airport and hugged all the air out of them, did my worries dissipate. The joy of seeing them all healthy and hearty, filled with a new degree of determination and vigor, was beyond compare.

They say we learn from our mistakes. Yes, I have learnt from mine. I used to never give much importance to spending quality time with my parents and family. Social media had blinded me so much that I lived in the same house with my Mom but we hardly had a meaningful conversation for months. My Dad would make real efforts to bond the family, have meaningful conversations but something went haywire with time. We just got busy in our worlds... ignoring real beauty and real togetherness.

Nature plays a striking role in discovering real togetherness and getting you close to loved ones. That's the reason my Dad insists on a family holiday every year or so to our roots... a place where people hardly give importance to technology, a place where a big part of my family resides, a place where every minute brings you close to your loved ones ~ My village.

It's impossible that you sit by the breath taking Sarson ke khet(farms) surrounded by your family and you don't get to experience real togetherness! Nature has its own music. Music which plays its magic and lightens your heart... giving yu unforgettable memories.

It's high time we broke ourselves from the shackles of the digital world. That Instagram selfie on your wedding is not as important as the person you are ignoring, the one who is standing by while you are too busy clicking away to notice his/her emotions.

It's high time you realized that every second of your life need not change into a Facebook status/update.

Wake up to Real togetherness folks ~ Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara!

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28 September 2015

British Paints #MissedCalls Campaign

What do colours mean to you? For me, they are my world!

Since the time I was a little toddler, colours have fascinated me beyond compare. Being born in Bangalore, the Garden city of India had it's own rewards. I got to grow up surrounded by every colour imaginable, sometimes in the form of nature and the other times, huge buildings and Infrastructure painted to magnificence.

British Paints is a brand which aims at filling your life with colours and beauty ~ starting from the walls of your home and then straight to your heart! It is an age-old brand established since 1919 which has only got better and more vibrant since day one.

British Paints recently launched a very intriguing #MissedCalls TVC which left the Nation spellbound. Something about this sweet and humour filled JAANkidas TVC just gets to your heart and leaves you as dazed as the three beautiful women featured in it.

Have a look:
This TVC raged the whole Internet and won a million hearts through a recent campaign held on the 16th of September 2015 on Twitter. The outcome of the #MissedCalls campaign was stupendous as a buzz on social media.

The main objective of the #MissedCalls campaign was to promote the JAANkidas Ad by British paints and raise the views on it. British Paints also held an amazing contest on the same day of this campaign where they gave out exciting prizes to the winners. And the contest was a great success in all.

25 September 2015

Unique Home Decor Ideas For This Festive Season

"Home is where the heart is" We have all grown up believing this statement! I love my home and no matter where on Earth I am, I miss it as that's where my heart lives...

It's that time of the year when the festive season is knocking your doors. A time where you bond with your families, engage in various sacred activities, party hard and of course, have loads of fun! :)

People who live far from their home town due to their jobs are the ones who await this season the most. It's that time of the year where you take your leave from your job and head back to your home, close to your loved ones and have a memorable time!

What do you love the most about the festive season? As for me, I love everything from dolling up for the occasions to the house decorations and delicious food about the festive season!

Your home is what gets the most attention on these occasions as everyone likes to revamp it and decorate it as per the occasion's demand. Unlimited guests visit it during these festivities and it's important that you Pep your home the right way to set the perfect impression! ;)

Today, I'll be sharing some Home Decor ideas with my lovely readers to turn your home into a sight to behold!

The Curtain Touch: 
If you don't have the time or prop to fix anything at all of your home, yet you want your home to Pep up for this Festive season or for that special party you have thrown tonight then here's the cheat code ~ Curtains!

Change them.

Curtains carry a lot of importance for any home decor. They are that part of your home decor which add maximum significance to your home. They have the power to make your home look FAB or DRAB instantly!

Ceiling Decor:

Ceilings are the most exposed parts of your house and that's the reason why they should never be left behind. Pep up your ceiling with these innovative Chandeliers and ceiling art. This will give your home a whole new refreshed look and leave your guests gaping at the ceiling! :D Don't over do it, just a soft yet pretty touch will do the trick.

Bedroom Decor:

Why should your bedroom be left behind? Give it a simple yet effective twist! You can hang light crystals on either side of the bed or simply opt for a gorgeous wall decor to be placed just above your bed. Make use of accessories like crystal beads to decorate your bedroom. You can even use floral hangings in place of crystal ones. Just remember not to go overboard!

Use modern Dias which have a bigger lasting power, you can also use electric lights adorned with crystals ~ the aim is to light it all up. When you dim the main lights, these lights will fill youre with a mesmerising glow.

My Favourite picks for this Festive Season from Homify:
Most of the beautiful pictures I have used for making collages in this post are from a wonderful home decor website called I simply couldn't resist their mesmerising home decor collections and the above two are what I loved the most of what I got to browse. These different shaped rolling woods are a MUST HAVE I say! They are what you need to set a trade mark. A perfect way to beautify food!

That antique stool is a striking piece of furniture, perfect for the festive season. It really stands out among your otherwise sober a low-tone furniture. It perfectly gives you that festive vibe! :)

3D Rangoli to welcome your guests:

Get creative! Think of some unique ideas which will surely stand out and will be remembered. This 3D Rangoli decor is surely a perfect sight of beauty which your guests will instantly fall in love with!
You can also use Big real flowers. Do something out of the box which will instantly revamp your home.

Wall Decor: 
Coming to the most significant part of your home ~ the walls! Make your walls speak... There is an unlimited choice of murals, wall arts and wall stickers you can choose from these days. Remember that even if people fail to notice anything about your home, they can never miss the walls as they are practically everywhere! So adorn the walls of your home with antique wall clocks, eye catchy murals and stickers of witty tongue twisters and proverbs.

For more such amazing and unique home decor ideas, you can visit :)

Happy festivities!
~ Bushra

BTW: Eid Mubarak! :)

Image courtesy: Homify | Polyvore

22 September 2015

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser and Lolliflash Review

What makes you smile?

A genuine compliment? A sumptuous dish? Or simply a smile from someone else?!

While all of the above do make me smile, there are some  things which are above these all ~ Gadgets! Just the thought of them and the opportunity of getting to experience and own them brings me tons of smiles! :)
Even the thought of living without my phone, my laptop and my iPad for a certain period of time is simply horrifying. Out of all my gadgets, I use my phone the most and that is what I keep changing and upgrading the most. What with the unlimited options these days, I am spoilt for choice! :P As I use my phone the most, every time I buy a new one, I make sure what I am buying perfectly suits my needs. There's a sea of options available, but not all brands allure a choosy social media addict like me!

Guess what I got my hands on recently! The latest ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser. ASUS has been launching a very interesting series of phones lately. Not to mention all of which turn out to be simply superb budget options. One of their latest launch The Zenfone Selfie has caught my eye and I think that's what I am gifting my Selfie addicted Bro this festive season! :D
Coming to the core of this post, I got to experience the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser for a week and I am simply floored! I want to share every bit of my experience with you all!

First impression:
I have got very busy lately and when I was told that I was being sent this phone, I couldn't check out it's specs and pricing before hand. Only on the night that I unboxed it did I Google It's details. The biggest plus point of this phone is that it looks ROYAL and simply CLASSY. My first look at it and I was convinced that this range by ASUS was an expensive luxury range. The phone really has that dashing over-the-top looks! When I googled its price finally out of curiosity, I had a mini heart attack caused by excessive joy!
Priced at INR 9,999/- , it's the biggest budget phone in the current market with totally amazing features. The laser feature really makes it stand out among the other and the pricing makes it irresistable.

the designing is gorgeous with a 5.5 inch HD display. It's hard to believe that this phone costs just 9999/- as the designing has a lot of grace in it and this phone has that classic expensive look to it. Also, you cannot tell it away from the other Zenfones easily! This phone is designed with perfection with a high-end phone. The build is superb!!

What makes the phone stand out:

There are two features which REALLY enhance your experience with this phone. The Power button, unlike the other majority of smart phones, is situated at the top of the phone and the volume buttons ~ AT THE BACK! :D When I first used this phone, I was searching for the volume buttons, all panicky. Then my younger Bro pointed out that they were at the back. I was really impressed! :D

The lasting power of the battery of this phone left me craving to make this phone mine ASAP! (Too bad it's out of stock on Flipkart :/) It lasts for 24 hours even with regular usage.


As the name says it, this phone has an inbuilt laser detector situated on the back side, beside the camera. This feature really boosts the photography experience. The back camera is pretty good with 13 MP. However, I found the front cam wasn't that satisfactory!

BEST features:
*The Camera
*PRICING! This phone is a steal at only 9,999/-. I was SHOCKED when I checked out the price on Flipkart. It's the most amazingly priced smartphone ever!
*Battery: Lasts for like EVER!!

Verdict: Coming to the conclusion, the ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser 5.5 phone is the biggest BUDGET smart phone with an amazing camera and other features! I totally recommend it

My Tip: I would say that this phone is BEST for gifting purposes. The festive season is here too, so if you want to REALLY impress your loved one without burning a hole in your pocket then go for this! :D

The best thing about this product is its name. It's exactly like a yummy lickable Lollipop(with the pink filter on)! :D This is a very innovative product which has a very cute designing. The light range is not too high but works quite well when the subject is not too far! I loved clicking away using this Lollipop :P
This can also be used individually, without being plugged in. This is what I loved the most and I say it's a must buy for photography addicts like me! :)
I am head over heels in love with this phone and I am sure that by now, you have fallen for it too! ;) I am waiting for Flipkart to get it back in stock and then we both are going to unite ASAP!! Can't wait for #MyAsusZenfone :D


P.S: The red color variant of this phone is more hot and gorgeous and that's what I am eyeing at! ;)
P.P.S: You can catch the Unboxing of this phone in this previous post of mine.

20 September 2015

Chai Time With 'The Infinite Equinox' By Bhavya Kaushik

Things have got a bit difficult yet exciting these days. What with my parents traveling, the whole responsibility of the house has fallen upon my tiny shoulders. Hehe.. :P 

First look at this book and I was convinced that I was going to have a fun weekend savouring it. Unluckily, my Chai was the only short period I could spend with the book as loads of work at home was calling and I to unwillingly put it down, getting to read only its summary.
I have read raving reviews about this book all over the internet. Everyone's all praises especially the people who bought it on Amazon and Flipkart.

Let me share with you that this book is special and not just any other book I'll be reading. Bloggers who have read the title of this post would have already noticed what I am getting at :D 
This book is just NOT any other book by an Indian Author but it's written by one my famous fellow bloggers and friend Bhavya Kaushik! :) 
When Bhavya won this blogging contest with me, or many others that followed, I had NO clue that I was sharing the limelight with a published Best seller author! So you can imagine my surprise when he broke to me that he was one of the five youngest published authors of India on the Indiblogger forum nearly a year and a half back. For a while after that I was constantly pestering him to send me one of his published books, autographed by him, for me to read and hopefully write a review :P (I find reviewing books as annoying as much as I love to read them!) Days went by and before I knew it, he had published another book. This time, he stayed put to his word and finally couriered me a copy of his second book ~ The Infinite Equinox! 
 Here's the Summary of the book: 

Moments. Our entire life is made up of moments -entwined together, so impeccably that it is unimaginable to disambiguate one from the other. But it was never the same for Tamanna. She could easily differentiate every moment of her life to either good or bad, black or white - there was no gray shade. Abducted from her hometown, she spent countless days begging in the streets for her life.

Sometimes, you need to fight for your destiny and Tamanna did as she made it out of the perilous begging rackets of India to the grandeur of Seattle.

This moving tale will take you through the events of her life - from the terrible turmoil of her past, the saddening impact of heart-wrenching experiences to the blossoming of friendship between strangers who were destined to be chained together and finally the confluence of two souls - Tamanna and Vikram; who stood together even when the stars forced them apart.

She is on a quest to find her parents in order to live, to exist. This is her heart's ink imprinted on the pieces of paperback.

It is yours now!

Wrapping up, I would say that my Chai time spent with 'The Infinite Equinox' was indeed short but definitely a treat. I can't wait to read this awesome book and share my experience with you all! :D

So, stay hooked and don't miss the upcoming review! :)

Name: The Infinite Equinox
Author: Bhavya Kaushik
Length: 200 pages
Price: 149/- INR
You can buy this book on Amazon / Flipkart.

Until later then!
~ Bushra

P.S: Noticed my new cup staring at you all the while? Well, maybe he likes you ;)

17 September 2015

Unboxing The ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser and ASUS Lolliflash

 After having given the pleasure to experience and review the Asus Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 2, I was over the moon when I received a mail that I was being sent the latest launch ~ The Asus Zenfone 2 Laser and the amazing Lolliflash!

I have got kind of addicted to gadgets now, especially cellphones and the joy of using and experiencing cell phones from different brands and of different specs and features is beyond compare!

I received this happiness package one week back and I SO wish I could keep it! :P But.. Okay, let's not get greedy! :/ The packaging was quite neat and up to the mark. As I was in the first batch, they sent me a new phone :P *mini dance* (All the accessories were still sealed)

I was a total fan within two days of using this phone. It not only looks gorgeous and has amazing features but also has the most unbelievable pricing! 
More pictures(better ones :P) and detailed review coming up in a couple days! Stay hooked ;)
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