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24 November 2014

The journey from Blogspot to dot com ♥

Three *Drum Rolls* before we start! :D

Yes! You read it right! Now my blog is officially 'www.Stilettomaniac.com' instead of the old 'www.stillettomaniac.blogspot.in' ! *Happy happy wala dance*

Come this December, my blog will celebrate it's second anniversary...

You know actually, let me be simply honest here! I, for once had never dreamed that I would get attached to something so closely in my life.

A couple of years back, I didn't even know the meaning of the word 'Blogging', it was as alien to me as Kannada is to North Indians!

Actually, here, I need to thank my mistakes. If it wasn't for them, I would have never entered this beautiful world! :) They were so right when they said everything happens for a reason!

How I started my blog:
I have already discussed this here a couple of times but just for the sake of this wonderful moment, allow me to take you down my memory lane once more! :)

It was one hope filled day when I was busy doing an assignment of my Fashion designing course with all the concentration in the world when suddenly my sisters started hooting happily discussing something. At first I wasn't interested and mentally asked them to stop disturbing me but then the word 'Contest' caught my attention! Yes! They were discussing a new contest on Indiblogger :D

So it happened that I went and asked them what they were all hooting about and suddenly my sister started to explain the whole thing to me, inspiring me...  and the rest as they say is history! :D

Some Confessions:
Inspite of being a computer student, I was very alien to this virtual world! The first time I participated in a contest, I didn't even know how to submit my entry. Thanks to my lovely, awesome and totally amazing sisters who have supported me and loved me all along, I and my blog are what we are today! Not much I know, but a little is also too much joy for me :)

The Journey:
It wasn't as hard as I thought you know! :) I am an ardent learner and I started to grasp everything I was taught and the creativity which had been bundled up since a long time started coming out of its cocoon.

The first contest I won was the one from Dove. It was just a salon voucher (which I didn't even use) but oh! Let me tell you! THAT feeling of winning for the first time.... It was something TOTALLY out of this world! I remember I couldn't smile enough and by the time night fell, my whole face was paining with all the excessive smiling business! :D

Then there was no stopping...

The Love:
If you hop back to some of my old posts, you'll find majority of them with 50 plus comments. You all were so loving and encouraging when my blog needed it the most! : ' )

The first comment I received on my blog( I still cherish it) was by Jay, a wonderful blogger who has unfortunately stopped blogging now. That comment oh!!!! Did I tell you how much my jaws pained again for a whole day? :D

The first award... It was from Ajay Kontham. Yes, I remember ALL the moments of my blog :D Who won't when they are SO magical! So Ajay awarded my blog with the "Creative Blogger" award and that joy lasted for a whole week mind you! :D

My first sponsored post... well, when you get paid for what you do.. it really really makes your day! :D My first sponsored post was for DesiDime. The price they paid was not much at all but the joy! Oh the damn damn joy! :D

Really miss those first moments... :)

Then one incident that changed every damn thing for me.... My WeChat India win!! My family and me were freaking happy! :D I loved to see that proud glint in my Mum's eyes... still cherish it! :')

Thank you: 
Now last but the most important.... Thank you! :)

Those wonderful readers who read my blog and whatever nonsense I pen down here, the ones whom I know and all the other khufia readers(you know I am talking to you! ;)), thank you so much for making this blog successful and most importantly, thank you so much for being a part of my little world :D

It would NEVER have been possible without the support of you guys! ^_^

Now, go ahead and enjoy the new domain! :D

Lotsa Love,
~The humble author of this blog

P.S: There's a BIG giveaway coming your way this December so gear up! :D

P.P.S: Sorry for the never ending revised use of sketches. I am quite a lazy bum you know! :P Will make new sketches for next posts *pinky promise* ^_^

P.P.P.S: You can feed a hungry child for a year you know! Check this>> :)

P.P.P.P.S: A special thanks to Cyberkid for helping me with the redirection! :D

P.P.P.P.P.S: Sorry for the unlimited P.Sss! :D \m/

Eliminating classroom hunger! #AkshayaPatra

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.
Blog to Feed a child!
My last visit to my Grandparent's place was very eventful and rejuvenating. My village, which is located close to the suburbs of the beautiful city of Lucknow is far from innovation and you can still find hundreds of houses which are alien to electricity.

Is the Government doing anything? Well yes, but what they are doing is not enough! There are still thousands of children born in these lands who are raised uneducated.

Thankfully, due to some recent measures by the Government of India, the lives of these children are improving. One of the best methods adopted by the Government to educate the Indian youth, the Akshaya Patra. is achieving milestones!

My Grandma used to tell me that when the Government launched the 'mid day meal' facility, the amount of response from the parents to educate their children was huge. Parents would send their children to schools with the hope that they'll at least get a free nutritious meal!

In my opinion, the 'mid-day meal' scheme was the best initiative proposed by the Government to attract children to school!

I myself have seen hundreds of children who suffer from malnutrition because they don't get to eat sufficient healthy meals.

Classroom hunger in India is a very sorry condition! It kills to learn that when you are stuffing yourself up with tons of food, there are millions of poor children who go hungry days together.

In my village, when a poor boy reaches the age of 13-15 he is forced to put an end to his education and start working in the farms or with his father to support the family. Many a homeless kids quit education to earn bread, this is the main reason why a major population of India is still illiterate!

We as citizens of India need to take this matter into consideration and do what we can to solve it!

Things which can be done to eliminate Classroom hunger:
1) Donate:
Thanks to the Internet, donating money to the needy has become as easy as never before! There are many websites who facilitate the donations and who can be trusted in doing the job!

2)Taking active part and helping various organization who support this cause in every possible way.

3)Spreading the word through social media! Today, social media has become a real boon and what can be a more better and efficient medium than to spread the word far and wide!

The above is what I thought of, do you have any ideas? Do share and do your bit now! :D

Lotsa Love,
Remember feeding an innocent hungry stomach is truly divine,

Fat Cat's Lucky 6 Gaming App review

Luck - Have you ever pondered on what wonders this little word could do?!!

Since the time I was a little girl, I have enjoyed the games which my so called 'luck' had played with me. I have learnt that sometimes even the best of equipments and hard work are not enough to be successful in life...it's here that 'luck' strikes! It can make or break you...

Back in the 90s, when I had just started my schooling, I remember a new grocery shop had opened opposite a park which was situated close to my house. It was a very small shop run by an old couple but the things they sold attracted the younger age a lot. They used to sell junk food which fulfilled a kid's wildest fantasies.

I remember this one kind of chips they used to sell called 'Jadoo chips' that was my all time favourite! Apart from the sumptuous chips inside it, which didn't interest me inspite of their goodness, this packet of chips would come with a secret gift inside. Yes...that was what interested me and all my friends alike!

Sometimes the gift would be a toy, sometimes a big chocolate or if you were really lucky, sometimes it would be a ten rupees note! :D Those chips were that shops hot selling products, thanks to a town full of curious little kids who did everything and anything to get hold of bucks to buy those chips! It all depended on your luck...

Than one day, to increase our sorry state, the couple started selling something else... something which gave birth to new rays of hope... lottery tickets!!!

I for once was never a winner, luck seldom knocked my door but one day it happened and when it did, it was an out of the world feeling!!!!

The Friday ticket results came out and when we went to check, I was informed that I had won 250/- Rs... yes not two fifty lacs but rupees....but did anyone care what the amount was? Well, I didn't! :D I remember I had roamed around the whole town with my crazily happy friends celebrating m little moment and spreading the word of my victory far and wide.... :D

That day I developed a strange liking towards lotteries and the so called word 'luck'!

Gone with the wind are those joy filled days but am I complaining? Not at all! At Least not since Fat Cat launched their totally amazing gaming app called 'Lucky 6' ! :D

I am humbly honoured to have been part of this amazing game and among the first ones to play and review it...yes, it's not available for all yet! *Be jealous* :P :D

What it is:
It's a game. A newly launched game which can be downloaded in your Andrioid or iOS based phones! It's like the digital version of a lottery ticket with a unique and very intriguing concept!

How it's played:
True to its name, this game has an innovative lottery style.
Stocks... That's what all it's about! The success of your game depends on your selected brand's gains for the day!

The prizes they offer are totally amazing!

It's very simple. First you download this amazing app. Once you download and run it, the below screen appears:
Then you will have to sign up by providing your email ID and a valid password, and once you verify your email ID, this screen pops up>>
The passcode is confidential and the only thing that prevents others from deceitfully playing as you hence you'll have to enter it every time your phone sleeps and you're not using it!

There are two games in the main screen. Ones lucky six and the other is the 'Quizapp' . The second one says it's still in the making so we''ll have to wait a little more days to start playing it!
On tapping the 'Lucky 6' game, a page with various brand names pops up. Now all you have to do is select six of these brands and submit your lottery ticket! When you click on each brand, they provide you with information which is very helpful in helping you choose your brands wisely! You can submit three tickets per day. The results can be checked in the icon at top right hand side called 'my tickets'. The highest I have scored is 433 points. :D
They allow you to submit three tickets a day after which a a waiting time of 24 hours is displayed.
The above picture is a screenshot of my dashboard. You can see that everything from your profile, your tickets and directions to play can be accessed from here!

I totally loved playing this totally different game. It will no doubt revolutionize the gaming world and give back humans the old world charm of lottery tickets and trying their luck! :D

What you can win:
The prizes are endless! You can win cash prizes, gifts and if you are really lucky, even free travel tickets too! :D I am very eager to keep playing this game and try my luck!!!

So, aren't you intrigued? I am loving this game of luck, and I am sure you will love it too! So what are you waiting for? Go here>> http://fatcatgaming.com/  and check out all about the game for yourself like NOW!! :D

Lotsa Love,

18 November 2014

Dream home with Porcelanosa ~ A trip to Heaven!

"Home is where the heart is" We have all grown up believing this statement. I love my house and no matter where on Earth I am, I miss it as that's where my heart truly resides...

It's November, the season where a home plays a very significant role. What with the chill starting to freeze your senses, all you want to do is sip on hot tea and cuddle up in your warm furniture watching a nice Bollywood film! :)

Porcelanosa, brings to you the opportunity to recreate magic and renovate our beautiful home.

Here are some breath taking products from Porcelanosa which truly took my breath away. I would love to include these in my home and make it a small heaven on Earth! :)

The Kitchen:

Food - I am person who #LivesToEat :P I love cooking and I believe that the beauty of a house starts from a kitchen. Kitchen is a place were a foodies entire world revolves hence it's important that you ensure you have a perfect on! 
G490 Blanco Mate
The above amazing kitchen furniture is my idea of a beautiful, complete, out of the world kitchen!
That fine granite... The woody drawers, the nude-white look, the shady walls....the above kitchen furniture is simply perfection! Beauty at its best!

I believe that the right taps are very essential to give your home the much required, sophisticated look! A beautiful home can never have ordinary taps. 

I am a personal fan of innovative taps. I love how the water changes textures in different kinds of taps. The bubbles one is my favorite!

Monomando Loop
See how the above tap simply adds to the beauty of the marbled shelf? It's simply amazing! The hook shape is very convenient for a kitchen. It's a sizzling silver beauty!

The Living Room:
Curve Roble Blanco Cal
I love the above living room! It simply adds to the beauty of the already beautiful walls of the house. They chairs are chic and comfortable and the table is simply convenient!

Wash basins:
A very very essential part of a home: Wash basins! 
Omg! Omg! Just look at it! Drooooooooooooooooling! ^_^ I simply simply simply LOVE it! It's the shape of an egg... it's like you get to wash your hands in wash basin from heaven! 

I am a bathroom singer and a shower is my needy asset. 
The above shower is LED one...and oh my God! I declare to the world that I am truly, deeply and madly in love with the above shower! ^_^ Just look at how wonderful the shower attached to the ceiling is. I love rain and I think this shower is never going to let me miss rain! :) Simply posh and superb!!!

Bath Tubs:
I would really like to own one! I have longed for bath tubs since my Harry Potter days!
A bath tub like that, will make you want to never leave the bathroom for sure! Simply love it's boat shape amazing setup!

So, did you like the above products? Isn't it like taking a trip to heaven?!! This is just a tiny glimpse! You can see the full picture here>> http://www.24kliving.com/

This is a post for Indi Happy Hours Campaign.
Images from Porcelanosa.

17 November 2014

Toilet For Babli ~ Contributing for an Open defecation free India

Meet Babli, a small girl who is as buoyant and lively as her name itself suggests. Her father is a farmer in a small village of Bihar. I am very eager to introduce you wonderful readers to her!

Babli's story...


I was born to my father in the season of mangoes. I was his third female child. I had two brothers and two sisters, all elder to me. As a child, being born in a village didn't effect me much but as the days went by, I realized how difficult life in a village was for a girl.

My father was a farmer with a small farm located a mile away from our home. It was not much but as we were still kids, it was enough.

My home which was made of mud consisted of two rooms with tin roofs and a huge open verandah. The right corner of the house, with mud-made stoves served as the kitchen and the left corner served as a small shed for Tabli, our cow, Molu, our goat and half a dozen hens.

Yes, we did not have a bathroom. I didn't even know what one looked like! Than what did the family do to free ourselves from the nature's call? Well, the farms and other isolated areas of the village came to the rescue!

It was a routine. Every morning, before the sun would rise fully, me and my siblings along with a couple of neighboring kids would start towards the farms with a jug/bucket full of water swaying along us. Each of us would sneak behind the beautiful plants of wheat, barley or sugarcane, whatever was in season, and defecate our hearts out.

As I time grew, so did my dislike for this act of defecation. I was growing into a girl and defecating like that in the open was a very disturbing thing for me.

I and my now grown up sisters tried talking father into building a toilet for our house but his limited funds would always come in the way.

When my eldest sister got married, now that she was a daughter-in-law, i thought the situation would change for her but to my disappointment, it only increased!

Married women, to protect their and their so called In law's dignity, had to get up more early in the morning, when it was still pitch dark and walk to the furthest of farms if they wanted to defecate. If the sun rose before they defecated, the insults were endless...

I never wanted this to happen with me so one day I went and did the only thing possible - I prayed to God!

At first I prayed I would never get married, then realizing i would still grow into a woman, I prayed I would always remain a child.... which I again change when I realized how stupid a wish that was! That was never going to happen...

It has been ten years since my birth now and I am already growing into a teenage girl. I have stopped going to openly defecate along with my brothers and their boy friends, instead, i go alone, as far away as I can...

Did I tell you i had a brother younger to me? Yes, but unfortunately, he died of a heinous case of food poisoning. The 'talia' was a stinking piece of land, a little far away from the inhabitants of our village. It was the place which was famous for 'open defecation' for villagers and thanks to science, it was the most fertile and flowering piece of land too! My brother had eaten a sugarcane which grew in the 'talia' by mistake and had been a victim of food poisoning since then, until one day,,. he died.

Many children and elders all alike, die due to food poisoning and other diseases caused due to unhygienic conditions every year in my village.

'Open defecation' is the main culprit behind it. If there could be a solution to it, I would be the happiest girl on earth!

That been said, looks like my prayers have been answered! With the new, totally amazing, initiative by Domex to help build toilets in villages, i can see hope for me and my fellow friends.

Let's join our hands together for this campaign, and aim for a dignified and healthy life for women and men,

You can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on www.domex.in and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

This post is for a campaign - Indi Happy Hours.

15 November 2014

Battling the Past

They warned "Be strong or we will kill thee",
The tears kept flowing, consuming me,
I knew I had to move on, and I had to do it fast,
For if i wouldn't, I would forever become a slave of past.

They grabbed me with their lethal hands,
Caged my body but cage my mind they couldn't.
My soul was free and so were my dreams...

The darkness never ended but I found a way,
Deep down in my heart bore a blooming ray...

I ran, away from the darkness, away from the shadows,
They screamed and bled before me in anger,
I locked them up in my mind and threw the key far away,
Never was I going to let them return, no way, no way!

The shadows were my past, parts of my foolish prattle 
I overcame them... I moved on... and won the battle!

[Author's note: There are so many things which if given a chance we would like to erase from our pasts. Every person goes through this stage where he/she has to overcome the past and battle it inorder to move on... The ones who do move on, win the battle, and those who don't are enslaved by their own shadows forever...Learn from it but don't ponder over it. Leave the past in the past and get ready for your future!]
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