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1 August 2015

The Most Elegant Indian Designer Sarees & Suits for Formal Parties & Occasions

Formal parties at office or work related events require us in elegant outfits. Nobody expects us to be in formal office clothes but there should be a classy touch in our outlook that suits the occasion. There is a difference between dressing up for weddings, dressing up for family parties and dressing up for formal gatherings. The first one requires you to be at your gorgeous best in the most embellished sarees; the second one call for hip and happening party style sarees while the last occasion requires calm, composed and pleasant look. There should be a classy touch in your look that brings out your personality and your aesthetic sense. Your appearance leaves an indelible impression among those whom you meet. Thus dressing up according to the occasion is very necessary.

Here are some tips to follow so that you do not end up making a joke of yourself at office parties.

  • Avoid the reds, magentas, hot pinks and such flashy colors. People will feel you have mistakenly come for the formal gathering instead of a wedding party. Bring out the sea greens, turquoise, light yellows, creams and beige. Black too is a color welcome everywhere.
  • Avoid too much of shine and dazzle. There can be sequin work or stone work in your saree or salwar suit but make sure they are very light and subtle.
  • Go for subtle prints, thread work and monochromes.
Check out these designer salwar kameez and Indian designer sarees that can give you the perfect look needed to attend formal office parties in a classy way.

This sea green georgette saree is the perfect blend of simplicity, elegance and class. It has a calm and composed demeanor suited for formal office parties. The spark of celebration is present in the right amount through the blue and gold zari border that balances the plain look of the saree. Team the saree with a blue and gold embellished blouse, keeping neck jewellery away. Just a bun and a small earring can wonderfully craft you in the classiest way possible.
Bollywood designer sarees are a lot more than just shine, shimmer and razzmatazz. Check out this amazing cream net saree with thread work all over. The sheen fabric has been adorned all over with beautiful and intricate floral patterned thread work making the saree look rich, sophisticated and classy. This is a perfect one for formal events where you need a graceful appearance. Tie your hair up in a bun and pair it up with danglers for the best effect.
White thread work can give you a classy appearance any day. This yellow salwar suit is simple, gorgeous and classy. Such a fantastic combination is just what you need to maintain the right image and attitude at formal gatherings. The light yellow color is pleasant and charming while the white threadwork near the end of sleeves, the neckline and the entire section from the waist to the hemline looks too gorgeous to ignore. Yet, the entire outlook is subtle and sober. The white lace border at the hemline is like a cherry on the cake.

Conclusion:- Designer sarees and salwar suits are created keeping in mind current trends. They are made to suit many occasions. One can find the most classy and subtle designs and also heavily embellished ones. Such range and versatility makes them so popular.

24 July 2015

Letting Go For Love...

How much love is too much love? ~ Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Emotions are the most complicated things in this world. They have  a deep connection to your heart and thus they matter the most. Love is an emotion which is directly connected to one's heart. When a person's heart is happy, his whole body responds in a positive way. Hence, one can easily say that happiness is connected to one's heart.. to love.

Have you ever followed your heart?
Listening to what it says, letting it rule your mind for once... That pleasure of doing so is beyond compare. 

As a little girl, I thought that acquiring whatever you loved was what made you happy.. but as I grew up, I realized that I was gravely wrong.

Love is not acquiring things or people.
Love is not being with someone without their will.
Love is not thinking only about yourself.

Love is listening to your heart..
Love is sacrificing your happiness for others..
Love is... letting go.. even if it hurts like hell!!

We all have grown up seeing the world around us doing enormous things for people and things they love. Well, do you know what's that one thing which is the most amazing thing anyone can do for something or someone they love? That #OneThingForLove is letting go.. 
Letting go of things you love if your loving them is hurting others.  Letting go of the people you love if you know that their happiness lies somewhere else. 
We are three sisters and all three of us end up choosing the same things while shopping. Each time, one has to let go.. for other's happiness. The same way... letting go of people, if you are sure that they are not meant for you and their happiness is not destined with you.

All I want is a smile on your face,
Whether I am there to see it or not, doesn't matter.

All I want for you is a happily ever after,
With me or someone else... doesn't matter.

Doesn't matter if I can't live without you,
Doesn't matter if your smile is my happiness
Your laughter my medicine,
Your heart beats my oxygen,
If you are all I have wanted all my life.

I want you to know that if 
Staying with me is not what you want,
I love you enough... to Let you go.

Remember! If it was meant to be yours, it will come back to you. If it doesn't, it won't hurt more as it was never yours...

Lotsa Love,

P.S: I am getting BANG ON back into the field of Blogging. Supp!! Apologizing before hand as a LOT of such emotional bits will be thrown your way! *winks* I am thinking about sticking a "Read at your on discretion" board on all my future emotional bits. What do you say?? *winks*

Image 2 source

23 July 2015

Wish Because #AbHarWishHogiPoori with Flipkart!

Wish ~ Is a hope
Wishing ~ Is happiness
Wish ~ Is what keeps one going...

They say dreams are born young, it was no different in my case. I started wishing even as I was a little girl. 

First for chocolates..
Then for toys..
And then For better grades..
Then Pretty Clothes..
There was no end to my wish list...
My love for makeup and fitness evolved in my school days. The memories of how my friends and I would sneak in cans of Vaseline to school and how we did our hair during lunch hours are near and dear to me. Back then, our makeup was a basic Boroplus cream and a dab of vaseline on lips. Then as I grew up, I got acquainted to the beautiful world of makeup, beauty and fitness where the choices were endless.
Today, when I recall those carefree days, a smile curls up my lips. I used to apply products even from unknown brands and my skin never objected to it, unlike today, where even products from brands like Lakme and Colorbar cause irritation to my super sensitive skin.

Talking about Makeup and beauty.. I am reminded of a very precious memory with my best friend. Mum had taken both of us to a beauty parlour to give us a boy cut. When we reached there, the lady in charge was busy doing something to her customer's eyebrows. Young as we were, we failed to realize that the lady was doing an eyebrow session and thought that something fishy was going on. When the session was over, we stole a glance at that lady and to our amusement, her face looked neater and beautiful. Awed by the whole incident guess what we both did when we came back home?! We both actually...I mean for REAL cut off our eyebrows, using  scissors...haha...OMG! How stupid of us! I remember, we both had first locked ourselves up inside my brother's room and had cut off our eyebrows with the help of scissors and the result - we looked like circus clowns! Don't ask me what happened after that! I can still not get over that look on my mother's face when she caught us in the act! Thank God those were summer vacation or there wouldn't have been any stop at the humiliation we would have received at school...

A fellow beauty blogger, Dolon wrote in her last post about how she wishes to buy an Urban Decay palette. While I was going through her post I was reminded of how I myself splurged on products from Schwarzkopf, Clinique and Urban decay few days back. But while for Dolon, it was a wish to own an Urban Decay palette, for me, it was a necessity as lately, my skin has gone super sensitive and prone to a lot of allergies so now I have to forcefully opt for expensive makeup to keep my skin happy. :(

I checked my weight during Eid time last week and got a mini heart attack when the reading on the weighing machine showed that I had gained 10 Kgs extra in the last two months :O. 

Workouts are really not my thing. I just don't get enough inspiration or let's be truthful and say that I am a big lazy sack (:P) so I really can't seem to follow them every day. The need of a smart coach.. or a fit friend who keeps reminding me politely to workout and who keeps track of all my activities is always there.
That's when I wished for the FitBit Surge fitness band. One of my Twitter pals got himself this band and he was all praises. He said that it's a real best friend, a coach, a strict tracker who will make sure you achieve your goal of losing those extra kilos and getting healthy. 

Now, the only problem was it's availability as I hunted for it in my entire area, but it wasn't available anywhere and mind you, I live in Bangalore! O_o

Just when I was about to feel low and dejected, my sister who has been my angel at all  my hard times, broke to me that it was available on Flipkart! Then, you know what was next! The Flipkart Wish Genie delivered my wish, the FitBit Surge at my doorsteps! :D
My wish was to stay fit, to improve the health of my skin and enjoy makeup from not only expensive brands like Urban Decay but also all other brands like Lakme, Maybelline, Colorbar and thanks to Flipkart, my wish to stay fit will be fulfilled.. #AbHarWishHogiPoori !! :)

I have been their regular customer for over three years now I there's no doubt that they have already fulfilled many of my wishes. Flipkart has fulfilled not only mine but also my whole family's wishes. :D

So, dear old fit and healthy me,
Don't worry, I'll win you back! ;)

Keep Wishing, keep Shopping!
A true Shopaholic,

Image source for Pic no 2 is this.

15 July 2015

Beauty With Brains ~ Asus Zenfone 2

Slim. Fast. Powerful. ~ Asus Zenfone 2 in three words!

Today, smartphones have become a necessity for quite a majority of people all over the globe. Life without these little smart geniuses looks simply impossible.

I am one out of that can't-live-without-my-phone clan too!! For me, my phone is as important as is my bread and butter! Having had a lot of friends with same tastes, I would say that the same goes to a lot of you out there.

I have got to try my hands on a LOT of smartphones from different brands. While I did like some, the others were super dissapointing.

I am a blogger and now also a Twitter and Instagram addict so my laptop is not enough to satisfy my thirst for gadgets. This is when my phone plays its role.

What do you look for in a phone?
The good looks? The features? Or you simply pick anything which suits your budget?

I am a very dedicated choice maker and I always prefer choosing the best even if what I am buying is just a pen or hairband. So you know I would just not pick up any phone randomly but dedicate some time in doing some research digging out the best one and buying it.

A couple of weeks back I shared with you folks the reviews of a very interesting phone, the Zenfone 5 here, here and here. If you have read them then you'll know how besotted I am to this series by Asus.. they are the best budget buys with excellent festures.

When the word was out that a phone with the world's very first 4 GB RAM and other never before like features was going to be launched, I was pretty sure that it would be highly priced. But when the Price for the Asus Zenfone 2 was declared as just 12999/-, I was simply shocked and instantly glued my eyes on the Flipkart Asus page for ordering it.

This phone turned out to be a Beauty with Brains! It's amazing prizing is an added feat which makes it totally irresistible! 

I have already shared the specs and reviews of the Asus Zenfone 2 here and here

So lets move on to another feat and see how this amazing phone has been received by the entire world!

*It's 4GB RAM feature has left a lot of people in awe and that's one reason why this phone is gaining the most attention.
*"See what others can't see" ~ This tagline is raging as it definitely stands true in respect to the camera of the Zenfone 2! Because of it's amazing camera, the phone has become a best seller among selfie, Instagram and photography addicts!
*It has become the number 1 bestseller at Amazon Italy. Foreigners are as drawn towards this amazing phone as us Indians.
*The Asus Zenfone 2 got 1,500000 pre-orders on a single day in China!
*The number of both offline and online sales of this phone are unnerving! the phone is truly a rage among people.

You can check this link for a detailed preview of the phone!
Also take a look at the interesting infographic below!
Also read:
Previous reviews of the Asus Zenfone 2

By now I am sure you are besotted with the Asus Zenfone 2 too! So why wait? Check out ASUS on Flipkart and make it yours! ;)

Always make smart choices!

11 July 2015

Five Summer Beauty Secrets for Healthy Tan Free Skin

It's that time of the year where Summer has slowly started to bid us all adieu. Though the fact that it was a hell lot of fun partying on the beaches, hanging out with friends in the open, carrying cool shades everywhere, etc can't be ignored, I must say that my skin wasn't much happy with this season until this year.

Last year, I remember how much my skin had to suffer. Summer is that season where my skin is exposed to the Sun the most. What with regular outings with friends and holidays with family, my skin was left with so much tan that when I got back to college after the holidays, my own classmates had a hard time recognising me. Everyone had that hey-whats-up-with-your-skin kind of look on their faces.

This year, I was quite worried in the early days of summer. Normally I don't worry much as I don't have to attend college anymore but this summer came up with something more important and demanding ~ my Sister's wedding!
Thanks to my best friend, who turned up on our college reunion all glowing and detanned, I was introduced to these amazing Summer beauty secrets!

She is a beauty blogger and a wonderful friend. We had hanged out just the previous day before our college reunion and that time her skin was all tanned(it was summer). I was beyond shocked to see that she had got rid of her sun tan in just a matter of a day.

I was betting hard that she had visited a very expensive salon and undergone a skin treatment but she surprised me more by revealing that she had just used the Spinz Sun Tan remover cream and had got rid of all the tan just within 5 minutes!! :O
I didn't pay heed to her words until I tried it out myself and.. Voila!! turns out every bit of what she told me was true!

I am so happy to have such a wonderful friend! All the wedding functions turned out to be amazing with drool worthy and tan-free photographs! ;)

Let me share with you all the things I tried which resulted in giving me beautiful photographic tan-free skin for the wedding!

My Summer Beauty Secrets:

1. Honey and sugar scrub: Honey is famed to be one of the best anti-bacterial product which heals skin in the most natural way. Make a homemade honey-sugar scrub and wash your face with it twice every day!

2. Drinking loads of water: Consume loads of water. This is one of the best treat you can give to your skin in summers! Consume fruit juices and citric fruits. Keep your self hydrated.

3. Shades!!: You might not know this but the most sensitive parts of your face are your eyes. They need the most care. Hence, a pair of shades will always come handy to beat the sun!

4. Lemon and Aloe vera Face Pack: Lemon is that citrus fruit which has the richest medical and cosmetical benefits. It's a natural bleaching agent which will work for any skin type without giving any side effects whereas Aloe Vera will soothe and act as an anticeptic. Comebine them both and voila! You have a wonderful face pack to beat the heat with! :)

5. Spinz Sun Tan remover cream:
This has worked for and a lot of my friends there. Infact it's the best thing to choose out of all the above if you want a quick and effective fix! :D The BEST part is this cream does not contain bleach. So, you don't have to worry about any irritations or such. It's a very unique formula which De-tans your skin and also maintains its moisture.

How To Use:
 Check out this amazing video to learn more about this amazing sun tan removing cream by Spinz!

 What are your Summer beauty secrets? Do share! :)
Stay Tan free and gorgeous always,

10 July 2015

Nothing to fear ~ Honey Diet is here!

I am a die hard foodie and food is more than just food for me! Lately, I have been indulging into delicacies so much that the horror has finally struck me.

Just a few days back when I was hurriedly getting dressed up for a wedding, I realised that one of my favorite dresses doesn't fit me anymore. There was not much time left so I strained my skin and got myself into that dress. The Biggest mistake I say!

The whole wedding was a hallelujah of a disaster as I was more concentrated on pushing and pulling my dress than any other thing in the world! It was so freaking uncomfortable that I ended up calling it a day even before having the wedding dinner and much to the screams of my little stomach, had to leave the premises to change.

When I came back home, apart from leaving the wedding dinner, the thing that upset me more was the fact that I had gained weight. To add to my misery, the dress that I changed into didn't fit me too! :/

One thing is for sure.. gaining weight is quite easy, especially for a foodie like me but losing it is one hell of a task!!

Now, what with the reception of the same wedding which was after a week, I wanted to give things a twist and work on fitting inside all my pretty dresses!

That's when I started my crash diet!

Crash diets could be real blessings or pure waste of time too! It depends entirely on what you choose to eat in your diet and how much are you willing to get rid of that extra fat

If you have read this and this post of mine, you will know that I am a BIG fan of pure honey! It's something I would suggest people to beat any kind of disease or improve any part of their body!

These days, it's quite hard to get pure honey if you buy it unpacked, it will surely be a mixed one. Dabur Honey is one brand I trust when it comes to pure honey! I have been using their honey for a long time now.

Guess what! They have launched a new Honey diet. I was more then overwhelmed to learn this especially at this time when I needed it the most! :D

It's a fab diet which includes honey and it sure is helping achieve my slimming goal! Check out the Dabur Honey Diet page - they have got amazing diet calculators!

Thanks to the Honey diet, I have lost a considerable amount of weight in a short period of time without having to miss out on essential nutrients! I totally recommend the honey diet to all you folks!
Dabur Honey cover

8 July 2015

Surf It Fast With UC! ~ Cricket Madness

UC Browser cover
Cricket ~ It's as important and a serious task as is bread and butter for an Indian! We all have grown up into cricket-stricken families and our love for cricket was born young.

I remember fifteen or so years back, During the world cup there was this India-Pakistan match which had got everyone's hearts beating fast and had brought everyone to the edge of biting their nails. It was the age of cricketers like Inzamam Ul Haq and Saurav Ganguly. I was just a little girl back then and all the fuss surrounding this match had got me thinking.

Every Weekend my favourite show, Shaktiman and Shakalaka Boom Boom was aired on DD1 but On this particular Sunday I learnt that I would have to miss my favourite soaps because a cricket match was scheduled for that particular Sunday. You can imagine my disappointment but my! Was I wrong!

It so happened that I was forced to watch the match as my family wouldn't change the channel from cricket and while watching it.. I got into its rhythm and realised what I had been missing all the while. What's more! By the end of that match I was myself biting and pulling on my nails with excitement and had screamed like a hooligan when India finally won! That day.. Is when a new, die hard cricket fan was born ~ me!

From that day I have made sure never to miss interesting matches, especially India-Pakistan ones! ;) No matter where I am, I make sure to stay updated with the score and keep watching the match at regular intervals. But this has been a mighty demanding job I must say!

For instance, my Sister's wedding was on the last IPL season that just passed. Being a cricket fan, I faced a lot of difficulties coping up with both cricket, all the work, and the wedding ceremonies.

My biggest nightmare was the day before the wedding when my friend reminded me that tomorrow(on my sister's wedding day) was the India-Pakistan match! You can imagine my horror!!

I didn't want to miss ANY bit of both my sister's wedding OR the amazingly crispy India-Pakistan match! :O

Thank the heavens! My wonderful techie brother suggested this amazing UC Browser mobile app to me. I already had it installed in my phone(it's my favourite browser) but he was the one who introduced me to it's 'UC Cricket' tab. It's a space dedicated to every cricket fan like me! :D

Need I say that India rocked it by winning the match against Pakistan! ;) Oh Yes! Too bad we didn't win the cup but hey! That one India-Pakistan match I watched seamlessly on UC Browser was worth a ten cups! ;)

Image via Indiblogger

27 June 2015

PicPal ~ My new Selfie Buddy!

It's the 21st century and the selfie fever has caught the globe with a bang! The majority of selfie obsessed folks is simply growing.

All my friends are big selfie addicts and I am one myself. We all love them so much that it's become part of our lives. Every new day and every new moment demands a selfie which we click eagerly.

Today we have a sea of apps to choose from to help us click interesting selfies. While I have tried them all and was not that impressed, guess what I came across a few months back!! A real time effective selfie collage app called Picpal which not only allows me to click selfies but also to share them with my friends and create collages using my friend's selfies too! This app has no doubt has taken the whole selfie obsession to a  whole new standard.

I used Facebook to login to Picpal so I was automatically connected to all my friends who also use Picpal. It's quite fun clicking selfies at the same time as your friend and creating a collage! :D

It's one real unique app which helps you click chic selfies and share them with your friends. You can also share your selfies on Instagram.

One thing I noticed is no matter which smartphone you use, this app ensures that the selfies come out really well. My sisters have this app too so I got to experience it on different phones. The picture quality was quite good even on a 2MP front Cam smartphone! Proves that no matter which phone you use, this app ensures that you click amazing selfies which you can flaunt to your friends.

I am one of the luckiest girls' ever born because both my sisters who are married live a few steps away from me. I didn't have to experience the pain of living away from a loving sister at all. Thanks to fate, they live a minute's walk from my flat. So you know how much fun we sisters have all the time! :D 

A few days back, on my elder sister's wedding anniversary, we had a real fun time, thanks to the PicPal app! :D We three were chatting by clicking different selfies conveying different emotions and moods and sharing them with each other. For example when my Sister sent me a snap saying 'No cake for you!' , I shared a pouting selfie with her conveying 'Why? Is bacchi ne kya kiya! :O' and my second sister shared her selfie with the anniversary cake conveying 'Hey! Cheer up! We are just kidding!'   It was quite fun doing a Snapchatting kind of a thing that too real time and the final collage was a picture to preserve! :)

I am simply loving this app, so are my sisters and I totally recommend it to all you lovely folks! :D Go get downloading asap and let's have a fun live Selfie collage together! ;) 
My PicPal User ID is ~ Sparkle.Bushra  
Would love to add my wonderful readers as my PicPal friends! :D

Long live Selfies!

26 June 2015

Meet My Current Favorite Phone ~ ASUS Zenfone2

If you too are a social media addict like me, you will perfectly understand my relationship with gadgets. They are something I truly love and can't imagine my world without.

My phone is like my personal assistant, a gadget I depend upon the most. That is the reason why I believe in making the best choice. 

I have used phones from a lot of brands to date and must say that nothing beats the Android software, not even an iPhone! 

So, the first thing I look for while buying myself a new phone is Android OS. There is a sea of choice for Android phones today and it's crucial that we make the right choice. 

 I like my gadgets smart and efficient. Especially my phone as that's what I use the most. Not all smartphones are smart. Some can even give you big headaches! (People who have gone through this will get my point :/) 

A few months back, I felt the need to get myself a new phone and the hunt for the best was on. There were so many suggestions from friends, family and of course.. Google! But something about every suggestion just didn't click and I kept myself from buying them. Until last month that is! :)

I am still a student and a part time, out-of-passion Blogger so obviously I was looking out for a pocket-friendly choice. Thanks to Twitter, I got to know about ASUS Zenfone 2's launch and I knew that's what I was looking for and went for it asap and now it's my Favorite phone! 

Three facts which instantly lured me into buying it:

1. Ergonomic Arc Design: 
For me it's all about Good looks. Good looks. Good looks! ;) It always feels great to own a sexy looking smartphone which has been designed beautifully. The ASUS Zenfone2 is quite attractive and simply irresistible with its luxurious ultra-thin ergonomic arc design. It's a phone which one will want to flaunt to the world! I am planning to give my phone a kala teeka from now on. Nazar na lag jaye! *winks* 

2. The amazing RAM:
You might have heard about the biggest buzz around the ASUS Zenfone2! It comes with the world's first ever 4GB RAM in a smartphone. 

3. The Pricing!:
Coming to the most important part, the pricing of the ASUS Zenfone2 is simply impressive! I wouldn't have been surprised if a phone with the features like this one would be priced as high as 30K but coming at just 12,999/- this phone is a super steal!

I am so glad this phone turned out to be more than what I had expected! One of bestest things about this phone is its camera. Simply perfect for Instagrammers, Wildlife photographers and selfie addicts like me! :D It's true to the line it is famed upon ~ It definitely helps me see what others can't see!

All this and so much more makes this phone top my list of favorite smartphones. I have used the ASUS Zenfone 5 and have had a wonderful experience with it. That's the reason I gathered confidence to go ahead and buy the ASUS Zenfone2 and my! Am I glad! :D 

You can read my detailed experience with the ASUS Zenfone 5 herehere and here

I am loving the ASUS Zenfone2 and hingly recommend it to all you wonderful people. It's one beauty with brains which should be on everyone's wishlist!

Do you have a current favourite phone too? Do share it! :)
Always make the right choices,

21 June 2015

My Long and Happy Life Scrapbook

Do you remember when you started dreaming? Well, in my case it was right from the moment I was born!

When my curious little eyes opened to the light of this world.. that was the day I started weaving my dreams. While I am pretty sure I dreamed of chocolate factories, Candy castles and Pan cake houses when I was a kid( no kidding), as I grew up, my dreams grew with me. Here's a little going back into time of #MyLongHappyLife...
Dreaming is very dear to me. I like to see dreams... visualise them.. chase them.. and make then come true!!

No matter what life throws at me, I succeed in fighting it and moving on because... I dream. My dreams are my power. They are what keeps me going.

Before we go ahead, check out this lovely video to get a sneak peak on how an adorable couple plans their beautiful tomorrow:
If I start penning the things I can't wait to own in life, the list will give competition to Eiffel tower! *winks* So, let me stick to the top things out of that list which I really really really want to own in life!

I am so glad I am already achieving some very important parts of my wishlist! :D I LOVE my phone and my laptop and simply can't imagine life without them! #GadgetFreakAlert
Next on my wishlist is the latest version of Ferrari. Yes, I have loved racing cars since the days I used to play video games like NFS2 (Need For Speed 2) and thanks to having a fast cars freak brother, I am one myself too! Ferrari has been on my wishlist for yearsss now and no matter which  car its competitors are launching these days, my eyes are always on the red beast!

Everybody has a dream home in their wishlist. For me, the home where I was born and brought up is very special and no home can beat the memories and affection connected to it but I would always want to buy a luxurious villa for myself. Somewhere by the soft waves of the sea.. by the gleaming view of a perfect sunset.. by the soft feel of moist sand.. a place which is the perfect example of the word 'beauty' - that's where I want my dream home to be! Where I can sit by the soft waves under the warm bask of the sun, writing poetry or humming a song.
Next, I want to open an institute, to educate young minds. To nurture them and shape their minds into true humans. A school where children don't just muck up books and write exams but the one where their souls are taught to live life to its fullest and the true essence of living.

What's more? I don't want to stop... ever. Business is in my blood and I would like to take up that field and make it big. And buy big I mean BIG BIG BIG!!

Than I have this dream of being on the list of the top bloggers of this world.. the dream of getting my shayaris published into writing and... the dream of becoming a successful bridal fashion designer.. so much more! :D

Life is a wonderful journey and wishes grow every second! While I don't what destiny has in store for me but all I can say is whatever it has is AWESOME, WONDERFUL and CHALLENGING.. and oh! How much love challenges as I believe ke Kal khoobsurat hai! ;)

Every journey starts with a single step and so did mine. My first step was dreaming. The next was chasing those dreams and starting saving to fulfil them.

How am I saving to fulfill my dreams?:

1. My Piggy Bank:

2. My Savings Bank Account

There are so many pages of my long and happy life's scrapbook left untouched. They are waiting for the right time.. for example, the one which demands a picture of my Prince Charming :P Well, let's just say that the hunt is on! ;)
This super cute scrapbook by Exide Life Insurance is something everyone should fill their dear life moments with! Love it.
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