Outfit Post: LO'real Paris Pure Reds Review

It's almost Valentines day and what better an occasion to don red lipsticks which scream love, boldness and attitude!

A sneak peak into the Celebrity wedding

The Rang De Basanti actress, Soha Ali Khan tied the knot later this week with none other than the Charming actor Kunal Kemmu.

Two Years of Awesomeness: Blogoversary!

It has been two years since I started this wonderful journey called 'blogging'!! I remember it was Christmas, a holiday when I created my blog just to kill some time and see for myself what this blogging was actually about.

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28 February 2015

Upgrading my car with Quikr NXT!

A few days back, I introduced you all to the amazing Quikr NXT feature in this post. Don't you think this feature was an amazing creation? It simply makes shopping via Quikr so much easier!

We own a Maruti Omni and have been influencing my Dad to get an upgrade. This time it's going to be a hunk of a Fiat or maybe a Scorpio.

The thing is, I am not a fan of second-hand vehicles at all! I like my gadgets and my automobiles sparkling new and sexy! ;) The idea of buying a second-hand car never appealed to me until I realised I needed a car asap and owning a brand new one at the moment could be injurious to the health of my bank balance! Besides, learning to drive a car is still due on me and I definitely don't want to torture a brand new car in that process! :P

So, now that I want to buy a second-hand car, the first thought which crossed my mind was Quikr.com! As you all know( if you don't know then God help you) Quikr is the current sensational online classified which acts as a connection medium between the buyer and the seller.

I have shopped via Quikr thrice and have had wonderful experiences every time!

So, if I have to replace my old car, I'll do it via Quikr only. there are many reasons for doing this, a few of them are:
* I'll be easily able to check out all the available options within Bangalore (the place I live) and won't have to roam around the entire city to do the same.
* Not many second-hand options are available in the market as not all who are willing to sell market their cars in thrift shops.

With Quikr's mobile app/ website, I can easily find the hundreds of sellers who are willing to sell their second-hand vehicles on reasonable rates.

Thanks to Quikr's new NXT chat feature, this process will be a breeze now! The Quikr's NXT chat helps buyers and sellers to immediately connect with each other through the chat feature on Quikr's mobile app or even website. Here, buyers and sellers don't have to exchange their contact numbers. This safe guard's the privacy of both the buyer and the seller and the transaction can be made without the hassles of phone calls.

Using this chat feature, I can easily contact the seller whose car I am interested in buying and ask for more pictures or details easily. There is no need of even WhatsApp now!

I love shopping and if I don't have to face any difficulties while doing my transactions, I love it even more!

With the NXT chat app, I can even take screenshots and preserve the chat history for security and future references. This feature will surely bring a huge change and development to the classified websites!

I personally recommend Quikr to all of you as no doubt the best place to check if you want to buy a second-hand car!

Do check it out and let me know what you think!

Image via Indiblogger.in

25 February 2015

Barbet Bird ~ Wildlife Photography

"What is this life full of care
No time to stand and stare"

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I have developed an inkling towards photography and I am taking sessions for it.

Recently, I bought this beauty of a camera P600 from Nikon which burt a big hole in my wallet but hey! It was worth it! :D I am in love love love with the massive zoom feature of this camera which is 60x *smirks* So, the bottom line, you will get many eye treats from now on! *winks*

They say wildlife photography demands the right timing - how true! I got to click this beauty of a brown headed barbet bird the other day and oh my!! I am in LOVE with it's colours.. perfect!
 See that pose? Saaaaxy fella! ;)

Critics are welcome,
An amateur photographer,

24 February 2015

Top 5 Designers for Men's Clothing in India

[Editor's note: Why should only women have all the fun? It's time men had a wardrobe makeover too! Today at Stilettomanaic, we have a very interesting post up for men by guest author Shahid. Check it out.]

Fashion for men has broken all bars. Today, you can find unique trends in the market for men fashion wear. Thanks to our highly artistic designers, Indian men are enjoying idyllic contemporary designs to wear and flaunt their mannish null. Setting a trend in stylizing men, designers in India are opening a room for fashion that is beyond imagination. Each and every concept that is launching in fashion realm is art and unique in its style. The ethnic designer wear attires are very unique and contemporary and help in crafting most startling looks of Indian Men. We have jotted down a list of fantastic designers that are immensely contributing to Indian fashion market, take a look below:

Rohit Bal:

Rohit Bal is a brand name in Fashion industry and all his collection is a masterpiece that crafts the demeanor of Indian men in most scrumptious way. He launched his first collection in the year 1990 and has been labeled as ‘India’s Master of Fabric and Fantasy’ by Times Journal. Rohit has been designing clothes for the top echelons of India in fashion town. His collection is highly pricey and the beginning price is above or equal $15k

Shantanu and Nikhil:

These two highly extraordinary designers, Shantanu Mehra and Nikhil Mehra, initiated their career in F-World in 1999. Being the owners of signature brand, Shantanu and Nikhil, both these designers have given a new look to the fashion world. They specialize in Men apparels. Their work has created a new horizon of style in India. They debut their designer work in year 2001 and created a new era of fashion in India.  

Manish Arora: 
The Inventor of vivacious hues in Men attires, this is what Manish Arora is known for. He was the first one to introduce this artistic collection in the international market with personified and unique concepts. Manish is a trend setter in the fashion realm internationally and the widespread acceptance of his work is his accomplishment in the fashion industry. He has been serving the top names of India with his delectable work. Also, you can witness his works in many of the Bollywood movies as well.  
Raghavendra Rathore:
Raghavendra Rathore is popularly from Rajasthan. He is the fashion icon of India and if you really want to understand the value of a brand; it revolves around the Rathore venture of fine works in F-world. The collection by Rathore is a perfect blend of fashion and culture of India. His designs shower imperialness and he is the one that is designing the attires of fashionistas such as ShahRukh Khan, Amitabh Bacchan etc. Also, he is associated with Seventh Avenue Fashion.  

Arjun Khanna:
Meet the masters of Men couture in India, Mr. Arjun Khanna. Awe-inspiring wedding attires are best designed by Arjun such as Sherwanis, jackets and kurtas to make the groom much glamorous and eye pleasing. He is not only into ethnic works, but his spunk collection is also as admiring as that of the wedding attires. Arjun is a trendsetter in Indian fashion town and has given a new shape to the men’s fashion attires.  

So these are all the high-flying and top designers for men’s couture in India.
Looking for an offer and deals on clothing? Visit couponzguru.com.

Guest post by Shahid Ali
Images: Google

19 February 2015

Fashion ~ Creating New Trends and Styles

Everyone across the world is fashion conscious and would like to go with the prevailing fashion fads. The status in society is decided by the clothes that the person wears. The world of fashion has seen many remarkable changes with the passage of time. Here the styles and trends keep changing so fast that it is extremely difficult to keep pace with them.

New lines having fast changing trends, colors patterns, themes and styles are introduced every season by fashion houses of world class standing. Though it is practically impossible to live up to the changing fashion trends but it offers fresh opportunities to enjoy adding to new and fresh items to his wardrobe by shopping with Snapdeal coupons. Get a whole new wardrobe with latest trends and patterns.

Fashion can be seen in every sphere of life. In today’s world, a lot of imaginative talent has been attracted towards fashion designing and it has become an attractive business. They come up with such attractive designs and patterns that people are literally compelled to be attracted towards these.  Large varieties of outfits are introduced in the markets and these can be bought as per the occasions and individual needs with Myntra coupons.These are able to enhance your personality and increase your confidence level. Fashion parades and shows are held at regular intervals to showcase the latest and modern dresses.

Alia Bhat in Two States
Movies are the best and cheapest source of witnessing fashion because very large number of people witness and copy fashion from the movies. Movies have a great influence on the masses especially the youngsters. Fashionable clothes give you the confidence; help you in improving your personality and enrich the lifestyle. CouponDekho offers the best discount coupons and deals collection from all online shopping portals.

Dressing is considered to be a powerful tool that creates an impression about the personality of anyone. Customized wearable is the latest trend in the fashion world. Myntra men’s wear which includes trousers, shirts, over-coats, coats and suits is famous for latest styles in this field. There are not many bespoke tailors available across the world that is trained in this art and creativity.  Everyone looks comfortable and perfect in these custom-made designer suits.

There are numerous fashion portals on the internet that offer all national and international brands and list their latest deals at www.coupondekho.co.in for customers to get a better discount. Go in for a complete makeover and dress as per the occasion. Be it for a wedding or an office interview, it is not advisable to be laidback about the apparels and accessories you wear. Every occasion should be treated with due importance and when you get dressed according to the fashion tips available on these sites, you can never go wrong. These shopping portals also have tie-ups with many fashion designers and have fashion blogs to keep you updated with the latest fashion trends. Update your fashion sense and make a lasting impression wherever you go and enhance your personality by dressing the right way.

Guest Post by: Vinod Kumar
Image credits: 1,2,3

18 February 2015

Bedtime Rituals for the Blossom of Our Lives..

Kids are nothing but happiness. When they are born, they not only bring joy to their parents but the whole family. When my nephew was born, it was a moment of pure pleasure for our entire family spread over different parts of India.

I remember how all of us had basked in the joy on hearing the birth news of my nephew. The whole family had bombed into the hospital where my sister was admitted and had had a mini party in the hospital premises.

Since the day the little one was born, i lives changed dramatically. All the corners of the house which would have been silent and brooding otherwise, echoed of my nephews laughs and cries now. Not to mention that our workload had increased too. :D The little one was insistent, demanding, and a total attention seeker right from his birth! As his mother had underwent a cesarean, the whole responsibility was now majorly on the rest of the family.

Litlle ones have some of the strangest sleeping times. I remember how at least for three months after his birth, my nephew's weird sleeping times had changed the whole family's sleeping times too!

The entire day, excluding the regular intervals in which he would drink milk, my nephew would sleep like a bear and as soon as night would fall, all his sleepiness would evaporate into thin air and he would play/stare at us through the entire night and finally fall asleep again around 4:00. While this was a bit annoying in the beginning, can't help agree that this was totally fun too. It was pure joy watching over the kiddo and playing with him while the rest of the world was sound asleep.

My nephew is a pamper boy in and out! He is nearly two years old now and I have hardly seen him not wearing pampers.

One thing I would like to say from the bottom of my heart:

"Whoever invented pampers, THANK YOU a million times!!" I am not a mother yet but having a nephew has brought me close enough to motherhood and I can tell you that pampers are a REAL blessing!

My nephew's sleep routine is more complicated than my very own ;)

*My sister first gives him a warm bath if he is in need of one( thanks to the whole day spent jumping around and accumulating germs!) After this, my Mom dries him up and gives him a nice oil massage which calms his little mischief down for a while. My nephew loves this part of the routine a lot! :D

Then he is powdered and pampered further. After that my sister makes him wear fresh warm cotton clothes which are comfortable for his skin. Coming to the most important part, I make him wear a fresh pair of pampers. Pampers are a very crucial part while sleeping. Good quality is a must as not-so-good pampers can destroy the babies skin, giving him blood marks and skin infection!

Once when my sister happened to make my nephew wear a not-so-good quality of pamper as she didn't have knowledge in this field at that time, I remember how my nephew had suffered from skin infection and the infection was so grave that we had to visit a doctor.

So, the right pampers(the actual branded ones) which are equipped with the latest gel technology and keeps both the inner and outer side of the pamper dry is the one you should choose for your kid!

After making him wear pampers, my sister sings a lullaby to him and he falls asleep drinking the bottled milk. 

P.S: While I write this, my nephew is touching my laptop screen, and talking to that kid in the video.. Haha! :D

[image source]

15 February 2015

Meet my Valentine

Love yourself... the world can wait!

Every Valentines day reminds me of how blessed those are who are single. This one was no different. In my twenty years of life, I was never able to understand the true concept of the 'filmy love' they talk about. Not that I didn't try, I did and I am glad I did as every mistake was an experience, an experience from which my foundation about 'love is a bhest of time' simply grew!

It's not that I don't believe in love at all, it's just that I didn't get time to look away from my own awesome self and couldn't gather the heart to love a man more than I love my own-self.

The whole idea of this 'love' is so cliche`. The weirdest shit is the 'love at first sight' thing which shames the whole idea of logic. It's time we stopped being so naive` and stopped mistaking lust for love.

Love does exist, I believe. It has different forms, forms which are more saner than the filmy filth.

Parents are love
Faith is love
Food is love (Especially Biryani)
True friends are love
Gadgets and wi-fi are love..!!

I am sure all of you will agree with that now, especially the last bit! ;)

Gadgets and I have a love-love relationship. No hate here. 

When I was a kid, like every other girl, even I dreamed of my Prince Charming. I have some of the weirdest dreams, the fairytale types where my Prince charming comes to me in need and sweeps me off my floor.

Today, I am sure my Prince Charming is a gadget. Yes, and it can't be any other than the super sleek and sexy ASUS Zenfone!

Five reasons why ASUS Zenfone is my Ideal Valentine:

Who needs men when there are gadgets? Not me. Nada. I would happily choose a sexy phone such as the Zenfone any day over a man! 

1) For its Camera:
I love clicking pics and the Zenfone camera seems very appealing to me! It's said that this phone has the best camera in this range of smart phones. I am a narcissit who loves clicking selfies for which a good front camera is a must for me. The Zenfone front camera is simply amazing and my best buddy when I need a quick selfie! 

2) Amazing Multi-tasking features:
I am an ardent multi-tasker and you'll see at least a twenty apps opened in my cell phone. Multi-tasking a lot hangs normal smartphones but with the Zenfone it's a different case! Love how it lets me run a lot of apps seamlessly at the same time!

3) Affordable:
What's the fun when you love something and can't buy it? Have faced this with my second Mac and trust me, it hurts to accept that you can't afford those expensive pieces of shit! *grrr*

So, the BEST part of my boy Zenfone, is that, I can buy him and at the same time not hurt my bank balance! ;)

4) Sound Quality:
This phone has an amazing sound quality, perfect for a soft music louver like me! ;) When the world outside gets too boring and annoying, I simply pop in my head phones and evaporate into another world full of fun with my Zenfone!

5) Looks Looks Looks:
The fifth reason is pretty simple and straight forward! I want a HOT valentine. A normal one or an 'okie-dokie' types is NOT acceptable! Zenfone is simply saxxxxy and suave, perfectly how I want my date to look. 

Caution: Extreme hotness here. Burn. Burn.
*Massive drooooool*

Hokay, any more doubts on why I would chose a Zenfone over a man anyday? Stop putting *buri nazar* on my valentine now and go get yourself one too! ;)


P.S: Happy belated Valentines day. I repeat, love yourself first, the world can wait!
P.S.S: All grammatical errors in this post are purely intentional!

Pic Credit: www.cnet.com

11 February 2015

Soha Ali Khan's wedding: Who Wore What

The Rang De Basanti actress, Soha Ali Khan tied the knot later this week with none other than the Charming actor Kunal Kemmu.

How they met:
Like the most celebrity love stories, Soha and Kunal met on the sets of Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge and 99 and that's when they started falling for each other.

After a fancy Bollywood like proposal in Paris, Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu tied the knot on January 25, 2015 in an intimate Indian ceremony.

According to me, they are a perfect couple and their love for each other is quite inevitable in their actions. It was an all lovey dovey moment when Soha Ali Khan tweeted the following touching words. 

Isn't this just SO adorable!! Wishing the couple loads of happiness and a successful married life!

Coming to 'who wore what' on this brilliant couple's wedding, the outfits were quite a treat, especially Soha Ali Khan who looked very much that bride which every girl secretly wishes to be one day!
The Bride:

I love what she chose for the Mehendi. Everything from the colour to the minimal bling shouts bridal about this Ghagra. I don't know how she managed that hairstyle with Mehendi on her hands but then all hair tucked at sides seemed to have been enough for the bride. All in all, she looked fab!

Love love love her wedding lehenga! It's a Sabya and the girl knew perfectly how to style it! That orange dupatta was an uber cool addition which totally added zing to the whole look! She looked like a pretty doll in this outfit!
That jhoomar.. *drools*
Soha chose an elegant Sanjay Garg lehenga for her reception. She styled it with two dupattas and I think she looked simply fabulous. That silver mang tika stands out yet does not spoil the look!
The Guests:
Love the colours of this lehenga! She could have done something better with her hair though..
The Kapoor girls simply swept all attention. Love the lehengas! The colours is Kareena's lehenga are SO pretty!
Love Arpita's lehenga, especially that dupatta! Ms Arora's lehenga is pretty and fab too!
One amazing choice of lehengas this was! Neha looked real pretty and not over shadowing the bride at the same time!
Sophie always manages to amaze us with her choice of outfits! This one was a pure 'steal the show' choice! Love love love it! Want one like this for my own sister's wedding now!

So, who do you think looked the best? Any favourites? Do let me know! ;)

Wishing loads of happiness on the amazing couple's way once again!!

 Note: All images via Soha's Twitter profile, google image results and Missmalini.com.

8 February 2015

LO'real Paris Star Range ~ Pure Reds Review and Outfit Post

It's almost Valentines day and what better an occasion to don red lipsticks which scream love, boldness and attitude!

I have always loved products by L'Oreal especially their lipstick range is simply awesome! Last year's Cannes edition is one of my favorite and the 'moisture matte in Lincoln rose' lipstick endorsed by Aishwarya Rai still remains my most fetched out choice.

Knowing L'Oreal, they are always adamant at creating something new and bringing a smile on the faces of women. This year was no different! Actually they have come out with the hottest of concepts ever and an all new range of only pure reds.

Red is an energizing colour which screams confidence and power. Just a pop of it can brighten your mood hence a red lipstick is a must have!
To start with, all the reds are hot and suit Indian skin tones. I tried the lipsticks on three of my friends and the result was simply fabulous!

These friends of mine always shy away from wearing red lipsticks saying they are too loud or don't suit them, but hey! This is L'Oreal right?!! I talked them into trying them.
7 Shades Available: Pure Fire, Pure Vermeil, Pure Brick, Pure Rouge, Pure Scarleto, Pure Amaranthe and Pure Garnet.

Here's a review of all the seven shades of amazing Reds!

1) Fire by Li Bing Bing:
This is my favourite shade, one that I totally loved! It's more of an orange toned red with hints of coral. This is that one shade which screams confidence and class at the same time! It totally

2) Star Pure Rouge by Frieda Pinto:
This is the reddest of reds in this range. One shade which is totally bridal and occasion demanding.
This somehow reminded me of the 'Lincoln rose'shade from L'Oreal's previous moisture matte range.

3) Pure Amaranthe by Gong Li:
This is a playful pinkish red which, the best part it is that shade of pink-red which will easily suit all skin tones!

4) Pure Brick by Aishwarya Rai:
This is more of a brown red. Will totally suit *any* skin tone and definitely a must have for office goers! It's just that shade of confidence which is not too loud nor too low.

5) Pure Scarleto by Blake Lively:
Perfect to its name, it's that chick classy shade which screams attitude and a positive one! After 'Pure rouge' this is the closest pure red in this range. This is also the most bold shade which attracts attention and looks Uber hot!

6)  Vermeil by Fan Bing Bing:
This is one tricky colour which is more of a pink and orange then red. Just a distant hint of red is visible. This one is more somber and is for the shy chicks who want to wear a red yet not want to look OTT!!

7) Pure Garnet by Sonam Kapoor:
One tricky shade this is which may not suit all skin tones. It's a maroon plum shade with very few hints of red. Too loud and totally eye catchy! If you like a totally distinct shades of red then you should totally try this!

Look how some of the shades looked on my friends:
Pink Vermeil: Casual Look

Brick Red: Party Look

Corals are party perfect and what more of an occasion to wear the 'brick red' shade than a cocktail party! 

Fire: Dinner Date Look
They say you can never go wrong with reds and this is totally true when it comes to the shade 'Fire' of this range! It's sexy sazzy and classy at the same time. Just a pop of it on the lips can give the whole outfit a different look. In the above picture, I styled my friend for a date night. Red looks extra hot on black and the universal combo always clicks. You can jazz up your date night donning the above look. All black with a pop of red lipsticks and you are good to go and win his heart!

Pure Scarleto: Girls' night out look

Texture: This star collection lipstick range from LO'real Paris has one of the most smooth matte textures which is not drying at all. Best part, the lipstick doesn't settle in the fine lines of your lips and can be worn on broken skin too. However I suggest exfoliating your lips for a more neat and defined look. 

Pigmentation: All these shades are highly pigmented. One swipe is enough for an opaque look. The pigmentation can be built further by applying another swipe. Ladies with pigmented lips will totally love these! 

Price: 995/- per lipstick. A bit expensive than the moist matte range but then totally more awesome!

Availability: Easily available. You can buy hem online too.

Net Content: 4.2g per lipstick. Will last long.

Shelf Life: 24 months

Overall, I am totally in love with this new range by L'Oreal with has red shades which are both bold and beautiful! The texture of these lipsticks is amazing and so is the colour pay off. They last a good six hours, though i like reapplying my lipsticks. They are not drying while applied but do leave chapped lips if you apply too them too many times. Well, that's quite normal with every lipstick. The key is keeping your lips hydrated often. 
The colour pay off is totally fabulous and as I said earlier, the lipstick doesn't settle on fine lines... more reasons to love it!
You can apply this lipstick straight from the tube or even use a lip brush for a more defined finish. 

Be it any occasion, these shades of lipsticks will simply add to the beauty of your day! 
I and my friends are all set to #GoRouge wearing this lovely lipsticks. Are you? Let us know!

Psst! : The shade 'Fire' (my fav) from this range is a MUST have!! ^^

Photographer: Yours truly, Stilettomaniac
Models: My friends Asha, Merina and Jennifer.

31 January 2015

The nemesis of Blemishes and the Garnier tale

They say that every person has his own share of problems. Well, those who don't have problems at least have pimples... which means, we are back to square one because in my opinion, 'pimples' are the problems which are more annoying and unwelcome than any other thing in this world!

Even today in this world which has seen the most evolved forms of  Photoshop, blemishes and pimples still manage to spoil your cake for you.

In my twenty years of blessed life, the most cursed thing I found to be were these little disgustingly annoying peeps known as 'pimples'.

These little brats and I have never got along. The reason being that they decide to pop up and destroy my otherwise smooth and gorgeous young face, at the times when you don't want them the most!

Pimples be like:

" Have a party tomorrow?
Great, I am coming!

Going on a date?
Lemme spoil that cheek!

Being a little lazy?
 *POP* *POP* *POP* "

While the rest of the world grew dimples, poor little me got only pimples.

The biggest problems I faced because of pimples:
Low self confidence: Thanks to acne, a good part of my childhood was spent in the dark where I had a very low level of self confidence and always preferred to be the 'shy girl at the back bench'. 
I used to avoid eye contact and my love life was a complete mess. I had a huge crush on a cute guy in my eighth standard but was never able to communicate my feelings to him, thanks to my low level of confidence and the fear that my pimples would let me down.

Stage fear: I was a wreck of nervous bones when it came to holding the mike or performing in front of even a bunch of strangers. The main cause for this was my acne as it always made me feel insecure and the thought that people would laugh at me always kept me from being out spoken.

Camera shyness: You'll hardly find any pictures of me when I was in school except for the elementary school photo shoot pictures with the whole class. I was a a very camera shy person and always made a point to evaporate even at the mention of a picture.

Depression: This might sound a bit weird but I am sure the ones who have suffered acne too will understand. I used to get upset at little things and often start crying for even little problems ( I know that's pretty annoying and disgusting). I also faced behavioral problems which had a lot to do with the pimples on my face.

In my early teens, I started getting acquainted to cosmetics and stuff like compact powder and tinted talc became my best buddies. A little jab of them on my acne would always lift my confidence levels. Sadly after a couple of years of getting acquainted to them, I found out how they were enemies in the form of friends. Yes, my dear readers, the use of cosmetics only worsens your acne, so much so that at the end of the day, your face looks like a tomato which has sprouted out several blisters... i know, disgusting that is!!

So, poor little me unfriended all those temporarily promising cosmetics and started a never ending journey of finding more ways of getting rid of pimples.
It was war.
A lethal war, and deep down, I knew I was going to win it!

Come my college days, I did my best to practice a healthy lifestyle and was over the moon when I actually saw some of those little brats vanish from my face. I was excited. Curious. Hopeful.

I started reading more and more articles and one fine day I debug the whole point behind pimples and their causes.
My Pimple tale via Gifs: 

I hated it when I used to wake up every morning and look into the mirror only to find pimples. 
21 Questions That Will Annoy Every Twentysomething Muslim Girl

How I used to check myself in the mirror a hundred times and make sure all the pimples were hidden before going out:

Me after the million things I tried but still couldn't get rid of pimples:
20 Things That Happen To Every Outspoken Liberal Desi On Social Media
I used to make sure to cover my face in every possible way when I was forced to go out with my friends.

Friend: What the hell Bushra!! Will you just remove that thing you have put on your face and actually enjoy the party??!!

Reaction GIF: When I’m listening to any damn Rahman soundtrack, and lose sense of time and space

How people used to react after seeing me at family gatherings or weddings:
20 Things That Happen To Every Outspoken Liberal Desi On Social Media

When my friends nicknamed me 'pimplu': 
20 Things That Happen To Every Outspoken Liberal Desi On Social Media

Friend: Hey! Why are you upset sweety? Is it again something to do with the pimples?
21 Questions That Will Annoy Every Twentysomething Muslim Girl
They say friends are blessings and if they are beauty bloggers, than better still!!
Friend: Hey Bushra! Garnier has launched a new face wash which really works to get rid of pimples. Maine sirf one week use kiya aur sab gayab hogaye!!
21 Questions That Will Annoy Every Twentysomething Muslim Girl

Dear Pimples, now that I have Garnier Pure active face wash,
20 Things That Happen To Every Outspoken Liberal Desi On Social Media

When the dude I like finally asked me out on a date this valentines day:
52 Thoughts You Have At Weddings If You're Single And Desi

Now when I go to weddings and other social gatherings with a pimple free face, full of confidence:
HRH Shruti Kakkar - Band Baaja Baaraat
#Anushka Sharma
The first step: The first step to getting rid of pimples my dear friends is getting to know them.. befriending them.. talking to them and asking them why they planned to pop on your face at the first place!!

The cure for pimples is nothing but practicing a healthy lifestyle, and using the right skin care products.

While doing a study on pimples, I came across this wonderful picture on Google which makes it so simple for me to understand the various places pimples effect which are connected to your body's health.
77% of pimples are due to excess of oil in ones body. I have combination skin which is pimple prone and very sensitive. However, skin oil alone does not cause pimples. Pimples are caused when skin oil, mixes with dead skin cells and forms a plug that clogs a pore. So, you can see here that the main factor here which is promoting the growth of pimples is dead skin!

Face Washes: I am very selective when it comes to skin care and cosmetic products as my skin type demands me to be so. The best way to get rid of dead skin which is the supreme cause of pimples is a good face wash with the right extracts!

Garnier skin naturals is my favourite brand when it comes to skin care. Their products are very friendly and healing for my skin. I am currently loving the pure active face wash by Garnier which is working like magic to keep my face 100% pimple free!

Why I am loving it:
Technology is constantly evolving these days and its amazing to witness the developments in the cosmetic industry. I so wish this face wash by Garnier was available back in my school days, than I could have spent a so much better school life full of confidence and vigour.

Anyways, now that it's available, I am glad to be benefiting from it!

So that's how, a healthy lifestyle and my all new buddy, the Garnier pure active neem face wash have finally helped me completely get rid of pimples. I am a bourbon girl now! ;)

Check out these two Garnier websites for more>> bit.ly/GPABlogLinkIndiBloggerActivity and bit.ly/GarnierPureActiveNeemWebsite

This post is for the Indiblogger contest by Garnier and Indiblogger.

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