19 July 2016

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Sofy Bodyfit Overnight Review

Sanitary napkins are a woman's regular necessity. They are something very personal and intimate and hence have to be chosen very wisely with extra care.

Hygiene is a must and for a woman, the word itself starts with a 'sanitary napkin'. I feel there's no need to shy away from talking about periods and knowing the necessary facts.

I often wonder why women say "I am down today" when they have to refer to periods. I mean, seriously there's nothing to feel down about during your periods girls! It's a crucial part of you and you should learn to embrace it rather than feeling awkward or ashamed about it. Having said that, let's move on to what I have to share with you today:

There's endless choice in Today's market when it comes to sanitary pads. Stayfree and Whisper have been ruling for years now but not anymore. With brands like Sofy who offer better quality and are a more 'easy on pocket' option, hitting the market, the predominance of Whisper and Stayfree is dissolving.

I have this thing for experimenting with products and the same goes with sanitary napkins - I have used them from a LOT of brands, some even imported ones which my aunt who lives abroad spoiled me with.Whisper choice and Stayfree Ultra advanced have been my all time favourites but recently even those are not fairing well. I am experiencing changes in my mensuration cycle resulting in very heavy flow especially during the nights. This is the reason I reached out for better options and I am glad to have come across Sofy Bodyfit overnight pads.
Why Sofy Bodyfit Overnight?
  • Very long and wide. perfect for night times and during heavy flow days. I have the whole bed for myself so I sleep like I am participating in a freaking marathon. This is why I choose sanitary which are super long and huge. Sofy is just that! It ensures I don't have to worry about sleeping ugly.
  • Super absorbing. I HATE leakages and this napkin has double absorbent core. This is why I can't get enough of Sofy.
  • It has a drying formula. This makes sure I don't get rashes. 
  • It also has a flexi-absorb system which makes the napkin turn-twist with your body when you are sleeping and keeps it in its original shape.
  • They are sturdy with great glue quality which keeps the pad in place. 
  • They are thin and feel feather light too. This is a real boon as they don't show if I decide to wear a skinny pair of pants or leggings.
  • the pads are super soft and made of cotton which makes it much more comfortable.
  • Very well priced.
Thankfully, the Sofy bodyfit overnight or #SofyOvernight  pads are all of the goods put together under one label. Infact, Sofy is famed to be India's longest sanitary pads. Isn't that simply cool?! They are made up of the softest cotton and at the same time the top cover feels very dry and feel super comfy. I am in love with their absorbing power and with Sofy, one doesn't have to worry about leakage at all! 

The packet contains 10 individually packed pads. The packaging is quite discreet which makes them perfect for carrying in your handbag. 

The best part about these pads is that they are economically priced unlike Whisper or other brands which have a sky high pricing. This pack contains 10 XXL pads just for INR 155/- Such a steal deal! <3 

Overall, I totally love Sofy Bodyfit Overnight sanitary pads and highly recommend all women to try them out and witness their care for yourself. I am sure you'll equally love them!

If you like to read more about it please see http://www.sofyclub.com/in/en/products/np_bfnight/index.html. You can also like their Facebook page.

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16 July 2016

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My Experience Of A Whirlwind Trip To Zaheerabad

Some moments are so special that you just want time to stop right there and live those moments to their fullest.

Few weeks back, before the blessed month of Ramzan, I got the opportunity to create some of the most beautiful memories of my life. It was an opportunity like never before and it turned out way more amazing and treasured than I had ever imagined it to be. I got to explore some beautiful districts and villages close to Hyderabad and found myself deeply in love with a village called IppePalli, close to Zaheerabad!
My aunt and uncle from my Mother's side live in Zaheerabad with their family. They have been living there for years now and have invited us to visit them hundreds of times but only few months back, it was like the city of Zaheerabad was calling me.. whispering in my ears.. and that's when I dared to give myself this holiday, a five days out of my mad urban routine.

The journey was beautiful. We, my Mom, me and my brother traveled by train. We do this all the time as me and my brother love the views from the train. 
Ippepalli is a lovely village, like down to earth lovely! The sad thing is, there's a water shortage there during the summers and the people living there have face a lot pf difficulty. Every moment spent in this village made me grateful and humble. The people here are so loving and caring. I made four friends within matter of hours and they all were eager to take me in a tour of their farms. 
Greenery is something we Banglorians truly love, we can never get enough of it, especially when Bangalore is fast turning into an urban chaos with unbelievable traffic. Zaheerabad was such a refreshment!! There was no traffic on the giant roads surrounded with greenery on either side and it was like the perfect scene from an old Bollywood chic flick. 
The weather there, to my utter surprise was same like Bangalore.. actually it was more calm and peaceful. The farms I visited were lovely and so inviting. It was the Mango season then and my brother and cousins sneaked in some raw mangoes for me - I LOVE them! :D

You know what's the most beautiful part? The farms in the village close to Zaheerabad have hundreds of peacocks, yes peacocks, which gracefully dance every time the sun rises. This was sight to behold and I was too busy staring at this display of beauty to take a picture!
All in all, these were the five best days of my life and I would love to visit this place again. Add my aunt's SUPERB Biryani cooking skills and you know why this trip was so memorable! :D 

Sometimes I wish my eyes could capture images. Don't you too?! :)

...and hey! How can I forget shopping? Zaheerabad is one hell of a HEAVEN for shopaholics like me! :D I bought Hyderabadi bangles for myself, my sisters, colourful Rajasthani bangles again for myself and sisters, then hair clips for my cousin, mehndi, toys for my nephew and the list continues... :P
There's this shop close to the main bazaar of Zaheerabad which makes yumm lassi.. the taste is still there in my senses. Do treat yourselves to it if you happen to go anywhere close! :)

I have missed my blog and you all.
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10 July 2016

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Catch Up On Growth With Horlicks Growth+

Horlicks Growth+ cover

A child's health plays an important role in a Parent's happiness. A child's happiness and his/her health gravely affects a parent's life. I have seen my parents worry more than me even now when I fall ill. I have a nephew who is 3 years old and he is the life of our house. His smiles and laughter bring glory to the house and when he falls ill the whole house fills with despair.

Every parent wants their child to lead a healthy and balanced life, either be it physically or emotionally. Sometimes children go down the growth meter by not attaining the right weight and height according to their age. This causes anxiety among parents and worries them.

It is for this reason that it's very important for children to catch up on their lost growth. Not doing which will affect their health and foundation on the long run.

My nephew had fallen very ill a year back and I remember how it had affected not just his parents but our entire family. We all love him and seeing him in pain hurts us equally. The illness which was an extreme case of diarrhea left my nephew weak and pale. We also noticed over the days that followed that his height was also not as it should have been. My sister consulted the doctor regarding a few times too but the doctor always said that the boy is in good health. He just needs some more attention and a change in his diet.

Like every kid, my nephew loves chocolates and icecream and he always prefers junk food over healthy home cooked food. He throws a lot of tantrums to eat food and making him drink one glass of milk every day is the toughest job. Until last year he used to drink bottle milk but when he left that he refused to drink milk completely.

That's when my Mom suggested we try innovative ways to feed him milk. So we tried milk with chocolate syrup first which we were glad my nephew liked but just within three days he grew bored of it and stopped drinking the flavored milk too. So we kept changing the flavours and this was getting really annoying but this was the only way to get the boy drinking milk. He is a born rebel and catering to his choices is a far better option than forcing him, hitting him and doing what not to make him listen to you. He is a spoiled brat as he is the first kid in our house and though we have got two new three month old babies in the house now, my nephew still remains his own rebel self.

So coming back to his health, our innovative ways of feeding him milk did fare well but they weren't satisfactory, not until we came across Horlicks Growth+ a month back.

Horlicks Growth+ has come as a breath of fresh air and my nephew can't get enough of it. Before he used to make all kinds of excuses but now he demands for two glasses of milk with his favorite Horlicks Growth+. Horlicks Growth+ is a specialized nutrition product designed for children in the age group of 3-9 who are lagging being height and weight. It's just been a few weeks since my nephew has been drinking it and we can already see the glowing change in his health! 
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17 June 2016

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GlassesShop.com Review ~ My first pair of Sunglasses

I have never owned a pair of sunglasses. Ever.

No. It's not because I don't like them or didn't feel the need to own a pair. I love them actually and I have always wanted to own loads and loads of them, in every colour, size and shape possible, but.. 
Then why? The answer is simple. I have had hypermetropia since I was in class 7th and eyeglasses have been a part of me ever since. If you wear eye glasses too, you'll know how funny even the idea of owning sunglasses sounds!

There have been so many instances in my life where I have felt the need to own a pair of sunglasses. You know how a girl who grows up believing in a fairy tale awaits her Prince charming? That's exactly how much I have been waiting to own my perfect piece of sunglasses!

Few years back my best friend who also has hypermetropia showed up at my home wearing a gorgeous pair of sunglasses. It turned out that she was wearing lenses under them. I wear lenses too but only on occasions. It's just too much of a bother to wear them everyday. Also, I wanted to feel comfortable in my pair of sunglasses and wearing lenses below them was just out of the question!

It was my brother who introduced me to the concept of prescription sunglasses. Sunglasses custom designed for me with my power and choice of design? Wow! That sounded so thrilling and I didn't waste a minute in visiting my nearest eye wear shop and inquiring. My outing didn't turn out to be too fruitful as I didn't like the designs available and the pricing for each pair was SKY HIGH! That was when I started looking up for glasses online and doing a little bit of research. Finally, I have found my dream pair of sunglasses, customized for me from GlassesShop! :D I love you online world! :*

GlassesShop is your one stop shop for all eye accessories. They offer cheap glasses with  premium quality and amazing designs. There are thousands and designs for you to choose from, each of which you can customize!

Do you want to hear something more thrilling? The sunglasses you see in the picture are not really sunglasses. The frame is of an eye glass at GlassesShop and they were so kind to customize the frame for me and turn it into a sexy pair of sunglasses! I loveee them! :D What do you say? ;)

I love all my lovely readers <3 So here's a little treat for you all: Use the coupon code " GSHOT50 to get a FLAT 50% off on your orders from GlassesShop! Go grab the opportunity and thank me later ;)

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8 June 2016

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Let Summer Not Ruin Your Style With These Stylish Summer Dresses!

“Daria: Did you just spend two hours dressing up to go the door for one minute and dump your date?

Quinn: Daria, if you look your best when you blow a guy off, it makes them feel like you care.”

This conversation between Daria Morgendorffer and her little sister Quinn Morgendorffer from the  episode of Daria, the famous animated American television series, very well reminds us of the importance of being well dressed all the time no matter what. Yes, it might sound vain but dressing to impress really works, as is proven by the fact that the best dressed and stylish women also happen to be the most successful and smart ones. But now that summer is upon us, why let this heat ruin the pleasure of dressing up? Get a wide collection of summer dresses with the help of shopping websites and dress up your stylish best. Always!
Summer turns many of us into a sloppy dresser. Yes, the hot and humid weather forces us to spend the most of our time in a pair of shorts and basic tee making even the stylish ones of us into a slob. But worry not! The wide collection of shopping websites offers a huge collection of summer dresses to keep you stylish and trendy all summer long.
Summer dresses are available in a range of silhouette thus giving you a whole range of options to update your wardrobe with. You can bring variation in your summer style just by varying the prints, fabrics, colours, cuts and designs.

Take advantage of shopping websites and get your hands on maxi dresses, A-line dresses, skater dresses, midi dresses, short dresses, shift dresses and many many more. Just by choosing a different neck design and sleeve’s length you can get an entirely new look with any dress.

Lace dresses in maxi length offer a dreamy silhouette and is perfect for to be worn on warmer weather. The flowy silhouette will not only keep you cool and comfortable but will also give you a major style boost. Whether you style it for casual, formal or dressy outings a maxi dress is a must have during hot summer days. With maxi dresses you can always a make fashion statement no matter wherever you go.

A printed dress featuring some bold and bright colour pattern is great to convey the fun and relaxed vibe. Experiment with different prints such as floral print and animal print etc. to add more dimension to your wardrobe. Shopping websites offer an exciting range of printed summer dresses which will keep you among the best dressed no matter what month of the year it is.

When it comes to style, summer comes with many options. And a white dress seems an indispensable part of any summer look. Available in different silhouettes, a white dress offers a cool and a relaxed vibe. Besides, you can easily wear it to different occasions and look your stylish best even when the temperature is soaring to 48 degrees.
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7 June 2016

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Choosing the right fashion career ~ #Tips

Article in collaboration with +Aisha Singh 

If your dream job is to work in the fashion industry and you have had a passion for this art for your entire life, there are many different types of jobs to choose from. Of course there are different skill sets necessary for different jobs, but figuring out your strengths can help you narrow down a career path. And so here are a few tips to get you started.

If you have an interest in business and marketing you can become a fashion merchandiser. This job requires you to follow fashion trends and to guide designers to sell their products. On the other end you can become a buyer who buys materials or items for major retailersTaking specific fashion business courses like this one will surely help you in this field.

If you are more creative and artistic you can become a designer or stylist. This will allow you to build your art skills by designing products themselves or styling models for fashion shows. It requires a high level of creativity and training, starting out at internships is the first step to succeeding in this field in order to gain expertise guidance. Another route to consider is becoming a fashion journalist. If you have a passion for the fashion world and trends as well as good writing skills, this is a perfect job for you. To start out, try building an online presence with a fashion blog or doing freelance work for other blogs and magazines. This is extremely important for building your resume and eventually landing in a dream position at a top magazine or website.

Public relations is another interesting field of this industry. The PR person is in between the products, consumers and retailers. The PR person is also in charge of maintaining a brand’s image and helps to make a brand popular in the extremely competitive and fast paced world of fashion. To become successful in this branch you need to have a degree in business or communications. As with the rest of the career paths it helps to start out at internships to gain experience and figure out if it is the right job for you.

People sometimes think that the only jobs for them in the world of fashion are in design or styling. Clearly there are many more options for passionate, hardworking people who live for fashion. The best tip of all is to do your research, keep up with the latest trends, start a fashion blog, focus on what type of career you desire and will thrive on!

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6 June 2016

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#FeelTheHeat with #famestars

I really appreciate all those people who carry out their day to day activities on the road during such extreme summers. Be it vendors, or the labourers, they totally deserve a salute for working so hard. Vending involves an enormous rate of physical labour and this is the reason why it's not everyone's cup of tea.

These people know no heat, they know no cold. You will see them making rides of the streets or waiting at their thelas early in the morning and late into the night. Be it rain, breeze or sun, there's no stopping them, they carry out their daily routine, work hard and sweat out to make a living.

Having born and brought up in the urban luxuries, just the thought of taking the place of a roadside vendor or a construction labourer and working under this scorching summer heat makes me shudder.

Bangalore is blessed to have got the best of weather but Summer here is as hot as anywhere else in India. It's just that we are surrounded with amenities like ACs, fans, coolers and a beautiful infrastructure which doesn't let us actually feel the heat.

I happened to make a visit to the market here in Shivijainagar and trust me it was hell! I had to brave the public packed busy streets and visit at least fifteen shops there until I was finished with whatever I wanted. By the time I reached the 10th shop I was sweaty all over, feeling dizzy and my head was burning like a hot pan. My hair had become a reckless mess, eyes were droopy and I was ready to give away my life for a sip of water. No kidding. When I came back home I remember spending a long deal of time pondering over how the vendors in that place bear the such scorching heat, that too from morning to night, every single day!

To feel the same state of such vendors and other people working on the roads, the #Famestars came up with a wonderful CSR initiative called #FeelTheHeat on the 25th of May. This was a very interesting initiative where the #famestars exchanged roles with some vendors for half an hour and did their work while they got some rest. Check out the video below for a sneak in into their endeavor.

#famestars - #Giving week video: https://fame.live/vod/515484

Just watching this video makes one sweat. Truly, the work these people do demands so much physical hard work! I would love to see more people taking this up, if not making a big deal of difference, it will definitely bring a smile on a vendor's face. :)

What do you think about this initiative? Do share :)

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