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8 February 2016

Effective Hair Care Tips For Winter

Hair tend to damage the most during winters. This is the season when they need the maximum care. Not treating them properly can cause long lasting damage.

I may be a lazy butt and ignore the needs of my skin but when it comes to hair care during winters, I am dead serious about it. The reason behind it is I have ignored hair care once and seen it's dark effects on my hair for myself. Two years back when I was not so much inclined towards beauty and skin care, I didn't treat my hair in the right way during winter and it resulted in a very heavy hair loss and frizz. I LOVE my hair and CAN'T stand it when it grows ill. So whatever it takes, I push myself to heed to my hair religiously.

I am blessed with silky, very smooth long mane of hair which does not rage much wars, except for winters. The tips I am sharing are for all types of hair.

Hair care tips for Winter:

Oil, Oil and Oil more! Oiling is the best way to tend to your hair. Make sure you oil your hair everyday. Make it a part of your bed time routine. It's a myth that oiling hair once in a week will do good. NO. You need to oil them everyday.. religiously! Oil your scalp as well as the mane of your hair. Remember not to go overboard with the quantity of oil. If you apply so much oil everyday that your pillows get stained,  it can lead to dandruff!

Head massage:
Like every part of your bod, your head needs some massage too. Head massages can go a long way in giving you beautiful, healthy hair. Massages help in better blood circulation causing the hair cuticles to grow stronger. You can apply a little oil and massage your head at the same time. Press every part of your scalp with your fingers and form circular motions. This will relieve stress too.

Avoid very hot/cold water showers:
If you are taking a head bath, this is something you should really bring into practice. Too hot water and too cold water, both can harm your hair. Wash your hair with light warm water. As it's cold during winters, hot water showers always look appealing but we don't want to harm our hair now do we?!

Protect your hair from the wind:
It's advisable to wear a scarf when you go out. The majority of hair issues rise up due to too much wind and pollution exposure.

Use SLS free shampoos:
SLS aka Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, is a harmful chemical used in the majority of drugstore shampoos. It's the chemical which felicitates lather. Using an SLS free shampoo will go a long way for winter hair care. Many brands are coming up with SLS free shampoo formulas. Invest in a good one and insure your hair!

Gentle Towel Dry:
The fancy ways in which the protagonists of an Ad dry up their hair is just NOT healthy! The best way to dry up your hair is to gently press them with a towel. Don't rub them hard and stretch/pull them in the process of drying. Let them dry naturally.

Trim those split ends:
Split ends are a common vow, especially during winters. The best and most chemical free and effective way to get rid of split ends is trimming them out. Don't let those split ends hang around, get them chopped off. You can do this at home itself. My Mum does the trimming every month for me. :D

Avoid blow drying your hair and use of elastic rubber bands too. These will have a severe negative impact on your scalp. Take care of all these things and you will have healthy, peppy and gorgeous hair within a span of a month! :D

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P.S: That's my Bestie in the pic. ^_^

Tips To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

Lips are the most sensuous part of your face. They have the power to make a bold statement, if given the right care.

I am a lipstick girl in and out. Lip glosses are just not for me, what with their sticky and not so lasting formula, I would choose a lipstick over a gloss any day! When I buy a lipstick, the first thing I consider is the shade and how it suits my skin, the lasting power comes later as I love reapplying my lipsticks. But there are always times when reapplying lipsticks doesn't seem appealing, especially if you are in a meeting or a place where you would feel uncomfortable to take out your colored tube and do the reapplying.

At times like these, it's very annoying when the lipstick wears off faster than you could have imagined. But do you need to worry? NO ways! Where there's a will, there's always a way beauties! ;)

Here are some fantastico tips which will ensure that your lipstick lasts long:

Every beauty routine starts with exfoliation and it's no different with your lips.  Use a toothbrush to lightly scrape off the dead skin from your lips. You can also use a home made exfoliator of sugar+honey. Rub this mixture on your lips and leave for a few minuted before washing.

Exfoliating should be followed by moisturizing. Lip are made up of the most sensitive skin and they need the most care. Exfoliating scrapes off all moisture so be sure to moisturize your lips before your makeup with a good, tint-free lip balm.

Blot and reapply:
Blotting is the BEST method to make your lipstick last all day. Once you apply the lip color on your lips, take a tissue paper and lightly blot the lips. Once the luster of the lip color is out, leaving just the lipstick tint on your lips, reapply the lipstick to seal the look. You can blot thrice if you don't want your lipstick to budge at all! More than that will risk your lips into getting chapped!

Use Brush:
Don't apply the lipstick directly from its tube! Using a lip brush to apply it will give your lips an airbrush finish which will look fabulous and last longer.

Use Lip Liner:
This will make sure your lip color doesn't sneak out on its own will. Also, lining your lips will define them, adding to the beauty of your lip color. Nude lip liners are best but you can use the one of exact shade as your lipstick too.

Apply On Foundation:
When you are applying your foundation base, make sure you apply a thin layer of it on your lips too and apply lipstick after that. This goes a long way in keeping your lipstick intact. The thin layer of foundation will also bring out the true color of the lipstick. Works for me!

Use these fantastico tips and make sure you flaunt those gorgeous lips all day long!

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6 February 2016

Cheer Up. Life Is Beautiful!

Hybrid rose, LalBagh, Bangalore
Sometimes life throws lemons at you, if you don't figure out what to do with them, it won't be long before life starts throwing melons too. There are many moments in life when you feel so low that mustering a simple smile looks like fighting the biggest battle.

Have you ever felt like all the happiness in you has been sucked up? Like a Dementor has given just you its deadly kiss and you are slowly dying on the inside...

Life plays you a lot of times. Sometimes it's just because of what we did in the past which haunts us today and there are those times too when you sit there wondering why the world around you is breaking down in spite of no wrong deed from your side. There's a cliff, dark and dingy.. a small push and you will be charred forever.

If you do feel so, first close your eyes and suck in a deep breath. Think of a fantastico memory.. avoid thinking about the certain someone or something which is bothering you. Think of something different and cheerful. Navigate your mind until you find that fantastico memory which will bring back that smile.

Think of the good old days when your life was not so messed up. If you can't navigate your mind much than just think of something funny.. Like Arvind Kejriwal In a Salwar Kameez with a shawl exercising with a broom? Or maybe PM Modi wearing a frock and doing the lungi dance. Just run your imagination wild.. think of your first crush. The sweet feeling of falling for her/him.

Think about your Mom. Try imagining her smile. 

Think of Bollywood. Any funny character you liked? Recall the comedy films you have watched and the best scenes from them. Now smile.

When you think you can finally handle it, go back to your problem. Think about what went wrong. Think of how you can fix it. If the situation is something which you can never fix back then remind yourself that it's NOT the end of the world! Promise yourself to never get in this situation ever again. 

Tell yourself " I Love You." let it come from the heart.

Now get up, cheer up, get a bounce in your step and go win the world!

Remember... No Dementor can harm you if you can conjure up a perfect Patronus. Don't let one ruined day ruin your entire life. Just cheer up as life is beautiful and your smile only beautifies it more! :)

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P.S: I really think I am getting a hand on photography. Whatsay? ;)

My Nighttime Skin Care Routine

This year started off with me making resolutions and breaking them like any other new year. But something in me tells me that this year will be not that bad at all. Actually, I think it's gonna be pretty cool! My main priority this year is to loose loads of weight and get back to size zero. Second priority is trying to sleep early.

I can tell you that being a social media addict really gets to you so much that loosing weight looks more achievable than changing your sleep schedule. I am always caught up with doing something or the other during the night and especially if it's blogging, than it takes quite long for me to finally go to bed. One thing which I pride myself on is following my night time routine, no matter what. That's the only pampering I give my skin these days and today I'll be sharing the same with you.

Night times are fantastico hours to give your skin the needed care and pamper it. Your skin is in peace like your whole body during the night and that's the reason why night time beauty rituals should be taken seriously.

Makeup Remover:
My night time routine starts with scraping my skin off every bit of makeup. Sleeping with your makeup on is like killing your skin with your own hands. Removing it before sleep is a MUST. If I am not wearing any makeup, than I simply skip this step.

Washing my face:
Makeup removal is followed by cleansing my face with a good face wash. I am not too choosy with any particular type of face wash and pick up whatever smells good from my stash. However, I do avoid face washes which dry up my skin.

Toning with a face mist:
Face wash is followed by toning my skin with a face spray. This is the most favorite part of my routine. I simply LOVE sprinkling the sprayed water on my skin! :D *kid alert* This opens up pores and well, it's just too fun! ;) I am loving the face mist from Oxyglow currently.

Moisturizing and massage:
Moisturizing skin is a total MUST. Let the moisture settle in overnight. I alos give my face a little massage to help better blood circulation. This helps keep pimples at bay.

Night Cream:
Massage is followed by pampering my face with a good night cream. Night creams take care of a LOT of things, they even prevent skin from pollution harm, based on the formula you are using. It's necessary to build back the elasticity and firmness of your skin. I am using the one from OxyGlow(shown in the image)currently and it's pretty good!

Eye Gel and Lip balm:
This is the MOST important part of my night care routine. Even if I skip other steps being too lazy, I never skip applying night cream. The reason behind it is simple. I spend most of my day in front of my laptop/cell phone screen and eye gel is a must to soothe my eyes and rejuvenate. Eye creams are not for me, they get into my eyes and sting. But eye gels I LOVE! I have used eye gels from Auravedic, Lotus herbals and Aroma magic. The aroma magic one is the BEST and the one shown in the picture is my third buy!

I seal the whole routine by a good lip balm. The fruity shine range from Nivea is not moisturizing enough but I don't have any chapped lips problem right now so.. chalta hai, plus I love it ! :D
That's pretty much all I do. Simple yet effective routine! This routine helps my skin a lot. I have been seeing it's benefits for my skin for a long time now. It helps my skin stay peppy and not loose its luster! :)

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6 Gift Ideas For Your Techie Girl

Love is in the air and everyone who is in a relationship or *ehm* is close to getting into a relationship has started hunting the perfect gift for their love interests. *If you have not yet then please break up*

Gifting is one of the most interesting parts of Valentine's day or any other day for that matter! The joy just doubles up when you are the receiver and someone else is the giver. But however, there are some people, gifting whom makes you more happy then receiving their gifts. A certain joy fills up your whole heart when that special one opens up your gift and exclaims that he/she loves it.

I love gifting my loved ones. It makes me really happy. I know some good ideas for gifting men as I have had practice of gifting my brother too often. When it comes to gifting women like my sisters or my Mum, there are zillions of choices, but one of my Bestie is too techie and every gift idea falls short for her.

She is really one of her kind who hates pink, red roses and God knows what all! But she is fabulous as she is and I take it as a challenge to find the perfect gift for her techie liking, whenever the occasion demands!

I thought of compiling a post on what gifts can be give to techie and more 'I-hate-pink' kind of women like her and here I am! :D Just because she's too techie, doesn't mean you should skip on her Valentine's day gift! Here are six peppy gifts which your techie girl will TOTALLY love!

USB Heart Pendant:
A photo posted by Bushra M (@stilettomaniac) on
It's the most peppy gift you can give a tech loving girl! I received one as a gift from my sister and I have lover it ever since. The one I have is SO cute in silver with half of the heart studded in imitation diamonds and the other half smooth and silky. Both halves are attached to a chain and join with the USB closure. It's a simply lovely gift! She can wear it as a pendant and use it as a Pendrive whenever she wants.

Cell Phone:
A photo posted by Bushra M (@stilettomaniac) on

Cell phones can never grow old for gifting. Not necessary that the only gift worthy phone is an iPhone. Not at all. Many brands like ASUS are launching such amazing budget friendly phones which your girl won't be able to resist!

iPad Mini:

Don't know whether an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but an iPad as a gift definitely keeps the fights in your relationship at bay! Any techie girl will love an iPad for a gift more than a precious ring/bracelet.

Smart Watch:

Nowadays, everyone's a fitness freak, especially women. Smart watches are the new cool. Gift her one and watch her falling for you all over again!

Amazon Kindle:

Techies are bookies too. NO one says no to a kindle! If cell phone's not a choice for you than go for this!

Gadget Skins:
A photo posted by Bushra M (@stilettomaniac) on

Women like to experiment with everything, be it their own clothes or the clothes of their gadgets! This is the most budget friendly gift. Gift her peppy gadget skins. There are even custom made options available today on many websites. :)

Other gifting options for techie woman are headphones, cute shaped power banks, bluetooths and the list goes on! :)

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5 Tips To Stay Warm This Winter

Winter is here and your skin requires additional pampering this season . Bangalore isn't as cold as many other parts of the country, but I can definitely feel the chill especially in the evenings and mornings.
I have been battling flaky skin and chapped lips too but that is a rant I will save for another day. A few days back it rained in the Bangalore city and it was so cold outside. I love rain. I decided to go for a walk with my nephew, there on the road I spotted a girl wearing a tank and shorts playing badminton. *yeah true* Here I was freezing with layers on and this girl was actually moving around like she was lounging on the beach. Girls may want to  brave the cold  in the name of fashion but I am not one of those. Today, I am going to talk about staying stylish without compromising on the warmth this winter. I have discovered some simple tricks to stay warm and fashionable and I am going to share these fantastico secrets with you here. :)

Layer it on: I love layering my outfits and winter is the best time to try it. playing with prints, fabrics and colours is fun and you should definitely give this a try instead of opting for a fat jacket or sweater. Layer a sweater or blazer over tank top and add a scarf too. If needed add a fluffy long fur coat for more style and warmth. Layering is a tricky game and can make you look bulky so take extra care and don't go in for clashing prints or fabrics.

Thermal inners: These days you get thermal leggings and heat gen vests which are super thin and hide under your outfits . These thermals keep you warm without looking bulky.  every girl should get atleast one pair of these. Play it smart and opt for thermals with deep necklines 

Hat it cute: your head and ears need warmth too so, dress your head in cute beanies or hats while you leave your hair flying open underneath. Super stylish and fun. you can even opt for quirky bright scarves to cover your head

Scarves and gloves are the way to go: Scarves add an interesting twist to any outfit and they help keeping you warm too. Choose silk scarves which give a rich feel to your look. Wear gloves when the cold gets too much. go for gloves in leather or you can even go ahead and layer your gloves. Just wear thin gloves under thick woolen ones and remove the thick ones when you need to use touchscreen on your phone or when you enter  indoors.

Boots are the way to go: prevent your feet from freezing and flaunt your boots away like a diva. If  you don't have a pair of boots then its the right time to grab a pair and experiment. There are a lot of options and discounts available online and i just brought a pair of red boots from the brand Do Bhai at a fabulous discount and I am flaunting them like a boss. Both comfy and stylish. If you live in north India where the cold gets unbearable, go for over the knee boots.

So which of these fantastico tips are you trying to stay warm and peppy this winter?

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5 February 2016

Liar! Liar! Pants On Fire!

There are some fantastico white lies which we tell our loved ones, our friends, everyone around us and sometimes the ones we tell ourselves. All you want to do at these lies is 'LOL' until your stomach is aching and eyes are teary. 

Here are seven statements which are nothing but stark lies. Don't let them have an impact on you as well.. they are just lies! I have included my own reactions in the form of suitable GIFs below for just the kick of it. *winks*

1. When a winged eyeliner and lipstick clad woman says she doesn't do makeup:
Yeah, kill me like seriously! :D I have come across many sweet women like these. A few months back, when I was reading a renowned fashion blog, the blogger was going on and on about how she hates makeup and didn't do any for that current Outfit post. I was actually looking at her pictures again and again to convince myself that I was just seeing too much or maybe that winged eyeliner and pink lipstick the blogger was wearing didn't really count as makeup. LOL. 

2. When the waiter says "Your order will be ready in a few minutes".
Yeah, and I started speaking Chinese straight out of my mother's womb! Few minutes is more like few centuries waiting for your order. You grow so hungry while you wait that you embarrass yourself by shooting up to grab the tray every time the waiter comes with one, only to realize that that order is for the people at the table next to you. Crap.

3. "Your call is very important to us..."
...and my phone is very important to me or I would have punched it hard while you made me wait! By the time the executive actually picks up the call, you are sure that he just had a long romantic chat with his fiance`, married her, held his children in his hands and celebrated their naming ceremony. "Your call is very important to us..  please wait until our executive updates his Facebook status, trends on Twitter, and bags 1000 likes on his Instagram Selfie!"

4. I am FINE. 
Yeah you are as fine as the ruined Malaysian aircrafts! This is the most common lie used in relationships which wise men/women know better than to accept. Especially if a woman is saying this to you. RED ALERT. She is NOT fine and definitely won't be until she rips you apart and haves you for dinner!

5. "I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions..
This is the most common lie each of us is guilty of committing at some or the other stage of our lives! :D This line can grab an Oscar for the 'most used lie of all centuries'. No one reads the 'terms and conditions'. I make it a point to ignore them, especially if they are as long as my pretty dark mane of hair! 

Next time you see someone saying these five sentences, you know it's time to shout out "Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!" ;)

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P.S: Please give your pants immediate medical care. Immediate.

Peppiest Men's Fashion Icon Ever ~ Ranveer Singh

Who said fashion was only for women? Being stylish cannot be limited to any gender as anyone who wants to look Peppy has to just style himself right. Fashion is not about going with the trend but looking trendy and peppy in whatever you wear!

Over the years, we have seen a splendid rise of fashion and sense of styling among celebrity women but not much experimentation on the men's side. It's the causal shirt for them on a regular day and a suit on an occasion. This has got really boring over the years and it just wants you to ignore the suit clad men in the pictures, except when they are sporting an exceptionally hot hairstyle! ;)

But guess who decided to go against the same old suit trend and make a difference with his quirky and highly peppy outfits? Ranveer Singh! This man is a great actor. I have loved his acting skills since day one when he starred in his film opposite Anushka Sharma in Band Baja Baraat.
He has simply improved since his first movie getting in my favorite actors list. It's interesting how Ranveer has a peppy and chirpy, fun-loving nature even off-screen. Wherever he goes he amazes his audiences with his humour, chirpiness and ability to adapt with his surroundings.

The peppiness of this amazing actor does not just end here. Ranveer likes his choice of clothes to go with his fun-loving nature. He has experimented with some crazy outfits no man would ever dare to wear. In the fourth pic above you can see that he is wearing a maroon sharara type pants and totally killing it. I am sure no one has dared to be as experimental as him. Kudos! He has dared to try everything from floral prints to bold Tees and even printed shorts. Going by his majority of appearances, I assume this actor loves hats.

Every time we spot him, he is like a model who just walked out of the ramp with the latest designer labels. Some of his outfits are more daring than what male models have to wear on the ramp. The best thing is, he carries every look with grace and looks stunning all the time.

With all his out-of-the-box appearances, it didn't take long for this stunning actor to bag the trophy of a super cool Men's fashion icon from the world of Bollywood.
He is one of those inspiring actors who started from the scratch and didn't have a producer Daddy who would make everything available on a platter. He was chosen for his first movie based on pure merit and Bollywood for sure needs more inspiring stars like him!

So Men, are you game enough to experiment like the daring and Suave Ranveer Singh? Ditch the same old suit and start experimenting like this amazing actor and fashion icon!

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4 February 2016

7 Must Have Makeup Products For College Going Girls

Makeup has the power to give you an instant peppy look. Like the most of women, my love for makeup was born young too. But the best I used until my high school was Vaseline, kajal and compact. That's it. When I was introduced to the wonderful online world, that's when I actually started experimenting with makeup products and looks.

When I started using makeup whole heartedly during my college days, my skin was quite young and adapted beautifully to any product. Back then my skin was quite peppy and not so sensitive and doing some light makeup was actually quite fun.

These are the products which I feel every college going girl or a corporate newbie should have to look peppy and fantastico. Life will be so much easier and fun if you have these products. You might want to carry some of these wherever you go in your bag too!

Lip Balm:
The BEST product the makeup world has ever given us! This is a must have because lips are your first priority. Lips are made of the softest skin in the body so need extra care. There are a truck load of options from over 1000+ brands for lip balms available today. You can opt for tinted lip balms too for a punch of colour. Nivea fruity shine and Revlon Just bitten are my favourite in this category.

BB Cream:
Another amazing product! BB creams are nothing but tinted moisturizers. They are a must have for every college goer. Just a dab of it on your face will keep it moisturized, protect you from the sun and brighten your face instantly.

This is for a more natural effect. Puff some compact on your face just before heading to your college on your shopping day out with friends at the mall. Seal the look with some peppy coral gloss.

Lip Gloss:
Lip glosses are a college goer's best friend. I used to LOVE them and go crazy over them in my college days. I don't like them now. But the first product I would recommend to a college going girl or a makeup starter is a lip gloss! They are a TOTAL must have to bring out that bubbly teen in you. I love the range from Maybelline and still have many of them and other brands.

Kajal aka Kohl is a total winner of a product. It has the power to change your whole look, giving your eyes a beautiful, mesmerizing effect. There are many smudgeproof options available from various brands. Invest in a good smudge proof and irritation free kohl. It's a total winner girls! Some of my suggestions are Lakme eyeconic, Plum Kajal, and the L'Oreal Magique.

Face Mist:
Face mists are my current favourite. Every woman,especially those who go out a lot should own a face mist/spray toner. They are very good stress boosters too. The feeling of freshness when the spray touches your face is heavenly! I say you should carry it wherever you go! I bought the one shown above from Amazon recently. It's from Oxy glow and oh my God! I LOVE it!! ^_^

Ek chutki moisturizer ki keemat tum kya jano dear! Har problem ka solution hota hai ek chutki moisturizer! Fresh skin ka raaz hota hai ek chutki moisturizer! :D Moisturizers are must must must. Buy one and use it religiously. You will know it's benefits for yourself.
Other products which can be included in the must have list for college going kudiyan are blushes, eyeliners, gold eyeshadow and a nude lipstick! :D My favourite nude lipsticks are 'Rosy nude' shade from Revlon color burst and Maple Mocha from L'Oreal moist matte range!

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3 February 2016

5 Gifts Your Girl Actually Wants

There are many ways of showing you care, the most loved one among them all is being there for the person you love in their hardest times and showering them with gifts whenever you get an opportunity.

Gifting is the most effective form of wooing a girl. 80% of women will Give you a 'YES' in an answer if the way you woo her and the gift you choose for her is right.

Love is a very vital part of a man's life, something which every person craves for. It's not necessary that every person is pompous about loving someone, sometimes the most passionate lovers are those who have never let their feelings out.

Be it your Girlfriend or your Wife, show her how much you love her by giving her a gift she will remember and cherish. Why not start with this upcoming Valentine's day?! :)

Here is a list of five peppy and simply splendid gifts your Girl actually wants: 

The Gift of a compliment:
The key to a woman's heart is a compliment. Take this tip seriously boys! A compliment can move mountains and melt hearts faster than anything else can. Tell her she looks fantastico, and keep repeating every time. Compliment her smile, her voice.. anything you like about her! Make sure your compliments are genuine or she will take you for granted. Let it come from the heart.
Gift her your time:
Take a day off from work and dedicate it to woo her. Show her how much you love her by spending some valuable time with her. Watch a good movie with her or take her out on a dinner date. Go out of your way to make her smile. She will love it.

Gift her some space:
'Too clingy' is what every woman hates. Love her but don't sell your own dignity for her. Show her you are working hard for the the future of both of you. Don't get too clingy by texting her/calling her every other minute. Master the art of making her miss you. But remember to not take this overboard by ignoring her or not texting/calling her at all for a span of a week. That will give her a wrong sign that you are not interested or just want to breakup.

Gift her your Presence:
This is one gift every woman will cherish and a quality which every woman wants in her man. Be there for her whenever she is in an emotional turmoil and even if it's a simple problem or illnesses. Show her you care by playing her body guard and savior. Understand the little signs and whenever she is upset, take it as an opportunity to make her happy and win her heart!

Give her a fantastico surprise! This works best for those in a long distance relationship. Give her a surprise visit. Go visit her unannounced with a huge bouquet of flowers. Give her a bear hug while she is trying to absorb the surprise. She will LOVE it! :D Surprises are always cool and it can be in any form. You can gift her something out of the blue, take her on a sudden date or kiss her while she is not watching.. just run your imagination wild! ;)

So now you know what your girl will love. Use all these tips and make her fall for you all over again! :)

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7 Tips To Make Your Make Up Last Longer

My skin is super sensitive, prone to breakout at the slightest of irritations and it gets more sensitive during winters. I avoid makeup on a regular basis reserving it only for occasions. As my skin is young *ehm* I can go without makeup on occasions too but lately I am suffering from a severe case of dark circles. All the extensive hours in front of my laptop are finally getting at me and my eyes have started resembling those of a cute Panda. Lol.

As I opt for makeup only on special occasions, I want it to last long. I am cool with reapplying my lipstick/lipbalm again and again but redoing all the makeup every 4 hours is just not my thing. Because firstly, I am down to earth lazy and secondly, I have more better things to do in the world then to redo my makeup every 4 hours, Panda or NOT!

Waterproof makeup lasts quite long but it clogs my skin and makes me pay at the end of the day. So I strictly avoid using waterproof foundations. Waterproof lipsticks and other stuff here and there are okay with me.

Here are seven fantastico ways I use to make my normal makeup last longer:

1. Exfoliate:
Exfoliation is the best pre-pep for making your make up stay longer. The dead cells on your face have to be removed or they won't help your make up last, falling away eventually. So the first key is to use a good exfoliator. Do this a night before your big day or a few hours prior to doing your final makeup so your skin's moisture is intact.

2. Moisturize well:
Another trick for making makeup last longer is moisturizing your skin thoroughly. Avoid too oily moisturizers, use a water-based formula. Always moisturize after exfoliating.

3. Use a brush/sponge to apply foundation and not your hands:
I have tried this and can say that this works the best! Using a brush ensures the product is spread evenly and it leaves a beautiful finish. Hands have natural oils which mix up with your makeup when you apply it, reducing its staying power.

4. Use Primer:
Primers are famous for their power of making makeup last longer. If not the whole face, use the primer under your eyes and other small areas which are usually dark. Use primer after moisturizer and before foundation!

5. Layer it up:
Layering can prove to be very beneficial. There's no need to increase the quantity of the products, instead just apply whatever quantity you want in thin layers. This will also prevent your makeup from looking patchy.

6. Restrain from too much touching:
Rubbing your makeup absently is the prime reason it wears off. I myself have the habit of pinching my cheeks and biting my lower lip when in thought, absent-mindedly. I even rub my eyes when I feel bored so all of these eventually result in my makeup wearing off. So just avoid touching your face too much or rubbing it, this will go a long way in keeping your makeup intact!

7.Use powder products after cream versions:
This is a very unique trick. Once you have applied your liquid foundation, apply a very thin layer of tinted puff powder on it. Same goes with your blush/eyeshadow. I apply my cream blush first and quickly apply powder blush on the same spot. This seals the look and sets the product on my face like second skin.

Now that you are aware of these fantastico tips, bring them to action and help yourself look peppy all day! :)

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2 February 2016

The Impact Of Words On ME

impact of words
“Your mouth is poison, your mouth is wine “.
—The Civil Wars
We grossly underestimate the power of our words. Words are just like seeds. They have the creative power as well as the destructive power. The impact of words is much more than anybody could assume. They carry enormous weight. More than we can even imagine. They often leave an impact on people for decades, if positive, providing them courage at times of distress.
Negetive Impact Of Words On Me..
The first time I realised this, it was when I was in the 6th grade. During my 6th grade my parents had me rolled into in a new school and hell it was scary the first time I stepped into the school all by myself. I didn’t have liberties like old friends and the familiar smiles of my old school teachers. Everyone here was new to me , I din’t have the luxury of established friendships and I was sat all alone by myself in the first bench. I had a hard time connecting with other classmates as there were 60 children in my section unlike my previous classmates who were just 12 in number. It was all fine until a boy in lunch hour walked up to me and asked me if I had lice in my head and that if I oiled my hair everyday or if my hair was always in such a bad state. *I know gross* I was horrified and terrified at the same time! To have someone come straight and ask me such an awful and embarrassing question (NO! Eww. I did not have lice, and I have the most beautiful hair BTW!) While everybody present during the lunch hour sniggered, I felt like crying, his words haunted me for years. I used to look into the mirror and see if my hair was really sticky due to oiling and I started avoiding oiling of my hair! The mere meaning of life became to grow beautiful hair and it took me years to get over this stupid perception! The impact of harsh words I say you ! Ha !
Incredible Impact Of Words On Me..
But the second time when I understood how powerful words could be I was in high school. It was during this time I discovered the power of the written words! I was given an assignment by our English teacher and like everybody else I kept postponing the assignment until it was the one day before the date of submission. The day before we had to submit our assignments I sat throughout the night and put in effort to finish up and at least get a B in it. Our English teacher hardly ever gave an ‘A’ grade. Hence we always aimed for the B.

The next day after I had submitted the assignment I totally forgot about it for a few weeks, it was when the assignment with the grades updated were being handed that I realized how words could change lives! As soon I got my assignment I saw red marks all over the page and in almost all my pages .Disheartened I turned on to the last page to see if I had got a ‘C’. The grade ‘C’  was the most dreadful thing that could happen to a girl who ranked among the highest during exams. I was worried and hurriedly flipped through the pages and finally saw the words written in RED!
Excellent! ‘A’ grade ! Keep up the good work! ‘
Your assignment was one of the best I have come across so far. Your style of writing is beautiful.
“You really should consider a career as a professional writer .”
I gaped at it open mouthedly. Stunned. Overcome by joy.
I flipped back through the assignment again and noticed many of the red marks were exclamations from her like “This is awesome!” and “Brilliant!” Of course, there were plenty of critical remarks, too. (Please, she was an English teacher, after all ;) )
And for years I saved this assignment as my knight in shining Armour and would pull out that assignment and read the affirming words, and grin. Those words by my English teacher turned me into a new leaf. I actually increased my ace and topped in every assignment after that! I would feel good about myself every time someone praised a blog post of mine and felt proud and remembered those written words by my teacher.
I am sure many agree with me that words when said and articulated in the right way,can change someone’s mind. They have the power to alter someone’s belief. A few simple encouraging words can bring a person out of depression and make him a successful person, or destroy someone’s happiness completely ! A simple choice of words can make a HUGE difference !
They can affect or destroy a person completely!
Words Do Have Power.
Please Use Them Wisely!
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P.S: No one gets away bad mouthing me. I kicked that boy and his school and after creating a drama at home. Was transferred to my old FABULOUS school again by my loving parents! ^_^

Sing Your Love To Her The Bollywood Style ~ Fantastico Proposal!

Have you found the girl of your dreams? :D

Firstly, hearty congratulations if yes. *wink* Secondly, ARE YOU CRAZY?!! When you know she is the one WHY haven't you proposed to her yet?! *glare*

Girl you are the one who stole my heart,
I can't live without one so let me steal yours..!

Life is short. Let's not ponder a lot and worry ourselves over what her answer will be dudes! You don't want to think back to this day and regret that you didn't even try. So take this upcoming Valentine's Day as an opportunity to make a fantastico proposal and express your love to her the Bollywood style!

While a simple "I love you" will be okay too, it is really boring and definitely not what she deserves. Don't you think so?! There are hundreds of ways to express your love in Today's world but there's an age old method which can NEVER go wrong and that my dear is  ~ Singing!

Yes. Sing your love to her the Bollywood style! There are thousands of Bollywood songs devoted for love, pick up what suits her and your feelings best and sing it out loud to her when she is expecting it the least.

Your bold move will leave her speechless and it will be a memory to preserve when she blushes uncontrollably and says YES!

Bollywood has spoiled all hopeless romantics and given them more ideas and visions anyone can ever imagine. There are several movies where the hero expresses his undying love for the heroine by singing to her. Some of these songs are so touching and hopelessly romantic that I find myself saying yes to that hero along with the heroine. Lol.

King Khan of Bollywood, the actor best known for his romantic films sings to almost every woman starring opposite him in the various films. DDLJ is a personal favourite among love birds even today.

The movie launched a few years back "Jane Tu Ya Jane Na" starring Imran Khan has one of the most epic 'singing your love' scene ever! He sings his love to Genelia Dsouza amidst a crowd of people and a dozen guns showed at him, suspecting he is a terrorist. This scene is SO cutely played! ^_^

Here are five fantastico lines from bollywood songs which are perfect for proposals. Sing these to her and make her swooon:

"Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera,
Kyunki tum hi ho.."
~ Aashiqui2

"Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee"

~ Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania

"Dil Ibadat Kar Raha Hai
Dhadkane Meri Sun,
Tujhko Main Kar Loon Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun."
~ Tum Mile

"Kehde Tu Haan To Zindagi,
Jharno Se Choot Ke Hassegi,
Moti Honge Moti Rahon Mein..
Yeah Yeah Yeah,
Hai Guzarish.."


"Tujhey Dekha To Yeh Jana Sanam
Pyaar Hota Hai Deewana Sanam.."
 ~ DDLJ (My Fav)

Well there are literally thousands of suitable songs but these five will do the job very well. Just included these so you don't have to go hunting down! :D

When I say sing it to her, does not necessarily mean that you should sing alone. You can text her the lyrics amidst a meaningful conversation or send her a voice note. You can even write your song on a paper and hand it over to her. Think my friend.

Happy proposing! ;)

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P.S: I can bet on my sweet little life that Shah Rukh is wearing Pink lipstick in that GIF from Mohabbatein. Ewww. :O

7 Peppy Gifts For Her This Valentine's Day

love dance happy fun sky
I do not believe in valentines day, I mean who needs a particular day to celebrate the fabulous emotion called love? People in the industry of flower, cakes , chocolates and soft toys probably love this day to core . But over the past couple of years I have realized that life gets hectic busy and spending quality time with your loved ones becomes increasingly difficult. At times like these special westernized days like Valentine's day come like a blessing helping you  reconnect and rediscover and ad fizz to your relationship.

Like I have already mentioned before 2016 is flying at jet speed and valentines is also coming soon. If you haven't yet thought of the perfect gift for the special person in your life then worry because I am here to help ;) . I am against commercialization of love and most of the gifts mentioned here have a personal touch to it, they may not be something as simple as going to the store and buying it off shelves but trust me , these gifts are going to brighten up the face of your special one and just for that the whole effort is going to be worth it.

Surprise Dinner Date : Plan a surprise dinner date away from the crowds in a restaurant. Nothing speaks romance like having a yummy meal under the blanket of  midnight blue sky while the stars twinkle along. Your terrace is the best place for this but if you can arrange a dinner date by the sea then it is going to be a truly magical night she is going to remember for years later. Tea lights, and scented candles can up the romantic atmosphere but don't forget to tell her you are going to eat outside so she doesn't end up cooking at home.

Trip to Spa :  Gift her a relaxing day at a spa. You can both go in for a massage together and bust the stress and indulge in some aroma therapy too.

Bake her a Cake: Cakes are popular on valentines day but how about baking her a cake at home? google a recipe and try your hand at it . Pillsbury has their simple cake mixes to help make a cake in simple easy steps which doesn't even require an oven, try this and add fancy toppings and icing and impress your girl. If you want to add a gift to turn the day more special go in for a gold ring hidden in this cake.

Fabulous morning surprise: wake her up with morning tea made by you and wish her valentines day . watch the sunrise together while you sip on adrakwali masala chai with some luxury cookies . Simple gesture which will definitely impress her. You can try and get custom made personalized cups and have tea in them.

A surprise trip away from the city Noise: Plan a surprise trip into serene places like Coorg, Ooty, Goa or backwaters of Kerala and get away from the crowds, rush, noise and pollution of the city to rejuvenate and relax.

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A Peppy Walk To Remember

Pocket full of Sunshine to brighten my day,
I need some 'me time' to keep insanity at bay.. !

Sometimes we get so busy in acquiring things in life that we lose ourselves. We lose our smile, we lose our happiness, we lose the little joys of life which make us happy..! The journey we take to build a better life, leads us to the pits in reality. Some lose their health, some their loved ones, some their soul but the fact is, everyone loses something or the other. 

That is the reason they say that 'to gain something, you have to lose something'. If it's the greater thing we acquire and the smaller thing we lose, we emerge as winners and the situation is just the opposite - life has played us.

The questions you have to ask yourself today are: 

"Are you doing justice to yourself?"
"Are you losing yourself in the madness of gaining the world?"

Sit down in an isolated place, ponder on these questions and ask your heart the answers. It never lies, it will always tell you the truth.

The other day I was feeling very weird, something was pulling at me. I have been shopping like crazy in all the online sales, making all the best of what fashion can offer mine. But something was amiss. Something was not right. That was when I decided to take a walk in the park and go looking for what I had lost amidst the everyday madness of the world ~ Myself. Little did I knew that it would turn into a walk to remember.

I decided not to take my phone with me. It was time to take a break from clicking pictures and actually picture out my own life. I put on my sneakers and headed straight to the entrance of the park.

A thousand thoughts kept striking in my head. Some memories found their way back and I was so deep in thought that I suddenly I tripped and fell on something. Thanks to the bad influence of social media, I got up cursing and realized that I had tripped on a small twig fallen from the trees above.

I kicked the twig in disgust and watched as it flew away and fell with a thump, few feet away from me. I walked to it and kept staring until tears tickled down my eyes... before I knew it, I was kneeling on my knees and crying.

The twig had ticked a chord in me. It was so small yet it had managed to make me fall. It was so delicate yet it had not broken when I had kicked it but here I was.. huge in size but shattered and torn.

I wiped off my tears, picking up the twig. I smiled at it and got up, walking away further with the twig as my only company. 

I told the twig all my problems. I shared my darkest secrets with it and we even laughed together at my nasty jokes. Time just stopped as we kept walking away.. in search of me. I told him how everything was going to be alright, how the dearest Almighty was going to bless me and how I myself would fix everything, starting from today. Now.

Finally the gate on the far end of the park was visible. It was time to go, time for us to part ways and bid adieu.

I felt that this park was home for this twig and it would be rude to cage it in my home so I found a secret place behind a tree and hid my new buddy behind it. After one last smile at it, I was heading towards the exit.

By the time I reached my home, there was a bounce in my step, a smile on my face and a renewed zest in me ~ I had found myself. 

It was definitely a Peppy walk to remember! (:

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9 Peppy and Dreamy Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas

Are you planning to propose this valentines day? make sure your proposal is creative and peppy enough to sweep her off  the feet and she has no option but to say a big fat YES.  a dreamy proposal idea also means you have a good story to tell your friends and may be even your kids about how you proposed to their mother.

Here are some Dreamy proposal ideas from which you can take inspiration, but don't forget to add your own personal romantic twist and pop the question in style.

The Bollywood style proposal: If the girl is a Bollywood addict like me this idea works best. Propose the filmy way, make an entry on a white horse and grab a leaf write your question on it (Mohobbatein style), sing her favourite song in your very own non melodious voice, have someone run a table fan somewhere near to let her feel wind in the hair . Magical much? Try it !

Propose on a yacht: This is for the adventure loving girl.  If you have the money then its time to spend it because this dreamy proposal idea is going to be totally worth it. Take her on a beach vacation on a yatch, swim with dolphins and propose right their on chilled blue waters surrounded by dolphins. You can even try scuba diving proposal under water. The aqua ambiance is super exciting stuff

Propose on a hot air Balloon:  A blogger friend(Mehak Sagar) actually was proposed this way and there was no way she could say no. More reasons for you to try this idea. Take her out on  a surprise trip enetr a hot air balloon and when the balloon is in the middle of air , up in the sky, bend to your knees and pop the question.

Flower Shower proposal : A red carpet welcome to your lady love will floor her for sure but nothing speaks romance quiet like red roses do. Make a carpet of red rose flower petals and let her walk on while someone showers flowers over her and pop the question when she finally reaches you. For a bollywood touch you can even play the song ' baharon phool barsao' in the background.

The Beach proposal : Plan a holiday to a beaches of Goa. spend the entire evening on the beach having a lavish dinner over candle light . Watch the sun set together while your feet are dipped in sand and hands held together. late into the night when stars twinkle their best propose suddenly below moon light out of the blue while the cool sea breeze blows to you.

Kite Proposal: If a quirky kitschy proposal is what you are looking for try the kite route.Spell out ' Marry Me' on a Huge heart shaped kite and watch her heart soar.

Proposal on a height :  Proposing from the top of Burj Khalifa sounds interesting right? or you can try Eiffel tower or run your imagination wild and choose hatke offbeat places to pop the question.

Dedicate a song: At a disco or a club dedicate a song and propose her over a mike. You can even dedicate a song over radio and announce your proposal to the world and her .

A newspaper Advertisement:  Book ad space in a newspaper and put an Ad saying " Now Everyone Knows, please say yes' . Let her flip pages of news paper in the morning and get the sweetest shock of her life.

Which peppy proposal idea do you think is most dreamy in here? ;)

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India Unexplored ~ Kheri

We all have a hidden traveler inside us who would love to explore the whole world. Many are born with such dreams and desires of visiting foreign lands when they grow up. It's a goal in their life which pushes them towards working hard.

To all those lovely Indian travelers who want to escape into foreign lands to get themselves by the beauty of nature, why not start with your own country first?!

They say the grass is always greener on the other side and I can't help but agree with it. We dream about travelling and exploring the whole world while in this mad rush, we forget to explore the beauty of our own country. A country so beautiful and spectacular that once explored, you wouldn't have wished to travel anywhere else at all.

The places I am talking about are not listed on any of the fancy travel agency's must visit, fully resorted areas. No way. What I am referring to is the undiscovered India in the forms of villages and districts. These places have been there in India for a long while now and it's really a shocking truth that these places are yet to be explored.

One of these fantastico undiscovered place in India is Kheri, a small district of Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh is my ancestral home town and I am lucky to have such a strong bond with it. Though I was born and brought up in South India, I have a special bond with North India since my childhood days.

It's where my ancestral home is and where 1/4th of the world I know resides. Our family keeps making regular visits to UP on holidays and family weddings. The picture above is from my last visit which was last year.

My cousin from my father's side got married and the bride was from Kheri. I have been to Kheri before when I was a kid as my aunt is from there but only last year did I actually get to register this beautiful place.

On the day of the wedding, we took our Baraat to Kheri and that was when I instantly fell in love with this place. That river on the image is one of the barnches of Sharda, it is located right next to my Bhabhi's Maica. Must say she was a very lucky girl to have grown up in such a lovely atmosphere. This river is just one fragment of the beauty of this place. They have boating here but it's not for people to sit and take a navigational tour for fun but for travel. Yes, they travel by boats here. :D

A photo posted by Bushra M (@stilettomaniac) on
I just can't forget that fantastico sight when my eyes first fell on this place. It was the perfect definition of nature with half naked kids running about playing outdoor games, the trees around the river dancing in unison to the music of nature... the birds chirping and adding to the symphony... The horses lazily grazing the grass beside the lake... Several of the excited Townies who had come in the Baraat and were as spellbound as me going gaga over the lake with their cameras.. and the boats getting loaded by my far far relatives, all too eager to travel to the other side to run errands.. and finally me, standing by the lake, staring at the beautiful leaves afloat, looking totally out of place in this naturalistic scenario in my lehenga and jewelry.

I am a bit sad that I couldn't click more pictures but I feel it was the right to do as if I would get too busy and capturing memories, I would forget to enjoy and live in the moment and wouldn't have such a fantastico experience at all!

This is Kheri.. just a small part of Kheri actually. It is one of the unexplored places of my lovely India. Next time I visit UP, I am definitely going to explore the whole of Kheri and bring back loads of pictures :D

Until then, happy exploring!

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1 February 2016

Shopping ~ My Fantastico Mood Elevator!

A photo posted by Bushra M (@stilettomaniac) on

Despite all the positive vibes, there are always times when we feel low. The reasons vary, sometimes they are big problems and the most of the times, especially for me, it's something very silly yet irritating.

Some days I am annoyed at the fact that I don't know what I am annoyed at and and this situation is pretty annoying! I experience the weirdest of mood swings anyone can ever have.

I make a big attempt on always staying positive and not letting any of the negative thoughts put my brains into a toll but when the pressure's too much - the restraint snaps. After all, one can't behave like a mini tornado of happiness with the brightest of smiles 24/7. Sometimes those muscles need to relax and that's when the little negative goons kick in.

While a long walk, alone in the park or paying more attention in prayers always helps, I find myself more inclined towards - shopping.

Shopping. Just the word is enough to bring the brightest of smiles on my face. Add the word 'sale' to it and my smile only deepens.

Gone are the days when I would turn my schedule upside down to go to the mall, spend my precious time and energy hunting for whatever I need there, sulking while waiting in the long billing lines and finally, come home to aching feet and a weeping wallet. That's just not the definition of shopping for me!

Shopping for is sitting in the warm comfort of my cozy bed, clutching my phone/laptop and browsing the e-commerce apps. Online shopping is the best thing which happened to any shopaholic like me. No kidding.

Dear amazing inventor of the concept of online shopping, wherever you are, I want you to know that I love you!

Shopping is true love for me and I can choose a Sale over Bae anyday! It acts like a fantastico medicine for me when I am feeling low. I am so eager in hunting for the best deals on whatever I want to buy that the bad mood just evaporates into thin air. After a while, I myself can't believe that I had been in a sour mood just a few hours back. I am all chirpy and back to my cool 'mini-tornado-of-positivity' mode again. My up lift in mood is starkly evident in the renewed zest of my voice as I happily tell about the sale to my sisters and ask Mom if she wants anything for her or the home.

I get the best deals on what I need and also my smile back so it's a win win situation. I shop from Flipkart and Amazon the most so I always have that security of not giving my money to the bins. When I don't like anything I have bought.. I return it and get the refund within the matter of a few hours. I know, so cool! 

I have shopped from more websites then I can remember and here's a little review:

Fastest Delivery: Flipkart
Best Packaging: Amazon
Cutest Packaging: Myntra
Best Pricing/sales: Flipkart
Best Return policy: Flipkart and Amazon.
Best Exchange Policy: Flipkart. (Amazon doesn't have an exchange policy at all!)
Best Competitive Pricing: Snapdeal
Best Return pickup scheduling: Amazon *claps*
Best Collection of products: Myntra
Best Images of the products: Myntra
Best Grocery Mart: Grofers and Ola Store

I can go on and on. Let's leave more details for later! I just shopped from the ongoing Flipkart 'end of season sale and that's what's got me all pepped up. :D

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.
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