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27 April 2015

Dressing Semi Casual For Women

I have done a dressing semi casual wear post for men recently (Check here) and this one's for women. We don't like to be left behind now, do we?! :)
Okay, to start with, women need to take extra care to dress right as when it comes to their fashion, the choice is simply endless. In the case of men, you wear a shirt and pant it becomes casual, put on a blazer, it become semi-casual and add a tie to the same outfit - it becomes formal wear!

On the other hand, dressing up is not that easy with women! Dressing up right for us takes all the time and money in the world! :)

Semi-casual wear is something you can wear on both a casual outing or office. I have tried to depict the same in the images. The first look is for those who are more inclined towards the glamour industry or for those who like to be fashion forward.

Skater Dresses:
Skater dresses have that semi-casual aura about them. They are perfect for a day when you want to look irresistibly pretty yet formal and crisp. They come in millions of designs and you should choose what you want depending on the occasion.
For example, if it's a business party, you can choose the first pink lace skater dress. The second coral and off-shoulder one is more appropriate for a date night or for partying with friends. The third, classier skater dress in the pic is for a more toned down, serious office look. Skater dresses are not only comfortable but simply chic and regal at the same time. Hence, they are the first one to reach out when it comes to semi casual wear.
The above pic is the perfect description of semi casual wear. Pair it with a trendy ear cuff like I have shown above and you will surely rock it!

*Shoes: Pick comfortable ones. It's very important to be shoe-smart! If you love high heels like me too, but are afraid of them giving you a leg pain, go for platform heels as depicted in the above picture. They are not only comfortable but chic and glorious at the same time!
*Bag: A sling is your best friend if you are opting for semi casual wear. The above one is from Lous Vuitton.
*Shades: Wear them only if you need them. You don't want to look like a fool wearing them at night when there's no sunlight!
*Hair: A high pony is the best option for semi casual wear dress up. If you are more comfortable with open hair, then letting those locks loose is always the best option! :)

Dress smart, dress gorgeous!

26 April 2015

8 annoying things Indians who have best friends from the opposite sex have to put up to.

Friendship ~ it's one relationship which can survive the test of time and remain unconditional and pure, no matter what. Sadly, Bollywood has for years misleaded us Indians and thanks to the society which surrounds us, having best friends from the opposite sex is unwelcome and raises eyebrows even in this 21st century.

Below are some ridiculous questions and judgements which narrow-minded people pass on best friends who are from the opposite sex. I have included my reactions just below the statements.

1. "Are you sure you two are just friends?"
Are you sure you want to live?
21 Things That Terrify Every Desi Twentysomething

2. "Ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahi hosakte" 
Stop watching too much of Bollywood shit. STOP it.
21 Questions That Will Annoy Every Twentysomething Muslim Girl

3. "You two will make a great couple"
My slap and your cheek. That's what will make a great couple.
21 Things That Terrify Every Desi Twentysomething

4. "Don't lie to yourself. You love her/him."
Okay. Where is my Pizzaaaaa... Enough of this shit!22 Signs Uday Chopra Is Scoring The Best Hash In India

5. "Best friends make the best life partners. You should think about it."
Really. Like REALLY!!!
idk animated GIF

6. "Duniya kya kahegi?"
Aye Poda!
Times Of India Chose To Celebrate Women's Day By Publishing This Reeeally Sexist Joke

7. Do your parents know about him?
 Do you know I own a gun?

8. "Aww! You two will have cute kids!"
 Okay. I am done with you.
P.S: I totally enjoyed creating this post :D More like these coming up!
Keep smiling,

24 April 2015

Ethnic Kurti Haul from

 Lately, I have been obsessed with two things;

* Photography
* Shopping

I am totally enjoying these two activities and I am glad to say that I am really getting better at both. I am in love with my new camera! ^_^ It's the only thing which manages to keep me offline for a while!

Coming to shopping, I recently got a chance to make a haul from Jabong Online Shopping Portal again. You can read my previous hauls from Jabong here and here.

Jabong had a lovely sale going on at the moment and I was SO glad I could get my hands on this Kurti at such a feasible price!
I had added five kurtis from the sale in my wishlist, three of which went out of stock within five minutes. ( I know, scary.) Then I zeroed on this kurti and proceeded to check out with it and to my HORROR, it showed out of stock. *mini heart break* here. I was so broken coz I really loved the colours in this kurti and wanted to own it. I was so irritated that I logged out of my account and tried engaging myself in other activities to lift my mood.

In the morning, I received a reminder email from Jabong and when I headed back to my cart again.. this kurti was there. Showing "In Stock". You can imagine how I almost spilled my morning coffee on my precious laptop out of joy. *umm* Without even caring to finish my coffee, I raced to check out with this Kurti with the speed of Usain bolt and after a few *dhak* *dhak* moments, I received a confirmation mail...  This beauty was finally mine!! :D *grins*
As expected, the delivery from Jabong was quite quick. I received the kurti after one and a half days of placing the order. The first thing I noticed was the packaging. They have changed it from what it was previously.
I love their new choice of cover, the old one which was white was too normal looking and this one stands out in all those plethora of white packaging covers by other websites.
The second thing which I noticed was the irresistible way in which the kurti was packed. I don't know whether this credit should go to the folks at Jabong or the Kurti brand, Sangria themselves. It was packed in a roll like a traditional Indian dupatta. I totally loved this unique packaging.
 The final output was more than I had expected and I am so glad I chose to shop from Jabong after a long while! As always, they impressed me with their endless kurti collection and I have fallen in love with this colourburst kurti.
It feels like I have bought a Rainbow for myself! :D

Brand: Sangria
MRP: ₹999
After discount on Jabong: ₹450 
My rating for Jabong: 4.5/5

Final Verdict:
Like always, I had a wonderful shopping experience at Jabong Online Shopping Portal yet again! I love their endless collection especially in unique kurtis. If you have checked my previous haul from them, you will how unique and lovely kurtis they have at unbelievable prices!
I totally recommend Jabong to all you wonderful folks! :)

You can buy this kurti from here (Currently out of stock I guess :P )

Always shop smart,

23 April 2015

Trench coat haul from Myntra through the lens of my Zenfone 5

I love experimenting when it comes to fashion or for that matter anything! I got my inspiration to own a trenchcoat from my sister who is die hard lover of trench coats, boots and anything trendy and gorgeous.

In fact, she was the one who chose this (she is my best shopping buddy! :)) I made this haul a couple of days before her wedding.
Myntra is one of my favourites when it comes to unique fashion. They have SO much choice and I have never been disappointed by them!
I can never stop praising their packaging! I have tried at least a fifty or so online shopping websites and I can easily label Myntra as the one who offers the BEST packaging!! I never throw away their package boxes, especially the small ones. They are simply perfect to store my jewellery and makeup! :D
This trench coat came packed perfectly too. The parcel was so huge, I received quite a few stares from my neighbours when I was receiving this courier *duh* ;)
 Myntra has a massive offer on this with 70% off. It's MRP is ₹ 3750 but I got it for ₹ 1138 only! *big big grins*

I simply fell in love with this black and white woollen checked coat. It has a spread collar, three-quarter sleeves with belt loops and buckle detail along the hems, short button placket with buckle detail on the front, an insert pocket on either side, overlay detail on the back and a flared hemline. It can also be worn inside-out which has a beautiful black and white silk polka-dotted cloth.
Type: Trench Coat
Brand: L Elegante
Price: ₹3750 
Discount: 70% 
Material: Wool
My Rating: 4.5/5  (It's a steal at this price!)
 I couldn't get to click its inner cloth. It's more pretty with polka dots! I assume I can wear it both back and front! :D Yayyiieee! The delivery was in time, within 3 days and the wait was simply worth it!!

 You can buy this coat here.

All images of this trench coat haul are taken from #MyAsusZenFone 5. Its camera is superb! All these images were taken inside my house during night time. You can see how brilliantly the phone captured the beauty of this trench coat! If you are looking for a budget smartphone with amazing features then the Zenfone5 is the phone you should pick! :) I am totally loving it!

22 April 2015

Naseeb ~ Shayari

Mohabbat Bhi Zaroori Thi, 
Bichadna Bhi Zaroori Tha,
Bahut bhaage hum naseeb se,
Ek din uske aage jhukna bhi zaroori tha..

20 April 2015

How to Dress up for a Job Interview – For Men

How to Dress up for a Job Interview
Most of you struggle to get the right match of clothes for a job interview, even knowing that it calls for a professional wear, but common mistakes are always made while dressing up. Dressing up for a job interview calls for the sophisticated nature even if it’s a creative field job. There are some things to keep in mind before the dressing part and some things to know in choosing your clothes for a job interview.

Follow these tips to make it easier in knowing the right wear for the right interview.
  • Make sure you know the work-place environment and the type of job you will be interviewing.
  • Business wear, Business casual wear and casual wear are three different sections to know before deciding what to pair up for the interview.
  • Know the season or time of the Interview. You don’t want to dress up in Black in hot summers.
  • Keep your clothes well clean and ironed properly
  • Do not wear disturbing jewelry or perfume
  • Do not try to get too creative and experiment, keep it simple and clean.
What to wear to a Job Interview – Men’s Wear
How to Dress up for a Job Interview
Formal Business Wear for job Interview

The environment matters a lot, the professional work place will guide for choosing formal clothes for the interview. Your need will be a coat suit or a well formal shirt in full sleeves as the main dress up requirement.
  • Coat suit for men need to be in dark colour specifically choose a black or grey suit. A simple two buttoned or three buttoned coat suit will work just fine. Just don’t forget the season, you may opt for double-breasted coat suit if it’s a chilly weather. 
  • Shirt should be in cotton as it’s preferable as per cool or hot weather and gives a clean look. Dress the shirt buttoned down properly from the top collar button. Choose a full sleeve shirt in white or blue, and you may also opt for smaller stripe pattern shirt. Brands like Van Heusen, Allen Solly, Blackberrys has the best collection. 
  • Do wear a tie and this should match your shirt and coat suit. Keep it simple as possible, go with single colour and normal patterns instead of funky and printed ones. This rule of tie applies to all categories of work industry.
  • Shoes should definitely be leather in a dark shade of brown or black and match your socks with your trousers.
Business Casual Wear for job Interview
This wear has got flexibility to looking classy and casual with the basic business wear by adding comfortable cotton trousers and leaving out the coat suit in this. The work environment is professionally casual which may need classy personality reflected from your clothing style. 
  • Choosing your trousers shouldn't be a problem, keep the simple cotton pants in black, navy or khaki pants as an option to match up with your shirt. 
  • Shirt for men need to be in full sleeves and again choose a blue colour or light tones of grey, cream for the natural look. Pattern shirts are also great in stripes. Don’t go for polka or any other pattern and print.
  • Dress a buttoned down shirt with a tie in a simple pattern like I mentioned in the formal business wear guide. And pull on a sweater or a cardigan as per the season.
  • Now for the extras, you may carry a formal Business Blazer that matches the look. Nowadays this trend has caught much attention, here’s a collection to refer at of Men’s Blazers. The blazers needs to be picked up very carefully with a basic cut or 2 pocket blazer in black. A two buttoned blazer or one buttoned blazer will work fine.
  •  Shoes again will be in leather in black or brown and well-matched socks with your trousers.
How to Dress up for a Job Interview
Casual Wear for job Interview
This kind of dressing for an interview is rarely required even if the place has a casual environment unless the job profile suits this. Remember for an interview it’s better to always dress over than under. The Suits and Blazers can be avoided in this kind of interviews.
  • Khaki pants are a good way of making the casual look meet for a job interview. Just choose something that is not too much in fitting.
  • Short sleeve shirt for men with plain, stripe or checks in pastels and white or blues are always perfect. Dress the shirt buttoned down, tucked in and a belt in solid hue of black or brown whichever suits.
  • You may opt for a tie or go without one depending on your personal choice but still keep the tie professional, here’s a place where you can get best ties informal category.
  • You may opt for other types of shoes than leather like suede if that suits the work place environment. And, of course, your socks should match your pants.
  • An interesting way to add more class is wearing a waistcoat over this, a v-neck waistcoat or vest in black, dark brown or blue in classic style.
Extra Tips
  • You may wear reading eyeglasses or neutral spectacles to get a decent look, not only will it make an impression but it will also protect your eyes during work at work.
  • Put on a polite face and a confident one, bring out your polite nature to increase your chances of getting the job.
  • Carry a Briefcase or a portfolio even if it is not required, it will make you look organized and your work will be systematic.
For some more outfit inspiration and a more casual look, check out my recent post.

Guest article by Aarti Patel
Images by Stilettomaniac 

17 April 2015

Asus Zenfone 5 and My Sister's Wedding

They say the best things in life come unexpected, something similar happened in my case! If you have been following my Instagram profile you will know that I was tied up last month with my Sister's wedding. 

If you are an Indian, you will know what drama goes behind an Indian wedding and how you are a tired wreck at the end of it all. But that end is the end of very memorable and sweet memories! :)

Thanks to this Zenfone 5 who decided to knock my door and be a wedding guest himself, I had the best time of my life throughout the wedding!

Now how's that you ask? Well, imagine there are just two days left for the function at your sister's wedding to start, being a blogger by profession, you are not missing a single opportunity to click everything pretty in sight and BOOM your phone falls and shatters.. both itself and your dreams!
That's my Bro's new Bullet in this pic ;)
If you are a regular shopper from Flipkart too, you will know that gone are the days where you could expect them to ship everything is just a day without having to pay extra pennies. The worse, the phones you want to own are either "first come first serve" basis where you have to undergo a rat race on a given date or simply come with loooong months of waiting lists! :/

I was shattered. I love my gadgets and giving up on me while I need them the most is the least I expect from them! I had signed up for a reviewing opportunity just a couple of days before and as fate had it, just before I was about to drown in the depth of misery, the charming Zenfone 5 arrived knocking at my doorstep! :D

"Hey beautiful! Why are you upset? A more handsome option is here! ;) " The Zenfone winked at me!

"Omg! your HOT and so gorgeous on the outside! Lemme explore you" I said, instantly lightening up my mood, wiping the tears are reaching to unpack the parcel eagerly.

HAIL! HAIL! It was a breath-taking beauty coupled with smart features.
 I didn't waste a minute to shift my sim and SD card from my old phone to this new charming beauty! I explored all of its amazing inbuilt apps.

I scribbled some Mehendi designs of the supernote app of this phone before my Sister's Mehendi night. This made the job so much easier! It had been a long while since I had applied the henna design on anyone's hand so I was out of practice. The Supernote app helped me practice before I could finally apply the design on the bride's hands (yes I apply Mehendi too *winks*)

The phone was a total blessing as it was backed with the best of phone cameras I have ever tried(and trust me I have used everything from Samsung notes to N97 minis!)
The entire wedding function went out quite smoothly and guess what?? Some of my relatives were burning with jealousy after seeing this handsome dude in my hands! *lol* Especially when I would click pics from my phone and show the pictures to whoever wanted to have a look at them, I could notice few folks lusting at my phone and a few of my cousins actually asked me this: "Hey are these pics taken from DSLR?" When I told them I took them from #MyAsusZenFone .. they had a hard time believing it! :)

More love for this phone and detailed review coming up in next posts. Until then, if you are considering buying an awesome smartphone under a budget of  10K (yes only 10 damn K!!) Zenfone 5 is a LOVELY option! :)

Be smart while choosing your gadgets,

P.S: All pictures are taken from my cute P600 :)

Casual Fashion for Men

If it's a special occasion, all of us take that little effort to dress up royally and look dashing. Be it a wedding, a date night or an important meeting/interview, we try to look our best.

What about a casual day? Well, I believe that every day is a special day. Every morning is a new beginning, a wonderful beginning of an exciting life which has tons of surprises to offer.

While I do know that one can't wear that Raymond blazer suit or that sizzling sherwani every day, I believe that that little effort of dressing yourself up should be taken every day.

Thanks to casual fashion, the concept of dressing well every day is not new to all of us. What's your idea of casual fashion? Is it a simple yet classy polo shirt, a nice fit comfy blue jeans or simply a sweatshirt?

Casual fashion in my view is something comfy yet classy and sexy at the same time! 

Here are some examples of casual fashion I have compiled. These will help you get a better idea and also give you some inspiration on how to dress up casual/ semi-casual every day.

Dressing casual for work:
Unless it's a real important meeting, a job interview, an office party or something in those lines, it's not necessary to dress over the top, on the contrary, it'll make you the odd one out. Everyday fashion should be something simple, comfy yet classy. It's something which represents your personality, your own self.

Below are some clothes for casual dress up and Friday fashion inspiration:

Fashion by AskmeBazaar
On a Weekend:
Weekends are all about lazing around, going to the movies and hanging out with friends. That's when a pair of comfortable jeans always comes handy. Going by the present low waist trend, the below fashion is perfect for weekends. Also, the 'Tshirt inside a shirt' look is raging hot too!
Fashion by AskmeBazaar
A muffler and a pair of sunglasses are some accessories which can instantly transform your otherwise dim casual look into a classy and fashionable one, hence, it'll do good to keep them handy!

The best way to look suave wearing casual clothing is choosing the right fit. Even if it's the simplest of Ts and the fit is good, it can do wonders to make you look handsome and glorious! Even one size small can ruin the outfit as it won't be comfortable for you and well, comfort is the prime demand from casual clothing!

Always stay awesome in and out!

13 April 2015

Redefine your smart phone experience with ASUS Zenfone2

ASUS India cover
What are gadgets to you? For me, they are my world! I cannot imagine my life without them.The thought of going without my laptop or my cellphone over a month makes me shudder. 

I like my gadgets smart and efficient. I am proud to say that when it has come to gadgets, I have made the right choices, be it my phone my camera or my laptop!

Cell phone is one gadget that we all are acquainted to the most. Even though I am a blogger, I happen to use my cell phone more than my laptop. With it's wonderfully efficient apps, I find myself always reaching out to it. 

Not all smartphones are smart. Some can even give you big headaches! Hence, it's very important to choose the right smartphone. 

There are many budget friendly options available in the market, the hottest and most promising one of the lot is the new ASUS Zenfone2. I have used the Zenfone5(review coming up in a week) and can tell you that the Zenfone range is one the finest and most efficient range of smartphones! 

In my view the best feature of the Zenfone5 is the camera but now, looks like the Zenfone2 is here to set a record like never before!

Five reasons why I feel the ASUS Zenfone2 can redefine my smartphone experience: 

1. The outstanding RAM:
RAM is one feature of a smartphone which effects its overall performance a lot. ASUS Zenfone2 comes with the world's first ever 4GB RAM in a smartphone. Isn't that pretty cool?! I would love to try out a phone which has a unique feature which even phones like iPhone5 don't have! 

2. Exclusive charging technology:
The first thing I look at before buying a smartphone is its battery power. I truly hate phones whose battery keeps running out even when not in use or those which take ages to charge! ASUS Zenfone2 is backed with an exclusive technology that charges devices much faster than traditional speeds. The battery juices up to 60% in not more than 39 minutes. It would be great to own a phone which is not a pain in the a** when it comes to charging it!

3. PixelMaster camera:
As I already mentioned above, I am mighty impressed with the picture quality the Zenfone range of phones offer! ASUS Zenfone2 is here to strengthen my foundation on the same more. One can now see what others can't see with its PixelMaster camera which captures stunning, high-resolution pictures with zero shutter lag.  I am a hard core photographer and such an awesome phone camera is what I need for everyday use to capture every moment of my life!

4. Ergonomic Arc Design: 
After the features, what do you look for in a smartphone the very next? For me it's the looks and designing! It always feels great to own a sexy looking smartphone which has been designed beautifully. The ASUS Zenfone2 is quite attractive and simply irresistible with its luxurious ultra-thin ergonomic arc design. It's a phone which you will love to flaunt to the world!

5. Other outstanding features:
That's not all! The other unique features which the new ASUS Zenfone2 offers are amazing too. This phone is designed to enhance a user's experience in every way and deliver a new level of empowering luxury to each one. 

4 April 2015

Five Sweet Ways To Say Sorry

We all make mistakes which in turn end up hurting people around us. Sometimes we do it intentionally and other times, it's just a misunderstanding. Either time, a human always feels guilty after hurting another being. That heavy heart is always there which regrets hurting someone.

Luckily, we have a word called 'sorry' which backs us up and makes it easier for us to convey to that person whom we have hurt that we seek forgiveness.

However, I feel these days this word is misused a lot. People say it when they don't even mean it and that kinda spoils the situation more.

These days, most people say the word "Sorry" like it's some kind of halwa. Like seriously! Jab chaho chabalo types!

No. This way of using the word is really wrong. Say it when you really mean it. Say it from the bottom of your heart, when you do so, the other person will surely feel it and forgive you instantly.

Thanks to the extensive misuse of this word, today, hardly anyone accepts it from people who have hurt them. The point is, if you are sorry, then you need to do more than just saying the word 'sorry' to show your loved one you mean it.

Here are five sweet ways of saying sorry which will melt hearts and win them back!

1. Use Food:
Food has its very own quality of lightening faces up. If the dish is something mouth watering then the chances are, it's going to be a memorable apology! Customise it. Engrave the words "I am sorry" with cream on a cake or a pudding and see his/her heart melt at that sight!

2. Screen Saver:
If you have the privilege of getting close to the gadgets of the people you want to apologise to, upload  a screen saver with a "Sorry" message when they are not watching. This will come as a surprise to them and trust me! If it's a woman then she'll want to hug you then and there. *winks* You can also do this on their phones. Simply download an apology wallpaper and upload it.

3. Go on Record:
You can simply record your apology on your phone and play it when that person is around or better still, play a sorry music track.  'Chalo jaane do, ab chodo bhi' from the film Bhoothnath, ' jaane bhi de' from Heyy babyy, 'Aji rooth kar kahan jayiga' from Aarzoo are some option you can try.

4. Gifts:
No matter what, gifts always come to one's rescue! Gift her/him something he/she likes with a sweet "I am sorry" greeting card. Even if your gift is not that appealing the person will surely forgive you as this is a very sweet gesture.

5. Sorry Kaan Pakadke:
My personal fav! If nothing works, this will DEFINITELY work! Hold your ears with both your hands, make the cutest face ever, Twist your lower lip a bit to give you that kiddish look, now say loud "Sorry Kaan Pakadke!" :D *Awws* This one is totally irresistible! ;) #PersonalExperience

Have you tried any other way with your loved ones? Do share! :)

I don't own any of the images.

1 April 2015

Kaanton se Mohabbat ~ Shayari

Kaanton se mohabbat hone lagi hai,
Jabse phoolon ne apne rang dikhadiye,

Kya karen shikwe hum gairon se,
Jab khudke apnon ne bair karadiye...!!

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