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21 May 2015

Introducing Candere ~ An elegant jewelry brand

Precious jewelry is never out of fashion. No matter how big an artificial jewelry junkie you are, you will always find yourself reaching out to those little pieces of precious jewelry when it comes to special occasions like a dinner date, a wedding or simply a day out with loved ones.

There's something about precious jewels that artificial jewelry can never beat. I myself am a big artificial jewelry lover, but the majority of the times, I find solace in the precious jewelry I own.

Today, there is a plethora of choice when it comes to precious jewelry. The options are so many that it becomes hard to decide what to choose and what not to.

Beautiful designing coupled with a good quality of gold/platinum is my personal favorite. Owning a bland design of jewelry which you will probably never feel like wearing is so pointless!

Hence, I am always in the lookout for precious jewelry brands/stores who offer unique designs which are classy and simply elegant and make you wanna always wear them.
Candere is one such amazing brand I happened to come across recently and let me tell you, I have fallen in love with their jewelry collection! Their intricate diamond cuts, beautiful gold designs, and the limitless options have got me glued to their online website.

Gone are the days when people used to fear buying things online. Today, there's an online store for everything in this world! I am an online shopping junkie and would prefer sitting and shopping from the warm comfort of my bed any day over standing in long billing queues at malls.
Why I would prefer shopping for precious jewelry online from Candere:

1. All the jewelry by Candere are Government certificated hence there's no issue of quality of gold/diamond. There's no way I can be cheated.
2.There's a plethora of choice. I have visited many jewelry stores and have always found only limited designs for what I want to buy. But online, there's limitless choice and collection as is the case with Candere.
3. Candere offers lifetime exchange and 30 day return policy hence I don't have to worry if I don't like the design when it arrives at my doorstep.
4. Candere offers insured free shipping on all products and the USP of the product is its bespoke international designs.
5. Available on EMI

Hence, I feel online jewelry shopping is simply cool and more productive with a plethora of choice especially when it comes to a brand like Candere!

Candere has options for everything from necklaces, diamond rings, bangles, mangalsutras, pendants, earrings, chains and nose pins. That's not all, they have jewelry for Men too. Men's jewelry range from bands, rings, bracelets and other precious gemstones.

What I loved the most about Candere was the unique deigning. Every piece of jewelry looks like an intricate carving of art packed with elegance, class and superior quality.

I totally recommend to all of you. Go ahead and check it out right now!

14 May 2015

Why you should download the all new Airtel App!!

Airtel cover
If you are on Twitter, you would have heard the term AAPtard. Well, calm down, coz that's not what we'll be discussing here! What we are actually discussing here are awesome APPtards like yours truly!! *winks*

I use a MotoG 2Gen cell phone (which is the best phone I have ever used.. and trust me! I have used many other high priced ones!!) which works like a breeze combined with my Airtel sim.

I am an Airtel user since a long time and I must say that I am quite happy with their service. There has never been a problem like the users of other networks complain about.

When I learnt that Airtel has launched their app, I was elated and very excited to try it out. I may be fashion and humour blogger but when it comes to gadgets I am techie too who loves interesting apps and of course.. a hardcore android lover!

These days you can see that almost EVERY brand out there is coming up with new ideas to engage their customers. Launching their own apps, tops the list! it's a very smart thing to do because people are more engaged with their smartphones these days and apps are what will interest them.

You might have heard the news that's buzzing about the whole internet like hot fire!, a bigshot shopping giant is going App only. This is the first time such a big e-commerce website is taking this step. When I heard this, at first I was a bit disappointed as I love shopping at Myntra and shopping through a mobile app is really not my thing. I like big screens and clearer views when it comes to dating my favourite hobby ~ Shopping! ;) But then, this thought crossed me that if they are going app only, they will for sure come up with some more striking technology and coming from Myntra, I'll surely love it!!

Besides, I have got acquainted to all these apps on my cell phone to an extent where I can't imagine my life without them! They make life so much simpler, especially when I am travelling or just don't have the energy (read: lazy bum) to open up my hottie Dell.

The Airtel app is quite a blessing which brings numerous features in a single app and makes it very user-friendly and engaging to use!

The three features which I found were most engaging and effective are:

1. The 'shake for offer' feature: If you have the app, you will know that they have this unique shake feature which shows you new offers and deals when you shake your phone. I LOVE such unique features. The Airtel app has a similar 'shake' feature which gives you exclusive offers on your specific Airtel number when you shake your phone! Pretty cool eh?!!

2. Payments made easy: I am a Prepaid customer and the only thing which has kept me from shifting to postpaid is the tiring billing procedure. I am not found of complicated billing procedures and thanks to the all new Airtel app, this won't be a problem anymore! All one has to do is login inside the app and make the monthly DTH payment within a few minutes!

3. Airtel Surprise Coupons: Whenever you recharge via the Airtel app, they give you surprise coupons. Now tell me!!! How can a bargain queen like me not LOVE this feature!! :D Free coupons/cashback and any other stuff which lets me save a little of my hard earned money makes me jump in joy!!

12 May 2015

Lime Handbag From Review

Online shopping has become the most engaging and exciting thing for me. If I start counting how many online hauls I have made last month.. the list will be as long as my waist length brunette hair. 

If you are following this blog from a long time, you will know that I am a scrapbooker for and LOVE shopping there.

However, it has been a while since I shopped from Lime road. A few days back, I got a chance to shop again and that was when I chose this gorgeous lime bag!
Limeroad keeps having lovely sales and promotions like the 'rush hour', '70% off ' and 'buy one get one free' sale. I received a mail from Limeroad announcing that their 'buy one get one free' sale had been extended. I checked the sale out and was overjoyed to find endless options at astonishing prices! I quickly started choosing.. choosing.. and you know, until I finally picked up this bag and some other items, much to my horror, the sale was GONE. *crie* *sob*
You can imagine my disappointment. I was so upset that I just logged out and didn't return to my cart for a day. Next day when I opened my cart again, my heart started racing as the bag was available on half price which was very close to the previous 'buy one get one free' offer. I didn't waste a single minute and checked out with this bag. After I received the confirmation mail, I was jumping all around the house telling everybody what a GREAT price I got the bag for!

The delivery was quick as a breeze. I received the parcel within two days of placing the order. The packaging was the signature lime cover which I love.
The bag turned out to be more than what I had expected. The colour is simply beautiful and chic! I loved the quality too. For the price, it was a steal!
One of the unique features of which I love is the scrapbooking feature. It has evolved a lot from what it was previously and become more fun now! Creating fashion looks on their site and making wishlists is my favourite pass time.

Type: Yellow sketchy handbag
Brand: Kary
MRP: 599
I got it for: 399
My Rating: 4/5
The Pros of shopping from Limeroad:
*Unlimited choice
*Scrapbook feature which lets you earn some credits
*Breezy navigation with user-friendly look
*Apt delivery before the given date
*Easy 15-day return policy if you have made a cash/bank payment
*Frequent irresistible sales
*All woman needs ranging from apparel, jewelry to housing needs.
*Wonderful after sales support

The cons:
*If you have shopped through the credits earned from scrap booking, only defective/damaged items will be returned.
*In order to view the website, signing up/logging in is a must.

I love shopping from Limeroad as they have some of the most unique products and I totally recommend to all the beautiful women out there. I also recommend t to men.. you can always shop for the women in your life from Limeroad! ;)

You can check out my previous hauls from Limeroad here, here, herehere, here and here! *I know, that many! ;)*

10 May 2015

My First Expert ~ My Mom

I don't believe in celebrating mothers day ~ Yes, you read it right!

I beleive that  we don't need a day to respect and honour our mothers. They should be respected, honoured and loved every day... every hour.. every second!!

Mom ~ A person or to put it in more suitable words.. an angel.. a blessing.. a saviour, is the best gift to mankind. She is that being because of which the world was created.

Her love.. her care.. her emotions.. can NEVER be matched or paid back!

My Mom is my world and just the thought of going without her for even a day makes me shudder.

It was dark.. I woke up in the middle of night. The darkness and silence of the night scared me. I found myself alone and started screaing and crying. She woke up from her sleep.. came running to me and hugged me tight. "Why do you cry angel? I am right here!" she said and kissed my cheek. Then she sung me a lullaby and made me sleep peacefully..

That day I knew I was not alone. I always had my Mom by my side.

She was my first teacher.. My first mentor. 
She protected me from the world.
She beleived in me like none other.
She loved me like there was no tomorrow.
She loves me and I know she will always no matter what!

Being her youngest girl child, I enjoyed a little extra priviliges from my mother. She always spoilt me with her little treats but she taught me to never cross lines. Even if I did, she would give me a hearing, but always forgive me bythe end of the day.

My Mom taught me to paint, to read and write even before any teacher in my school could do so. I was a tough child with the stubborness and toughness of a rock but Mom knew the perfect words and ways that would melt me and mould me into a better human being everyday.

Today, whatever I am, I owe it to her confidence, her encouragement and her unconditional love. Everytime I find my world turning upside down, I hug my Mom tight and my worries melt away.

Every morning I wake up, I am happy and thank the heavens that I am blessed with such an amazing Mom. When my Mom smiles at something she likes which I have done for her, I promise myself to work on always gluing that smile on her face.

On mother's day I was wondering what to gift her. I checked everything online from bags, kitchen appliances to apparel.. than I suddenly realised that this was not what my Mom wanted. So I went to her and gave her a surprise hug. She was happy and loved the gesture. :)

That was #MyFirstExpertStory with my Mom, what is yours? Do let me know! :) Also check out the all new Godrej Expert hair color. My Mom loves it!

Loads of cheers to Motherhood!

7 May 2015

13 signs that prove you are a die hard foodie

There are two kinds of people in this world.

No 1.>> Those who "Eat to live" 
No 2.>> Those who "Live to eat"

Have you ever wondered which category from the above you belong to? Here are thirteen signs which can help you decipher the same. I have included my captions just above the Gifs. DON'T miss them! ;)

Before we start, I would like you to check out's CSR page. It's a wonderful initiative which aims on developing the nutrition and food conditions of people in need.

1. You try out every cuisine wherever you go, even if the result is THIS:

When a South Indian tastes North Indian food for the first time.

2.Your stomach heart aches when there's nothing delicious on the menu.

When Mom says It's lauki ki sabzi for dinner

3. FREE FOOD is true love to you and any discount/food coupon is your ticket to happiness!

When the shopkeeper says "Ek kilo pyaaz pe dhaniya free hai"

4.You are hungry 24/7! 

When you wake up in the middle of the night and find nothing to eat in the fridge
Reaction GIF: When you read a minor spoiler. 

5. You don't care where you are or who's watching, you eat like a Bhukkad!

Buri nazar wale tera muh kala!

6. You know every Eat out of your town by heart and people ask your advice for places to dine.

Reaction GIF: When someone asks me how to make a GIF

7. You not only like cooking but also like demonstrating the whole procedure to anyone in need.

"....and that's how you cook Pop Corn!"
Reaction GIF: And the bass goes…

8. When someone lectures you on the harms of eating junk food, you ignore.


9. You like savouring your food bit by bit.

Umm...  so delicious!

10. Food bets are your favourite thing:

Rabb Neee Banadi Foodieeeeeee hayee!

11. You love weddings, festivals and other family gatherings because... FOOD.

Me eyeing the next batch of samosas

12. They call you fat / Bhukkad / Chatora but that's not stopping you from eating!

I am in a relationship with Food!

13. Going on a diet is like suicide to you.

"Diet eh? Okay, first let me finish this Hot Dog...  and a dozen sandwiches!"

So now you know which category you belong to. *winks* Do check out, it's a blessing for true foodies like you and me. What's more, they are having a lot of offers at the moment so hurry!! :D

Golgappas over Bae any day!

Gifs source

What's Hot ~ #EkNayiLeague

Ek Nayi League cover
They say 'follow your heart' ~ Well, that's not the case this time!

We have grown up to the whole world around us sending messages to us in one or the other way to follow our hearts and listen to what they have to say. While some pay heed to the same, some don't. Have you ever thought about those situations where following your heart is not really a good idea? Brains.. that's what you have to excel in!

It's the IPL season and cricket is ruling hearts everywhere! If you look up at the image I have included above of Sir Kapil Dev, you can see that his posture and body language itself speaks volumes of what all this is about!

The #EkNayiLeague by Kapil is the most talked about thing right now and it's no surprise that it's already winning hearts all over the globe.

If you have watched the exclusive videos, you will know that playing your heart here will only make you lose. It's an exclusive league where your intellect will win you wonders!

For now, everything is a hush-hush and all we know is that something involving Bollywood celebrities and cricketers is happening. The buzz is that celebrities from Bollywood are going to set the stage for something like never before.

This pops a question in my head. WHAT could this new league be all about?

Here are my hunches>>

*It could be a fantasy league
*It could be a Quiz show
*It could be a women's league (Like IPL for women)
*It could be a reality show where celebrities and cricketers gather for something other than cricket.

It could be a fusion of money and cricket because the mind is involved. Now this sounds simply exciting!

For those who are alien to #EkNayiLeague, it's the Hindi form of the words One New league. So now, all of you know that this IPL is going to get much more exciting with whatever Kapil has planned up!

I watched three very interesting videos by Kapil Dev concerning this and here's what I could decipher:

*In the first video Kapil gives the basic introduction to this whole concept of #EkNayiLeague starting with an explanation of what 'hit wicket means'. According to him, those who followed their heart in this #EkNayiLeague would be as if it was a hit wicket. I kinda liked this unique comparison he gave.
The following videos are a little more elaborative but still keep you guessing and scratching your head thinking what this could really be about.

Whatever it is, I am sure it's going to be a big affair and something very interesting and unique like the IPL itself. My biggest hunch is that it's going to be something where Bollywood celebrities will be involved in the majority. I am totally excited about this and can't wait to know more.

Will keep you posted if I find any developments!

27 April 2015

Going Bike Shopping with the Zenfone 5

Bro's new bike ^_^
If you are following me on Instagram, you will remember that I posted a pic of the glorious beauty of a Royal Enfielder which my Brother bought. That picture was taken from #MyAsusZenfone 5. This post is all about my exciting bike shopping experience with my brother captured for you to look through the lens of Zenfone 5.

My brother is two years younger to me and his desire to own a bike was born when he himself was born. Lol.

He's so passionate about bikes and cars that staying in his company for say just an hour can make you a bike/car addict! :D So you can imagine how excited we all were when he was about to own his first bike. ;)

The choices were endless and the journey started with looking for the best models online, taking out numbers of bike showrooms in Bangalore, calling them, fixing a visit time and what not.
So much choice everywhere! This was at the Yamaha Showroom
I had tweeted "which bike to buy?" on my previous Twitter account (@TwitHolicMe), to which I go a great plethora of suggestions from humble and helpful friends :) It was then that one of my friends suggested Royal Enfield.

Well, it so happened that we ended on a Yamaha showroom and booked one green-blue hot Yamaha FZ. (Gave an advance booking amount too).
The green-blue Yamaha FZ next to the red one was what my Bro had settled for
Guess what happened then? :P My brother is just like me, Lol, he came home after booking the bike and then he was like "Hey! I think I made the wrong choice. I want to own a Bullet :/"

After seeing his latka huwa face, we decided that this time, we'll helped him follow his heart and that's how destiny brought us to a Royal Enfield showroom! :P
At the Royal Enfield Showroom
What happened about the advance booking you ask? We didn't go back there, forgot the advance amount( Thankfully it was just a sum of 500 bucks!), they kept calling us for a week and then knew we won't return. Lol.
Royal Enfield takes a three month advance booking hence it was a long wait for my brother but must say, the wait was totally worth it! :D
That handsome dude in the pic is my Bro ;)
They had displayed the bike on a Red carpet (I loved this unique thought!) when we went to receive it after 2.5 months of advanced booking.
Capturing the details!
That's how, my Brother finally bought himself a bike which all of us loved! :)

The Zenfone 5 has managed to capture the entire shopping journey beautifully. Here's a short yet crisp review for it!
The Plus Points:
*Spectacular camera with hundreds of features to explore.
*Cute designing
*Light weight
*Unique apps like the Supernote which are super awesome!
*Charges very fast
*Interesting features like the 'Glove mode', 'reading mode' etc which are not available in other smartphones!

Read my previous two posts here and here to know all the goodies of the Zenfone 5!

The minus points:
Screen Buttons back light problem: This is one drawback which was a little annoying. The backlights of the touch buttons on the Zenfone 5 don't light up when you touch the home screen button. This is is irritating during night time when the buttons are not visible as it becomes difficult to operate the phone in the dark.

If you are not stressing too much on it then no problem but once you have backed it up with a good load of apps and data.. the battery's performance tracks down a bit. The battery charges fast and dies fast too.

If not for these two minor issues, the Zenfone 5 is the perfect phone with 'premium features on budget' for you!! The pricing is very decent and it's definitely worth owning for its camera. I SO loved it!!

BTW: Look what I spotted in the Yamaha Showroom *massive hearts* Will own one soon InshaAllah! :D

Stay happy, stay awesome,

Dressing Semi Casual For Women

I have done a dressing semi casual wear post for men recently (Check here) and this one's for women. We don't like to be left behind now, do we?! :)
Okay, to start with, women need to take extra care to dress right as when it comes to their fashion, the choice is simply endless. In the case of men, you wear a shirt and pant it becomes casual, put on a blazer, it become semi-casual and add a tie to the same outfit - it becomes formal wear!

On the other hand, dressing up is not that easy with women! Dressing up right for us takes all the time and money in the world! :)

Semi-casual wear is something you can wear on both a casual outing or office. I have tried to depict the same in the images. The first look is for those who are more inclined towards the glamour industry or for those who like to be fashion forward.

Skater Dresses:
Skater dresses have that semi-casual aura about them. They are perfect for a day when you want to look irresistibly pretty yet formal and crisp. They come in millions of designs and you should choose what you want depending on the occasion.
For example, if it's a business party, you can choose the first pink lace skater dress. The second coral and off-shoulder one is more appropriate for a date night or for partying with friends. The third, classier skater dress in the pic is for a more toned down, serious office look. Skater dresses are not only comfortable but simply chic and regal at the same time. Hence, they are the first one to reach out when it comes to semi casual wear.
The above pic is the perfect description of semi casual wear. Pair it with a trendy ear cuff like I have shown above and you will surely rock it!

*Shoes: Pick comfortable ones. It's very important to be shoe-smart! If you love high heels like me too, but are afraid of them giving you a leg pain, go for platform heels as depicted in the above picture. They are not only comfortable but chic and glorious at the same time!
*Bag: A sling is your best friend if you are opting for semi casual wear. The above one is from Lous Vuitton.
*Shades: Wear them only if you need them. You don't want to look like a fool wearing them at night when there's no sunlight!
*Hair: A high pony is the best option for semi casual wear dress up. If you are more comfortable with open hair, then letting those locks loose is always the best option! :)

Dress smart, dress gorgeous!

26 April 2015

8 annoying things Indians who have best friends from the opposite sex have to put up to.

Friendship ~ it's one relationship which can survive the test of time and remain unconditional and pure, no matter what. Sadly, Bollywood has for years misleaded us Indians and thanks to the society which surrounds us, having best friends from the opposite sex is unwelcome and raises eyebrows even in this 21st century.

Below are some ridiculous questions and judgements which narrow-minded people pass on best friends who are from the opposite sex. I have included my reactions just below the statements.

1. "Are you sure you two are just friends?"
Are you sure you want to live?
21 Things That Terrify Every Desi Twentysomething

2. "Ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahi hosakte" 
Stop watching too much of Bollywood shit. STOP it.
21 Questions That Will Annoy Every Twentysomething Muslim Girl

3. "You two will make a great couple"
My slap and your cheek. That's what will make a great couple.
21 Things That Terrify Every Desi Twentysomething

4. "Don't lie to yourself. You love her/him."
Okay. Where is my Pizzaaaaa... Enough of this shit!22 Signs Uday Chopra Is Scoring The Best Hash In India

5. "Best friends make the best life partners. You should think about it."
Really. Like REALLY!!!
idk animated GIF

6. "Duniya kya kahegi?"
Aye Poda!
Times Of India Chose To Celebrate Women's Day By Publishing This Reeeally Sexist Joke

7. Do your parents know about him?
 Do you know I own a gun?

8. "Aww! You two will have cute kids!"
 Okay. I am done with you.
P.S: I totally enjoyed creating this post :D More like these coming up!
Keep smiling,

24 April 2015

Ethnic Kurti Haul from

 Lately, I have been obsessed with two things;

* Photography
* Shopping

I am totally enjoying these two activities and I am glad to say that I am really getting better at both. I am in love with my new camera! ^_^ It's the only thing which manages to keep me offline for a while!

Coming to shopping, I recently got a chance to make a haul from Jabong Online Shopping Portal again. You can read my previous hauls from Jabong here and here.

Jabong had a lovely sale going on at the moment and I was SO glad I could get my hands on this Kurti at such a feasible price!
I had added five kurtis from the sale in my wishlist, three of which went out of stock within five minutes. ( I know, scary.) Then I zeroed on this kurti and proceeded to check out with it and to my HORROR, it showed out of stock. *mini heart break* here. I was so broken coz I really loved the colours in this kurti and wanted to own it. I was so irritated that I logged out of my account and tried engaging myself in other activities to lift my mood.

In the morning, I received a reminder email from Jabong and when I headed back to my cart again.. this kurti was there. Showing "In Stock". You can imagine how I almost spilled my morning coffee on my precious laptop out of joy. *umm* Without even caring to finish my coffee, I raced to check out with this Kurti with the speed of Usain bolt and after a few *dhak* *dhak* moments, I received a confirmation mail...  This beauty was finally mine!! :D *grins*
As expected, the delivery from Jabong was quite quick. I received the kurti after one and a half days of placing the order. The first thing I noticed was the packaging. They have changed it from what it was previously.
I love their new choice of cover, the old one which was white was too normal looking and this one stands out in all those plethora of white packaging covers by other websites.
The second thing which I noticed was the irresistible way in which the kurti was packed. I don't know whether this credit should go to the folks at Jabong or the Kurti brand, Sangria themselves. It was packed in a roll like a traditional Indian dupatta. I totally loved this unique packaging.
 The final output was more than I had expected and I am so glad I chose to shop from Jabong after a long while! As always, they impressed me with their endless kurti collection and I have fallen in love with this colourburst kurti.
It feels like I have bought a Rainbow for myself! :D

Brand: Sangria
MRP: ₹999
After discount on Jabong: ₹450 
My rating for Jabong: 4.5/5

Final Verdict:
Like always, I had a wonderful shopping experience at Jabong Online Shopping Portal yet again! I love their endless collection especially in unique kurtis. If you have checked my previous haul from them, you will how unique and lovely kurtis they have at unbelievable prices!
I totally recommend Jabong to all you wonderful folks! :)

You can buy this kurti from here (Currently out of stock I guess :P )

Always shop smart,
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