24 January 2015

Sleek is the new sexy!

ASUS India cover
While other women want to be gifted pearls and diamonds, I am that sour grape who would rather prefer gadgets and sports cars!

Being a blogger, a laptop is my best friend. Tablets and touch screens are just not my thing! As a blogger I have to do a lot of typing and that's where a qwerty keypad plays its role!

I have a great crush on laptops! Having had the privilege to use everything from a Mac to HP and Dell, I can say that a laptop is a blessing to a blogger!

I love trying out different brands and this time I am crushing on this new EeeBook by ASUS. ASUS has this amazing quality of constantly manufacturing innovative products. The Zenphone was an amazing example!

While all the laptops I used(mentioned above) were nice, none were as promising as this EeeBook by ASUS!!

That style.. Those beautiful colours.. That amazing features.. to sum up, this EeeBook by ASUS is simply an amazing innovation!

The first thing I look for in a laptop is its battery and run time power. I travel a lot and it's a pain in the neck if my gadgets are too feeble to cope up with my travelling habits and demand to be charged again and again!

The ASUS EeeBook has an amazing 12 hour battery back up for browsing which means I ca keep on blogging for a whole day even on the run!

Next thing I look in a good gadget is its weight.. "The lighter, the better".. specially while travelling! Bulky products are a big no no!

The ASUS EeeBook wins hearts here too. It's desgned to be sleek and light weight, just what a geek wants!

The colours!!

I currently use a red laptop so you know how much I love colours in my gadgets! So it was a win win situation when I learnt that this amazing EeeBook by ASUS comes in not one, not two, not three but four pretty awesome colours!! Dark blue for the bold and business like, gold for the classy, red for the suave and white for the clarity lovers!

All the colours are awesome! If I have to gift someone in future, I get to choose from for damn awesome colours like WOW!

Next comes the display and the performance of a gadget. I am a big movie buff and a clear screen is what I like while watching my videos. The 29.4cm ASUS Eeebook display wins here too. So light and portable it is that you want to keep on watching movies and get entertained through it!

This Book is amazing performance wise too.

Now the BEST part... the PRICE!!

I freaking started doing a happy dance when I knew that this amazing book with these hell lot of features comes at only 14,999!! :D

ASUS EeeBook X205TA and ASUS All In One PC ET2040.

Image via Indiblogger

Hey! Will you be my valentine?

Saint Valentine's day or simply Valentine's day is a day observed on February 14. It is a day when love is celebrated throughout the globe. This day has a beautiful aura to it which goes back to the the Roman Empire where a priest named Valentine sacrificed himself for his blind lady love. This day is famed as the second largest card-sending occasion next to Christmas. People exchange love messages with their loved ones on this day which are also known as "valentines". The most popular form of valentines are the heart shaped ones and the ones with  the outline a winged Cupid. After the 19th century, the majority tradition of sending cards has been replaced by handwritten notes as it's believed they hold more value. A surprising survey reveals that nearly one billion Valentines Day cards are exchanged each year all over the world and women are believed to constitute 85 percent of all those valentines.

The 'season of love' as they call it has been a very spoken about and one of the most celebrated seasons of all time!

Back in school/college days this day was most fun. I remember how the whole atmosphere would go all giggly as love would be in the air. The secret cards, the little heartbreaks and the endless gossip would make this day special.

I am that girl who has always believed in fairytales...but not anymore. Life has given me enough lemons to know what is sour and what is sweet.

But I do believe that "somewhere out there is someone who is waiting just for me"!!

Having said that, if I find him before this valentine's day, I have already planned how to propose him! :D

Yes, 'I' being a *Girl* will propose him! :D

I don't believe in the 'Men ask them out first' fact at all! I believe that if you love someone you should let them know and not hold back just because you are a girl!

So, here's how I plan to propose my prince charming ^_^

1) Being a poet myself, I would love to propose him in a poetic way. I would write a beautiful shayari and send him that anonymous letter in the hands of a kid and a clue to guess who sent it. If feelings are mutual, I am sure he will recognize it was me...

2) If we are partying with friends on that day I would ask the DJ to dedicate his favorite song to  him and indirectly propose to him using the song lyrics.

3) I'll take him to a fresh morning walk and fall beside him on purpose. When he will try to help me up with concern in his eyes, i'll whisper "I love you" to him and run away laughing.. That expression on his face will be priceless!!

4) I'll use that old trick where one asks: "Hey do you have a bandaid? I just hurt my knee while falling for you!"

5) Now the best way: I'll take him to pizza hut and say this little speech:

"You know, I LOVE pizzas! Have been fond of them since I was a little kid. I have never loved anything more in life other than pizzas......       *pauses for effect*    except you!" :P :D

A hundred more ways are still under construction in my mind... my man will be lucky ;)

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17 January 2015

On a summer's day...

On a summer's day,
you entered my life...

As the rays kissed us,
The sparks flew...

Igniting desire,
Like morning dew..

Caressing my lips,
You stole my words..

Breathless I lay,
At your mercy..

No vows to break,
As we made none..

Just you and me,
Nothing else.. None!


13 January 2015

Bangalore calling!

Being born and brought up in Bangalore, I have been deeply attached to this place. Everything about this beautiful city is bewitching especially the climate! Bangalore has been famed to have one of the best climates in the world. The person who comes here once, falls in love with it and stays here. I myself have seen hundreds of my friends and their relatives relocating to Bangalore. What with the constantly growing IT regions, the employment opportunities in Bangalore are simply increasing and so are the people residing in this beautiful city!

Gone are the days when you you could find unoccupied lands on every other block. Now every nook and corner has been replaced by sky scrapers and six storey bungalows. Spending just one day here will make you fall in love with it. 

Coming to the relocating part, there are many things a person has to consider. Shifting to Bangalore might sound like a piece of cake but no Sir! It's not that easy, not until you have the Qukir app in your phone!!

Bangalore.quikr.com is a wonderful website which can help make your relocating to Bangalore easier and more fun! It has several categories namely, Cars and bikes, Gadgets, Electronics, Real estate, Matrimony, home and lifestyle etc. Every category is a blessing where you can find and connect with sellers of your interest in person!

Relocating requires shifting to a new home and hunting a home today in Bangalore is like hunting for a lost Airplane in an Ocean. But this section of Quikr solves that problem for you by providing hundreds of available choices in hundred different forms! 

I am well aware of what difficulties re-locators face. Have seen many of my friends struggling to find a good place to settle, only if Quikr was available then! But better now than never right?!

Next section of Quikr you should visit is the Home and lifestyle one. Here you can find ads for all your home needs and anything from jewelry to paintings and decoratives can be found here.

Next section you should visit is the electronics one. Any house is incomplete without the right appliances and machines. It's funny how electronics have enslaved us to a height that we can't imagine life without them now! This section of ads on electronics will answer all your needs of electronics and house-ware item!

Quikr also has huge section of ads for cars and bikes. Here you can find thousands of people willing to sell off their vehicles and even new showrooms selling away vehicles on discounted rates. 

Traffic in Bangalore has gone to unimaginable heights! That's the only thing which I find annoying about this place. To travel a simple distance it takes ages. 

3 January 2015

Use Them Wisely!

I want to write but there's a blur in my eyes,
Are these tears or pain in disguise?!

Tonight I write but the ink is my blood,
The pages blot while my tears flood

Today I was scarred, burnt and framed,
Not by anyone but my own words

This is all. Some one is singing,
Wait! It's not a song but a scream

A broken heart wails while I cry in wain,
Nothing is left but hurt and pain

The cat is out, so are the filthy words,
Slashing a heart with thousand invisible swords

Tonight I write, but I know it's no use,
Nothing can heal that deep a bruise

They push you into a hell where escape is unlikely,
Your words have power, use them wisely!

30 December 2014

I Miss You!

Miss your smell,
Miss your touch...
Miss those kisses I gave you..

Miss those days we spent together.
You were my best friend and much more...
The moments we shared together are endless and precious.

You were the one I shared my first crush with.

"Oh! OH! Oh! Today I saw him. 
He saw me. 
I looked away but than I looked back. 

I remember sharing this with you long ago.

You were the one I kissed the most.

"I LOVE you! you listen to me so patiently!"
I would say before letting my lips linger around you.

I kept you close to me, we were inseparable.

You took all my nonsense without uttering a word.
Never did you ask me to stop blabbering or stop acting weird.

When the world hurt me I would find solace in you.
I would soak you wet in my tears and sorrow.
You never complained!

I loved you, I still do. But I am sorry my dearest.
Time has changed with technology.
We hardly see more of each other
And I know this will shatter your heart but...

I found a new guy!!

We have been together for two years,
I love him, he loves me.

He can never beat you. NEVER.
Too Techi he is!

Will always miss your feel... always!
The new guy whose name is 'Blog'
can never beat you my dear DIARY!

You were my favorite hobby,

But I am sorry, it's breakup!

Yours truly,

28 December 2014

Humesha... ~ Shayari

Roothi huwi aankhon ko manale koyi,
Tanha se is dilko apna le koyi,

Pal bhar ke liye marne wale toh bohut hain,
Humesha saath nibhane ki kasam khale koyi...!!

27 December 2014

Truth always wins

"Some people think that the truth can be hidden with a little cover-up and decoration. But as time goes by, what is true is revealed, and what is fake fades away."

I can never agree more with the above beautiful quote!

Life is a game and truth its essence, when we resort to lying instead of telling the truth, it may cover up the incident for that particular moment but the truth always comes out later and not to forget this crucifing feeling guilt which accompanies the lier!

In my nineteen years of life, I have seen this and experienced it several times. When I was a kid I used to get fascinated hearing the story of the cattle and the boy where the boy lies that his cattle have been eaten by wolves to an extent that when it really happens, no one trusts him and he looses his sheep.

This and many other stories show that honesty has always been the best policy. Back in my schooling days, I learnt that it was more than a policy... a feeling of triumph!!

It was that time when Swine flu had started hitting the states of  India vigorously and schools were forced to provide unplanned leaves to the children. It so happened that one day we used to have school and the other day we would be taken back to our homes after an assembly announcement. I remember that those days were mine and my classmates' favourite days. We would be beyond joy on hearing that a particular test was cancelled because we had to be rushed back home. It so happened we all high school students started taking things for granted. One day me and my friend went to school and saw that half of the school was not present but we were annoyed as the watch man told us that the headmistress would not be giving a leave today. We had a very tough maths exam the same day and we started cursing our luck and wishing there was some chance to escape it! 

The assembly had not yet assembled and the third bell had not rung yet which meant we had ten minutes to change the fate of our day. A weird idea crossed mine and my friend's mind and we decided to bunk school!! We sneaked out of the school but the watchman saw us. It was strictly against the rules of our school for children to go out without the permission of teachers after entering the premises. 

We walked our way home, our hearts racing and enjoying every moment of our breaking the rules. Me and my friend had icecreams on the way and then finally we were home. Our parents were shocked to see us as it was the rule of our school that the parents were informed before the students were sent home on a leave. My parents had not received the call and one look at their faces told me that I was in an instant trouble.

That's when I took the support of a lie and by the time my parents allowed me inside, a heavy mountain full of lies had been built on my head. I instantly felt bad for lying to my parents that the school had given an emergency leave. Then there was this instant heart beats racing every time the phone rung as I was scared that someone from my school would call inquiring about me and the cat would be out. My parents trusted me and I didn't want to let them know that I had lied to them.

The whole day, I was filled with an unimaginable guilt and couldn't wait for next morning. Next morning was a proof that lying gets you nowehere but trouble. Me and my friend were instantly taken to the principel's cabin and questioned harshly. Being prefects and to-be School captains, it was a moment of total shame. Finally after half an hour of verbal bricks and assigned detentions the teacher dismissed saying she would bring it to our parent's notice. That was the moment when the tears actually pooled in!!

Several questions started pouring inside my mind. Th eguilt was unbearable. Only to imagine what my parents would think when they knew that I had lied to them and bunked school gave me jitters. If only I hadn't lied to them, the situation could have been handled to an extent.

When I got back home, the first thing I did was rush to my parents and pour my heart out. I told them everything and apologized before the teacher called. They were angry even ready to kick me but then the way I been restless without telling them the truth had touched them so finally they hugged a crying me and asked me never to lie to them ever again.

That day I learnt that no matter how death-like the truth would sound, it always has a warm side up and it always wins.

This and many more incidents have taught me that honesty is the best policy!

This wonderful TVC by Kinley is a pure example of the same! :

26 December 2014

Second Blogoversary Giveaway ~ Win Hampers and Vouchers

As you know that this 25th of December my blog turned two, here is the giveaway I promised *finally :P* :D

Here's the giveaway as promised! I have taken a lot of effort to keep it *very* simple and easy to enter so that you all have an equal chance to be the lucky one!

Yes, it's a Rafflecopter giveaway, luck matters ;) except for the third prize which is for the humble soul who shares this giveaway the most!

Grand Prize: First winner wins a hamper full of gifts worth 3000! I am lazy bum and I couldn't select the gifts yet so I am just leaving it for a bit later... All I can say is, it'll be a LOVELY hamper! Big and awesome for sure :D (All those gifts will be from my Dad's shop ;))
Second Prize: My very favourite Flipkart Voucher worth 1000/- which'll be valid on all sellers including WS Retail!
Third Prize: Sharing is caring! So, the one who shares this giveaway the most(links to be entered inside the 'share' part of the Rafflecopter widget) will get a Amazon.in gift card worth 500!

It's very very simple and I am sure you all have already done half of the options in the widget below, so just complete the options inside the Rafflecopter widget, won't take even two minutes and you never know, you might JUST be the lucky one to win that AMAZING hamper full of gifts and those vouchers! :D

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For any queries contact: Bushrablue01@gmail.com

Lotsa Love,

P.S: This is just the beginning of giveaways ;)

*Ignore the typo in the second pic. It's not 'giveaway but 'winner'. 3rd point.

Hello lovely people! Firstly thanks a TON for making this giveaway a HUGE success!! You all are AWESOME!

Thank you for the lovely comments, wishes, messages and thank you *from the bottom of my heart* for participating in this giveaway!!

I wish I could choose all of you as winners but sadly, I am forced to choose only three out of the STRIKING 2500+ amazing people who participated!  

For those of you who did not win, please don't be disheartened! As I said earlier, this is only the beginning... and guess what! My second blog's first anniversary is on the coming February second so there's a HUGE giveaway coming up! :D

Now coming to the ABSOLUTELY lucky people who managed to get lucky among 6000+ odd entries are...

1) The first winner who wins the amazing hamper filled with gifts is *drum rolls* *seetis* *claps* Mohammad Farooq

2) The second winner who wins an amazing Flipkart voucher worth 1K is Bhawna Varshney!

3) The third winner who wins an Amazon gift card worth 500, for sharing this giveaway the most is *HUGE APPLAUSE* Hema Thakur! Three cheers for her for her folks. I wasn't even able to count the times she shared the giveaway. You rock girl!

My hearty congratulations to the three winners. Reply to the mail you receive from Bushrablue01@gmail.com ASAP!

P.S: Won't you like to see what's in the surprise box? Well, then let's hope Mr Farooq shares some pictures when he receives the hamper! :)

Lots of love,

24 December 2014

Blogoversary ~ Two years of blogging complete!

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way,
It's my second blogoversary yay yay yayieee!!!
Yes my dear lovelies, you read it right! Confessions Of A Stilettomaniac turns two today! :D

It has been two years since I started this wonderful journey called 'blogging'!! I remember it was Christmas, a holiday when I created my blog just to kill some time and see for myself what this blogging was actually about. My sisters had inspired me to start blogging (Can't stop thanking you both) and since then it has been a series of pleasures and experiences all the way!

For all those who have stuck along with me right from the beginning, those who became friends a little later and to every single soul who paid a visit to this website, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!! If it wasn't for your inspiring comments and page view counts *ehem* I would have stopped blogging long back! :)

You made me walk through this journey for another year.... you all are awesome!!

A short recap:
The post which made the year start with a smile>>  Recharged hair for a filmy me
First shayari after the first blogoversary>> Muskaan
A post straight from the heart>> Life before and after Indiblogger
One naughty post I loved writing>> My Love
Okay, now coming to the most interesting part of the revisions... Hahaha!! I am *never* going to forget this! I don't even know where in the world my mind was when I wrote this post! In this post I have *actually celebrated my second anniversary :P *Hides face in shame* >> An anniversary forgotten
Hahaha! ...and the irony is that I actually thought I had forgotten my anniversary and this post was a belated one! *sigh*
Another post which came straight from the heart *sigh* >> A letter to my loved ones
One experience I truly loved, thanks to Blogadda! :D >> The Spellbinders
My love for rain>> Liquid Symphony 
My first series of a novel>> Vengeance she vowed
One big moment of this year was my shifting to a custom domain and the biggest decision of changing my blog's theme to white from black! :) >> The journey from Blogspot to dotcom
Another significant thing this year was my new blog...well it's a multi-admin blog now! >> www.BlingSparkle.com

Am I happy with this blogging year?:
The quality of posts is not as good as it was last year yes :( and I feel that I really need to post more regularly. Apart from that, I think it was a wonderful, mind blowing blogging year! :D 

Even though two years passed away, my favorite posts and I guess yours too remains this one>> We Chat Via We Chat

So, hoping the next year will be so so much much better, I end this post by giving you a happy news! There's a swarm of giveaways coming on both my blogs! :)

A special thanks to Indiblogger and Blogadda, the amazing blogging communities which have made this journey so much interesting, thrilling and rewarding! :D If it was not for their activities *read contests* blogging would have been a boring job! :D

Thank you friends, buddies, followers, brands, sponsors... stalkers *winks* and every fan of mine who gives me their valuable feedback in the comments and on Twitter! Love you all! <3

Raising a toast for another merry, jingle year,
Your humble, awesome blogger,
~Bushra ;)

P.S: Giveaway will be up within two days probably.. *sorry kaan pakdke* for the lateness!
P.P.S: Thank you once again my friends! :D
P.P.P.S: That cake in my header is for you! ;)

23 December 2014

Top 5 Online Shopping Sites for Babies & Toddlers

"Mummy I want that dress!" ^^   Credit: Brooke Fasani, Corbis
When we say online shopping, we see many shopping sites providing various products for cheaper price. There are various online shopping sites in India for buying wide-range of products for men, women and kids as well. For discounted cheaper price from this store shop for apparels, footwear, books, stationary, personal care, appliances, home furnishing, electronics, and many more. The products sold in online shopping store are top branded and made from durable quality material. It’s hard to find best and reliable store for shopping online. However, to help customers in choosing right online website for shopping, here we have listed out the online store that sells baby & toddler products at discounted cheaper price. Well, check the top 5 online shopping sites for baby and toddler.

Firstcry is a leading India’s online baby store that is meant for kids products. FirstCry has more than 70000 products and is from Indian and International brands. Products offered in this store for baby and kids shopping include Apparels, Footwear, Feeding & Nursing, Health Care, Baby Gear Toys, Books, CDs, School Supplies, Moms & Maternity, Gifts and much more. The brands that are available here include Gini & Jony, Ben10, Pigeon, Mattel, Funskool, Hotwheels, Farlin, Barbie, Pampers, Gerber, Disney, Fisher Price, Sun Baby, Camel, Simba, Nataraj, Baby Hug, Angry Bird, etc……..

Babyoye is a leading online shopping website for buying products for babies and kids. Babyoye offers products such as Apparels, Footwear, Feeding & Nursing, Bath & Health, Baby Gear, Nursery, Toys, Books & CDs, Maternity, School & Stationary and Accessories. These many products offered for little toddlers are durable quality made and from top Indian as well as International brands. The brands offered here include Sunbaby, Chicco, Mothertouch, Goodbaby, Happy Dino, Hauck, Fisher Price, Little Tikes, Funskool, Simba, Hot Wheels, Disney, and many others.

Hopscotch is a leading online shopping website where buy products for little toddlers. In this shopping store online purchase products for kids and babies that are high-quality made and top branded. The products offered for your little prince and little princess include Apparels, Footwear, Toys, Books & Stationery, Personal Care, Accessories, Home & Kitchen, Moms & Maternity, and Feeding. The brands include Chalk & Chuckles, Abracadabra, Angry Birds, Aquaphor, Ben Benny, Beetle & Bottle, Calvin Klein, Chooze Shoes, Green Toys, Funkrafts, Funskool, WaterWipes, Ribbon, Wallcandy Arts, Hot Wheels, Magic Moms, Lollipop Lane, etc……..

MyBabyCart is a leading online shopping website for purchasing products for kids and little toddlers. This online store offers products such as Clothes, Fashion Accessories, Toys & Gears, Décor & Bedding, Gifts & Party Picks, Diapering & Bath, Feeding & Nursery, Books & CDs, Health & Safety Needs, and Maternity. The products provided in this shopping store are top branded and quality made. The brands available include Nine Maternity, Morph, Be U Bags, UVTI Clothing, Fisher Price, SunBaby, Little Feet, Little Wanderers, Chicco, Molto, Chicco, Bum Chum, Tiny Care, Love Baby, etc…….

Shop branded and quality products for your little toddlers and kids at discounted cheaper price from Redlily online store. Redlily is a leading online shopping website for kids and babies where purchase branded and wide-range of products. The products offered include Apparels, Footwear, Feeding & Nursery, Personal Care, Toys, Furnishing & Décor, Electronics, Gifts, Party Supplies, Diapering, Stationary, Education and Accessories. These products offered in this shopping store are top Indian and international branded.

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