Are you letting bad mood ruin your day?
Well trust me if u are a girl, my mood elevators can just help u out for sure!!!(That's if you are a girl).


Shopping is a great mood booster for me! When I am in a bad mood

I just become a shopping freak and Voila! Even before I know it myself, I'm happy and trying what I have bought. Trust me it works.(and if you are a girl there's no denying it'll work for u too:))


Muraqba aka 'meditation' is another mood booster for me. When I'm lonely like to the deepest depth of my heart(so very deep:-( ) I just close my eyes and try to narrate my thoughts to my Pyaare ALLAH. I talk to him and share my deepest sorrows for I know he listens to me and will show me the right path. I LOVE YOU ALLAH...FORGIVE ME AND PLZ LOVE ME BACK...Well, back to the point, this always always, always is a great option! And trust me none other idea is better than this one!



You can't buy happiness but you can buy delicious food and that's kind of same thing...Innit? Well for me it is! I am a food junkie and just love lust food.Hence hot,yummy,delicious food does elevate my food for sure!



"A friend in need is a friend indeed"-Darn! There I said it again! So when in a bad mood do the hoola la hoola la with ur friends! Din't get it??? OK Sorry, I meant go partying with your langotya yaars!!!! " A memory lasts forever, never does it die... true friends stay together and never say goodbye."



Now last but not the least...  
COSMETICS! I often wonder and ask my self why women are soo obsessed with cosmetics..I love the looks GOD's given me n I pamper myself with lots n lots of cosmetics..n it sure's a mood elevator for me! When I am freaked out and angry with the whole world I demand: mirror mirror on the wall whoes the fairest of them all...(well not really_he he he:) 

So friends don't let that bad mood spoil your day for 
you. Life is short_spend it on a happier basis!


P.S:Images have been googled.(oh how I love google!)

P.S.S:If tips did help you,please do let me know.

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