Stilletto Love:


Stilletto Love:

In the love of these beauties: The following poem is dedicated to all those LOVELY High heels out there: And I solemnly swear that it comes from the depth of my heart.........

You are so gorgeous, you never fail to brighten my dull day,
You make me smile and keep my sorrows at bay...

I wear you even though my feet protest,
I love you even though I feel unrest...

When you are with me my spirits are high...
I conquer the world and touch the sky.

You help me keep those bad boys at bay,
When you are with me, I don't need pepper spray.

You make me feel happy and confident,
You hurt my feet I agree,but who doesn't?

When you hurt, you hurt my feet_they ache
When people hurt,they hurt my heart, it aches

When You hurt my feet, they ache, I cry...
When they hurt my heart I weep, moan,Die...

By far you are better and so I like you...
I find solace in you, you are who I look up to!!!

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