"The Vague Woman's Handbook": Book Review:


Book Name: The Vague Woman's Handbook
Author: Devapriya Roy
Pages: 343
Price: Rs 199/-
Category: Fiction

What intrigued me to buy this book at the first place was the appealing cover design and the not-so-familiar name of the book. Here is a short summary on how I felt about the book:


The book is about the lives of the two woman  Sharmila Chatterjee in  her early twenties and Indira Sen in her mid fifties who eventually become best friends and start solving each other's never ending problems over many coffees,chats, tarts and burgers. They are as the title suggests:Vague-bad with directions,never know when the credit card bill is due, extremely forgetful  and so on...
Sharmila Chatterjee aka Mil's love of life Abhimanyu Mishra gives up his promising future to concentrate on  what he feels is the most important thing,and Mil takes a zero semester to set up home and to get a job after their unpremeditated marriage.This hasty decision of their's has resulted in both their family's denial and their furious parents have abandoned them.
On the other hand Indira who is a senior Government officer lives with her only daughter and three old people including her own mother and is neck deep in credit card debt. She has no idea how she meandered herself into her present condition and is obsessed with her target of reducing her body weight which is sadly broken when she comes across a chocolate shop.
These two women become friends and start solving their life problems by giving suggestions to each other and sharing their darkest emotional secrets.

My Verdict:

Personally I feel that this book is not much fun the reason being that I really wasn't able to connect  with the characters in the book, especially 'Mil'. The only thought that kept me holding the book was-I have to write my first review on this book *darn*.I would categorize the book as another book with  not-so-interesting content concealed under a glossy cover design. The amount for the book i.e, Rs199/- is not paid off well.
While some tiny parts of the book do impress you,the others fill you with boredom and shockingly you end up skipping pages*phew!*

My Rating: 2.5/5

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  1. Hi Bushra,

    That was an honest and critical first book review. I appreciate the fact that you highlighted the points which were not correct according to you.
    Thanks for posting the review for all of us :)

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    1. hello Jay,

      Thank you for appreciating my view. Just thought my first review ought to be a truthful one. Reviewing books is not as easy as I thought it was...you have to give your points keeping in mind the hard work put in it by the author. Have voted your post all the same.

    2. Yes, indeed, one must remain true to oneself and the people around oneself. It was a good review for someone doing it for the first time.
      Thank you very much for your valuable vote Bushra :) :)


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  2. Cool. Sometimes, an expensive book disappoints heavily while its cheaper cousin may leave you surprised. :)

  3. Thankyou for commenting Ritesh Agarwal,
    But I just couldn't connect your comment with my post. Please do read my whole post and let me know your view. *P.S:I liked the phrase you have used though_Sometimes, an expensive book disappoints heavily while its cheaper cousin may leave you surprised.Nice one:)*

  4. Hi. I meant to say that this book which you reviewd costs nearly 200 bucks (which is quite high) but is still not readable, as you mentioned in your post. So, it disappoints while its cheap cousins (other low priced books) can make you get hooked. A book, like a life, is so unpredictable :)

    1. Hello Ritesh,

      I really thank you to come back and explain me your view. I do get your point now and agree with you:)
      Do read my other posts on shayaris which I've made up myself and let me know your view on it.

    2. Okay, i would do that soon. Am following you now! You too please follow me na! Mujhe koi follow nahi karta :'(

  5. Hello Bushra,
    A very nice review..Welcome to blogosphere..:-)Keep coming..:-)

  6. Hi Nagini,
    Thank you to drop by and comment on my blog. Please continue visiting my blog and dropping your valuable reviews:)

  7. This is often how friends help out each other isin't it? :)
    Nice blog you have here .. Keep writing!

    1. And may I give you a suggestion? You can remove the captcha feature from your blog setting (This is the one that asks people leave comments to enter text to validate that the input is from a human .. That extra effort sometimes turns people off :))

    2. Hello Aarthy,
      Welcome to my blog :)Thanks for your suggestion.My blog's just three months old and I am not soo experienced you see...will keep your point in mind. Keep visiting :) N happy blogging:)

      Bushra M


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