Catch the Trend:Bangle mania


The year 2013 is already coming to an end. Catch a glimpse of the hottest Bangle trends of this year...
2013 Bangle Trend:
Funky and classic bangles were the hottest trends of the season.
My favorites were spiky pointed bangles and traditional kadhas. Apart from Stilettos, I am a bangle maniac too but only for occasions! Wearing bangles on an everyday basis irritates me a lot as it hurts my hand and my laptop too(I mean scratches :P)

I am really waiting to see the trends of 2014, I am sure the classic trend will just go on further!

What's your favorite Bangle Trend?

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  1. [ Smiles ] Those are beautiful bangles!

  2. Spiky Bangles is a good choice Bushra,they will also act as safety equipment.. ;)

  3. I Love Spikes n Spiked Bangles Are a Cherry On Top :P


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