Street Wear

Just loved the neon lemon skirt and the lively pink neon jeggings<3 and just couldn't resist making a look out of it!!!
                               Conversation between A and B:
A says: There's a party tomorrow at my farm house, would love it if you could come.

B says: Gross!! Party's tomorrow and you inform me now??? And OF COURSE i am coming!But_But What the! it's been three days since I shopped last! What am I gonna wear! Is there any dress code???

A says: Na! no dress code...

( B in deep thought.... she's actually biting her thumb while thinking of what to pick up*girls are sooo obsessed with clothes na?*)

Guess what happens next???: Well it turns out that B's in a total dilemma and GOOGLE comes to her rescue........
She types "what to wear for a party at the beach" and BINGO!

Confessions Of a stillettomaniac..  answers her queries and she's set for the party all Glam and gorgeous

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  1. Hi Bushra,

    Ahha, so the girl actually landed up at the right spot. :) :) :)
    Lovely ensemble of clothes for a party. The outfit and accessories look chic :)


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