Hum Nahi Bewafa


cute girl enjoying nature

Ab koi khwaab nahi ..
Wo to le gaye tum saath..

Ab karta hai bas wo sajda..
Hamesha rahe tum par Khuda ka haath..

'Jis Khuda ne milaaya tha hume
Gar bataya hota usne kabhi..

Milakar kardega alag be wajah..
To shayad milta na kabhi..

De saza ya badduaye..
Haq hei tera ye magar,

Ye na kehna bewafa hoon..
Ruswa na karna,mohabbat kadar..'......!!!

-By guest editor MySay

This shayari was written by My Say in one of the comments of my posts, and I thought it should be published:)

If you have some wonderful shayaris too(written by you) you can pen them down in the comments below n if I really like them......I'll publish them as a post with your name:)

Any how! Tell me what you think of the above shayari!!!

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  1. संवेदना के चरम तल पर जाकर बुनी गई यह कविता निश्चित तौर पर काबिले तारीफ है, धन्‍यवाद

  2. wah! wah!
    wah! wah! Kya baat hai

  3. well thanks a lot Bushra for publishing the lines on your blog... :) I will consider blessed by Almighty , if few hearts would heal their wounds with these lines ... :) Frankly, i could never summon up the guts to publish these novice lines anywhere..its u who is big-hearted enough to publish them... thanks a lot again :)

    1. Well it was worth a publish! My pleasure:)

  4. kya khub likha hein janab :)wah wah !!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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