Down My Memory Lane....


"so cute"
"Oh look she has got beautiful hair too"
"What do we name our angel?"
I brought happiness with me when i was born.

my mom combed my small tresses and tied a small pony,
which resembled a coconut tree....                                                
"oh baby you look so pretty" - my first pony tail,
I looked at her happy face and smiled, when i was two.

"mommy i want an ice cream"
"first let me braid your hair" mom was stern.
*-pomp-pomp-* the horn sounded.
"coming dad" i said licking my ice cream.
My mom pleated my hair when i was in 5th std

"how about a french braid?"my mom advised.
"please teach me mum i don't want to loose..."
"of-course you'll win dear, it's easy" my mum smiled.
I was nervous about the hair-styling competition.

"mom! it's 8:30 and you haven't pleated my hair yet,
"Try doing it yourself baby, mom's busy today"
 I started braiding my hair,
My trophy in the showcase encouraged me...

" 1 packet of shikakai and  henna mehendi "
   my mom addressed the shopkeeper.
"it smells awful mom pleaseeeee" i begged.
"ssshhh! look at your hair,they need care"
   no one argued with my mom.

Grandma was making a mess out of my hair,
"Ouch!mom?!! what is this function all about?"
"it's your kaliyon ki choti function dear"        
I frowned. Mom gave me a mirror,
*desi beautiful chic* my mind read.

"There's no need to leave your hair loose everyday,
you'll damage them severely" my mom frowned.
"Come let me braid them" she offered
I gave her the comb reluctantly.
"Oh mom you are so sweet" i gasped looking into the mirror
"Side braids are 'IN' in my college".

Three years later.......
" Oh i am so worried about your hair dear"
mom was near to tears..." ordinary shampoos and other
 chemicals have spoilt your hair. Not to mention the
 straighteners" "I miss my long hair mom.....
i wish there was a split-end rescue shampoo"

No worries,try this-'Dove split-end rescue shampoo+conditioner'"
cousin adviced.                                                    

At first i wasn't convinced,but when i tried it-
It was magic *4X lesser split ends!*
Now i have beautiful long hair:)
You try it and you'll know it too!!!!

                                        Some of the above pics have been taken from Google images while some are mine.

*Kaliyon ki choti function is a ritual carried on by Indian families when the girl is past maturity*
on Indi blogger.

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  1. :) nice !! very very nice !! well...only long hair knows the pain of long hair... :D hahaha..i mean now that I have long hair ..for the first time in my life .. i know what they mean... how much they matter ... and what all you do not do to make sure they are proudly shining as your crown !! ;)

    1. :) Yes you are right dear it's really tough to manage long hair:)Welcome to my blog n keep visiting:)

  2. Wow beautifully written Bush! I am imagining u in long braids. Wow u r looking pretty :)

    I hate my hair :X

    1. Thank u Megh:)Why hate your hair? There is Dove to care:p *i like ur hair alright, ya it's a bit curly but so much volume-be proud of them, say Alhamdulillah!:)*

  3. Good post...loved the way, you told your growing up story. Good luck for the contest :)

  4. Haha :P I remember I didn't know the method of making a braid and that job was entirely my mother's. Then while playing with a friend in fifth grade, I started making a braid out of the dinosaur's tail. I had a cute little plastic dinosaur back then. :D

    This post brought many memories back. Thank you for that!

    Good luck for the contest, Bushra! :)

    1. How sweet:) I am grateful that my post brought your beautiful memories back dear:) Thanks for the wishes:)

  5. wow.. such a cute post.. loved your growing up story.. all the very best Bushra :-)

  6. Nice one Bushra! Happy Holi!

  7. long hair a ton of a trouble - split ends.. drying scalp God knows what not ..... inspired reading ur post .... Dove Damage therapy is what I am going to try now !! .. . lol !! as u know .. i know the pain of long hair .... as much as a girl would, ideally,unless she is like me , a trend - breaker !! :D nice read .. really fragmented into sweet stages and reminding of those childhood days when unlike today ...i had hair trimmed like army chaps !! :D what to do my father was very strict about all these and now he feels helpless staring at my pony !! :D

    1. Yes it's quite difficult to manage long hair, but trust me it's worth it! (at least for the girls:p) Thank you so much for your feedback and yes do give Dove a try, it's one of my favorite brands:)

  8. Wow :-) really very interesting post :-)


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