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Hi Friends:) my Sulekha participation certificate and thought i should share:) It was a beautiful contest and enjoyed participating in it. Was new to Sulekha so obviously couldn't win(the prizes were based on views and comments:o)....anyways winning isn't everything right?;) So here's my beautiful certificate (my blog's first badge *yay!*)

Cute na?:)

I chose the topic: "should a homemaker be paid a monthly salary" and here's what i bloggged:

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"The Union Ministry of Women and Child Development is mulling to prepare a draft in the regard of paying homemakers salary for their work ."_when you read this,what comes to your mind? Excitement? Relief?Hope .....or perhaps just the realization that this is just another poor way to pity women?!!

When India’s Minister for Women and Child Development, Krishna Tirath recently proposed a bill that would require husbands to legally compensate their wives for house work, she probably had the best intentions in mind. But sadly it again reflects that Indian politicians come up with ideas which are not really necessary and neglect the fact that what Indian woman do require is respect, honor and protection against violence!

Paying a homemaker for the numerous chores she does might sound like a great idea but is really not a welcome! Mothers and wives don't do house chores in the hope to get paid back,they do it in love for their family and setting a price tag for love is a crime!

This step was taken by the Indian Government to empower women as the majority of them are homemakers in India but the point that is neglected here is the fact that it will just affect the relationships of a family.It is nothing but just an act to break homes and hearts.

It is true that homemakers are facing financial problems in today's expensive living_but paying them for their job is not the answer to it! Steps like helping them establish their own small scale industries,providing free medical health facilities and providing easy employment, sound more apt and constructive!

Coming to the conclusion, in my opinion,'paying a homemaker monthly salary' is just a very bad and mocking idea! The 'actual' thing that must really be done to empower women in India is passing strong and strict bills against rape,harassment,dowry and the numerous other problems which women today are suffering from.

The best salary or tribute you can pay to a homemaker is Respect!She deserves it and asks for nothing else....!

POETRY:In The Voice Of A Homemaker...

I am your private chef and your life partner,
When time permits i am your gardener...

I make your beds and wash your dishes, 
I don't complain, I ask for no riches...

I care for our child and love him like none,
You say you'll pay back my love_you poke fun!!

I devote my life towards caring for our family,
I make my home a heaven happily....

I ask for nothing in return but respect,
Don't be ignorant don't neglect.....

Don't judge my work just let me be,
Don't price my love please hear my plea...

I don't need a payment I need no pity,
Don't do this act and destroy my family amity...

Pass a law which can really help me,
Stop rape,dowry and other violent activity...!!

I am a homemaker and  i don't need paid fee...
Don't add to my problems don't hurt my dignity!

           -Bushra(in the voice of a homemaker)

I made a video too but unable to upload it:(

So how did you like my entry and what are your own views on the issue? Let me know in the comments below:)

 Get inspired and blog for a cause:) Cheers!

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  1. बधाई हो, होली की ढेर सारी शुभकामनाएं

  2. Nice post Bushra! The contribution of housewives is too precious to be valued in monetary terms. Congrats for ur badge! May u get more of them.:)

    1. You are right Shaivi, glad u share the same thought:) Thanks:)

  3. yeah its cute.. congrats :-)

  4. So beautifully written Bush....I too wanna be a homemaker :)
    BTW i loved the certificate its so girlie!

    1. Wish you loads of homemaking in near future dear:) Yes it's girlie<3:)

  5. Very well written piece, Bushra!! Congrats! Sulekha is a known site for me... that's the place where I started blogging six years back. People know me as Mrs Muffet :))
    Happy for you....:)

    1. You started blogging in Sulekha six years back? How sweet:) Great experienced blogger u are!:) Mrs Muffet? hmmm....i'll check out and follow you:)

    2. congrats Bushra, its a nice creation for yours...
      Women want respect and recognition not money.

    3. Glad u support my view,thanks:)

  6. Nice post...So, you are now expanding your wings, going places!!

  7. Replies
    1. @Ritesh, @Shinymist, @Rajesh,@Vanderloost Thanks for ur kind words:)

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thank u so much:) I am honoured:)

    2. Sorry for deleting the previous comment, but my link for blogger has changed..but anyway...

      Congratulations! You've been awarded the Creative Blogger Award!
      Follow the ink below for more information! :)



  9. Hey Bushra...Congratulation...Nice post...

  10. @Nandi @Amit @Hans Thank u so much:)

  11. Hey, congratulations.. loved the post.

    and yes its cute :)

  12. Congratulations Bushra. Very well written post :)

  13. congrats..bushra...
    u deserve it..
    gud luck

  14. congrats..bushra...
    u deserve it..
    gud luck


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