He Stood For Her- He Is A Soldier!


"A girl is an angel, a blessing who should be treated like one!" how many times i have heard him say it, the man whose love is the most treasured thing in my life, without whose blessings i am a handicap, whose every word is inspiring- My father!

Bravery is never forgotten,it remains in the minds and hearts of the people. Maybe this is the reason why  today even after twenty years whenever my father happens to visit his birth place, the villagers of the Sitapur district never fail to show their love to my father and never miss a chance to meet him.

I didn't witness that incident with my eyes,well i wasn't even born then,but whenever my mother narrates that incident my heart fills with pride and i thank God that he made him my father!

My parents had visited their home town to meet my nanu and nani. One of their neighbors included the Sharjans who had recently welcomed their first daughter in law-Samantha Kohli. While every one had celebrated the marriage with great enthusiasm only a few were aware that it had come at a high price.

The marriage was not actually a marriage, it was a deal between the two richest empires of Sitapur-the Sharjans and the Kohlis. The Sharjan's had accepted the marriage of their eldest son Shaurya Sharjan to the only daughter of the Kohlis-Samanta Kohli on the condition that 10 lakhs be paid as dowry.  5 lakhs was paid before the marriage as advance and the girl's father had promised to pay the remaining amount in a few months.

After the marriage it came to light that the Kohli's were neck deep in depths and had already mortgaged all their lands to make ends meet. This news spread like fire and puked fire in the minds of the Sharjans. Instead of pitying their condition the Sharjans were enraged that they had been hoodwinked and started violating their daughter in law for the remaining dowry amount.

One night when my mother and father were taking a stroll in the garden they heard a woman's scream coming from the Sharjan mansion. Interpreting that something was wrong my parents ran towards their neighbor's house to find out what had happened. My father started hammering the door calling out their names and asking what was wrong. When no one opened the door my father broke a window and the sight that greeted him paralysed him. The Sharjans were hitting their daughter in law with an iron rod. The poor woman was screaming and asking for help. On seeing my father, they stopped their heinous act. My father shouted at them and threatened that he would call the police. Out of fear, they threw the rod and apologized to my father. Knowing that they could even kill her, my father insisted that Samantha would spend the night in my father's house. My mother took the sobbing girl along with her while the Sharjans watched, helpless.

The next morning my father dropped the crying girl to her parent's house and informed the Kohlis how their daughter was being treated by the Sharjans. The shocked Kohlis arranged for a divorce at the earliest and thanked my father for informing them. The villagers protested against the heinous act of the Sharjans and demanded that they leave that village.

The Sharjans, escaped prison as no serious harm was done to the girl but had to pay a large amount of fine as my father had  lodged a complaint against them.

The Kohlis were very thankful to my parents for their timely action and my father became the hero of the village.

This and many more incidents makes me proud of my father and he is the one who inspires me the most!

 Like my father if every man out there protests and becomes a soldier by his actions and not just words,shocking incidents like the Delhi gang rape won't occur. Every man who protects a woman is a soldier and a strong one at it!

My father is a soldier and i am proud of him! Are you a soldier for women?

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  1. Amazing post Bushra! Hats off to uncle!

  2. I salute your father for his bravery. Seriously how could a human being harm a human being. I hate such people. There are very few people like uncle who took steps n not wait for the results. I too love my father a lot. Very nicely written. Loved this post <3

  3. great post......keep uo the great work

  4. you have all good reasons to be proud of your father...its easier said than done to stand against the powerful when they are wrong till we realize humanity is most powerful. Well, I have skipped humanity on two occasions like an ideal urban white color Indian... so I know you feel so low in your own eyes (pure coward )and yes I know it takes loads of courage to stand against wrong and all the more to stand against wrong done by powerful people !!
    Kudos to your father !!!

  5. loved the post Bushra. A father is indeed a girl's first and foremost hero. Best wishes for the contest !

  6. Bravo....You have reasons to be proud of him, Bushra! May his tribe increase!! Great post and all the best for the contest!

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    1. समाज में ऐसे व्यक्ति की आवयश्कता है जैसा आपके पिता जी की व्यक्तित्व है.

  8. This is my first read on your blog and I am amazed by your write up. Hats off and bow down to your father for such a brave act. I am also a proud father or a very cute angel girl and will always be a soldier for any women who requires help . Thanks for inspiration.

    Travel India

  9. Great act done by your father... I must say the real soldier.. He acted very wise..
    Inspiring it is!!!


  10. hats off to your father.. a commendable post. all the very best :-)


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