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Hi, {insert your name here} :D

Renu a very pretty girl who is a  tomboy-turned-makeup addict, book lover, antique collector and aspiring writer has kept a fabulous giveaway on her fabulous blog My beauty junction :) . Happy birthday Renu dear:)  Just love your blog<3  Join the giveaway now and win exciting prices!

#1.The first price consists of ten exciting beauty products: open for all: (I so want this^_^)

#2. Second price: only for non indians: (

#3.Third price: only for Indians:

So what are you waiting for? Go join and try ur luck:)

A small truth: I am not a fan of Rafflecopter....really think it doesn't do justice :( But anyways lets see:)
Here's the link : GIVEAWAY

Will keep updating this post frequently so stay tuned :) Cheers to Renu and her blog:D

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  1. Thanks so much for the kind comments! Fingers crossed! I hate Rafflecopter too, because it is just dumb luck, but I did a poll and most people wanted it for the giveaway :(

    1. I can understand how you feel Renu:) It is indeed hard to hold a giveaway:) Best of luck and do visit again:)

  2. Wow the prizes are tempting Bush! Will enter it soon :)

    1. Ya Megh:) Love the first prize<3 But it's Rafflecopter :o I so hate it:O

    2. Y dont u like rafflecopter? its so easy for the reader to enter!

    3. Ya entering the giveaway is easy but the winners are chosen on luck basis :O bThat's what i hate :(,......but now that i am participating in giveaways, i have actually started liking indeed makes work easier!


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