Kitab likhte likhte:) *Ghazal*


Hi friends:) You know what ?! It rained hailstones  yesterday at my place and this was like after ages! Literally bathed in the water and retrieved only when mom threatened she would kick  give me a nice whacking :o ......I just Love rain and  even the fact that i was not feeling well didn't stop me from dancing like a two year old :D

 In Bangalore rain comes at a high price! You won't even have realized it's raining and *boink* there's a power cut :( which leaves you with no net and your emergency light forming weird shadows on the wall! No AC, no fan ,no nothing but- RAIN! Which in-turn fills all the gaps and makes you dance and wet your self like a kid coz kiddos man! It has rained like this after i think 1 year!

So while my sisters(both protesting that the power come back) and my Mum who was quite happy it rained as there's so much water shortage, sat chatting under the light aided by the UPS, me after getting told off by my mum was singing weird songs which i myself had no clue what they meant. Then i made this one just sang it out randomly and thought it was good to share:)

Pic before it rained,stormy beautiful weather:

Kitab likhte likhte:

Kitab ban gaye hain kitab likhte likhte,
Kitab ban gaye hain kitab likhte likhte....

Jo tum bano siyahi kalam ke meri
Toh zindagi guzaren kitab likhte likhte.....

Phat gaye ye panne is dil ki kitab ke,
Han Phat gaye ye panne is dil ki kitab ke,

 Tera naam likhte likhte, tera naam likhte likhte...

Sukun to ab milega,

Bas ye kitab padhte padhte....

Ab zindagi guzaren bas pyaar karte karte...
Kitab ban gaye hain kitab likhte likhte....!!!

[Please note that whatever shayaris/ghazals i write are just for fun and nothing's personal,and also note that any unwanted comment will be deleted.]

BTW: My sis gifted me this lovely heart shaped pendant cum pen-drive(4GB) Just love it<3

Heart pendant cum pen-drive:

PS: Here' the link to one of my favorite poetry on rain which is my best till date:
Rain Rain come again.....:)

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  1. I saw on TV about the hailstones yesterday and was wondering why those never shower on us here in Mumbai... gosh you are lucky and I envy you :D

    Btw, very pretty gift :)

    1. May your city be blessed with hailstones too:) Stay blessed:)

  2. Wow i want that pen drive. Bush chup chap mujhe de do warnaaaaa :P
    I love ur shayaris Querida...They are so heart touching yet understandable :)
    It rained hailstones at my place too but it was before 15-20 days! U love rains. I am ur opposite I hate getting wet ;)
    Unwanted comment i hope u r not telling me :O

    1. too doubting .. if Bushra is indicating me .... by mentioning "unwanted comments " :D .. !!
      Bushra you should clarify if we are the ones indicated by the term unwanted comments ...or not !! I am sure not Megha but ..apna to pakka chance hai bhai !! hahaha !! Well , hum fan hogaye Bushra ji apke Shayari ke ... last Ghazal padhte padhte !!

    2. @Megh mera paas ek hi hai sorry:o
      Thanks for liking what i write senorita:) Of course i don't mean you when i say 'Unwanted comment' you are my friend and dosti me no rules remember?!

    3. @My say L:) Of course i don't mean you or any of my regular visitors! It's just a caution to the bots *i am so regretting writing it:o* well anyways thanks for liking my lines:)

    4. Ohhh no rules n i can come anytime to ur house n take that pen drive :P Yeah sabse zyada Bush ki khichai apan hi karte hai :D

  3. You should put a tune to it and upload it here!!

    1. I am not sure about it really:p Thanks for liking it:)

  4. Hi...i am a bit scared to comment...lest u delete it *muses*.

    I like the way you make such readable posts out of small little things in life.... U are a blogger in a true sense

  5. well done..bushra.
    .Jo tum bano siyahi kalam ke meri
    Toh zindagi guzaren kitab likhte likhte.....
    ..enjoy rain.

  6. Chilaxed after reading ur rainy post. I love the tapping of rain hailstorm. Be bangalore blesssed by more of rain this year, Bushra really wants to have a good time with rim jhil gire sawan...

  7. NICE

  8. Loved it!
    You got some awesome writing skills dear! :)

  9. Jo tum bano siyahi kalam ki meri
    Toh zindagi guzaren kitab likhte likhte...

    Kya khoob lika hai aapne.

  10. Wow Bushra! I am impressed how u alwayz come up with such nice creative stuff. It rained here in Delhi as well! And I loved the gift! i have sisters and I know any gift from them is super special!

  11. I'm just loving it, the way you write it.
    Now M looking some more from you, let such things come again...;-)

  12. Kya Ghazal ban gayi ulfat ki
    Kitab Likhte Likhte...

    A very good read...

  13. Hum Khush ho gaye, ye post parte parte :)


  14. Lovely verse and the pendant i just wow :)

  15. Yes, the hailstorm and the wonder-thunder rain was much awaited to bring down the temperatures. Nice poem too. Keep raining more poems!

  16. Gosh! You write lovely!

    And, that Heart Pen Drive... I Heart It :P


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