My neighbor-A soldier for women!


This post is to appreciate the effort of  my neighbor who stood for his daughter with courage and integrity. I would like to thank Blog adda for this wonderful opportunity to recognize and recall the wonderful deeds of  brave men.

I have known Aariaz uncle for 4 years, he is a CID police officer from profession and a great neighbor! Any problem in our area, and he is the first one to help. It's great to have such a responsible citizen as a neighbor. My father and Aariaz uncle are good friends. His family is very friendly with us too. He is blessed with two wonderful daughters, both of whom are my friends.

Last year it so happened that Rehbar, Aariaz uncle's elder daughter was going to college when a group of  young road rowdies teased her. She, not wanting to make matters big,just ignored and minded her own business. The next day again the group of boys stood in the same place and carried on their usual behavior this time they whistled at her too. From the next day,Rehbar avoided the same route and took a new route to go to collage. Just when she thought that no one would disturb her now, one of the boys from that rowdy clad suddenly called out her name and started following her when she refused to look at him. He followed her up to her collage passing snide comments on the way. Reaching her collage Rehbar was very upset and disturbed. She wanted to get rid of those annoying boys and wanted to share her problem with someone who would look after her problem. (This is where several girls are mistaken, they do not share their problems when they are primitive. If they try and speak up when matters can be handled they can be saved from bigger problems!)

Days passed by and nothing seemed to change,the usual teasing and following continued. One day Rehbar gathered courage and shared her problem with her mother. The worried mother informed Aariaz uncle about this. Uncle was very angry that Rehbar did not inform him about this earlier. Anyhow, action was taken within minutes. Uncle tracked down all the boys and gave them a nice thrashing. Their homes were located and their parents were informed. After that incident i think no one has ever eve teased a woman in our colony.

This way Aariaz uncle stood for his daughter and every other girl who had suffered the same problem-He is a soldier! Not only this, he has solved umpteen cases and helped out numerous helpless women at work. He is the most responsible police officer i have seen to date-Kudos to you uncle ^_^>.

My neighbor is a soldier for women,are you? 
Soldiers Wanted

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  1. Nice and this problem is common and this needs an attention. We all are humans and have right to live.

    Kindly give your feedback to my latest post.

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  2. This Really Is a Problem.. Girls Not Sharing Things.. Half Things Get Solved When They Share These Things With Their Parents, Mostly

  3. Very nice post Bush! I agree one should inform her parents abouth anything like this. I have been lucky in this matter. didnt face such kind of situations! Kudos to Aaariaz uncle :)

  4. Power to Aariaz! Great guy indeed!

  5. kudos to Aariaz! our society needs many more like him...

  6. Amazing post Bushra! We need definitely need men like Aariaz uncle. And girls should always talk about such things with their parents, elders or friends.

  7. Kudos to him. He's just an inspiring figure for our male fraternity.

  8. kudos to the gentleman !!
    All it needs is an understanding .. these things will never stop until and unless there is some serious steps taken .. someone or the other will have to suffer !! its not all about men standing for women its about the men who make life hell for women !! where are religious gurus who would ask people to kill and get killed in the name of God ?? Can they teach these basics in madarsas and pravachans and masses ??? its the lack of spiritual knoweldge and lack of closliness to God which has taken a horrible shape in terms of eve-teasing,rape and terrorism !! Nice post yet again and good effort of bringing deserving people to limelight ... be your dad or the neighbour uncle they deserve salutes

  9. Kudos to your uncle cum neighbour . True Soldier.

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