Liebster! Liebster! Liebster!


It's been 2-3 months since these three awesome people nominated me for the Liebster award, but serious problems like laziness have kept me from acknowledging them :p
Nevertheless, here i am after repenting for my lateness-better late than never!

I received Three of these beautiful beauties :) 

*The first one to nominate me was a beautiful girl ODyzz from CoMe, LeTz WaLk DoWn ThE LaNe ToGeThEr. This was my first ever Liebster and i was on the top of the world on seeing my blog nominated. Visibly dancing on one foot...if you are a blogger you'll know the joy of receiving your first award :).Odyzz is a cool blogger.Her posts are creative, humorous and simply awesome!
*The second person was also a pretty girl called Sudha from The lid is lifted. I like her blog, it's a sweet one and yes she is a bookie like me too :)

*The third nomination was by Co.blogger Anjan Roy from Vision imagination. He has been a regular visitor of my blog and I his! His posts are always humorous and inspiring! Do check out his blog, it'll brighten your day!

*Thank you ODyzz. Thank you Sudha. Thank you Anjan.....your nominations have inspired me and have served as food for the betterment of my mind!*

Hardly anyone from the Blogging world is unaware of what is a "Liebster award" so let's skip the introduction and get to the point!

My answers to the 11 witty questions Odyzz asked me: (believe me this was a tough job!)

1. Describe yourself in five adjectives. Explain why you picked those five.

ME:  Aspiring, young, positive, impatient, emotional! ......well the words are definition enough!

2. If you won an All-Expenses paid vacation for you and three guests , who would you take with you and why?
ME: It's gonna be my mum and my two beautiful sisters. It was time i reflated back some love!

3. Do you like Reality TV shows ? Why do you think they are so popular ?
ME: Well, to be honest, I don't watch TV! So can't say much but i think they have that realistic touch in them, and that's why they are so popular!

4. If your personality was represented by a cartoon character who would it be and why?
ME: Ummm...i think it would be Me,myself and I , as i believe that no one resembles me as much as I myself do! ;)

5. What could you do to cheer someone up who is in a  bad mood?
ME: I could go to the extent of hanging upside down, coz i love spreading smiles, and a gloomy face amidst happy ones makes me uncomfortable, be it any one!

6. Living in the mountains or on the beach , Which one and why?
ME: None! I love where i am-it's a part of early Heaven!

7. Have you ever “People Watched”? Why do people find this so interesting?
ME: Yeah i agree,people watching is quite interesting but not every time! It's annoying and immoral at times too.

8. Your favorite activities on a rainy day.
ME: *Get wet* *Get wet* *Enjoy* *play* *Forget the world* *Get wet?* !!!

9. What is your Sunday routine ?
ME: Sleep-blog-sleep-eat sleep-pray-sleep! (now did i miss another *sleep* ?)

10. What is one thing you want to do but haven’t done yet?
ME: Hate!....... I try hating people who have hurt me but, every time i try, i fail!

11.If you would write a book about anything what would it be about?
ME: It would be a Thriller cum Fiction, something like "if tomorrow comes" by Sydney Sheldon.....or a Fantasy like "Harry Potter".


Now, the answers to the questions Sudha asked me:

1.     Religion or spirituality?
ME: Both!

2.     Do you like partying?
ME: Yup! A lot!....but now it's a distant dream!

3.     Who is your Prime Ministerial candidate for 2014?
ME: Let's talk about that when it's actually 2014!

4.     Barcelona or Manchester United?
ME: None!

5.     Blogger or Wordpress?
ME: Blogger, as my blog is a blogger blog but would love to create a word-press blog too!

6.     Dream holiday destination?
ME: Madrid,Spain!

7.     Which genre of books/movies do you enjoy most?
ME: Fiction,Thrillers,Fantasy,Romance and action!

8.     What are your views on marriage?
ME: A beautiful step which is vital for any relationship!

9.     Did you study Sanskrit in school?
ME: No!

10.   Is Chetan Bhagat overhyped according to you?
ME: Actually he's just a successful writer who's works are pretty good! Over-hyped or not,I Like his books!

11.   Did you ever get lost in a new place?
ME: Ya! A place which was very alien to me---The land of Gloominess!

Now Anjan's set of questions:

1) Most Inspirational blogger that you have come across.
ME: Nitesh @My Say!

2) Writers are known for their revolutionary ideas...What do you think will happen if all writers become politician?
 ME: India will become a better place to live----part of heaven!

3) If you were given a day before you die...what would you write about?
 ME: A letter of forgiveness to my loved ones....and the first name on the list would be God!

4) What's your most cherished post that you have ever wrote?
 ME: Rain Rain come again.....:) as i think this is one post after which my blog truly started to shine,build and flourish and also because of my love for Rain!

5) What's the reason behind bloggers not criticizing?
 ME: They are too smart and thoughtful to criticize and loose their followers! :)

6)A movie Character which you want to portray in your writing...and why?
 ME: Sherlock Holmes!-As he is the most wittiest fictional character i have ever come across!

7) If not a blogger then what you would want to be?
 ME: A dreamer...a preacher....and a beautician!

8)A change in society which you want to enforce through your Posts.
ME: The perspective of people--from Negative to positive!

9)An inspiration that makes you to drool over your writing.
 ME: Books.Books.Books!

10) Most dreaded blogging day of your life.
 ME: Hmmm....i don't think that such a day will ever arrive, and if it will, i'll inform u guys about it!

11) Suggestions for my blog so that i can improve.
ME: Your blog is a very inspirational blog! Try your hands at a few fictions-you'll do great!---that's it :)

........and now for the ritual of passing on the award to the deserving!:

Samar Khan: Glamour Girlz

Jahid Akhtar: Flashbacks

Deepak Kripal: Original poetry

Ritesh Agarwal: Some bedtime Stories

Aliasgar Mukhtiar: Farzana and Aliasgar Mukhtiar

Ajay Kontham: The shaded Shadows

Gajadhar Diwedi: Dharmchakra

Kislaya Gopal: Dew

Ashish Bhagvantula : My umpteen thoughts


Heena Vcb : Vanity Case Box

Debajyoti Ghosh: Some facts some nonsense 

Aziz Ampanwala: Reader's Heaven

Vishal Rathod: Travel India

Namrota: Coffee Beans

Akash Govindrajan: Wait for it

Himadri Singha : Careless whisper

Nandini Deka: Nandini Speaks 

Kriti Bhatnagar: Just a little time

Please note that there are hundreds of more bloggers on my mind but i chose to nominate the above at present! All the above blogs are fabulous blogs.I am their regular visitor!

As you guys know that it has been a hectic job for me, i'll ask the nominees only three questions!
My questions for the Nominees:
1)List 11 facts about yourself.
2) Why do you love blogging? What is writing to you?
3)Have you made any blogging friends? Who are they?

Done, Done London :p

A little note to @Megha, @Ritesh and @Nitesh: Guys, i know i have already nominated you earlier for the creative blogger award but when i was passing on the Liebster, you three were the first one on my my mind :) So accept it from me :)

UPDATE: 5\11\2013

For those who are new to the blogging arena and are not aware of what a Liebster is here's an introduction (on the request of Namrota)

What is this Liebster Award:
The Liebster Blog Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kindly, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. (i hope this award does not describe me!, as all those qualities mentioned here are in me. Atleast i hope so :)

The rules for accepting the Liebster are as follows:

1.You must thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog complete with link to their blog.
(Completely your choice-i won't mind! :))

2.  Copy and paste the blog award on your blog's Side bar. (like i have done it)

3. Nominate\pass on the award to your 11 favourite, deserving blogs and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog!( please note that i have nominated more than 11 members as i received 3  awards and could have nominated more :))

That's it!

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  1. hey congrats and thanks for the nomination

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Bushra... Hearty Congratulation! =D7

    It was so good to know about you. :)
    Even I love rain as much as you do :D
    And about getting lost in a place..the answer was a thoughtful one..even i dread getting lost there #:-S

    And Thank you so much for nominating me :)

    1. Thank you so much Kislaya @-)

      Rain is so awesome that everyone falls in love with it! :)
      yes i dread it too.... #:-S
      ur welcome :)

  4. Congrats Bush for yet another achievement ! You best deserve these awards.. coz whatever you do is right from the heart and that is the reason every step you are evolving as creative individual...coz u experiment and you are ready to learn and do not behave like a Guru( I know all) :)

    It was really exciting reading your answers. I wish to thank you for nominating me for the same although I feel I am the odd one out among all the nominees as all of them are great writes or photographers .. I stand no where in the list .. yet as I say the last thing I would avoid is Appreciation :D :)
    Thanks a ton again dear !!

    1. Thank you so much Nitesh for your inspiring words :)
      Yes u are the odd one out-you are sOOO Creative that u are odd one out :D

    2. :).. Thanks a ton once again Bush if my experiences of life uttered in words or through shapes .... inspire you in any way ! I feel blessed as I have never been told my ideologies make a difference to anyone I know :)

    3. U are indeed inspiring!
      your every word is inspiring!
      I have never known anyone this Aspiring!
      Indeed inspiring, indeed Aspiring! :)

  5. Awwww thank u so much Bus! It means a lot to me. And yay i am getting 2nd award from u. Feeling proudy now B-)
    U wont take me on vacation with u :(( I am not talking to u.
    Hey i too dont watch TV. Its the most boring thing ever invented.
    I so agree u always make everyone smile :)

    Did i forget to say Congrats? Congratulations sweetheart. U truly deserve all awards <3 Lub u and ur blog :x
    Thanx for being my lovely frn. I am lucky to find u through blogging <3

    1. You are welcome Megh :)
      I am so sorry my answer hurt you :( please don't cry :-O
      We'll go to some other place on a loooong vacation OK?!
      UR welcome :) U too,Thanx for being my lovely frnd. I am lucky to find u through blogging <3 <3 <3

    2. Hahaha I was just kidding Senorita :P
      Ok we will spend our vacations in Wild Life sanctuary :) What say u ?

  6. Congrats! It's good to read about you. :)

  7. Congrats Bushra.. lovely post. nice to know more n more about you dear :)

  8. Excellent answers...and yeah i have a similar...words like DONE DONE LONDON...
    "Proud Vowed India" ...!!!

    1. Thanbk u so much for the Award Anjan :)

  9. Congratulations :D And thank you very much for nominating me for the liebster :D
    Also it was really cool and interesting to get to know about you :)
    Cheers !!!

  10. Congrats Bushra for the Leibster award. Thank U so much for considering my blog for Ur nomination. Looking forward to read more of Ur shayari's :)

  11. Congrats!! =D7 :-bd loved reading more about u...and thanks for the nominations :)

  12. Congrats.. :-bd

  13. I think that am too a libester or whatever!! Congratulation!!

  14. congratulation for yet achievement

  15. Did I tell you you are my most favorite person in the whole of Blogosphere

  16. Thank you so much! Honored!

  17. Thanks a lot Bushra for the nomination. Overwhelmed :)

    Don't know when can I write my post as per the liebster rule winning over my hectic schedule and laziness (though contrary, it is true !, I'm thanking you once again.

    You are beautiful person :)

  18. hey nice n funny ans. esp for 2014 pm .. nice blog .. visit my blog sometym

  19. Congrats to you and all ur nominations too !

  20. My hearty congos to you Bushra! :)

  21. A little bit for you dear!! Hope you enjoy!! :):)

  22. For your creative instincts Bushra dear...
    Here's just a little something for you...I swear!!

  23. congrts......
    u truely deserve it...

  24. EVERYONE Thank you SOOO Much for your wishes :) I am elated :D @Kriti you are spoiling me with your love :P

  25. Congrats Bushra! Well deserved..:)

  26. Congosssssss on the award :)

  27. Hey I know I am a little late for this! Anyways......Congratulations and thanks a million for nominating me.

  28. Bushra.. thank you Gal.. and sorry for being so late to respond to it... you already know the reasons :/ :P

    1. Finally.. I am ready with my answers and more.. check here.. : :)


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