The Vanity Case Box Giveaway:


In the joy of  successfully completing 6 months of her blogging period, the beautiful, suavacious girl, Heena Vcb has kept an awesome giveaway at her blog. You have a chance to stock up  make up products worth  4000/-Rs . There's also a second price. So what are you waiting for?! Go join and enjoy! :)

I am drooling over these products<3 Hope i win them :)

A little note to Heena: I love your blog. The tutorials and side widgets are awesome! CONGRATULATIONS for your 6 month achievement, God bless you and may your blog flourish and keep on doing the good it has been doing to date :)

Here's the link to the give away: Giveaway

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  1. I have also entered. She is really a nice gal :)

    1. Oh! That's great Megh! :) Hope one of us bags the prize :D :-bd

  2. Aww..Thanks so Much Bushra! :)

    Thankoo Megha! :)


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