A Gourmet Party To Remember!


Parties! Oh how I love them!From food to chit chat and dressing up, I love everything about a party!
So, just imagine how happy i would have been when i was aloud to organize the whole naming ceremony of my 30 day old niece?! Yes-i was on the top of the world!

My sister was blessed with a baby boy and my happy parents wanted to hold his naming ceremony at our house. Unluckily-or should i say luckily, my father was very busy at work that particular month and my mother was busy acknowledging the numerous relatives who would call to congratulate her. So that was how the whole responsibility came over to this little imaginative not-so-busy girl called me :) My parents are well aware what a perfect manager i am *smirks* so they didn't hesitate when i offered to arrange the whole function for them.They just stated a set of rules which included 'the limits' i shouldn't cross which i ignored blankly :P

Now let me share my experience of holding a party all by myself,( well except for the money, my parents paid it.)

Did it turn out great or was it a disaster like i had much assumed it to be? Well just read on:

Home is where the heart is-oh yes it is! As majority of my relatives live in Lucknow the guest list was limited to only relatives and friends from Bangalore. So the venue i chose was my home itself! This was a major advantage for me as everything i wanted and everybody i wanted to help me were easily available.


First impression is the best impression! I am a Decor junkie. For me every bit of my house should be clean and attractive especially on an occasion. I got my house cleaned with the help of my maid and made it dirt-proof. Then i worked on the walls of the house first, decorating them with colorful Bandhini crushed dupattas. I picked up ideas from several magazines and gave the whole house an ethnic touch. After the decoration was done my house looked like a beautiful Rajasthani palace.Chandlers,flowers and the dupattas were the main decoration. When my parents saw the decoration, they were mesmerized and speechless. They gave me encouraging smiles and relieved expressions.

What i wore:
Look good feel good! As the theme of the party was 'Ethnic' i opted for ethnic couture, i wore my favorite flair Anarkali paired up with suitable jewelry.

Anar Statemant
copyright: stillettomaniac.blogspot.in

Now coming to the true soul of the party-food food food! Whatever you do in terms of decoration or entertainment if you send your guests with an empty stomach-the whole event has no point! Remember that Food should be given utmost priority in a party,as majority of your guests don't care what the event is, what they only care about is that they will be feasting on a free dinner!

This turned out as the toughest challenge for me as i had btotally forgotten to pre-order food in a hotel! So while i sat in panic calling every hotel in my area to ask whether they could arrange it, only to get a negative response,my parents sat relaxed thinking that i have arranged it already. That was when i came accross this awesome site called 'KITCHEN'S OF INDIA' Aand my quest ended. I was mesmerized with their awesome collection of food and ordered the following recipes in bulk.

Kitchens of India

Main course:

GO HERE                                          GO HERE                                     GO HERE

               GO HERE                         GO HERE                             GO HERE

This is another important thing which is the secret of a successful party! As it was my Niece's naming ceremony i organised different games both children and adults which kept them engaged and happy throughout the party. A sweet Beethoven melody kept playing in the background throughout the entire party.

The music,the food and the entertainment made the party a big success. The guests walked out with a full happy stomach and a bundle of unforgettable memories.

The Return gift i gave The Guests:
As a token of thanks or attending the party or in other words as a small payback for the actual gifts they brought *smirks* i had arranged to give them return gifts. Ater a little decision making me and my Mum chose this satiating Halwa from Kitchen's Of India, to be given as return gift to all the guests. I customized the packets by adding a cute sticker containing my Niece's new name and the date he was born.

                                                                  RETURN GIFT:

    So that was it! A party to remember! If you too are planning a party and want to treat your guests with delicious delicacies than go to the Kitchens of India online store and order your pick NOW!

This post is a part of the Kitchens of India Contest held at Indiblogger.

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  1. Wow Bush u r so creative <3 Would love to see how u looked in suits :) Lovely Bush! U explained all things so well :) Hope u win!

    1. Well i think i looked lovely :P ha ha thanks Megh :) Love u <3!

  2. Managerjee, you seem to have done a brilliant job in organizing the event. My hearty congrats to you upon arrival of a nephew. May god bless him and his parents and his Aunty.

    1. Thank you so much :) I am really happy about my nephew! :)

  3. lovely Bushra.. seems you were too busy managing the event. my hearty wishes to the new arrival of your family. :)

  4. Congo \:D/

    Bushraaa, That Anarkali Suit Is So B'ful :D

    And, Just Loved The Article! Very Creative :)

    1. Thanks Heena :) Yes i am loving it too! :)

  5. you spend a long time with the pics.....good dedicated blogger you are...Kitchens of India's boss would be a happy man ^_^

    1. :) Ya i love dealing with pics. Thanks Ritesh! :)

  6. The attire looks awesome :D
    It seems the party was a huge fun!! Brilliant post dear!!
    Good luck for the contest!! :)

  7. Well written! and good that you organized it :D
    Nice attire :D
    good luck for the contest :D


  8. hmmm
    there were times when I was fascinated, amazed when visiting a blog or website
    because that will add insight and knowledge I course. thanks for nice post

  9. Well Done Bushra. Will you share your prize with me? ;)

    Best of luck! :D

  10. Congraats for the new relation added (nephew). I can connect with the feeling. Also the party was tempting enuf to complain why you did nt invite me. :) All the best for the contest.

  11. congrats Bushra. You are an amazing organizer!

  12. Nice work, bringing together everything! Good luck :)

  13. Wonderful post!
    Firstly congrats for the new entry in your family
    and then kudos for the ambiance you created :)

  14. Wonderful. Your creativity has no bounds. Keep it up and all best and wish you win the first prize.


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