~* “The lessons I learnt from my Father” *~


"To Dream is to dare and once you have dared, keep up to it!" this is the best thing i have learnt from my protector, a man whose deeds were mightier than his words, a village boy who dared to dream and kept up to his dream-My father!
"No you won't fall off the bicycle, I'm holding it" He said it and kept his word. From that day he always supported me and never let me fall off from the bicycle of life. Whenever i used to take a wrong turn, he would guide me and bring me back on track. He taught me on which phase of life i had to put brakes and on which face i had to on the gears. From that day, he has always supported me and nurtured me through the ups and downs of life.
He is my bestie,my sole incorporator, my dose of inspiration and the first man i have ever loved and cared for!All these years he has not only developed my mind but has also played an important role in my spiritual development.
There are countless lessons my Dad has taught me, out of which the following ones are those which i value the most:

  Red heart Ten lessons of life i have learnt from my HeroRed heart
10 lessons of life
Star"Time is Precious , Learn to Value It." Oh! How many times have i heard him say that! He has always taught me to value time and
Star"Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it!" These are some more words through which he has inspired me and prepared me for  life's journey.
Star"Control your anger as it only results in one's own destruction" " God i am so angry! I'll break everything now" i would scream my lungs out. He would place a calm hand on my head and wipe off my tears. "Control your anger beta-it'll only harm you further" he would say and smile at me. -That day i learnt that anger is the supreme cause of problems, problems which we repent for later! I would listen to him and register his words in my mind.
Star"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. So always just do your best and be patient" These are some more of his golden words which i have preserved in my heart but sadly how much ever i try, i fail to be as patient as my Dad Embarrassed smile At times he just looks at my impatient face and  laughs saying "humareyahan Bushra ko bilkul sabr nahi!"  meaning "in our house Bushra is the most impatient girl Smile with tongue out"
Star"Keep the secrets that others tell you. When someone gives you their trust, don't betray it, hold it as something sacred." This is something i have always followed in my life-Thanks to my hero, My father!
Star"Life isn't fair, and no one ever promised you it would be. Get over it, and realize that sometimes terrible injustices happen, all you can do is to work to see it doesn't happen again, if you can." By saying this he would give me courage and help me develop as a strong individual who doesn't depend on others for anything! If you want anything to be done well, do it yourself" he would repeat this proverb whenever i would seek help out of laziness. I would get inspired and do my work by myself.
Star"Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today!" Well i used to learn this in school too but starting following it only when Dad and Mum bullied me into following it- parents i tell you! :)
Star"Talk less, work more and prove your words with your deeds." This he used to repeat Zillions  thousands of times! I think that teaching me this was the toughest job for him as we all know that i am a- Fultoo talkative Gossip queen! :P But thank God, due to my Dad and my Mum's repeated Vigilance this has reduced :)
Star"Forgive and Forget as life's too short to collect frowns" I think this is one thing which i have lived upto a cent percent! It's my habit that i let go of people's mistakes very easily and forgive them even before they ask for forgiveness.
NoteFursate zindagi kam hai Mohabbaton ke liye,
Najane log late hain  waqt  kahanse nafraton ke liyeNote
He says this shayari and inspires me to forgive and forget the same instant!
Star"A smile goes miles" so always smile. This has worked like magic for me! In all these eighteen years of my life, i have learnt that a smile can move mountains. It's like a spell which creates magic and makes impossible things possible. Even while surfing the net i always remember(well it's in my nature) to use smileys in my words and i have experienced that it really makes the other person smile and change his/her perspective into a positive one! Kuddos to you Dad-Your a great man! As a business man no matter how stressed he is, it astonishes me that he manages to smile and talk politely with his customers and his family.
So these are some Golden lessons i have learnt from my Dad! He is a real inspiring man! I have already written a post about his fabulous being on this blog. Go here to read it.

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  1. wonderful !! I just feel inspired with those points. So true they are !! I wish i knew a man of such high thinking in person.
    Which point do I not agree on !! I am glad I am on the right path .. for only recently I have started following these attributes ... into my life .. and I see one thing- I am Content and Peaceful and Positive.. ready for anything and with a smile.
    Thank You for sharing these words !

  2. Loved all the points. my dad always taught me to be strong. I am also good in keeping secrets but so bad in forgiving. Hope u win Bushu :)

  3. one of the best posts i hv ever read bushra! Hats off to ur dad! And I loved that shayari piece..:)

  4. Simply amazing ...

  5. lovely post. I am sure, you will win. All the best.

  6. Each of the lessons given by your father is precious and should inspire all of us. Thanks for sharing them in your post. Besides being practical one should also be pragmatic. A good post.

  7. That is a nice tribute to your Dad..M sure your Dad will be proud of you...
    Best of Luck for the contest..

  8. all the best for the contest.....i love the way you add color to your post

  9. Amazing post Bushra! So well written and presented! Good Luck.

  10. well written ! all the best :)

  11. Daddy's mostly possess similar point of views :D
    Liked it!! Nicely expressed dear!

  12. Hi...lovely blog...would you like to follow each other on both gfc and bloglovin...?
    let me know...


  13. Ahh! lovely lovely... All the best Bushra...I participated in thsi too ...and I see we both are Daddy's Darling Daughters :D

  14. All the ten points are valid, especially about controlling the anger. I have seen having a miserable life because they can't reign in their anger.


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