My Hundredth post and a poll :)


 "Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less"

In my schooling days ,i remember that i had read a story in my 'moral science' class on 'humility'. That story had truly inspired me! I learnt that a person is not known by his duties but his deeds! Not by his frown but his smile! Not by his pompousness but, by his-humility! 
I have usually seen that the best of humility is always found in cartoonists..... a good cartoonist is the best humorist and the most humble person too.......and i know that many of you will agree with me too! :)

Well let's leave that talk for later and go further with today what i have in store for you guys: Yes! It's my hundredth post in just 6 months. I started my blog on December 25th 2012, but started posting only from early January.....and today here i am with my 100th post! 

All my readers who encouraged me in my writing- a warm thank you :) ....and to thank you guys,I'll be holding a giveaway soon :)

Today i wanted to post something very special as it was my 100th post, but then i realized that every word i have posted on this blog is special for me and there is nothing which is more special than that fact itself :D 

This doodle was made by Nitesh +Jack MySay, a great doodler from which was based on an idea given by me :) I edited it a bit and made it more lively by adding colors.

I request all my readers and blogger friends to participate in the poll which will help me and my blog develop.

POLL:What kind of content do you enjoy the most on my blog?

Contact for any queries:
My e-mail ID:
Twitter ID: @Bu5hra_

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  1. Great going....100 in just 6 months. What are you? The 'Chris Gayle of Blogosphere' :P

    Great doodle. Loved the expressions and the joke.

    Btw, I wanted to ask you something. How do you make that label appear at the top? "Home, about me, contact me, guest post"

    1. Chris Gayle of Blogosphere? ha ha ha :D Don't spoil me now! :P Thanks Ritesh :)
      You'll just have to add a page *create and publish* n it'll be visible :)

    2. Add a page??

      Samajh nahi aaya....Email mein samjhao acche se mere ko plzzzz

  2. Congrats Bushra, great going, keep rocking, beautiful write up and wonderful concept of the cartoon...
    Happy Hundred!!! :-bd

  3. Writing 100 posts in 6 months is just a commendable job. You write very well and we hope that you will continue writing more and more posts.

    1. Your words are really inspiring...thanks a lot :)

  4. Congrats Bush, keep it going and soon you will become a 1000 blog old blogger.

    And yes is right google is a woman she never gives the results we want!

  5. Congrats Bush keep it going and you will soon be a 1000 blog lady. And Jack is right, google is indeed a girl, she always throws up results we never want!!

  6. Congo.....and many more hundreds to come!!!

  7. Congratulations Bushra. You are too fast and too furious.. :)

    Keep going buddy.. my best wishes. :)

  8. Woohhooo...Congratulations!!! :D
    As of the guest post...I'd be glad to do one for you!!
    Keep blogging :)

  9. wow. century post in 6 months.. that's too fast.. my wishes.. and this is such an interesting doodle.. :D big likes..

  10. Congratulations on your 100th post. :)

    In the poll, there wasn't All of the above option. Else I would have selected that only. :)

    Take Care and keep writing. :)

  11. Wow 100 posts. Congrats Senorita. U r way too talented.
    Awesome n funny doodle. I too agree google isa girl. It has so much stored in it n hasan answer for everything. Voted although i love everything on ur blog but love ur shayaris the most :)

  12. Congratulations.

    Keep them coming more.

  13. Congrats Bushra! Its a treat to read your blog!

  14. Congrats on your hundredth post .. wish you keep on pours many such post for us readers to be hooked on your blog !!

  15. Wow... So many awards and appreiation. Nice work Bushra, Congrs.. for the 1st centuary..

    Being a tech enthusiast I know it's a bot :D and I don't believe in gender so it is it. :D

    Keep on Blogging!

  16. hellos !!
    :) Jack congratulates you on your century and in style ;)
    Well.. I think I am yet to be a cartoonist .. :) .... I will surely be one ...
    For me , your shayaris and poetrys and those 55s are life of the blog .. the ones which keep me visiting your site quite often .. In fact i have you bookmarked in shayari folder :)
    Having said that .. I do not mean other varieties are any less ..

    However, being a doodler.. I love reading as less as possible :D .. since childhood ...
    Here is my should pick up 4 liner shayaris and poems of shorter length.I know you will do that awesomely .. and moreover .. it has huge traffic driving capability...
    I would love to see your blog reach heights of popularity :) Best Of Luck !!
    I pray your creativity sharpens more and more with the advent of time !! Ameen !!

  17. wow. Congrats Ghalib Sahiba :)

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Double congrats on the milestone and contest win. Keep shinning girl :)

  20. Haha! :D

    Loved the doOdle n Congo Bushra \:D/

  21. Whoaaaaa!! CENTURY :D

    May you have many many many more centuries :)

    and Jack.. excellent doodle as always :)
    *claps-claps* :D

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