A Road trip to remember!


It was our Farewell. Yes! After Twelve long years of schooling together, it was time we chaddi buddies finally bid bye to each other... Our lives would change as would our dreams... So instead of mourning this 'fact' which would turn into a dark reality in near future, we decided to celebrate our last moments together, and that was how this amazing unforgettable, crazy Road trip came into being!

Obtaining permission from our parents for this trip was the toughest job, but as it was destined, our parents finally agreed. I remember how we friends would hold secret meetings in order to discuss our trip and find a way to console our parents....ah! The Good old days! *sob *sob* *sob*
So when finally permissions were given decisions were made, our little joyous hearts waited for "The day!"

We were 10 in number and planning the travel in a car for so many was another challenge.That was when we  booked a Scorpio.Woooohooo! 

As we were abhi kacche aams, obviously we weren't allowed to travel that far and yes! We were to travel under an adult's nose :O Anyhow, that didn't matter much  later as the man turned out to be my bestie's Uncle and a wonderful person.

Our journey: We had planned to travel from Bangalore to Mysore. Visiting each and every place which promised fun was our supreme Goal.We started early morning from Dollars Colony, Bangalore. 

Some memories leave such a big impact on you that you never forget them, and this one turned out to be my unforgettable memory!
We traveled through the misty roads of Mysore, singing and playing along the way, having a great time waving at other travelers. We made our own food, and built our own tents inside the widespread Government parks of Mysore. Every bit of the journey was a treat.

We visited the KRS Dam and Mysore palace and also the oldest Church in Mysore....
Mysore has some real wonderful places to visit, and the places are not just any random places but they hold history in them which tracks back to the era of the Raja Maharajas. We also visited Tipu Sultan's dome where he and his Begum reside today. We were introduced to some real delicious Mysore delicacies. The best place i loved was the magnificent Mysore palace. They didn't allow us to take our cameras with us :(. Dunno why they have this silly rule! The palace traces back to the last of the kings who ever ruled India and even today the Daserah festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. There's this huge Sandalwood shop located in the outskirts of the palace-and let me tell you! It's one crazy shop which smells sandalwood,walks sandalwood,talks sandalwood-phew! It's fragrance can be smelt even if you are ten roads away from it! Anything and everything  you can imagine about is sculptured from Sandalwood and sold in that shop.

 We had so much fun that returning back to our homes was painful :( but anyhow, the memory of our best days were enough to spread big smiles on our faces for days together.

Our car :D

The Mysore beach. The KRS dam is located here.

Sunset at the Mysore beach

This is the park where we built our tents :)

..........and that was how our farewell trip turned out to be my favourite and most memorable Road trip! :)

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P.S:All the above images are mine except for the  last one which has been taken from Google images.

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  2. Trip just after school must have been a great one.. Great pics...
    All the best for the contest.


  3. The pictures are lovely. Specially, the sunset at Mysore beach... the fiery dragon in the sky is captivating. :)

  4. beautiful captures and a nice narration of a kacchha aam :) Mysore is a great place to be .. thanks for sharing your wonderful experience Bush ! Best of Luck for the contest ! :)

  5. Nicely written trip that you went to with your chaddi buddies... and yes, even I wonder why some monuments and temples don't allow pictures to be clicked. More pictures mean more publicity... and they don't seem to realise this simple fact.

    Arvind Passey

    1. Yes, that made me wonder too! Well, anyhow, thanks :)

  6. That should have been nice trip so cool and refreshing. Nice write with beautiful pictures.

  7. I was wondering from where did comparison with kaache aam come from suddenly.. Oh its a girl blog :P btw it seemed like you enjoyed the trip ..nice writeup ! all the best :)

    1. Hehhe :D Girl's blog? Whatdayeah mean by that? ;)

  8. I loved reading your post and pictures too awesome dear :)

  9. So Kaacha Aam's really had a very wonderful journey.. :-P
    Jokes apart Mysore is indeed a very beautiful,Been there and loved it... ;-)

    All the Best for the Contest.. :-)

  10. That is a great trip with friends! :)

  11. lovely write-up...the pic of the beach with sand-castle was the best thing about the post...good luck...hope u win :))

  12. Euphoria of the school friends enjoying a road trip with varied experiences is eloquent in the post enriched with the beautiful pictures. The idea of making the end of school life memorable with a road trip is really a unique one.

  13. Oh! School Days! How Much I Miss Them!

    The Best News> Teacher is Absent! Supsi for That! :P

    Wish You The Brightest Future, Bushra!:)


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