My Recent Footwear haul :D


Shoes-Oh i can never have enough of them! My closet is over bulging with my numerous collection, but just that fact doesn't stop me from buying more of them, now does it?.......and that too when they are on Sale-Yipeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D

"Stiletto Stiletto Stiletto" I kept on ranting, but my aching ankles,my furious Mum, and other such things forced me to strictly buy Flats :/ But Oh yeah! I Seriously DON'T regret my decision as All the three pair turned out awesome!

I never miss the end of season sale @Shoppers Stop as it is just-Ohsoawesome! ^_^  So here is my recent Footwear haul. The first two are from Shoppers Stop while the third one is from Majestic :)

These are my favourite flats now!
Brand: Pepper
Price: Rs 800/- (after discount)

I bought them for Eid :D *Blingy blingy queen*
Brand: Inc.5
Price: Rs 10200/- (after discount)

Beach flats ^_^
Brand: Unknown
Price: Rs 300/- (after bargaining :P)

Those purple flats have managed to rule my collection for a while now and have succeeded in keeping me away from my stilettos :/ :P  The best thing about the Shoppers Stop sale is their FOOTWEAR! All sizes All choices at LESS! Hip hip hurray! *Does a happy break Dance*

So that's it :) Stay tuned for more!

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  1. jealous...loved the purple one most :)

  2. those are all amazing .. if the foot is well kept , they will add on to the beauty :) I have been the Raj Kumar of Pakeezah-Ye pair(feet) zameen par mat rakhiyega .. maile ho jayenge :D types, in this regards .. very particular about how well womankind keep their feet :)
    These collections show your taste about current fashion and I am loving it :)

  3. bargaining at Shoppers Stop? Is it possible? :)

  4. Awesome collection,
    I must say you have that style spark in you...;-)

  5. Omg all the three are oh so awesome specially the purple one :) i loved ur choice. Want see more of ur collection. <3

  6. Loved the beachy flats. Those are my kind of stuff. Earthy and yet blingy :) You got a great bargain but Eid shopping seems a li'l steep. Have fun wearing those :))

  7. Wow....u seem to be in a good mood.. beautiful collections...happy walking ^_^

  8. Purple one has my vote! :) Lovely it is!

  9. Lol!! You sure are crazy about them :P they look wonderful....I like the purple one

  10. Hume joote lene ki kwahish na hoti shopper stop sale na hote, shopper stop sale na hote. Ha ha! Good collection.

  11. Wow lovely slippers loved them a lot dear :)

  12. The Last Ones Are Real Pretty! :D

  13. Eid is sure going to be full of bling :D:D
    Loved all three...the ones for Eid are sure all-eyeballs-at-me kind :))
    Like like!!
    Super awesome haul!! :)
    P.S. M envy :(

  14. The flats are both super cute ♥

  15. You spent 10,200 on shoes? Wow :P
    Nice ones :D

  16. Wow loved the purple flats.....even i m a shopholic nd mad about footwear. Liked d way u express!!!


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