Breakup......It Hurts!


Was it me or was it you,
What went wrong i have no clue...

With moist eyes and a broken heart,
I recall the incident which did us apart...

Nothing is left but broken strings,
tears of sorrow and abandoned rings...

I burnt your photo but still you remain,
Deep in my heart, though i try and feign...

As i cry today, my heart cries with me,
Never will i love again i Vow on Destiny....!!!


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  1. It is quire a strong statement of hurt, pain and strong commitment at the end.
    The last line is definitely hyperbole but still kind of manages to fit in.

  2. Wow beautifully written Bush. Yeah it really hurts when you or someone breaks up :(

  3. well written.. but what a painful ending. :(

  4. Naah should not take such a vow!
    Everything has a substitute...might sound way too practical, but it's true! Love's sure really pure and amazing but just because it all ended in chaos once doesn't really means it's never going to happen to you again...:):)

  5. A very touching poem indeed. Good, bad, sad and mad things do happen in life. But they are all best for us as the Creator knows what's good or bad for us in the long run. Where there's a breakup, there's a makeup song too: Dil thodne waale thujhe dil dhoond raha hai, thujhe dil dhoond raha hai...........

  6. The feeling after a heart break ... and the situation which lead to it ... well jotted !!

  7. Looks like someone is heart broke..ehm..:P
    Nice expression. But you should never stop loving :)

  8. break up is disheartening ..
    break up is pain..
    break up is being free
    break up is sane..

    Nicely expressed :) dear Bush !

  9. A sad poem Bush! ...But you cannot afford to take such a vow (last line). There are still many people whom you love, for eg, your parents, friends etc.
    Also a one time break up doesn't mean the world has ended :)

  10. hmmmmm.very tchy.


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