What an Idea Usman-ji!!!!


I was going through the inspiring videos of  TEDxGateway and this video of Usman Riaz bowled me . I mean what a genius , learning A-Z of music from youtube videos . Isn't that a marvelous idea. Who said only money can fund your education, I have always believed that your own abilities matter more than getting into a fancy educational institute and having a hi-grade teacher to learn from. Yes as long as you have the will, the focus and the determination to get to your goal even a mediocre teacher can power you to heights of success and that is what exactly Usman Riaz proves in this video of his.

I Use the net for staying connected and blogging among many other  insignificant things, I know how easy it is to waiver away in this world and I am sure only impeccable will power and focus has led Usman Riaz to where he is today. Hats off to him for Sharing this idea with all and inspiring many other to not let lack of money to be a hindrance to achieve their dreams!
Many aspiring artists can follow his footsteps to pursue their dream.
Id also like to share that Youtube has always helped me in learning new recipes and  watching episodes of daily soaps I have missed

Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.

This post is a part of the contest Idea Caravan in association with Indiblogger.

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  1. so will you learn guitar now ?

  2. Yeah one should have determination to learn something. Fantastic video Bush!

  3. I had seen this video .. in fact all the videos and all of them are so inspiring .. i preferred not to go for any ... :)
    Internet is flowing with immense knowledge .. dip down ... swim inside and collect pearls :)
    Inspiring young chap .. Nicely represented by you :)
    All the Best for the contest !!
    God Bless

  4. Very inspiring indeed... best of luck for the contest :)

  5. I Second You, Bushra!

    Money is Just a Secondary Factor.. Internet If Used For Corrective Purpose is a Boon!

    I Hope You Win!:)

  6. I do that, I learnt many things watching youtube. Though, learning music is more difficult, I guess.

    Good luck, Bushra.

  7. All the very best for the contest :-)


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