Featured Shayari of the Week by Jack the doodler! :D


Mohabbat wo bhi hai jo batayi nahi jaati,
Nam aankhon me bas unki aashiqui hai nazar aati,
Duaaon me yaad rakhte hain Unko Sahil,
Paane ki koi umeed nahi jatayi jaati.....!
~By Jack the doodler :D

Thank you Nitesh for dropping such a wonderful comment.Just a little bit editing and lo! It's awesome! :D
For mind blowing cartoons and doodles, visit Jack's website: Mysay.in :)

Email: bushrablue01@gmail.com
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  1. seriously nice ..i think u like reading post written in hindi .. here is one of my fav .. "Labz kuch mere kuch Tumhare " http://www.ankuanand.com/2013/08/blog-post_14.html

  2. Loved it !!! :D
    The shayar inside doodler finally came out !! :)

  3. great one...Jack, i always felt that u can write really well, even better than many of us...u are just a relucttant person..u should write more...
    thanks bushra for sharing his wonderful shayari

  4. This explains why the Editors get more paid than the script writers :D hahaha what a very pleasant surprise for a very depressed Doodler .. :) ( dont know why :D ) my dear friend..Now it is Perfect !! :) Very Much ! The credit should be shared but .. ! Thanks a ton yet again ..you brought some surprising smile on the otherwise dull bearded face :D
    BTW .. Galib .. to thik hai ye Sahil saab kaun hai :D :D :D :D hahahahaha ;)

    1. Did it really make you smile?! :D Chalo then it's a real success! :)
      Why sad? :/
      Galib ab raasta chalne laga hai isiliye, sahil bangaya :P haha! :)

    2. to isse ek shair yaad aya gaur farmaiyega mohotarma.. arz kiya hai ..
      ki Galib gaye gali mei ...
      Ke Galib gaye Gali mei ...
      aur Gali Gayi Ghoom ....mulayza farmaiyega ...
      ke Galib gaye Gali mei aur Gali gayi Ghomm ...
      To Mia.. Galib bhi ghooom gaye !!

      Wah Wah Wah Wah !!

    3. Oye Jack.. har baar surprise deta hai tu toh :D


  5. oh ho... doddler turned shayar!!@
    how would be waiting for a song from u as well?? :)

  6. Wah wah...very good Jack...didn't know this side of u! Brilliant dear :)

  7. Kya baat hai Nitesh and Bushra! :)


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