'Friends Forever' Driven By Nostalgia...


This day doesn't hold much importance to the eighteen year old girl who is busy typing away...Oh! She is very busy! Busy blog-busy girl! Get the picture?! But today, i.e, 'Friendships Day' used to matter like hell heaven to this same girl five years back when she was at school! It mattered so much that she has preserved fragments of those memories even today.....

They say people change with time..well! I partly believe in it and partly don't! Certain circumstances change you and it's not time, certain experiences change you and it's not time! but it all comes back to the fact that this all takes time, and hence- People change with time!

Have i changed? No! Not a bit!....umm....Well maybe a bit...or more than that! :D but all for good! ;)

Ok! Now let us get to the point! Yes I, Bushra, the author of this fabulous blog is actually missing her chaddi buddies like HELL!!! :/
                                                       No no don't write it, it's childish-says my head
        Oh! Come on! Pour your feelings, you'll feel good-says my heart
            Do whatever you want, who cares?!!-says my mood! :D
         .....and Voila! I am already finished with half the post! :P

On this special day, when my friends are not around i try and recollect the memories which they have left behind.

 In my school, the first Sunday of August was given the importance of 15th August or maybe more than that! Preparations would start one week prior to date...preparations of what? Well! Friendship-bands! :D
I remember i would spend several sleepless nights preparing friendship bands with the help of old beads and new silk threads.

Miss You my friends!
These are some Friendship bands i have preserved as they are from people who mean a lot to me and without whom, my childhood would have been colourless,baseless and void!

Some fun moments:
The student with the most number of friendship bands on his/her hand would be envied by everyone and would be trending all over school! Teachers would praise them and give examples of them to other students saying 'look! how friendly she/he is to people!". I remember i would always be one of these celebrities as i would have bands covering my entire hand!
We had full length T-shirts and blazers as our uniform and we me and my friends would actually tie bands on the T-shirt, leaving maximum space between each band, so that our hands looked full! :D :P

I remember one day some fellow classmate was trying to upstage me by wearing more bands in number, and you know what i actually did? I went to my sisters on lunchtime and borrowed all their bands, next i went to my little bro and borrowed all his bands and his best friends bands too and What did i do with those 30-40 bands? Well! I tied them all to my hand and Lo! that particular girl and all her friends just kept Gawking at my hand! Hahaha! :D

As a school captain, i really didn't need to do all this to get famous but you know! Dil toh kacha haiji, humesha bacha hai ji!
........but, as i have mentioned above, all that was past! Today, i am independent, and i am my own best Friend! :D
These bands are some five years old. Have been preserving them and caring for them as though they are parts of my soul!

But as they say...friends change with time as do priorities......today my blogger friends are the ones who are of much more importance to me! :)
NOW, to all my new Blogging friends:

Would like to dedicate this post to all my blogger friends:D

Email: bushrablue01@gmail.com

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  1. Nice post..and Happy Friendship Day to you as well..:D :)

  2. well written .. Happy friendship day :)

  3. Nice .... wishes for friendship days, months and year

  4. Very Well written post..happy Friendship Day to you as well.. :)

  5. nice write up. happy friendship day to you too dear.. :)

  6. The Person With Most Frnshp Bands Wud Be Envied.. Yea :P

    Even I Have Preserved Quite a Lot of Friendship Bands..

    School Memories..So Much Fun!

    Loved Reading This Post.. Happy Frnship Day To You Too Sweetz!:)

  7. Hey Bushra,
    Nice post ... wish you happy friendship day !

  8. Hey Happy frndship Day dear..Nice post :)

  9. Great Post.......Wish you a very Happy Friendship Day!

  10. I cant tak my off frnship bands. They are so lovely n colorful. Missing my frens too :(

  11. Haha hat was fun the way u narrated....loved the innocence and the carefree attitude u displayed....oh yes and a happy friendship day. M glad i m one of your friends, however small n fragile the friendship be.

  12. it was great knowing you a little more .. through these band story .. i probably was the only guy in my entire school who never had any band on hand .. not even a Rakhi on a Rakhi day :D .. I was a back bencher shy guy .. avoiding limelight .. and that made me popular - I was the most of popular unpopular guy of my school till I was there.. :) I would see people with these bands and always longed for 1 - 1 best friend.. and I actually had only 1 best friend .. who is still there .. feels good !!
    thanks for reminding these friendship band days!
    God Bless!

  13. There is something essentially candid about your posts and here it bubbles with the purity of your feelings for your friends. As a fellow blogger I reach out, though a bit late, to respond to the warmth of your friendship.

  14. Happy friendship day to u too :) :)

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