Hey Soul Sister!


Like  fire lights a candle, you lit my life,
You protected me from world's evil rife.

Laughing crying loving, we crossed the journey of life,
You  were there for me at times of trouble and strife,

When i needed a helping hand, you volunteered,
All my fears and worries just disappeared.

When i needed you, you were right here,
Just your presence brought me cheer

You were there to ease my pain and dry my tears,
You have been the same all these years.

You taught me to never give up my bound
To pick myself up, when i hit the ground

You have the power to read my every thought,
No stronger bond can ever be sought

As both sisters and friends we're quite a pair
One soul, one mind is what we share

I fear to think, what would i do,
If i hadn't had a sister like You.....!

Thank you for all the wonderful memories we have shared with each other,thank you for being by my side since the day i was born...thank you for being-My Soul sister! 

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  1. Awwww super cute. Loved it Bush♥♥♥

  2. So Sweet Bushra!!
    You Are Such a Lovely Person.. Totally Loved Reading This!:)

    1. Awww! Thank you Heena! You are a lovely person too! :X

  3. wow...such a sweet feelings you have expressed for your sis...she is also blessed to have a sis like you :)

  4. feels special .. feels protected .. feels loved.. feels wanted.. siblings they make it complete.. what we term life in their way the best friends and same blood.. those fights between each other and fighting for eachother .. when need be..its special I say.. your words just flew inside the heart .. tickled the memory lane reminded of childhood days and eased me with moments of watery eyes :)On weekends I feel more emotional.. :) Wonderfully presented ! God Bless both you Sisters :)

  5. awesome,emotions are beautifully expressed in this poem

  6. Writer, shayar and now a full grown poet. Really a talent pack you are Bushra.

  7. this one is sweet ! i'm feeling glad that i too have a sister who make me feel like this :)

  8. This is so sweet...misn my sis after reading this! Thanks :)

  9. A wonderful poem dedicated to a wonderful sister. It's getting uncommon these days even to find siblings have such love and bondage.

  10. Wonderfully put. Reminded me how special sisters are. Thanks.

  11. Such a sweet post... Wiah. I had someone so special too
    Come and see my latest post...

  12. Didn't know u have a sister. Sweet post. Personally, i have two cousins who, by default, accepted me as their brothers. So yeah, having sister is a good thing

  13. Ahw! That's a sweet dedication to your sister Bushra! Beautifully rhymed poem :)

  14. well written! :)

  15. Thats a really cute dedication bushra.. Just made my sister read it :P damn sweet!

  16. Such a lovely tribute ! Now on my way to see your soul sister :)

  17. That is really very sweet of you to post this Bushra.. I can totally relate to the poem as I love my younger sister soo much and she is my soul sister... Always been there for me at my times of need.... Thanks for sharing this dear.. Hugsxx

  18. God bless you and your sister!! It's a lovely poem :)

    Ankita Singhal
    <a href="http://makeachange1.wordpress.com/>A Piece I wrote...</a>


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