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A few years back, shopping in Bangalore was as easy as eating up a delicious Dairy Milk....but today, mind you! Times have changed!!!
First you gotta check out which hell of a mall you wanna go, and the list is so long- by the time you end up deciding, it's already evening! Then you have to make note of the limited shortcuts to your destination in order to brave the traffic! Finally when you swim seven oceans and reach your place-the salesmen are already shutting down the place- >_<
This and many other reasons are inspiring  pushing me towards shopping from the 'window to the world'!

 I have had some GREAT online shopping experiences and here are some reasons why i LOVE to shop online!:

1. Online stores are open 24 hours: You can shop anytime, anywhere! The stores are open 24/7 no holidays no disappointments-none!
2.No queues no parking charges, and yes 'No salesmen who keep popping their heads in the middle, asking questions like 'how can i help you ma'am', 'do you want to see this collection' and what not!
3.Stare.Stare.Stare-all free of cost! :D
4.Offers!-Hell lot of them! ;)
5.Shop more and get Free shipping! Cool!
6.Order.Smile when your order has been placed. Take a break. Have coffee, the next morning-enjoy your haul! :D

Coming to the soul of the post, i had a great experience shopping at! Here's what i hauled on:

The full look of the top is the one the one like the model in the pic below. Lovely na? ^_^ I wanted to haul on something stylish, up to my fashion mark, yet comfy! This is all in one!
Type: Stylish Printed Kurti
Only at 499/- ^_^

The packaging is awesome! Every product is safely bubble wrapped inside a polythene sheet. No fear of any damaged product!

Loved this card which assured Quality of my top./front

/back side
Of all the sites i have shopped from, i can say that the Shipping and guarantee for quality is best at I placed an order on Monday(1:00 PM), got the confirmation call on Tuesday(8:00) and the next morning, lo! The parcel was in my hand!
Once my sis placed an order at Jabong at night time and the courier boy was home with the parcel the same morning! How do they do that! :O
I am a girl who shops wisely. Before buying the product i like to check it out from every angle! Most websites offer just 2-3 images of the item but offers around 5-6 images of the product, each showing different angles of the product -I loved this feature of their website a lot!
What topped all this you ask? WELL!WELL! They actually gave me a first time shopping gift in the form of a discount voucher worth 300 INR- This just made me go droooooool~ ^_^

Snapshot of the website O_O

All in all, is a wonderful site to shop from, you really need to check it out! Also they are having great offers at the moment-Go grab them! :D
So my sweetums, until we meet again....hum hain rahi pyaar ke, Phir milenge Chalte,Chalte...! :D


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  1. Its a fab site. I had bought one salwar suit from this site. I am loving ol shopping a lot these days ♥♥♥ Btw i am in love with ur top. Ull look like a doll :)

  2. great review..i want to do a haul too :P love the kurti :)

  3. Jabong is indeed a great site for online shopping,I did tried it like for 4 times and I was happy everytime.. :)

  4. Jabong is really a very good online shopping site with great discounts!

  5. :) Jabong gives great discounts thats forsure .. and a very professional website !! I love shopping online because of COD .. simple !! :) and I can save time being stuck in jams .. I go to malls to watch movies or hog on food joints and thats all and yes some brand specific new collections ..

  6. Nice Review Bushra, Jabong is really a Nice Site.

  7. jabong is very good eCommerce portals .. nice review :)

  8. Bahut shopping ho rahi hai aajkal, kyun :P

  9. Nice Review I love to shop with Jabong always :)

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  11. The choice is limitless, easy to navigate through the site, cod and really fast delivery, I have picked a lot on Jabong and loved the kurti you picked.

  12. I too like online shopping as it saves me the hassle of traffic jams etc.

  13. That's one chic piece...
    You have a great luck with hauls! :D

  14. Written beautifully Bushra. Even I have shopped once at Jabong and the product was delivered on time. Apart from Flip kart, if there is one more online shop I can rely on is Jabong.

  15. That is wonderful!
    Jabong is dependable.

  16. I love their clothes too! Have ordered many times from them.

  17. Stare.Stare.Stare-all free of cost!

    Haha :P

    I Too Have Shopped From Them n It Was a Hassle Free Experience!:)

  18. Hehe super yaar.. you just tempted me to try them :D

  19. Many sale sites is availabe in market but i think is the best sale sites ,where you can find the more popular sale or offers on most popular brand. ia also available for Jabong Copupon Codes.


  20. I really liked your post and it is superb & it is actually making our life very easy and faster only from 1 click. I like to share few offers which are very useful and you can also find such many more exciting offers @

  21. Your blog is very interesting. Nice to find the great details over here


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