Book Review- TheTower Of Silence


Title: The Tower Of Silence
Author: Phiroshaw Jamsetjee Chevalier ‘Chaiwala’
Edited and with an Introduction by: Gyan Prakash
ISBN:  978-9350296370
Cover Price: Rs.299/-
Rating: 3/5

About the book[From its Cover]

Sexton Blake is back in the game.

In this rousing tale of revenge and detection, an air plane swoops down recklessly over a Tower of Silence in Poona to photograph the heap of bodies and bones inside, desecrating the resting place of the Parsi dead. The Zoroastrian world is shaken to its core. Soon after, the editor of the English magazine that published the photo, the pilot and the photographer are under attack by the dapper Parsi vigilante, Beram. He chases his quarry from London to Liverpool, Manchester, Burma, Bombay and Poona, using clever deceptions, disguises, secret cellars and deadly poisons. It is up to internationally renowned detective Sexton Blake to save his fellow Englishmen from Beram’s determined attacks.

The Tower Of Silence has a publication history as thrilling as the tale it holds within its covers. Historian Gyan Prakash of Princeton University stumbled upon part of this unpublished manuscript in the British Library. He diligently scoured a number of Mumbai libraries before he found the missing pages. Now readers can experience the thrill of witnessing Sexton Blake, favourite detective of yesteryears, return to the world stage to face his greatest challenge yet.

My Views On The Book;

When it comes to books, i am more of a fictional cum fantasy girl, something like a cocktail of Harry Potter and Sidney Sheldon range! A little bit of action, a little bit of zing and loads of entertainment is what i want from an epitome called a novel!So, when i heard that this book was a mixture of all that, i really couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

The book revolves around an incident which occurred in the Parsee community,where a picture is taken of the Tower of Silence, a place where the souls of  the Parsi dead rested. The whole Zorastrian world is shaken by this hideous act of the two English men.The Parsee vigilante,Beram is outraged by this and vows to destroy those English men. This is the point where Sexton Blake, the internationally renowned detective, intervenes, and tries his best to save his fellow english men from Beram's wrath.

This book has surely increased my inkling towards the books set in the late 1900's! The best part of the book was the ten page long introduction by the historian, Gyan Prakash, narrating his enthralling quest of how he unearths this book in a library and his exciting journey of searching for the last pages of the book by Jamshetjee.

I felt that the characters in the book where more intriguing then the plot itself. Both the characters, Beram and Blake were witty and quite interesting. I loved how easily both of them would disguise themselves and how easily they would outwit one-another.At this point of the book, the author has really done a great job!

Coming to the 'not so good' part of the book, at times the highly fetched super-normal intimations of the various characters made me roll my eyes! Other than that, i think the book is a real treat to book lovers who prefer the genre 'action' and 'thriller'!

All in all, i would term this book as 'a light intriguing read', which will do a good job in keeping you engrossed! :]

One Word: Okie-dokie!

P.S-I received a copy of this book to read, savour and review,through a joint initiative by Harper Copllins and Indiblogger.

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  1. Good review bushra. Ab mere pate pe laat mat maaro.

    I had applied for books as well n that portal but they never sent anything

  2. Great review Bushra! Hoping to get a copy soon.

  3. hey Bushra.. that was a review well done. Sounds really interesting to me as well. Looking forward to read it. thanks for the review dear.

  4. Aree lovely yaar.. I am taking pointers from you now... btw.. meri bhi Ritsie waali shikayat hai.. book nahi bhejte meko :(

  5. Nice review Bushra! Will pick it up now.

  6. Good review. When it comes to fictional stories I guess nothing beats Sherlock Holmes. But for god sake girls hate his stories!!:D

  7. I kinda like your choice, a mix of Rowling and Sidney!

    Good review, Bushra.

  8. I too love fictional novels. This sounds good.
    Btw u review the books so well ♥♥♥

  9. good review ! was laughing on reading ur word "Okie-dokie! " my little cousin sister says this word a lot .. school going kiddo's :D

  10. Hmm..Looks Just Alryt!

    Any Other Light Reading Book Reccos?

    1. Yup it's just alryt! :D
      umm...i think you should try 'the back benchers' :)

  11. Sounds like a good story. A must read for me

  12. Amazing book :) Very good review ;)

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog

  13. now that is what i call a nicely written review!


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