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Aka baka Booo!

Ha! Now you might be wondering what that means....well!well! Don't crack your heads coz it really doesn't mean anything. It's just the noise which i make when i am unable to choose the right pair of shoes  while i am shopping :P I pre-plan my shopping "this color, that detailing' but when i am at the mall, my brain just goes blank. That's when 'Aka baka booo' helps me in making decisions! ;)
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Today i am going to share my experience with some real awesome products which i LOVE to the core!

So,Tada!Here are some of my current obsessions and trust me when i say, i am sharing only the 'BEST' with you guyz! :D

The Body shop body butter-Strawberry
If something really works for my combination skin, it has to be this body butter from 'Ther body shop'! OK! It's a bit extra aromatic like'really gets on your nerves' but since i like strawberry, that ain't a problem for me!

Comfy footwear
I had bought these from one of Shoppers Stop sales and MY! I JUST LOVE THEM! ^_^ So comfy so fab! <3 Pepper is a real fab brand. I have bought more footwear from this brand and have never got disappointed with the quality! It's just-fab!

Ambi Pur car freshener in Lavender

If you want to catch a glimpse of heaven,if you want to know what being loved feels like, if you want to transfer into a world where there's just happiness......just smell Lavender from Ambi Pur! They say somethings cannot be explained, they can only be felt or smelt and this one is just that! Smell it and you'll end up loving me for introducing you to this! 

RevlonJust bitten stain in 'Adore'
Crazy kiya re' O Crazy! Yup! This range from Revlon has become a very important part of my life!  'Adore' is one shade which suits me best and never fails to give me those luscious lips which remain the same for hours together!
Read the detailed review of 5 shades Here.

Soulflower organic soap in Jasmine flavour

Really relaxes my body and tempts my olfactory cells! This soap from Soulflower is one of it's kind! Makes you collect those sweet memories of the past.....

Bose AE2 Headphones

I won them for this post in a contest by Apollo and They are real awesome! They are priced at some 8000 INR(i am not kidding!) but the best thing is that i got it as a gift!
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That's all for today my jelly beans! Will be back after clicking more stuff :D Till then:
Zoo bi do bi doo! :D
~Yours Truly,
Bushra the shopaholic! ;)

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  1. 'm Buying The Jasmine Soap For Sure! I Love Its Scent :D

  2. He he, all I am thinking right now that my wife never finds your blog. Thanks for your visit to mine.

  3. You got a Good Collection Bushra..and I really loved the color of the Footwear.... :)

  4. wow BOSS EARPHONE .. though this is starting range but still its best in its class !

  5. Love the photos and the descriptions! :D

  6. hmm.. will try the jasmine soap for sure ;)

    hey.. I am sharing my award moment with you... enjoy.. my wishes..

    have a great weekend..

  7. i love strawberry body butter! Its funny how you use it even if the smell gets to your nerves...reminds my of my shower gel :P

    1. I use it coz i don't want to throw away such a good product :P

    2. Strawberry isnt my favourite either.. my brains couldn't process that scent well :(

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Aka baka boo! I love the shoes lol I love haul posts sweets ♥

  9. I got the ambipur thai dragon fruit....The smell is really awesome :) Nice collection...especially the bose headphones :)

  10. Nice Collection. A G+ for ur post and Have a Nice Day. . . :)

  11. Seriously, body butter is so so good. I use cocca butter. And nothing can beat Bose and Apple products, Yippie you have won both :)


  12. I use the jasmine soap from soul flower ! and I just can not do without it !
    The smell is awesome and it just does the exact thing it claims ! This relieves pain perfectly

  13. super mast things you are currently loving bush ....


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