''Mission Petrol''~I am Explorer


It was a beautiful night. Neither the sweet breeze coming from the window nor the usual calm of my home threw cautions of what was going to happen next. I sat on my bed, my heart beat so fast that i was afraid it would burst out. I tightened my fists in an attempt to cool down, but in vain. Suddenly a green light flickered outside the window. God! It was time!

Slowly, I got up from the warm safety of my bed and picked up my car keys from the bedside table. On reaching the door, i gave a final glance to my home. I had lived here all my life. Would I be able to come back home again? I thought.

Jadoo the Alien was already waiting for me near my Safari Storme which was parked in the backyard of my Bunglow. On spotting me, the little alien rushed towards me.

"Hurry Bushra. The 'Storme space ship' leaves Earth in five seconds" he said.

''Did we receive any messages from the UNO?'' I inquired, hurrying towards my Storme-turned-spaceship.

"Yes!Just one mail from the Prime Minister,wishing you luck for your secret mission.'' He smiled.

We sat in the front seats of the magnificent car and fastened our seat belts.

''Are you sure this car's going to survive the long journey into space?'' Jadoo asked, with a puzzled expression.
''Sure, It's one of my best creations.'' I winked at him. ''Just put it on Space ship mode''

Jadoo started the engine. The Car-turned-Spaceship spread its wings, ready to take off. The engine burst into life with a deafening roar and like a bullet, it set off, flying towards the sky... ''Mission Petrol'' had just begun!

We zoomed through the large clouds, going deeper and deeper. There was no sign of life in the dark clouds. We had left the mortal world far behind.

"How much time will it take Jadoo?" I asked the Alien who was busy shifting gears.

"I have put the car into the fastest mode. It shouldn't take longer than sixty days Bushra" The Alien replied.

As the Storme-turned-space ship, gathered more speed, i closed my eyes and re-lived the events which had brought me here....

1 month back:
I had bought my new car, the Safari Storme which was a gorgeous beast. As a scientist by profession and an explorer by nature it had already become my best buddy.With the use of technology and a little help from NASA I had modified the storme and made it a 'spaceship cum car'.

I was a billionaire yet, my heart bled at paying 5000 Rs for just one litre petrol. Petrol, like all other resources was fast depleting from planet earth. People were leading their lives in hopelessness and misery. Because of the sky high rates of Petrol,travelling had become a ''rich man's issue''.That was when UNO proposed ''Mission Petrol''. Astronauts were being sent to different planets to discover petrol. While some where successful in finding petrol, they never returned back. That was when UNO planned to send the best scientist into Space and I was chosen.

"Everything is planned" Obama, was saying. "We'll give you all the support you'll need!" said the Russian President. "....and don't worry, you are not alone. Jadoo, an alien came back to meet Rohit and we asked him to help us'' Manmohan Singh, the Indian PM said. It was such a grave issue that even he had to come out of his maun-wrat.

I felt this moment was best to put my invention to test. It was a hectic job to convince the UNO and its members but finally, they agreed. So, my Storme-turned-spaceship was ready for 'Mission Petrol' and finally THE day arrived...

Back To The Present:
A piercing noise of a scream jerked me up from my sleep. Then i realized that it wasn't a scream of terror but a hoot of happiness. Jadoo, the alien was hooting happily pointing at something in the screen.

''Hey Bushra, look!  We are out of Earth and I have spotted a planet.'' said Jadoo happily.

''WOW!'' I exclaimed excitedly. ''Go on Jadoo lets land on it''

We were nearing the planet which was a perfect mix of green,brown and light blue. It was the perfect replica of Earth, except for the fact that it looked young and fresh. The beauty of the planet was very inviting. I couldn't wait to set my foot on the planet.The planet had One ring and three moons were revolving around it.

It wasn't long before we reached its surface. The place where we were about to land was rocky but nothing like My Storme couldn't handle it!

''Wear your oxygen mask Bushra'' Said Jadoo.

''I won't need it as far as I am inside the storme'' I replied.

The Storme landed slowly on the rocky ground. After making sure that the land outside was safe, i wore my oxygen mask and got out of my car, Jadoo followed me.

Like Earth, the new planet also had gravity. I bent low and touched the green grass on the land.It felt smooth and lively. A few paces further was a large rock and three enormous white egg-like things lay hidden beneath it. I picked one of it and examined it. It was indeed an egg. hmmm.....So, huge animals inhabited this land...I wondered.

''You can remove your oxygen mask. This planet seems to have plenty of oxygen'' Said Jadoo, using his supernatural powers.

I opened my mask and breathed fresh air. It was an amazing experience. The new planet was the perfect replica of Earth but...it looked younger. It was like the Mesozoic era of Earth.

Suddenly I heard a movement behind a large V-shaped mountain.

''Jadoo, rush inside the car,we are being watched'' These words had just left my lips when suddenly the creature hiding behind the mountain roared and started towards us.We ran towards our Storme,sat inside it and started it.

Looking at it in horror, I realized that it was a similar to Tyrannosaurus. So this was indeed the Triassic period.

 The creature was a  larger than my Storme. It had only one eye and a long deathly pointed tail.
It roared at us and showed us it's bared teeth. Then it started running. I followed it, driving the Storme along its side. The creature was very fast but my Storme was faster. It gave the car a few side glances. I think he was wondering how we were able to race him.

Then as if challenging us, it took a turn and glided into an Ocean, full crystal clear water. I didn't give up. Not when I had the best car in the world! Daringly I took my Storme inside the waters. Jadoo was pleading me to stop, but I didn't. Suddenly, the Creature halted near a large Island and disappeared behind a Crooked mountain.

After going closer, I realized that it was not a mountain but a machine which was converting the ocean water into energy.

Several small V-shaped buildings were spread along the Island. Small Elf-like creatures were popping their heads out to see who had intruded their land.

''Lets get down before their pets strangle us to death'' Jadoo suggested. So, the Dinosaurs were their pets? Huh!

We got down the Safari. The elf-like creatures had surrounded us and were excitedly conversing among themselves.
Suddenly an elf with a big pointed nose said in a hoarse voice- ''We know you are from Earth and we also know that you have come here looking for petrol.I am afraid that your mission can not be completed as we have abandoned the use of Petrol long back.''

''Wow! You speak English'' was all i could mutter.

''We can speak any language young lady'' said an elf with a feminine voice.

''You are our Guests-we welcome you to our land'' the elf said and at once the whole crowd broke into a low welcoming bow.

During my stay at the V-planet(that's the name I gave it) I learnt a lot of things. Jadoo and I explored a part of the planet in our Safari Storme. It was a wonderful experience.Water was being used as the main source of energy in this planet. The planet was pollution free-It was a perfect heaven. The Elfies(that's again one of my names)  used renewable sources of energy. As water was present in abundance in their land, they had created machines which coverted water into a form of energy.

While exploring the new lands,I took notes on how beautifully its inhabitants had treated and respected the land. Mission Petrol had turned into a learning experience for me. I had already planned how to create such wonderful machines in Earth, now the plan had to be put on work.

Finally we decided to go back to our homes.With a vision to recreate and protect mother Earth I sat inside my storme. I and Jadoo bid goodbye to the Elfies. One of the Elfies said, '' You have a lovely car. When you plan to come back to visit us, do bring us some of these beauties''
''Sure...'' I smiled and switched ON the 'space ship mode' and  again the Storme roared to life and set off towards Earth.

''Hey Bushra, will you drop me to my planet?'' Jadoo asked. ''It's not far away from here''

''Sure Jadoo'' I replied back with a smile.

We reached Jadu's blue planet. Jadoo invited me to come and explore it but i refused the invitation politely.

''Some other time bud. There are things i have got to do first and by the way, I need a real break from exploring. '' I said.

As I took off towards Earth, I heard Jadoo say.... ''Give my Love to Rohit and Nisha''....

This post is a part of the 'I am Explorer' Contest by Tata Safari Storme and Indiblogger.in

Email: bushrablue01@gmail.com

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  1. Very creative bush! And I loved the way you related the whole the theme to petrol prices...all the best for the contest!!!

  2. very nicely written ..liked the choice of your theme .. all the best for contest :)

  3. Awesome Brush,
    I like your concept and contest. I enjoyed your post.
    Keep it up...;-)

    1. It's not Brush it's 'Bushra' Rahul :( :) :P
      Thanks :)

  4. High time we respect and conserve Petrol!
    A litre of Petrol at Rs 5000 is a very probable scenario for the future!
    Unless we develop alternate renewable energy sources!
    All the best for the Contest! :)

  5. Nice to see a lot of bloggers garnishing their posts with hand-drawn illustrations... good for uplifting the creative spirit!

    Arvind Passey

  6. Nice renewable energy theme and good idea to draw your own pics. Best of luck.

  7. Wow u hav nailed it again bush.....brilli

  8. Very awesome Bushra...The drawings are amazing and creative....The dinosaur was funny... :P Anyways all the best

    1. Hahaha :D Ya! I agree with that :P Thanks :)

  9. Fabulous post..
    pic editing is so innovative...
    good luck

    1. Thank you SO much Di! Coming from you, it's high praise indeed! :X

  10. Why can't I think like that? I need to watch sci-fi movies. Amazing post, just impressive. Do you still need my wishes?

    1. Awwww that's so sweet @-) Thank you so much ma'am :)

  11. Wow wat a post! Wish u luck :)

  12. Bushra your posts are always so colourful and fun to read! Lovely post again!

    Is the elf inspired by Dobby? :D

    1. Yes, the elf's inspired by Dobby Ragini! :D Thanks :)

  13. wonderful post with lots of interesting colorful pictures which help us to visualize the whole thing. this one will qualify!!! my best wishes are with you!!

  14. wow..great post..njoyed while reading sweetie..

    my recent one :http://www.indianbeautyforever.com/2013/10/nail-polish-aqua-shimmer-and-lolita.html

  15. U will surely win Bush.
    loved loved loved it. btw how do u make such cute pics?

    1. haha..You always encourage me so much Meghu! Love you! :X :)
      I imagine 'you' and the sketch comes on its own :P :) :D :)

  16. The judges will not read our entries for this contest as the above written entry really stands out. Great work done by you Bushra. Wish you all the best.

    1. I don't think so Partha! I wrote it just for fun...there are several entries out there which stand out :) Anyways, thank you :)


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