My #FreshNHappy experience with 'Ambi Pur'


''You go to the mall with an instinct to buy something but as soon as you see the rows and rows of choices-your mind goes blank''- has this ever happened with you? Well! This always happens with me!
At this time, having a bit knowledge on the best brands proves beneficial...

Guess what happened the other day? Call it a pure miracle! I think it was a dream...but it felt so real!

On a weekend, my younger brother forced me to go to the mall. The little lad was so adamant that i finally gave up my plans of weekend blogging and started creating my shopping list.

It all started with the traffic jam.As we were already twenty minutes late,my brother advised me to take the shortcut to the mall. These days, living in Bangalore is becoming a very hideous affair. What with the never ending traffic jams and crowded roads, a few Shortcuts always have to be taken.

The shortcut we took was situated next to the slum area. As we entered the area, several stinking smells came rushing towards us. The mixed smells of garbage, litter and cow-dung stung my olfactory cells to a degree of nausea. My brother said ''yuck'' and blocked his nose with his hands, but there was no escaping the stink. I opened the windows of my car in attempt to get rid of the stink-but it just got worse. Just when we thought that the worst had passed, a more graver smell than the previous one caught our noses. Blocking our noses in disgust, we realized that we were driving next to the area's Gutter channel. Swearing upon myself that I would never take this route ever again, I zoomed the car in the highest speed. Finally the Mall arrived!

As we entered the Mall my brother said ''Di please add a car freshener to the shopping list''.
So, after shopping for grocery and other things I went near the rack of rows and rows of car freshers from different brands. My brother was busy sampling the new flavor of FerreroRochar chocolate, so I  started searching for good freshener by myself..

It was impossible to choose one among the numerous rows of car fresheners so i just closed my eyes and did a random selection. When I was about to leave the place after choosing a random car freshener, suddenly a voice spoke up.

''Buy me Buy me''  it said. There was no one around, I looked everywhere to recognize the source of the voice. Alarmed, I realized that the voice was coming from the Ambi pur car freshener.

It was the Ambi pur mini vent clip. While i stared at it, lost for words, it spoke up again:

.....and suddenly as if it had never spoken, the Vent clip went still. The heavenly aroma which lingered around it assured me that all this was real and not a dream.Smiling to my self, I picked it up and added it to my shopping cart.

As soon as we were done with the billing, my brother opened his packet of sneakers and started munching it. Then he reached towards the Ambi Pur vent clip and started sniffing the heavenly fragrance. Kids I tell you!
We reached the car and even before i could start it, the little one opened the sturdy majestic packaging of the vent clip and started examining it curiously.

''It smells so heavenly Di!" He exclaimed with a dazed expression. ''...and wow! Only 199/- Rs! This is so economical'' he said, easily clipping the vent clip to our car vent.

 ''It's so easy to clip it! Reminds me of Mum's hair clip.'' he grinned.

''Let's take the same shortcut, what say?'' I asked my little bro. Something daring in me wanted to put Ambi pur on test.

''Yes'' he replied.

So, we took the same shortcut  back home and GUESS WHAT? This time, neither the disgusting smell from the gutter nor the sluggish smell from the slum area succeeded in spoiling our moods.The aroma from the Ambi Pur vent clip treated us throughout the journey, keeping the air fresh and eliminating all the bad smells. The sweet Lavender scent relaxed our senses, serving as a remedy for our previous experience with the shortcut.

When we reached our home, neither of us felt like getting out of the car-the scent was too overpowering and overwhelming! It was an overwhelming #FreshNHappy experience.Finally, when mother came rushing towards the car and opened the door, ''Wow! Who has put this heavenly perfume?'' she asked.

''It's a car freshener Ma!'' I answered hugging her, and winking at the vent clip behind her back...

So! Do I recommend The Ambi Pur Mini Vent Clip to my Blogger buds? Hell YEAH!

            Buy the Vent clip from Flipkart.Com                   


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  1. We have used this one..its really a good product ..I love the fragrance too..nice post sweetie :)

    My recent one :

  2. Reminds me of your wechat images. Loved your conversation with the ambipur product dear :)

    1. Awww... Thanks Uma :) I tried to add the 'We Chat' wali essence in this one \m/ :D :P

  3. Wow..Very Beautifully presented Bushra..The Chat with the Ambi Pur is just pretty Good..
    But Mere paas to Car hi nahi hai..kahan Lagao.. :P

    1. Thanks Harsha :)
      Toh ghar me kahin lagalo, maine bhi aise hi kiya hai :P

    2. Lol Ghar mein hi lagana padega ab.. ;)

  4. Cool Post, Bushra! Talkie Ambi Pur Mini Vent Clip images are fun!
    Then, its heavenly fragrance does the talking inside the Car!
    All the best for the contest :)

  5. Awww so cute. Loved the doodle. <3 Will definitely try it :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. The best product is Ambi Pur and equally best author is Bushra. ☺ Wish you all the best for this contest.

  8. It is indeed very good smelling....I got the Thai dragon fruit fragrance....Oh is heavenly....what with the added thing of air conditioner!... :)


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