Rhea Kapoor~Brains behind the beauty!


What do you think of Sonam Kapoor as a Fashionista? Isn't she just fabulous! She is so amazing when it comes to fashion statements! Her bold, fearless sense of style and the way she experiments with her looks......It's just amazing!

Ever wondered who's the brains behind the beauty? Well, it's none another than her own, younger sister, Rhea Kapoor.

Rhea has styled some of Sonam's best looks to date. Remember how awesome Sonam looked in the movies Aisha and Players? Well, the credit goes to Rhea, who was the stylist for Sonam in both the movies. She has also styled Sonam's several promotional looks.
Rhea was an Assistant Director for the Ranbir Kapoor starrer Wake Up Sid before she turned producer. Aisha is her first film as a producer .

At the early age of 26, Rhea has already launched her own designer jewelry store. The 'Treasury of Trousseau' exhibition marks the step up of Rhea into professional fashion styling.

The Kapoor siblings have a great bonding as it has been proved in the movies Aisha and Players where Sonam refrained from opting for a professional stylist, instead, she let her younger sibling style her. I think Rhea has done a great job in both the movies!
So, that was some sneak-peak into the glamour world of the Two Fab daughters of our Bollywood hottie, Anil Kapoor.

Here are some looks of Sonam, styled by Rhea Kapoor;

That's it for today.Stay tuned for more... until then Adieu! :D

[images have been Googled and photoshoped to suit the topic.No copyright infringement intended]

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  1. I really loved the white gown in floral print! Beautiful...

  2. The sisters know what to wear and how to carry themselves in them. :D

  3. Ohhhh such gorgeous creations. I never knew Rhea was behind the designs. Awesome post Bush!

  4. eye feast for me ;) .. nice one :)

  5. Wow ! I was really fun going through this post :D I never really knew anything about Rhea before this :D
    xoxo <3


  6. wish i had such a sister too :P it fud beso fun..im a big fan of sonam kapoor and her dressing sense..never thought her sister was the brains behind it!

  7. Oh! The pearls she is wearing, even I want that. Bushra now you'll be responsible for a huge dent on my husband's pocket. I want pearls and I want only Mikimoto.

    She is indeed good at what she does.

  8. beautiful post :p

  9. So much about Rhea! I never knew Sonam had a sister so talented.
    Sonam is lucky!

  10. Both the sisters are very talented. Nice compilation dear <3

  11. Fab piccys and Rhea is super lovely :)

  12. Aisi Behan Sabko Mile :P

    Great Post :D You Come Up With Such New Ideas Every Now and Then

    *Super Talented Bushra*

  13. That white gown was what she wore to Cannes, right?

    My sister - whose current area of interest is fashion designing - loved seeing this. Maybe she'll pursue it seriously and be the Rhea to my Sonam :D

  14. I wish I had a younger sister like Rhea :) Awesome post and loved your blog

  15. she looks gorgeous in whatever she wears ....never knew about her sister though ...nice post :) :)


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