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Characters are the life of a story. When the characters are interesting and convincing,the book automatically becomes a wonderful read. In short- the success of a book depends on the choice of the characters by the author!

I was really fascinated with the characters in Jacob Hills, a fictional novel by Ismita Tandon Dhandeker. The versatile characters in the book encouraged me to make some of my own characters and trust me when i say! I really enjoyed doing this post :D
So here some versatile characters which are interconnected in a way or other.

Tara Roy Sonial the Super model.

Beautiful and intelligent, Tara was the most wanted model. She loved fame, witty men and precious sapphire rings-and she owned all the three in great numbers.
Just when she was at the top of the world, horrors of her past started haunting her present. I won't let the truth come out-she swore!
 When her last love broke her heart and robbed her of some of her wealth, she vowed never to let any man too close ever again. She saw to it that that man paid the Price! Just after 2 days of breaking up with Tara, his dead body was found in the veranda of his house. No one knew whether this was a murder or a one, except Tara!
Just when Tara had vowed not to let any man close, she came across Tom Talwaar. This guy was both suave and witty, and she couldn't help falling for him. Only if she knew that the man she had fallen for was the same ghost from her past,from whom she had been running all these years...

Tom Talwar the Con artist
A handsome man at 25, Tow Talwaar was a professional con artist. He had run away from his home at the age of ten and joined a gang of petty thieves. When he had known that the biggest gang of Looteraas in Vizag,was planning a kidnap, he offered to help them and later joined their league.That kidnap incident had changed his life...
Pretty, wealthy women would fall for him very easily and he would deceive them and rob them off their wealth. He was persuasive, he was daring, he was Tom. No one could challenge him, except for Detective Rudar Diwakar, an experienced Cop whose goal was to destroy him. He often wondered why this officer was so adamant on catching him...

Ruder Diwakar the Cop

He was counted among the best  detectives of India. He never feared death.His only weakness was his little handicapped daughter. She was his world-she was his life!
 In his thirty years of service he had never failed any case but one-just one! He knew that this one case failure would never let him rest in peace and hence, he refrained from retiring even at the age of fifty. It was the kidnapping case of the Prince's youngest daughter. Tom Talwaar i'll get hold of you one or the other day!

Rani Safina Surili

Royalty flowed in her blood. Her mother had died of an animal disease when she was just a girl and her only sister had been kidnapped by a group of looteraas. Since then, her father, the Prince of Salem had brought her up. She grew up to become a spoilt, snobbish woman. She had a great number of friends but all were there for some selfish reasons. Who could refuse free gifts and free parties every second day? Hidden behind that beautiful cunning face of Safina was a golden heart, which craved for love.
She hated it when her father would invite women to the villa. She hated it when someone would call her a rich whore. She hated animals too.... especially rabbits! They had killed her mother! 
Even after applying several coats of makeup, the dark circles would be visible-damn!....and there were those nightmares when she would visualize her little sister being kidnapped in front of her own eyes. She could recollect no face other than her sisters and that kidnapper.....Tom Talwaar!

Valmi gudiya the orphan

She had lived in an orphanage since the age of four. She had been told that her parents had died in a car accident. She hated living in the orphanage. When she read about Rani Surili in a mid day newspaper, she envied her. oh! how i wish i was as free and loved as her! What she didn't know was that she was her sister. In an attempt to avenge the Prince,the cunning looteraas had kidnapped her and left her at the orphan age's mercy. 
She was friendless and lonely until she found her best friend while she was playing ball,all alone. The ball had gone inside a rabbit's burrow and when she had attempted to get it out, a sting of a horn had hurt her hand. There it was- the strangest creature, white and beautiful, a part rabbit and a part unicorn. Since that day, the talking rabbit and Valmi were best friends.

Unibunny the magical rabbit

Due to his strange appearance,his clan had abandoned him. Since then he had lived in the lonely garden of the orphanage. His horn was magical, he had used it many times to save people. Humans! How often they got into trouble! But all the people he had helped had got scared of him and had tried to kill him. Valmi gudiya was different. At last-he had found a true friend!
Now, all these characters can be used to write an interesting novel. Something like 'Narnia', 'Lord of the Rings' or our favourite 'Jacob Hills' :D Check out the book Jacob Hills and pen down your own set of characters.

All the sketches above are hand drawn,scanned, edited and published by me.All rights reserved!

This post is for the contest Jacob Hills held by Indiblogger.

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  1. Nice post and sketches :)
    How come the background of images is so white? when I scan, a pink tinge comes in the background.
    Do you do any curves/level setting in Photoshop?

    1. Thanks :)
      No, nothing at all! I just decrease the mid-tone thingy and it's done! :)

  2. Wow the sketches look really beautiful and loved the way you connected the characters together. Another sure-fire winner from you Bushra :)

  3. SUPER Yaar :D

    specially.. uss super ki ankhein reminded me of my fav Betty :D

    Inspector ka peyt is so funny :D

    and the characters are wonderful *two thumbs-up*

  4. Liked the starting para ! and name you have given to your character TOM TALWAR, RANI SAFINA SURILI is itself is funny well done kudos .. and you draw pretty well little shayara :)

  5. Awesome opening...Nice characters.. Loved reading this post Bushra :-)

  6. No wonder if you win this contest.. I am glad the shy sketch princess is coming outta u.. I say flawlessly fabulous characters ... as clean as I knew you could sketch .. an inspiration indeed.. loved the names :)
    Pardon me for not being around .. so often these days !

    1. :D

      Thank you so much Nitesh! All your inspiration ;)
      ....n that's okay :)

  7. the sketches and the plot.. loved both ;)

  8. Wow Bushra! This one's a winner post! The characters are superb but the sketches interested me more and you have absolutely aced it with the unibunny (with a really long tail)! :D

  9. Wooo.. Tara! Interesting Character!

    So, I Hope You Are The One To Release The Book With The Characters ;)

    Hope You Win, Bushra \:D/

  10. Excellent illustrations Bushra. All the best for the contest.

  11. Really really impressive. YOu are too good at drawing, I can't even draw a straight line :P

    Good luck!

    1. Aww! Coming from you, it's high praise ma'am :) Thank you so much :)

  12. I love the characters nice imagination...

  13. You surely have a blessing in the form of art, the cartoons really fit the bill. Loved the post and all the best too. :)

  14. awesome imagination and description, i must say... :)

  15. Lovely sketches with amazing characters! You have a great artist in you, dear.
    Good luck! :)

    But, why everyone is drawing rabbit for Hobbit! ;)

    1. Rabbit and Hobbit rhyme....maybe that's the reason ;)
      Thanks dear :)

  16. Wow..Lovely sketches Bushra.I loved the gudiya.:-)

  17. Congratulations Bushra! See I told you this was a winner post!! :D
    -- Solitary Reaper


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