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I love blogging, I really do.I started my blog in January 2013 and i must say that my life has dramatically changed since then.

Today as i randomly flipped through some of my old posts, i found out that this blog had turned into my personal diary. It is nothing but a reflection of me. Many a times i have been asked by my friends about why i don't stick to one single genre, but instead opt for writing about nearly everything under the sun. I think the answer to it is very simple- my blog is my reflection,it is me. I am kinda moody girl who loves to do anything and everything. Hence, i have always found it impossible[not that there's such word in my dictionary] to blog on one single genre.

I Love Blogging and can't imagine my life without it. A few years back, it would have entirely been a different scenario. I would have laughed at even the thought of blogging but today, i find i am doing just that.

Here are fifteen  reasons why I love blogging and why you should start Blogging too...

*I love blogging because It helps me to be a Celebrity and yet remain Anonymous! *Happy dance*

*Because blogging is the survival of the smartest ! And a part of me says me I am smart B-) :P

* Coz it has taught me to be consistent and daring[ while writing PR reviews]

*Coz..It is my escape from reality ! I like to live in my imagination- a parallel world.

*It is a gift for my confidence,it boosts it! I blog for me,myself and I.

*Because I got to meet so many friends all across the globe :D It has taught me that meeting is not necessary to make someone a friend for your life.

*I don't care even if my blog doesn’t get views and comments because just writing that post makes me happy, and for me it all begins and ends there ^_^

*Because it has taught me how to waste time very effectively. [heart felt truth :P]

*Because it helped me get rid of Facebook addiction :P

* Because i believe in the fact-'Sharing is Caring' ;)

*another reason-The Comments ah! They make me smile, and some comments are so sweet, that they keep me dazed and joyous for an entire week or may be more than that...

*Coz..When i publish a post, i feel incredulously happy, like i have just finished publishing some best selling novel[OK now that's an exaggeration :P]

*Blogging has broadened my mind...

*I think the biggest thing blogging has taught me is to love my own self-just as I am. \m/

*Coz...My blog is my Freedom- it defines me. If it wasn't for blogging, i could have never understood my own self, my dreams, my aspirations...my goals...

So those were the reasons why Blogging is my calling!
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  1. Awwh ! Your so adorable, Enjoyed reading this post :D
    xoxo <3


  2. Loved ur post dear <3 njoyed it..
    i love blogging too because i learned soo many things...love u <3

    my recent one :http://www.indianbeautyforever.com/2013/09/mac-magenta-pencil-review-and-swatches.html

  3. Hahaha I agree wasting time effectively. Lovely post Bush. U ll definitely win. <3

  4. enjoyed reading it :)) .. wasting time effectively how come .?

  5. Lovely Post Bushra..And Surely Blogging helps to get rid of Facebook.. :)
    May you keep blogging like this for years to come..Good Luck be with you always.. :)

  6. I stumbled upon this hobby of blogging from 1st year of college and it has been and up-down relationship for around 7+ years and I share similar feelings :-) Over your 15, I can probably add a few more... LOL.. well written.. and keep writing more

  7. keep blogging...it is undoubtedly a boon...the feeling is mutual :)

  8. All the best for the contest. Nicely written entry. Have a nice day.

  9. Facebook Addiction..LOL :P

    Loved Reading This.. I Agree on Almost All Reasons :)

    All The Best, Bushra!

  10. haha nicely written...i love to blog too agree with the part that it gives you confidence!

  11. Good for you! :)
    But wasting time?

  12. once somone asked me " why me'?" I said " why you love to hear only lata but not Asha" if it has reasons it is not love I learnt it much later after falling in love. Maybe this may hold good for yur case also.

  13. really nice reasons you are shared bush about why you love to blog...I also love blogging a lot and it has become a part of me :)

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