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Hello my Cheese Burgers! *Yes, I have officially ran out of sweet name-calls :P*

These days Bangalore is just getting cold colder colder Grrrr! Well, at these times I find I am more addicted to my laptop and finding new ways to engage my self. A few days back, I came up with this amazing idea of sharing my shopping tips with you all! So, welcome to the new series on my blog- Ask The Shopaholic!

I have started this new feature out of my love for shopping and sharing.

What exactly is this all about?
Well, it's a feature where I'll be answering all your 'shopping related' questions and queries. Mostly you'll find me sharing my shopping experiences and tips on 'how to shop smart online'.

I will also share the latest offers and deals available at different online shopping sites[thanks to my mail box which gets overloaded with notifications]

Through this feature, I'll also keep you updated on the availability of the hottest trends and where to go looking for them.

How to go about it-
Have a question? Want to know facts about websites which even Google won't be able to help you with? Then drop your question in the box \m/

I have also attached this form on a new page of my blog so that it becomes easy for you to drop your questions.

So go on people, ask away...! :) :D

P.S: I know that every time a launch a new series, it just ends then and there but trust me! This is different and I am definitely going to make it work! *confident smile* :) 

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  1. nice Bushra, you have become shopping guru now :)

  2. Oh Ho Bushra..Congrats on opening the New Series... :)
    Taliyan Taliyan.. :D

  3. Interesting effort. Good luck for the series :)

  4. Interesting...all the best, Bushra on this new venture!

  5. Haha! It's The Same With My Series Too :P

    Looking Forward To This, My Cheese Burger *__* :P

  6. interesting .. when will post apart from shopping and fashion will be coming here :P

  7. Nice to know!! I would surely ask you if I have a doubt

  8. [ Smiles ] Hmmm. This would prove to be an interesting read.

  9. Uhhh I have so many queries. Very awesome feature. Loved the banner <3


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