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Apart from shopping,fashion and beauty, I have always been fond of Home Décor! I love my home and every time I get a chance, I try making it look better. What with my love for fashion designing, my Mum always takes me with her while she is out shopping for home products. She says I have a good sense of choice *blushes* :P

Before I started blogging, I used to be all excited while she used to take me out shopping, but now, *curse the hells* it kills me to leave my laptop and go out with her.

I am a shopaholic but if you give me choice between actual shopping and virtual shopping, I'll happily choose virtual shopping! Shopping from the window to the world is what I am totally loving these days and that’s exactly what I am doing from a few months! :)

So, I was on this spree of hunting for a good(actually, the best!) online furniture shopping store which would make my Mum(and me) happy! :)Finally, my search has now ended, as I have found

Today, I am going to introduce this fabulous website called to you all, which helps people create their dream home! is India's largest eRetailer for home & furnishing products online. Some of the categories which they serve are furniture, furnishing, home decor, kitchen & dining, lighting, garden accessories, bed & bath and kids & toys.

What totally hooked me on to this site were the amazing deals and offers! The first surprise came my way when I signed up for this site. They sent me welcome vouchers worth 2000 to start shopping from.

Go sign up now and get your own vouchers—>

The site offers products from amazing brands which guarantee quality and reasonable pricing.

High-pricing is another thing which had kept me far from online websites a few days back,but when I came across, I fell in love with it! All the products are very reasonably priced and would really not hurt your pockets. As for the luxury products, we really don’t mind paying a bit more, now do we? ;)

                       Shop Furniture                                 

Shop Bed and Bath 

Shop Decor 


Why I totally Loved
  • As I have already mentioned before, I am a girl who shops wisely. Before buying the product i like to check it out from every angle! Most websites offer just 2-3 images of the item but offers around 5-6 images of the product, each showing different angles of the product -I loved this feature of their website a lot!
  • The Shipping: Inspite of the fact that they sell bulky products like furniture, they provide free delivery for orders above 500 INR! :)
My sister’s wedding is very close *happy dance* and I am really going to recommend this website to her for post wedding shopping!

I am going to shop from this website in the coming week and I’ll surely share my experience with you all!

Why Shop for Your Home Online? Lemme, give you my reasons! :)1. Online stores are open 24 hours: You can shop anytime, anywhere! The stores are open 24/7 no holidays no disappointments-none!
2.No queues no parking charges, and yes 'No salesmen who keep popping their heads in the middle, asking questions like 'how can i help you ma'am', 'do you want to see this collection' and what not!
3.Stare.Stare.Stare-all free of cost! :D
4.Offers!-Hell lot of them! ;)
5.Shop more and get Free shipping! Cool!
6.Order.Smile when your order has been placed. Take a break. Have coffee, the next morning-enjoy your haul! :D

So, Do I recommend to all my Blogger Buds? Hell Yeah! If you are craving for that ‘Dream Home’ then shop from them and I am sure you won't be disappointed! :)

P.S: Currently, they have an awesome Sale going on! Go grab your deals! :)

“Don't forget to visit FabFurnish GOSF 2013 page during the Great Online Shopping Festival, organized by Google, during December 11-13, 2013.”

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  1. Wow this website looks awesome Nicely written dear
    I am inviting you to participate in my blog's international giveaway

  2. yeah i have checked their products before.. i rmbr it as a cool site but priced a lil high. nicely reviewed :)

  3. Looks Great!

    I Prefer Window Shopping More :P

    Waiting To See Your Purchases :D

  4. wow..looks awesome n so colourful..
    love ur blog sweetie...

    muahh :*

    my recent one :My Karwachauth Post

  5. Seems like a great website :D
    xoxo <3

  6. I have been to this site and there collections looks great..Par Kya karu abhi Pocket mein Paisa nahi hai.. :P
    Nice Review you have put up Bushra.. :D

  7. Awesome and colorful.................... :)

  8. I shopped from their website yesterday , I can't wait to get my hands on the lovely things I bought from their site :D .
    Also they have their blog which is as good as their website !

  9. Awesome and colourful..nicely reviewed :)

  10. Fabfurnish is India's new dedicated online shopping destination for furniture and home ware Visit and Get Online Fabfurnish Codes.

  11. Online Furniture Shopping is the finest way to save time and money, They will deliver as per your time schedule, stress free and you can enjoy with your friends and family. I would like to share, last month on one of my friends recommendation I ordered furniture from Mink Shopee. I had various options and beautiful designs to choose from, and trust me it is one of the best options available today


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