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Q-If I was given Rs.10,000 how would I spend it? What would I buy and how much would I save with CashKaro?

Shopping worth ten thousand? WOW! *faints with too much excitement!*

Well! If I was given that amount of money and the choice of buying anything, I would shop my heart out! At times like these, I really don't have to worry as to 'what to buy'. Thanks to the shopaholic in me, I always have a big wishlist, heavy with the weight of my dream hauls! :D

I am a shopaholic, but if you give me the choice between actual shopping and virtual shopping, I will happily choose virtual shopping! Sitting in the warm comfort of your bed and shopping from the window to the world, has it's own sweet charm and joy! So,I would shop online and save money via while I am at it! *three cheers to the smart shopaholic* ;)
Now, coming to what I would like to buy, how about a wardrobe which leads me to the land of Narnia? Or a magic wand that helps me find Hogwarts? Or how about a ticket to the Chocolate factory? Or maybe a Love potion which will help me make Aditya Roy Kapoor fall for me? Cool eh?! :P :D B)
These are the things which always top my wishlist, but sadly, they aren't  available in the market for sale yet. So, let's come to the next best thing I love- Stilettos! Sky-high, pointed, killer heels! I am a StilettoManiac and given a chance to buy anything, I would buy just that!....and a Cinderella dress plus accessories too.

Why Stilettos?
Because I would like to wear them to a ball and leave one behind and come back home, and if
I am lucky, my Prince Charming will get hold of it and will come looking for me! What say? ;) :P :D
I am currently lusting over this pair of Cartlon London shoes which cost around six thousand. If it wasn't for the fear of what my Dad would say when he would know that I have used his card to shop for a pair of shoes worth 6000, I would have bought them long long long back! :P :)

Now that I am being given a chance to buy these heels(^_^) I am not going to let it out of my hands! In the coming month, one of my cousins is getting married and the rumor is that she's planning a big spinster's party *top secret*. So I am planning to buy this 'Cinderella attire' for the post party ball.

I'll buy this look online because I would like to choose my favorite pair of shoes and dress in leisure.
No queues no parking charges, and yes 'No salesmen who keep popping their heads in the middle, asking questions like ''how can i help you ma'am'', ''do you want to check out our new collection mam'' and what not! -_-

When it comes to Online shopping, I am a smart 'know it all' shopaholic! Here's how I would proceed further:

As i have already mentioned that i am really enjoying scrapbooking @limeroad, I'll shop my dream attire from itself! First, I would log on to my account at  Then i'll choose from the search list.

Then i'll choose the best coupon available.

On clicking the link, I will be redirected to

Now, I'll simply shop as I normally do and checkout with my order.

After I have shopped, I'll smile on the success of my transaction and the amazing discount I received.Then I'll go have a mug of hot coffee and read my favourite fashion blogs. Meanwhile,my cash back will get delivered to my cashkaro account! Tada! *happy dance*

Now, let me put it in a nutshell!:
Make a wish list- Sign up at Cashkaro- login-choose your favourite website- select the best coupon-wait until you are directed to the website- shop normally -apply coupon while checking out-have a cup of coffee-after 48 hours check your cashkaro account-Enjoy your cash back! :D
Now, coming to what I would do with my cashback, Cashkaro has this LOVELY option of donating your cashback to the needy! Three cheers to the website here! Whoever said that good has deteriorated from mother Earth! As a token of thanks to the Almighty, I would love to donate the cashback to a person out there who cannot even afford to buy normal shoes :/

Verdict- As if the joy of shopping was not enough, here comes Cashkaro with loads of coupons to make us smile and assured CASH BACK to make us wail, howl and dance with joy! :D *Continues Happy Dance :D* I Love CashKaro... *hand on heart*

So, Do I recommend this Fabulous,totally  Amazing website called Cashkaro to all you Shopaholics? Hell Yeah! is a shoppers paradise! I had an amazing time shopping via Cashkaro and I am sure you'll enjoy it too! :)

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So that's it my cupcakes. Miss me till I come back! ;)

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  1. hahahahaha ... nice one! Are you a Copywriter by any chance!!!!

    1. Thanks Raj :) Yes, this is copyright content. :P :)

  2. Nice read! I am yet to participate in this :)

  3. Awesome...loved the post. ..We used top cash back im uk ..its almost same...

  4. Nice Review Bushra.. :D
    I have gone through their website and they are doing a great job..
    And For your Cinderella Part I hope your Prince Charming get one of your Stiletto and come back looking for you..but Don't forget to write your address in the Stiletto.... :P

    1. Hahaha....You made my day Harsha! Such humour filled comment! Thank you so much :D :) ;)

  5. hahaha .. nice review .. agree with harsha :D

  6. hahaha.. nice review .. agree with harsha :D

  7. well, what else does a girl want? beautiful dress, high heels and a prince charming. well crafted!

    Thanks for reading my blog on Indiblogger. I will add yours to my reading list, you too also can follow my blog to ensure we stay connected. :-)

    1. Thanks Richa :)
      Will surely add you back. Thank you :D

  8. a site review very interestingly put.. Cinderella attire.. loved your style.. :)

  9. The Outfit With the Pink Bow Knot is Soooo Pwetty!! *Smitten* *___*

    You Have Explained So Well, Bushra! 'll Check This Out Soon!

    And, The Cashback Donation System is Super Good

    1. I know it's so cute na? @-)
      Thanks yaar! :)

  10. I cant take my eyes off those stilettos. They look so gorgeous. Loved the post Bush <3 All the best :)

  11. Whoa! Lovely lovely lovely :D

    Love potion .. to make Aditya Roy Kapoor for for ya eh? ;) :P

  12. Nice post..Thanks for sharing this..keep writing!!To Know More Details Click here


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