'Satya Paul' Clutch Haul


Owning designer pieces was never a 'notch' issue for me but deep down,like every other woman, I too loved Satya Paul's designer collection and some part of my heart always pined to own one of his creations.
As if the Almighty had heard this unsaid desire of my heart, he fulfilled my wish. ....So, not long after I had wished it, I am writing a haul post on this gorgeous, totally amazing Satya Paul clutch!

The best thing was I didn't have to spend a fortune for it as, like the most of the things I own, this too was a gift from my sister :P *balle* *balle*

I had bought a maroon-gold anarkali for my elder sister's wedding 2 years back and my beech wali sis gifted me this matching clutch for the same. Ever since this beauty has made a place in my wardrobe, I have been totally besotted to it!

The clutch is from the designer's most famous trends~the box trend.
The clutch has a classy matte finish. The Gorgeous maroonish-red ruby, encrusted in the top is what defines the clutch. I really can't get enough of this clutch! What with its exquisite designing, i find I am always hooked to it. The clutch has two chains, one small and one long so that you can use it as both a clutch and a hanging purse.

I would highly recommend Satya Paul's collections to all of you! Trust me! It's unique and one of its kind! You'll fall in love with what you have bought even before you know it!

So whadda yeah think of this beauty bloggeratis?
Email: bushrablue01@gmail.com

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  1. I can see the nimble fingers shooting it. :)
    Very stylish stuff!

  2. Omg this looks so classy Querida!!!

  3. Very classy and stylish! I'm not a big fan of clutches, but i'd love to have this one :D

  4. This is Beautiful...Sigh I can't use.. :P
    May be I will gift it to my Sweetheart.. :)

  5. This clutch is simply gorgeous Bushra, the color the style....you have tempted me enough to go check out satya paul store now :)


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