Tips and Toes Face Primer Review


Product:Tips and Toes Face Primer
Price-670 INR for 25ml
Shelf Life – 3 years
Stilettomaniac Rating: 4/5
My Skin Type: Combination skin

My skin is like me ~ Moody and Young! My makeup regime is simple: Kajal,eye liner, a hint of Blush and a pop of colourful Gloss on my lips. I try not to treat my skin to harsh chemicals except for the special occasions. On these 'special occasions' a product called a 'primer' becomes a must for me!

Imagine spending the whole day(okay I am exaggerating) trying to get your makeup right for 'THE' day and after huffing and puffing you are finally done but, voila! The makeup starts wearing off in just a couple of hours-Here comes the GREAT disappointment! So, to ensure this problem doesn't occur again,what you gotta do is use a good Primer as the base for your makeup. The lasting power of your makeup amazingly increases, your skin doesn't flake and the Best Thing-It gives you a Chick-lit Matte finish! :)

Today I am going to share my experience with the Tips and Toes Face Primer which is a great base for makeup, is comparatively quite affordable and works like magic on your skin! :)

What Tips & Toes says about their Professional Smoothing Face Primer:
This silky light weight mattifying primer instantly evens out pores, fine lines and wrinkles of your skin creating a smooth base for applying foundation.
It absorbs sebum and reduces oily shine from your skin which helps your make-up to last longer.
The result is the perfect base for your make-up and a wonderfully radiant finish.
Use Tips & Toes Face Primer before foundation for a flawless application.
It creates an even, ideal canvas for foundation by filling in fine lines and large pores so that foundation goes on looking porcelain smooth.
Extends the wear ability of your foundation and durability of your make-up.
Emollients give your skin silky softness.

The Packaging:
It comes in this super cute and classy tube like packaging which is very effective and travel friendly. I am so in love with this Gorgeous tube!

The Texture: 
It's smooth and creamy. It often reminds me of my vaseline tube. It smells like vaseline, the smell is very mild. It glides on your very smoothly and a just a little goes a long way.

Does it work?
Yes! It works very well! I mainly use it on my eyes and the outcome is beautiful. It gives the face a very smooth yet matte finish. Also, after the application there were hints of glowing skin.

Why I Love It-
Water based formula
Oil free finish
Slightly hides pores, acne marks and fine lines
Increases longevity of foundation
Makes skin glow
Mattifies and smoothens face
Compared to Primers by other brands, it's Affordable
Does Not cause any breakouts or irritation.
Cute,stylish,Travel friendly packaging

Why I don't Love It-
I think I am absolutely in Love With this, what with its price and sturdy packaging. As far as I can decipher, there are NO cons

Tip To Use:
Squeeze out a little quantity in hand and dab on face before applying foundation for a good glow and lasting effect.

Do I recommend It?
Yes! It's a lovely primer. If you don't own a Primer yet, than Go grab This One!


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  1. May Be I will buy this and gift it to my Sweetheart... :)
    Nice review Bushra... :-bd

  2. That is a good review for the product.

  3. Looks good! Never tried this one as yet :)

  4. Looks Like a Very Promising Product!

  5. Great review of the product.

  6. was having no idea was Primer do.. have to google .. earlier the only primer i heard was primer which is used to paint wood and iron :P

  7. Awesome review, surely one of my next buy :-)

  8. U did this review at the right time. i am on a hunt for a primer. I would love to see it on ur face :) Thanx for such a lovely review Seno :)

  9. This was one post where i could feel the product even without using it. Fab review once again.

  10. i havent used this looks really great bushra...lovely packaging n great review..

    my recent one :

  11. Ab ye tujhe kahan se mila :O

    Thode bahut products mere ghar pe bhi bhej do yaar....ghar mein khaane ko nahi hai....dry fruits bhej do...uska review kar doonga :/


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