Tips and Toes Radium eye Pencil in Pink~ Review


Product: Tips and Toes Radium Eye Pencil
Price:150/- INR for 1g
Shelf Life:  3 years
Stilettomaniac Rating: 4.5/5

I have always been fond of everything PINK! If you ever get a chance to go over my wardrobe, you'll find that midst the spectacular clolorburst, the majority is Pink. This radium eye pencil by Tips and Toes is the perfect shade of pink which I love.

The Packaging;
The product is in the form of a pencil which has to be sharpened for reuse. There's a cap on the top which makes the product travel friendly. The bottom of the pencil is painted to depict the shade/color of the pencil. Mine was a hot pink bottom \m/ :)
The Texture-
It's amazing! Just amazing!. The pencil glides on my eyes like a dream. Unlike other pencils which hurts your eyes due to their firmness, this one's super cool, smooth and glides without any extra effort. One single swipe goes a long way.

The Price 
This awesome pencil is priced at just 150/- INR. The pencil is totally worth it. Another 'value for money' product by Tips and Toes.

Shades Available-
 available in six radiant shades-

I own the best of the lot- PINK \m/

Why I totally LOVE It-
The pigmentation is spectacular
hygienic, travel friendly packaging
available in six Vibrant, funky shades
Lasts a good 3-4 hours
Perfectly glides on the eyes
Value for money.

Is there anything I don't like about it
Well, the answer is a big NO. This is one of the best eye pencils I have come across. What with it's amazing texture and pigmentation,I am totally besotted to it. I am soon going to haul on some other shades from this range.

So do I recommend it to you all- Absolutely It's a real gorgeous pencil which every woman should own. :)

P.S; Due to this pencil's extra Bold shade and pigmentation I use it as an eye shadow rather then an eye liner.

TIP; Apply it on the eyes like an eye liner and outline the bottom line with a black liquid liner. This will define your look.

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  1. I'm Surely Buying This, But Only For The Purpose of Lip Liner :P :D

  2. I am getting this one in another shade soon Nice Review doll <3

  3. This looks so awesome. I am gonna find a store tht sells tips n toes! Superb review Bush ♥♥♥

  4. Love the shade, Looks great.. :D
    xoxo <3


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