An Immune generation builds an Immune Nation


Immunity-but what is it?
Immunity is the ability and power of an organism to resist diseases. Diseases, big or small, they are always not a welcome! Every person in the world wants to be free of any disease or ailment, they want to remain healthy because a healthy life is a happy life!

It really kills me to see my loved ones getting ill. It upsets me to see my little nephew catch a cold or suffer from Pneumonia. It upsets me and my whole family to see his innocent little body suffer from Diarrhoea or any such other disease which makes his body week.  That's the reason why we have started feeding him Dabur Chyawanprash now and amazingly,there is a rapid progress in his Immune system.
When does Immunity develop best?
Immunity builds best in the early stages of life of a human being. A healthy kid develops into a healthy man and healthy men into a healthy and Immune Nation! Therefore, it's very important to bring up a child properly by supplying his body with the right nutrition to help him build his immune system!

The question here is, how do we build an Immune India? How do we bring up our children of the present generation so that they will build a healthier and more Immune future?

Doesn't it feel great to see celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar represent India? Sachin's retirement was a heart-wrenching mode for people of India. Why? Because we loved the vigour and strength he showed in his cricket matches which helped India win!

How is our hero, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar's Immunity so high that he sustained a game like cricket for eighteen years? How did Amitabh Bacchan build himself up to such an extent that he's the King of Bolywood now? How are actors like John Abraham so fit and perfect? How is Sania Nehwal's Immune system so high that she has achieved so much in such a young age?How was the legend,Abhinav Bindra brought up? How are the immune systems of all these wonderful people so strong?
Come, let's see!

Now these were the secrets to immunity of some of the celebrities of India who have made India feel proud with their achievements. Their lives are inspiration to every child of India. If every child's immune system is build up this way, the future of India will be perplexing and startlingly healthy!
Here are some other steps which we can follow to build a more healthier, more Immune and happier generation!
Other steps to build Immunity in Children:

Breast Feeding
The first and most significant step towards a child's Immunity is breast feeding him at least for the first three to four months of his birth. A new born's body needs a lot of nutrients to develop, mother's milk is best for him as it contains immunity enhancing antibodies in it.

Adequate sleep is another answer to boosting immunity. A newborn requires at least 17 to 18 hours of sleep a day while a toddler requires 12 to 13 hours.When my nephew was one month old, he used to sleep the whole day+half the night. Due to his sleeping habits, I had named him 'The sleeping Beauty'. I used to get irritated seeing him sleep for so long as I wanted to play with him and used to try and wake him up when Mum was not seeing :P
 Once my Mum caught me in the act *curses* she gave me a nice hearing and told me that  sleep is the best friend of a baby ! The more the baby sleeps, the more his immune system builds!

Protect the Baby From Smoke
Lungs are the weakest spot of a small baby. So, it's important to keep a baby away from any kind of smoke.
Mum never allows me to take the kiddo inside the kitchen. Any agarbattis are also banned from our house now :/
Inhaling of smoke damages the protective lining of a baby's immature respiratory passages, making him more susceptible to infection.
So, it's important to protect the baby from inhaling smoke.

Include these in the  diet
Green leafy vegetables, Avocado,Nuts and seeds have always proved as great immunity boosters! It's necessary to include these in a toddlers diet. While nuts and seeds are OK with me I could avoid green veggies and Avocado anytime, any minute! Not my favorites! But they say-a mother knows it all! Mum makes the most delicious dishes out of these green leafy veggies. Katli Dal is my favorite. By including these veggies in my favorite dishes, Mum makes sure that I get supplements of these foods even though I wouldn't eat them even in my dreams! Truly a Mom knows it all!

Blue Berries,Carrots and Kiwi
Blue berries are very rich in antibodies which help in growth of white blood cells while Kiwi is very rich in Vitamin C content, another immunity booster.
Carrots are one of the richest sources of beta-carotene, an antioxidant which helps fight diseases. Carrot juices are my favorite. Just grind the carrot pieces along with a hint of pepper and mint. Garnish the juice with a pinch of salt and your kiddo won't be able to resist it!
Make sure you include these awesome fruits in a toddlers diet!

Drinking Lots of Water
Water helps in the exertion of waste from the body hence it acts as the best immediate measure to boost immunity. Children should drink at least 1 litre of water everyday while adults require 2.3 litres per day.
Make it a habit for the children to drink water every now and then. If they are sick, increase the rate of consumption of water and you'll be amazed how much faster the child will recover! I myself have experience many such situations where the decrease in consumption of water has lead to many diseases. Mom advises to take my water bottle with me whenever I go out.

Include these in the diet
Coming from the same family these three vegetables contain antioxidants like Quercetin which are antibiotic and anti-viral. Thank fully, including these in a diet will not be a big problem as almost every dish requires the use of onions and garlic and as for leeks, try including them in salads or soups or just use them to garnish delicious dishes. That's the trick I and my Mum use! ;)

Build exercising habits in children. Nothing helps more! This is the best way to stay fit all along!
Reduce their TV and computer game time and instead, divert their minds towards some good outdoor games.
A few years back my parents were really worried about my brother's addiction to a game called 'Starcity'(some dumb game it was). My brother was so addicted to that game that he didn't even like anyone disturbing him while he was playing it. That was when my Father took the right step and sold the house computer. He enrolled him to a swimming camp instead. It's necessary to take the right step towards upbringing of children! You can't let them have their way-it'll just spoil them and their futures!

Dabur Chywanprash
The last and most important step is to include Dabur Chywanprash to the child's and your diets.
The new Dabur Chywanprash gives 3 times more immunity.
Chyawanprash, is a time-tested, age-old formulation which has a number of herbs like Amla, known to be one of the best antioxidants, Giloy (Guduchi), known to have immuno-modulatory properties, and has more than 40 other natural ingredients
It has anti-oxidant properties which helps strengthen your body's internal defence mechanism - the immune system - thereby protecting you from day to day infections such as cough, cold etc.
Recent scientific studies conducted on it have proven its immunomodulatory and anti-allergic potential.

So, now we know the secret to building of immunity in kids! Let's follow the path of our idols and take tips from them to build a more healthier and Immune India! :)

This post is for the Immune India contest held on Indiblogger which is sponsored by Dabur Chyawanprash

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  1. John Abraham---mouth watering eh? :P :P .....Jokes apart, this post has really summed up the points to build an immune India, which is the need of the hour, what with the unbelievable pollution et al?!! :/ Hope Children look upon these inspirational stars, who made India proud......and shine in their respective interests. :)

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