Blogadda Notable Newbie Award \m/


As I write this post, there is a BIG BIG BIG smile on my face! :-)
I dunno what to write... God I am so nervous! All I can say is that this is a very special moment for me! *Happy dance*

Of all the things I have ever dreamed of, winning the 'Notable Newbie' award has always been on the top of the list! There have always been so many times and situations where I have craved to win this award for my blog!......and today, when I finally received it----I am on cloud nine! I am visible on thier homage now>>> Just love the way they have described me! :) *mini happy dance*

My Note Of Gratification:

Thank you Allah for surprising me and rewarding me almost everyday! :D
Thank you +BlogAdda for this wonderful surprise! :)
Thank you Di and Api for introducing me to blogging! I am in love with it now! :)
Thank you ALL MY READERS who take out some time to read my blabber and encourage me! Your comments are really sweet! I love them!
Thank you blogger friends +harsha bhuyan +megha saraf +Ankur Anand  +Ritesh Agarwal +Heena Vcb  for commenting on every post of mine(however insane it is) and constantly supporting me!
Thank you +Jack MySay for all the Inspiration and constant support you have given me! It really feels sad to not have you around here now!
A big thank you to my blog's mute readers! I know you are out there reading me ;)
Last, but most important, thank you +IndiBlogger ! The reason I blog is you!

Love you All!


BTW: There a wonderful contest going on at Sharing the link here so that you all get a chance to participate :) FabFurnish Bloggers contestStay tuned/subscribe for more contest updates! :)

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  1. Well deserved award for should have got it before...congrats

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Partha :)

  2. Wow...Bushra,Cloud 9 ka Kamal tum pe bhi chad Gaya...I am so so very happy for you... :)
    U know u r Multi-Talented and u so deserve this...Seriously I am standing and clapping for you,kudos to your effort you put in each and every post of your Blog and finally you are having the taste of your hard-work... :D
    Keep up the Good Work always Bushra...BTW Where is ur HAPPY DANCE,itne khushi ke mauke par to ek Happy Dance Banta hai na.... Cheers to u n ur blog... :D

    1. Firstly, THANK YOU Harsha for supporting me all along! :) Really means a lot!....and then THANK YOU for your wishes! They mean a lot too! :D
      BTW: Oh no! forgot to add it! Thanks for reminding! Abhi update karti hun.... :D

  3. Congratulation Bushra .. :) agree with harsha you are a multitalented girl .. hoping to see more insanity from you in future :d .. keep blogging and writing and stay blessed :)

  4. You truly deserve it Bush!!!! Keep up the great work that you are doing!
    Love XOXOXOXO.

  5. Hearty congratulations to you Bushra...:)
    Very well deserved...:D
    Keep posting...:)

  6. [ Smiles ] Congratulations, Bushra!

  7. great work and congrats ! I think they have made a right choice :-)

  8. Kudos Bushra!!! Congratulations :-)

  9. wow.. well deserved appreciation.. kudos girl! Happy for you. Hugs. :)

  10. Congrats to you and love the happy dance. :D

  11. Thank your wishes everybody! :D

  12. Hey I have nominated you for the liebster award at my blog!

  13. Congrats Bushra, a well deserved award for you and many more to come :)

  14. You Very Well Deserve This Award.. 'm So Glad! \:D/

    Awww.. Thankoo So Much! n Thanks To You Too For Encouraging Me Every Now n Then :)

  15. So happy for u Bush. Congratulations. U truly deserved it my love <3

  16. Ayye haaye Meri Notable Newbie .. mmmuah :D

  17. hey bushhh ....u deserve the title...i remember vividly how i was ur first reader just a few months back...and now u are a superstar.......

    and thanks so much for mentioning me there


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