Blogoversary Giveaways announcement


Yes You read it right! It's not 'Blogoversary giveaway' it's 'Blogoversary GiveawayS'

Ever since I have started blogging, my life has changed dramatically. I have experienced so much , I have learnt so much...It has been a wonderful journey all along!

So when on 'December 25th' my blog will turn one, I want this to be a memorable event! Very memorable indeed! So I am planning to hold three amazing giveaways to thank all of you. Three is just what I have in my mind at present. I may hold some contests in between as well! So my lovely readers! Behold your breaths as the celebration starts from tomorrow!

I'll be holding a two week long giveaway tomorrow(Well it's 1:00 already so lets say today :P) and then another one after that and another next! :D Excited? Well I am! Very damn excited! :D *happy dance*

So until the Giveaway, Adieu Sweetums! :D

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P.S- Do you like the banner? I am in love with it! ^_^
P.P.S- Did you read my entry for the 'Platinum Day Of Love' contest yet? Go HERE

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  1. Your Platinum post was toooooo gud...loved the twist at the end...
    Lovely...u dont need best wishes for this...a winner post it was...:) :D

  2. [ Laughs ] Time certainly flies! On Christmas Day, your blog will be one year old.

    Hmmm. What inspired you to start a blog on Christmas Day? Anyway, I am glad you did, because your blog is lots of fun!

  3. I am sooo excited yayy *dances*.
    I ant all the three giveaways .... hi hi hi :D
    And did I tell you... I am in Looooooooooooooooove with the banner <3

  4. Awww... Your Blog Anniversary Falls on X-mas! Nice Na :D

    And, Congo To You Bushra \:D/

    I Still Can't Believe That Such Meaningful and Deep Things Are Written On This Blog By Such a Young Gal :)
    God Bless You :)

  5. Wow congos Senorita. Too excited for the giveaway :) n coool 3 giveawaysssssss :O


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