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I had been to Star bazaar with my elder sister nearly six months back. I couldn't resist splurging on their awesome variety of pastries and cakes. These clicks are some six months old. Go the chance to post them now.
Every piece tasted different. I loved the Pyramid cake and the Chocolate Doughnut the most!

These are pastries. One's iced while the other is layered. Both were yum yum yummy...
Chocolate Doughnuts. They were real yummy..have become a personal favorite now
Pyramid Cake. I have never tasted anything as delicious as this one!
Flavored Pastry- My Mum loved this one.
There was more but didn't get time to click it. Was busy eating :P

What's your pick?

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  1. My pick is always the Donuts! I so love it! Great clicks bushra! :) :)

  2. Each one is making me droooolll.....
    The flavoured pastry with kiwi on top looks yummy!!

  3. Lol..You were eating or Clicking...BTW I guess they were from Mad Over Donuts right,Even I tried them and they taste real good...Nice Yummy Clicks.. :D

  4. [ Laughs ] Almost everyone I know loves pastries!

  5. Yummy .. Generally girls do not so many pasty in one day .. until and unless she want to accumulate a lots of fat :P

    1. Hahaha..Indeed true Ankur...I guess Bushra desperately want some fats.. :-P

  6. Truly yummy, Bushra!
    Guess what? Today morning only I have posted a story- 'The Cake-Drive' for WOW that has a Cake-Shop and cakes and pastries in it! :)

  7. Good pics....but now they are gone into your system....hope u enjoyed

  8. Uff Bushra put them in the first courier to dubai for me to eat :D

  9. Aww I'm drooling here. Choco pyramid always my top favorite. :D

  10. lovely and good...I wanna eat them :) send them to BiYaGo :p

  11. Yum!! I'm feeling hungry now :D

  12. This post is full of yum yum things. Loved it. All the best :)


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