Fall-Winter Living Room Décor Ideas


Colors have always fascinated me! I firmly believe that colors bring life to your otherwise colorless and lonely personality....they can actually do magic. They define a person, his likes his dislikes his moods, in simple...his life!

"Home is where the heart is" We have all grown up believing this statement! I love my home and no matter where on Earth I am, I miss it as that's where my heart lives...

Today, I'll be sharing Fall-Winter Living Room Décor ideas with you all!

Fall-Winter is one of the most romantic seasons. It's the season where all you want to do is snuggle inside your blankets and read a romantic novel or sleep like a princess and dream....
Here are some amazing ways through which you can give a makeover to your house this season:

Start with the Curtains:
Swayam Solid Eyelet Curtain,Long Door Curtains

Curtains instantly add glamour to the look of a living room so it's important to make the right choice!
If your living room has white walls than go for Silver curtains. They instantly define the look. If you have colored walls than go for curtains in colors which suit the color of your wall best!

Don't monotone the look by opting for same colored curtains but play with different colors.

Define the walls:
Walls That Talk - Wall shelves to showcase the things that matter

Plain walls are always a let down! When you have such a beautiful house than why leave the walls empty?!

You can give a classy and luxurious look to the walls by hanging some paintings scenery or other art pieces. Go for something which is real rare like paintings by famous artists or age old guns with frames and stag horns(if you want to give your house a more majestic and creepy look)

Wall Clock
You can also opt for metallic paints and wall stickers to decorate the walls.

Build a fire space:

During winters, every home is incomplete without a fireplace. If you don't have one then build one! Give it a majestic look by building it with red bricks and not cement. Place cute antique pieces of furniture near the fireplace so that you and your family can lurk around it and have a good time.

Opt for antique pieces of furniture:
No matter how lovely your house is, it's always incomplete without furniture! The right furniture builds a right, attractive home! You can buy your furniture from FabFurnish.com. They sell real lovely pieces of furniture at reasonable prices. The best thing is you can find and purchase furniture from some awesome brands available at FabFurnish! You  can read my review on FabFurnish.com HERE.

It's all about the details!
Concentrate on the details! Opt for designer fans, air conditioners, water heaters and other stuff!

Good lighting is the key!
Different coloured lights give different shades to your room. Opt for cute wall lights, floor lights and night lights! You can place candle lights on ceiling walls during night time-it just gives the right effect! :)

That's it my friends! :) Enjoy your new, luxurious home now!

This post is a part of the Fab Blogger contest by FabFurnish.com, the one stop destination to buy trendysofa sets and living room décor essentials online.

[Some pics have been taken from Fabfurnish.com while some from Google Images]

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  1. things you should have in your dream house :)

    1. :) Yes Ankur...Go ahead and change your house into your dream one! :D

  2. Great ....nice article Bushra

  3. [ Smiles ] I see that you are not only versed in fashion, but interior decorating as well.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Renard! :)

  4. Awesome post Bush. I am loving the shade of curtains <3

  5. thank you for such great ideas bushra

  6. great ideas!!


  7. I Loved The Lights n The Sunny Yellow Curtains! Pretty :)

  8. Giving the living room some livelier color seems to give it new life. Just be careful with the combinations. Nice post.

  9. Those wall clocks are so cool! I especially like the coffee shaped one!

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  13. This is great one to see your blog last time I see same design to my friend Engagement party in chennai. Majorly used Aluminium scaffolding equipment used for light setting up to all trees edges. Really very gud looking.

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