First Blog Anniversary Giveaway #1 [closed]


Hello everybody!
So, as promised I am back with the first giveaway :D OMG! I am so happy!
Firstly, Aa BIG thank you to all you folks for supporting me all along this beautiful journey of blogging. Means a lot!Oh yes it does!

Now firstly, I want to make a small confession: I have always hated giveaways hosted by Rafflecopter but guess what?! When I am myself holding a giveaway today, I have come to realize that Rafflecopter is the easiest way to hold a giveaway! I think it's fair on both the sides! So, after this guilty realization *blushes* I am holding my first giveaway through Rafflecopter!
That does't mean that I am completely done with contests!Not all! I love contests and if I get time, I'll host the next giveaway as a contest itself :)

For my first giveaway, I'll be giving out *pause for effect* MOVIE TICKETS FOR A COUPLE! Isn't that exciting?!! As my blog gets audience from both the genders it seemed bizarre to hold a giveaway of lipsticks and glosses so I settled on movie tickets :D (Actually I made a puppy face and got the tickets from my sister :P )

Some Pointers:
1.Giveaway is open only to the residents of India
2.The lucky winner will be chosen by me via Rafflecopter
3.It'll be a two week long giveaway and the winner will be announced within two days after the giveaway ends.
4.The giveaway is NOT a sponsored one but the winner will have to follow some steps to use the tickets.
                                         Stay Updated about the Upcoming Giveaways!

Fill in the Rafflecopter to enter:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

My blogs anniversary is on the 25th of December. The celebrations have started from today itself though :D Three giveaways in 6 weeks! Don't miss anything now!


BTW: Did you read my entry for the 'Platinum Day Of Love' contest as yet? Go HERE

UPDATE: 27/11/2013 Wineers Announced!
The two lucky winners are *drum roll* Bhumi Jayalakshmi and K.Vittal Shetty! Please mail me your details within 48 hours to claim the prize or a new winner will be chosen! :D

All the other participants, please don't be disheartened, as I'll be holding many contest before my Blog's anniversary! :)....and the best thing is, I am quitting Rafflecopter now! *bleh* So stay tuned for some contests based on creativity! :-)

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  1. Bhushra, you seriously have an awesome blog and you know it! You have everything from reviews to poems to what not! Way to go bushra! \m/

  2. Born on Christmas, wonderful! Happy 1 year to your blog in advance.

  3. Great going..and congratulation for your first blog anniversary...

  4. Great Going Bushra...And I must say you are really talented..Keep it up and Advance Happy Anniversary..And I wish many more such anniversary to come.. :D

  5. Yaye! \ :D /
    Congratulations! :) Entered the giveaway! :)

  6. Lovely.. will take part for sure and make merry in the celebrations..

  7. Apart from lipsticks a lot more to enjoy out here :) Did u plan or it's just coincident about the anniversary date? :)

  8. Thank you for your lovely wishes everybody :D

  9. Great Going Bushra .. All the best for contest :)

  10. Congratulations on your first blog anniversary Bushra!

  11. lovely..! :):)
    happy anniversary..nd keep up the wonderful work:D

  12. Congratulations my love..u r doin great ur blog :*

  13. Congrats on the blog anniversary, Have entered the giveaway, now hoping to win and watch a movie with my hubby ;)

  14. I love u n ur blog. Why? Cos the owner is pretty talented n gorgeous :)
    Maine bola tha ki rafflecopter acha hai but Senorita meri sunti kaha hai :P

  15. I dont't really wnat tot participate in a giveaway, but I would like to congrat you on your first giveaway :)
    I think that it is awesome :)

  16. Congratz dear...I love ur blog & the amazing posts :)

  17. Congrats on your blog anniversary!!! That's indeed a unique giveaway gift! :)

  18. Great initiative!! :) Entered myself. :P
    Congratulations waise!!

  19. Congrats dear! Keep celebrating with such wonderful giveaways! :)

  20. Particpated Bushra!

    P.S. I am hosting a giveaway with some amazing prizes on my blog Hope you participate too :)

  21. [ Smiles ] Well, you've got a great thing going on!

  22. [ Smiles ] Congratulations to both winners!

  23. Hey I have mailed my details n your gmail, twitter and fb accounts! :) :)

  24. A rich rich Bushra can hold many giveaways like this...half Indiblogger stake is now with you...;) :D

  25. Haha, Queen Bushra now parting with her treasures. Great great first year ka happy birthday ;)


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