POLL- Black OR White Background?


Lately, many of my friends have been complaining that it's hard for them to read text on my blog because of the black background. Do you feel so too? Please let me know so that I can switch from black to white!

Come this December 25th, my blog will celebrate it's first anniversary. *happy dance* So, anyhow, I planning to give my blog a new look. Your feedback of whether I should choose a black background or white background will be very helpful!


Thank You so much for your feedback guyz! ^_^

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  1. I don't find any difficulty reading your Post with a Black Background... :)
    However since your blog is going to complete 1 year,so I guess it is Better to give it a new look.. :D
    And Happy Anniversary to your Blog in Advance.. :D

    1. That sounds great Harsha! I love Black Backgrounds too. :) Thank you for the wishes :)

  2. to me, it is just fine this way. no difficulty in reading.. however if you wanna change, give it a try.. give a new look.. but why this poll? as long as this blog reflects who you are, i believe you don't have to ask others whether or not to change the look.. :)

    1. Great to hear that Meera :) Lately, I am getting many requests to shift from black to white, hence the poll.. :( Anyways, you are right! I should go by my own terms! Thanks for the suggestion Dearie :)

  3. I said no because it depends on the colour you use on black ..white on black is crystal :P :) have a good one enjoy the festivity!

  4. I prefer white background. I do find the black background a little obstructive.

  5. Bushra, First, Happy 1st anniversary wishes for your Blog!
    I have no probs reading on the Black background!
    See the poll results and then decide as majority wins!!! :)

  6. [ Smiles ] Now, isn't this a familiar question?

    In my case, I can read both types; the posts that have black fonts on a white background and posts that have white fonts on a black background.

    To be honest, my personal preference is a blog with white fonts on a black background. But, since my readership is made up of older adults, I went with black texts on a white background; to make it easier on their eyes.

    However, not everyone can easily read posts that are comprised of white fonts on a black or dark-coloured background; hence the reason, that the experts recommend the usage of black fonts on a white background.

    An important factor to consider is, that the older folks have a problem with deciphering white texts on a black background.

    Now, that doesn't mean that you would go and blindly change things to suit other people.

    It is advisable that all blog administrators should have a general idea as to who are the people that makeup their readership. For example: are their readers of all age groups? Or, are they primarily young? Or, are they mostly older people?

    I will speculate by saying that the majority of people who read your blog are between the ages of 13 to 37 and that you have a handful of them who are way older.

    So, to reiterate, if one has a readership of people who are 35 and older, it would be wise to use black texts on a white background.

  7. Both are fine, I like black more though.

  8. Dear Bushra,
    Here's my Liebster Award & Creative Blogger Award just for you & your awesome Blog!

    To accept, please do see my Post:
    Looking forward to your reply! :)

  9. Personally, I Like White More But It's Your Personal Opinion :)

  10. white in black is not bad, still it might have made problem for some.. ;)
    for me its okay..


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