Tips and Toes Eye Crayon In Unique Gold


Ever heard of a golden flavored ice-cream? This eye crayon by Tips and Toes reminds you of just that! Creamy creamy, yummy yummy, this eye crayon makes your eyes look gorgeous and simply amazing. I am truly in love with it! Come let's see why...

Gold~the name itself is a royalty! When it comes to eye products, specially eye-shades, Gold color is my favorite! Just a pop of gold instantly brightens up your eyes like magic. These days I have developed a great liking towards eye crayons all because of this particular crayon!

I love eye shades still I avoid them on a daily basis as they require care and time while applying or they turn up messy! But this doesn't look like a problem now after I have come across this eye-crayon which is simply awesome! 

What the company says: TIPS & TOES Irresistible eye crayon is a soft,creamy formula for easy application and seem-less blending. This velvety-smooth crayon glides on to shade,line or highlight the eye with rich pigments for long-wearing color.

Best For:Office wear, parties and special occasions.

Available Colors: This product is available in six amazing colors!
1.Fresh Mint
2.Unique Gold
3. Laplz Blue
4.Pink Cosmo
5.Cloudy Silver
6.Purple Candy

Price: 275 for ml

What I loved: Every single thing about this crayon is awesome! Gorgeous is the word! Unlike other rash eye crayons, this one glides on your eyes like a dream. Just a single swatch gives opaque coverage. The crayon is simply brilliant when it comes to smoothness and gliding! I have personally never come across such an eye friendly crayon. I have simple fallen in love with it!

How to apply: Glide on like an eye shadow on your entire eye socket or just use it as an eyeliner for a more subtle yet effective look. I always apply a layer of gold eye shadow above this crayon. It gives the perfect Golden smoky look and stays on for like AGES!
The only put down: Yes, by 'the only' I mean 'the only' put down is the packaging of the product. It's very delicate! You just gotta be damn careful with it and that's it!

I personally recommend this amazing crayon to you all! I am in love with it and you'll fall in love with it once you use it too! It's awesome-a must have! Go for it!

My Rating: 4.5/5 I am totally in love with it O_o

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  1. [ Smiles ] Hmmm. Interesting stuff!

  2. Bushra..Please don't eat this..I mean when you are in Sleep,don't think it as an Ice-Cream.. :-P
    And God...Why do You make so many products for Girls.. ;)

    BTW Nice Review and It really looks nice.. :D

  3. Good variety.
    I liked Harsha's comment. :D

  4. Lovely choice. will try it someday soon :) nicely reviewed btw..

  5. What a pretty shade Bush <3 i am definitely gonna check it out. Awesome clicks n review :)

  6. I think I will check it out...BTW, I am looking for sparkling eye liner. Any recommendation?

    1. Try Tips and Toes sparkle eye liner in blue shade or Elle18 Pankti. Both are good! :)

  7. Waaooo! Beauty Product Review! :P :D

    Bushra, How Would It Be For Oily Lids? And, From Which Site Did Your Purchase?

    1. Hehe :D

      It creases a bit on oily lids Heena but dusting it up with eye shadow solves that! It's a real gorgeous shade! :)
      I didn't buy it :/ I received it from the company :P :D ...but I think you'll get it in Flipkart or MedPlus!

    2. Oohh..Achha.. Thanks a Ton! :)

  8. How versatile is the range of topics you cover! That's why I feel you deserve to receive Versatile Blogger Award! Yes, I have nominated you :) Please collect your award here: Awards

  9. I love this color (esp.being gold)...would suit any theme of our dressing :)


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