Sunset at Shivajinagar


Remember I mentioned about my sisters wedding in some of my previous posts?Well! I am glad to say that the shopping has officially started. Yay! *Happy dance* Yesterday we went on our very first wedding shopping spree which started from Commercial street and ended at Shivajinagar. If you are in Bangalore and you are looking for the best shopping market where you can get almost everything at unbelievably reasonable prizes, Shivajinagar is the place you should shop from! Any occasion, be it Eid, engagement or wedding, I do majority of my shopping from Shivajinagar and commercial street. 

Yesterday was a lovely day for me! Spent the whole day lurking on the streets of Shivajinagar, popping inside every shop available and guess what! It was my nephew's first ever shopping spree! :) 

There's hardly a month left for the wedding and there's SO MUCH shopping left! Bought three dresses(one lehenga anarkali, one Anarkali and one Hyderabadi suit) and loads of jewelry *drools* pics coming up soon on the blog! It was a wonderful day topped with a sumptuous south Indian dinner close to sunset. While I waited for Mum near the car I got a chance to catch a glimpse of this amazing sunset at Shivajinagar! 
It was looking kinda weird with me clicking pics midst hundreds of busy shoppers so couldn't take a closer look. It was such a beautiful sight!

So, now that all the shopping has started, get ready to be bowled up by numerous haul posts and never-ending shopping tips from your favorite blogger *winks* Love you guys! Adieu!

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  1. [ Smiles ] I hoped that you found what you were looking for, because shopping can take the whole day; especially when you are looking for something specific.

    Also, the countdown is on. Your blog would be one-year-old on Christmas day!

  2. A beautiful moment, that too from Shivajinagar the hot spot of Bangalore.

  3. WOW, wedding shopping, I love it. Waiting for the pictures.

  4. Yayee!! Haul Posts! I Louu Haul Posts :P

    And, The Pic is Really B'ful :)

  5. Would love to see ur shopping Bush <3

  6. Nice click in the busy Shivajinagar market!
    Thanks for the info, Bushra. Will try to make it when I am in BGL next :)
    Happy Shopping :)

  7. ladkiyo ko to bas bhana chaiye shopping ka nai :P

  8. ah wedding shopping... and yeah its actually fun to surf around the busy commercial street. Enjoy ;)
    Happy shopping :)

  9. Shopping! That one common thing every girl enjoys! Looking forward to see the pictures!


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