5 crazy things I did this week


1.Played Hide and Seek with a Cockroach: 
Hehe... Okie, so this little fella decided to scare me off while I was in my balcony but to its surprise it went the other way round! I am not scared of cockroaches. They kinda amuse me. This one was tiny and it kept hiding behind something or the other everytime...

2.Watched a Telugu film without subtitles: 
I am a movie buff but seriously! I don't like wasting my time on today's stupid, brainless Bollywood films, instead, I prefer watching good Telugu films. I am as alien to Telugu as I am to French or Chinese so subtitles are a must for me! But a few days back, I couldn't resist watching a Mahesh Babu starrer even though it didn't have any subtitles... the result - well! I didn't understand anything except for the little dialogues the villains threw in Hindi :|

3.Used my pencil eyeliner on my lips:
Remeber the gorgeous Pink eye Pencil from Tips and Toes I reviewed a while back? Well! It looked too hypnotic on my eyes so I tried it on my lips and voila! The next couple of hours all I did was stare at my own gorgeous lips in the mirror :D *self obsessed*

4.Broke my new Emerald earrings :/ 
I was examining my new emerald studded earrings from every angle and God knows what I did - The result: It snapped into two :'( *sob* *sob*

5.Used my brother's face wash:
Have you heard of this Men's Face wash called  'Oxy'? The packaging was all black and handsome,  couldn't resist it and guess what... it literally burnt my face when I used it for the first time! It's very VERY  strong, specially designed for men's skin... Just half a drop is enough to rinse your whole face and it leaves an amazing minty feeling on your face which lasts for hours together! After my first experience, I have been careful and now I am using just half a drop of it. Yesterday I heard my Bro complaining to my Mother about his empty Face Wash bottle - He was blaming the company and saying they filled the bottle more with air than the actual product. :P Bechara... Only if he knew who was actually emptying it! *guilty winks*

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  1. hahaha loved reading it Bush. Even i have the habit of spoiling things while examining them :D

    1. :D Hehe.... but I miss my cutie pie earring now :((

  2. The pencil eyeliner on your lips was the best and what was the most amazing was the self obsessed part. LOL.

  3. Loved reading it.... Hope your brother does not stumble upon this post accidentally..:)

  4. hahah i've had similar experiences too. I just tried a brownish eye liner for my lips and it turned out looking great. the second thing i did was break a earring too :P but yea alls well hehe :)


    1. Yeah all's well... :D Thanks for dropping by :)

  5. hehe..how did you play with the cockroach ?..:-P..I wish I could have the view of that cockroach too..:-D

  6. The 5th One.. Ahaha! The 4th One is A Lil Common With Me Too :-/

  7. Telugu movies are entertaining, and watching them without subtitles is crazy but fun. I do it once in a while, have got a hang of the language along with tamil, thanks to the movies. :)


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