Ambi Pur Roomfreshner- A life saver!


Ice-creams have always been among my favorites. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved the smell,taste, chillness and almost everything about an ice-cream! I think that's the reason why I am loving Ambi pur's home fresher in Vanilla and lavender so much! Creamy creamy, yummy yummy, it smells like the most delicious Vanilla ice-cream available on Earth!

When sprayed it's like snow,
Soft, smooth and fragrant
Feels like soft dough,
Fresh, aromatic and vibrant

It relaxes my senses making me dreamy
I could even eat it, oh! it's so creamy!

What with it's amazing, totally out of the world fragrance and life saving skills, I am totally in love with this room freshener! Life saving you ask?Oh yes! Many a times it has acted like a life saving agent for me!

This happened a couple of months back, when my parents had been to their ancestral home due to some emergency and my sister and I were left back home as we had our finals. It was the first time when both Mum and Dad were away from us, it was truly a learning experience for both of us! We had to cook our own food and take care of our own selves. After fifteen days of sisterly craze, several petty incidents and lonesomeness, finally we got a call from Mum that they were coming back home! My happiness knew no bounds! It's one thing to live with a mother and another to live without her-just fifteen days of staying away from her had made me love her hundred more times I already loved her. This was a real learning experience for both my sister and me so we wanted to welcome our parents in a real lovely and memorable way!

That was when both of us cooked up a plan to surprise Mum and Dad the day they came back home. We were going to cook some real delicious recipes ripped from internet without taking any help from our aunt who stayed with us all along our parent's absence. Perfect ambiance, a neat and tidy house and sumptuous dinner was what we had planned to treat our parents when they came back home tired from their journey.

So while our parents were busy travelling back home we were busy cooking,cleaning and messing around with the whole house. Fifteen minutes to my Parent's estimated arrival I got a call from my best friend asking me some doubts about yesterdays lecture. I was in the middle of sauteing dry fruits in ghee, making my Mum's favorite Petha halwa. Rushing to pick up my friend's call I forgot to switch off the stove on which the halwa was boiling. My sister along with my aunt had gone out for some last minute shopping. While chatting with my friend on the phone and talking about every available topic on Earth except studies, I forgot that I had kept the stove on. Finally after twenty minutes of chatting about every soap and every other girl and her boyfriend, I finally bid my friend adieu.

Grinning at the juicy news my friend had just shared with me, I opened the kitchen door only to revert back coughing and sniffing. The whole kitchen was filled with the flames and smell of smoke. I ran to the stove and switched it off first and then the main Gas connection too. The stink of smoke and burnt halwa was unbearable! I looked at the clock and shock over took me. Mum and Dad would be arriving any moment now and was this how I would greet them? My brain was in total knots, all the handwork was going to go in vain and not to forget the look on Mum's face when she would see this condition of the house. Ek kaam dhang se nai karsakte I remembered her dialogue and tears trickled down my face. My sis and aunt were going to be upset too. I shouldn't let that happen I kept saying to myself and straining my brains for some idea. An empty ice-cream box was lying on the dining table, I looked at it broodingly and Voila! I knew just what to do!

I emptied the kadhai and scratched off the whole burnt halwa and threw it in the dustbin. The kadhai still looked black and deadly as ever. I hid it behind a shelf and switched on the exhaust fan. The smell of smoke and burnt food was still as graver than ever. That's when I brought out my life saver, Ambi Pur room freshener out of my wardrobe and started spraying the entire house. Instantly, like magic the whole house started smelling like a lavender and Vanilla flavored ice-cream. My happiness knew no bounds!

Just when I was doing my last touch-ups with the cleaning of the house my sister and aunt arrived followed by my parents. As if something had caught them, they stood in the doorway, my heart skipped a beat. What if they did smell the burnt halwa? Suddenly I saw their expressions change into buoyant ones, they came inside and greeted me lovingly. I could see my Mum steal some glances at me than she came and hugged me tight. I am so happy today, my girls are growing up as responsible angels she said kissing me and Di.

"Where's the ice-cream?" My Dad inquired "I bet even I'll love this flavor" he said smiling. My sister exchanged a glace with me and I winked at her saying "First let's serve you Dinner Dad..."

It was the perfect #FreshnHappy and a smelly to smiley moment for me! I love you Ambi Pur! :)

So friends, that was how the Ambi Pur room freshener saved me from hundred hearings, thousand sobs and whole lotta depression! Don't miss out on this room freshener! It's a true life saver! :)

Here's a short 'In Picture' Review of the product. Hope you like reading it! :)


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  1. Wonderful pics! I totally loved these lines of yours!

    "Where's the ice-cream?" My Dad inquired "I bet even I'll love this flavor" he said smiling. My sister exchanged a glace with me and I winked at her saying "First let's serve you Dinner Dad..."

    The way you write is amazing there is no chance a reader will miss on reading your posts!

  2. Wow I really loved your writing style and your blog ! great review dear

  3. [ Smiles ] I hope that air freshener is environmentally friendly!

  4. awesome BUshra . Smell fresh "wink"

  5. Love the picciys. Awesome review :)


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